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Every millisecond of the present time is in the past before you know it, and you are already in the future when you try to capture the present. It is essentially impossible to live in the present, if you are trying to live in the present – in fact if you are thinking about where in time you are spending your life, then you are obviously not in the present time. It is imperative that the present can exist without being dwelled on – as this will cause it to disappear into the past and you will find yourself in the future…
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They spoke to us quickly, as there was very little time left. I missed most of it, but the gist was that if we wanted to survive, we would have to follow the river as far east as possible, and then wait for the next train travelling north. I was a little hazy on the reason for the urgency, but it was apparently not something that concerned any of the others. Two days later we had reached the end of the river and we realised that it would be a long wait, as there was no railway. Hence, no train…
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Midnight. My clock has no reason to strike the hour, since it is digital. I could set it to chime or to play some boring tune, but the environment is already so saturated with stupid tunes that I prefer the midnight hour to pass silently. In fact, it makes sense that there is no sound at midnight. The mechanical clocks have one major fault – they are based around a cycle of twelve hours, rather than one of 24 hours, which is more correct. Therefore, when a clock (any clock) strikes the hour at midnight, it should strike zero times. Silence…
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I looked at the man sitting on the couch. There was very little evidence that he was no longer alive. Every so often he would turn another page in the book he was supposedly reading. Further, he would look at his watch every so often – giving the impression that he was waiting for someone, or something. I tried to reconcile his behaviour with the fact that I knew he had died three days earlier. It made very little sense. Maybe he was deliberately trying to confuse me? I shrugged and turned another page in the book I was supposedly reading…
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There was something odd about they way the pegs lay on the table. At first it appeared as if they had just been thrown there – all of them at once. When I looked closer I noticed that all the red pegs were on the left side of the table, the green ones were in the middle, and the blue and yellow ones were on the right side. I would have preferred if the yellow ones had been mixed with the red ones on the left side of the table. It would have provided me with a more balanced visual experience.
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You generally will not notice the trees around you until they have disappeared. And when they have disappeared, you will generally not remember what they looked like before they were gone… Despondency… It really makes no difference what the trees looked like, because they are no longer here. Even if the trees were still here, they would look nothing like the ones you think you remember. The trees you think you remember are always a lot greener, a lot taller, and a lot more relaxing to look at, than the ones that disappeared. Hence, you are better off without them.
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Why do people need to be fans of sporting entities? There is no all-encompassing answer to this question. Being a person who finds it difficult to be a fan of anyone or anything for an extended period of time, I find the whole concept annoying. I may not be a world-class tennis player but by treating someone who is, with abject reverence, is just embarrassing. Whatever the reason may be, all I end up doing is expressing my lack of identity, and my eagerness to identify with someone who has an identity, and a goal in life. More fool me…
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Everybody knows… He could imagine what they were thinking as they looked at him from the shadows. Worst of all, he thought he could hear them talking about him as he walked past. He tried to tell himself that the fact that they all knew meant nothing to him. It was effective for a short time… until they all started looking at him and talking about him again. To be honest he was not certain that they had found out about him, but it was better to be proactive about these things. Being paranoid was no walk in the park…
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The clock on the video player was flashing, indicating that there had been some kind of power failure earlier in the day. The green digits were not bright enough to light up the room, but they managed to create an eerie effect each time they were illuminated. There was a man in the lounge chair opposite the wall where the video player was situated. He appeared not to notice the intermittent illumination coming from the video player. He also seemed to be unaware of the asynchronous hissing, and the bright flashing lights, coming from the machine beside him. His respirator…
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I mentally recalled the combination to the safe, as I twisted and turned the dials, which would lead me to the treasure I kept there. As the door swung open I heaved a sigh of relief – it was still there. Not that I had any doubts… The safe was probably unbreakable, and if anyone should attempt to open it, they had exactly twenty three seconds to stumble across the right combination of twists and turns, before a sequence of events would be triggered which would eventually turn the safe into a black hole. Sometimes I felt like trying it out…
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The garden gnome smiled at me as I walked past it. It took me a few seconds to register what had happened. I turned back and as I walked past the gnome again, it smiled at me. Either I was losing control over my faculties, or the gnome really did like me. I preferred the latter of these possibilities. I smiled back at the gnome, and it waved at me. Realising that this was probably a once in a lifetime chance to befriend a garden gnome, I waved and said hello. It was to be the beginning of my life…
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I had read about the effects of stress on the human body, but I guess it is difficult to see the presence of a large pile of stress when one is buried under the pile. Moreover, it would be almost impossible to gauge whether my body was suffering under the strain of stress until I had a chance to remove myself from me and observe my body in relation to other bodies that were outside the pile of stress. Conceptually, this was not an issue for me. However, first I had to finish all the projects I was working on…
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Desolation. Despair. Despondency. Depression. Death. All these words convey a sense of negativity and loss. In addition, they all begin with the same letter. The letter D is the fourth letter of the alphabet. It is unique in the sense that it is the only fully enclosed letter of the alphabet which will not roll – the flat surface on the left will always stop any attempted rolling motion. The connection is obvious… If things are not rolling along smoothly, then they are behaving like a D, so it makes sense to describe the situation with a word starting with D.
