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My sweet kitty Pythagoras died on November 21. Today is the start of the 4'th full month without her. I Really do miss her. Time is healing me a bit, but I still have the pain and emptiness that goes with such a loss. She was so sweet and affectionate, the purrfect kitty for hugging and cuddling. My remaining Kitty is sweet and playful, but just not a cuddler like Pythagoras was. Why are girls in Silicon Valley bigger geeks than the guys? It would be really nice to meet one with feeling and emotion to give me Kitty affection.
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They lie to us ALL the time! I eat healthy, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber, low fat. I exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. And yet I STILL get REALLY bad colds. Whenever I get a cold, it is more severe than everyone else, it lasts longer than everyone else, and it takes me a lot longer to get my strength and energy back than everyone else. If I ate fast food and became a couch potato would I be healthier? I don't know. But I do know that they lie to us ALL the time!
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On Wednesdays we do lot of 100 Yard Intervals. Since I missed my swim workout for the past two weeks due to this bad cold (see yesterdays entry), I was really decimated this morning. The class did 21 intervals. I alternated doing 50's and 100's since I was still pretty weak. For some of the intervals I used a pull buoy so I wouldn't have to engage my legs and breathe too hard. But I still coughed my guts out in between. Most of the class uses fins, so they swim faster than me. More on this subject another day.
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I am convinced that the viruses which attack me are the flesh eating type. Or at least they eat muscle tissue. Sunday, I went for a short 1 mile run for the first time since getting my cold. Even though I usually run 5 miles, this run really killed me. Not only that, but I pulled a muscle in my right thigh, and have been walking with a slight limp since then. It's as if my muscles deteriorated. This morning I tried another easy 1 mile run and then went to lift weights. 60% of usual weight, and I'm hurting!
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Today I did a search on Google for my user name Purringkitty. The match at the top of the list was which is under profiles at a gay web site. When I clicked on it, the filtering at our company blocked it as containing sexual content. I went in to get my annual lab work done for Diabetes this morning. All the guys (cousins and brothers) in my generation, except for me, have it so far. None of the girls. In my mothers generation, she and all her sisters had it, but none of my uncles. It's really weird.
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This morning at 6AM I get a call from some Doctor at Kaiser Permanente saying that the results from yesterdays' lab tests show my Potassium and electrolytes at dangerous levels. She then insisted that I immediately go to the Emergency Care unit of Kaiser in Santa Clara. I arrive and they immediately do an EKG. Then, they put me in a room with heart monitors. They take another blood sample and leave in the needle for possible I. V. fluids. The new test shows that everything is okay, and I can leave. A $50 copayment, and my day is shot!
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Why not Geek-Free zones? We have hate-free zones and nuclear-free zones. When I am not at work, I try to find a place where I can relax with a cup of coffee and read cultural, literary or travel magazines. But no matter where I go, it eventually becomes a geekdom where these people just talk about their stupid servers, disk-drives and pragmas. They can be sitting right next to each other, and they STILL speak loud enough for the whole café to hear. It is impossible to escape it in Silicon Valley. We REALLY need Geek free zones! Nes Pas?
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I am getting back in the swing of things. This morning I went to the Monday swim workout which always consists of lots of kicking drills. I believe that eventually I will have to switch from Zoomers to the more conventional fins. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rest of the class. However, I am probably working a lot harder, and that is the point of it all anyway, isn't it? The Alcatraz Sharkfest swim is scheduled for July 11 this year. It's a Sunday, so we can do brunch at Top of the Mark afterwards.
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I haven't been to San Francisco since I went to a Purim party at the Minna 111 gallery last year. I really haven't had a reason. I usually like to see an Opera performance in January, but I was still really depressed over the loss of my kitty.

I keep hoping that with the situation up in the city right now, that some of the Gay guys I know will decide to get married. Attending a Gay wedding would be a real cool reason to go. If not, I'll just go see a ballet. Or perhaps the BatSheva Dance Company.
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My Yahoo veterans group is inundated with its usual right wing diatribes. Recently they have been having an issue with same sex marriages and how it will under undermine morality, etc. In the past there was this condemnation of Clinton and Lewinsky, and how he was unfit to be Commander in Chief.

Today one of the headlines in the San Jose Mercury News was about the problem with rape and sexual misconduct in the Air Force.

Tailhook scandal

Rapes at the Air Force Academy.

Are those buffoons the ones who should be dictating morality to the rest of us?
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I am trying to decide where to go for my next indulgent vacation. Either a Caribbean cruise or Hawaii. I have been to Jamaica and the Mayan Riviera, so it would be nice to see more of the Caribbean. But I have never been to Hawaii, so I must consider that as an option.

The internet is one of the greatest inventions yet for travel. I have NEVER used a travel agent, but have booked several trips with Expedia, Orbitz, and So far I have been completely satisfied with the results. The Sheraton Moana Surfrider package Really looks good!
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I hate to say it, but I am beginning to prefer Starbucks to some of the independent coffee houses. I have been going to the Coffee Society in Cupertino ever since it opened in 1989. It used to be a hangout for theater, dance and art students from De Anza College. Over the years it has transformed to a place filled with laptops and cell phones. There are still art exhibits on the walls, but the whole aura has changed. Like everywhere in Silicon Valley, it is all engineer guys. At least Starbucks has cute girls who smile at me.
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Today I auditioned for Ragtime for the Foothill