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Once communication stops, it is only a matter of time before everything falls apart. It is probably possible to rebuild it all, but it is a slow process and would involve a large portion of highly concentrated communication for an extended period of time. The quality, which is most likely to have suffered irreparable damage, is respect, closely followed by trust. If these qualities cannot be salvaged and rebuilt, then it would be a wise move to leave the remains where they are, and pursue other relationships elsewhere. Trying to rebuild respect and trust is an incredibly powerful energy sink.
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Halfway across the room you will stop and wonder whether I was serious or not. However, I will no longer be there when you turn around to ask me. You will never really be quite sure about the things I told you, until you either experience them yourself, or meet someone else who convinces you that I must have been wrong. Chances are that I was not being serious. However, this does not automatically make me wrong. Not being serious has nothing to do with a person's integrity. Rather, it is a reflection of how they relate to the world.
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Fear… this is what causes all the problems we have in the world today. It has always been like this, but we prefer to find other excuses for our problems. Religion is fuelled by the fear of not ending up in a nice place when we pass on. War is driven by the fear of someone else having something that we would like to have. War based on Religion is the fear of someone else ending up in a nicer place than us when they pass on. Jealousy is the fear of being left alone. Remove fear and create peace…
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For a small fee you can be shown the secrets to reading faster, learning more and remembering everything. Someone has stumbled across a technique that works for them, and they start charging people to partake of it. The truth is that while we all have the power to achieve anything we wish to do, we are all individuals, and thus will probably need different techniques for unlocking this power. Some people will definitely benefit from paying money and receiving the pre-packaged techniques, but only if they are ready for the changes required. Everyone else will only be wasting their money.
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The switch on the left side of the door had a yellowed label attached to it. The word on the label – Freeze – gave very little indication as to what the purpose of the switch was. Initially, it would have made sense to assume that it was related to the refrigerator. However, there was no refrigerator in the room. Indeed, there was no refrigerator in the entire building. I went over to the switch and flicked it to the ON position. The world stopped. Everything was frozen in the position it had the instant I flicked the switch… except me. Cool.
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There was only one exit. There was only one way to get out of the place. Things would have been a lot easier if I had known this, and further, if I had known where the only exit was located. As it was, I spent a lot of time attempting to leave. A lot more time than was sensible, but I was desperate to get out. The main problem was that there appeared to be an exit just about everywhere. It was only after careful deliberation of the non-exits that they appeared as such. I did get out… I think…
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Underneath all the fancy words and expensive clothes, he was just like any other person who was desperately trying to be noticed – if only for a short period of time. At the moment we were all in the space of noticing him, but who knows how long this would last? I could tell that he was aware of his possibly transient status as the centre of attention. He spoke to us for a while – I am fairly sure that no one else was listening either. We were all waiting for our turn to be the centre of attention. We waited.
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Existence… The light flowed through the open doorway, and lit up the small room. The only furniture was a small coffee table and a futon. There were no windows in the room, so if the door had been closed it would have been quite dark in here. The walls were covered in newspaper clippings from the past few years. At one end of the room a candle had been thrown. Someone had been in the room recently, because the cup of tea on the table was still warm. They had most probably left the room in a hurry. Exit scene…
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We did as we had been told, and we were happy. Not ecstatic, just happy. To be truthful, we really had no concept of anything beyond being happy, as we had never done anything differently. We never had any reason to experience ecstasy or sadness, since what we were told to do had been planned in detail so as to keep us happy. Occasionally, people would come from the outside world and would try to convince us that there was more to life than being happy. So far, they had never succeeded, and most of them ended up staying here…
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He looked at the map that he had brought. It was now very worn, and it was beginning to fall apart in the creases where it had been folded, over and over, during the past eight years. The map showed where, on this island, the spring of eternal youth was located. The catch was that the island kept reconfiguring itself every 42 days. At some stage the configuration would have to return to what it had been when the map was drawn. Ideally, this would happen sometime before he was due to pass away. If only he had some company…
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There is a green light to your left. There are only two rules – never look at the light, and make sure it stays on your left. Also, be careful where you put your feet. The path is littered with people who chose not to follow the two simple rules I gave you. If you can stick to the rules, you should find yourself at the lighthouse before the sun rises. If you are delayed at all, you must stop and wait for the sun to set before continuing, since the rules are impossible to adhere to during the daylight hours.
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I would tend to call myself a good driver. I am not a patient driver, and I have no patience for drivers who cannot follow the simple rules, which they supposedly had to learn prior to acquiring their licence to drive. I have never been in an accident, and I believe this is partly due to the fact that I am not supposed to – not yet, anyway. Twice, I have had other drivers run into my newly fitted towbar. The only damage caused, in both cases, was to the other cars. Besides, that was over twelve years ago. Oh well…
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Insanity is not good for your health. It can cause you to go mad which, as we all know, is not a socially accepted condition. The reason it is not accepted is because the condition frightens people. Someone who is insane does not adhere to the rules that keep our society in a presentable, albeit fragile, state. Unfortunately, the cure for this fear is to subject the object of fear to a life behind bars. Regardless of whether the bars are physical or not, they still have an adverse effect on the person subjected to them. Being sane is normal.
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The people we meet never really leave us. In some way or another, they all stay with us. In a lifetime of meeting people, that is an impressive crowd of people to have following us around. There are no random meetings either. Everyone we meet has something to offer us that we will find useful at a later stage in our life. This does not imply that our meetings and movements are beyond our control. Everyone chooses their own path. If our chosen path for this lifetime causes us to miss something, we may experience it in our next life…
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The news was not good, but there was really no sensible alternative, so maybe the issue had nothing to do with good or bad – it just happened. According to the calculations provided by the well-meaning scientific community, we had exactly four minutes and twenty seven seconds before life as we knew it would be gone forever. This was wonderful – we were in a situation where we would cease to exist, without recourse, and we had been given an exact time that this would occur. So we could assist in the countdown to nothing? Three minutes and counting… Welcome to nowhere.
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Reality shows – who needs them? Someone obviously does, otherwise they would disappear under the rock they had emerged from. It is yet another exercise in population control. While ever the populace is transfixed in front of the television watching yet another menial reality show, it is not opposing the government's new plan to erase the people in a third-world country who happen to be in the way of a new oil refinery. The sad thing is that the reality in the shows is very much staged, and therefore not real at all. Somehow they are still incredibly popular… go figure…
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If Earth was a perfect sphere, we would be able to divide it into two hemispheres (half-spheres) along any axis. We would be able to talk about the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. We could possibly even talk about the Eastern and Western hemispheres. However, because of Earth's rotation, and the centripetal forces operating on it as a result thereof, Earth is not a perfect sphere. The distance between the two poles is less than the diameter at the Equator. If there is no sphere, there are no hemispheres. By perpetuating the myth that there are, we are perpetuating ignorance.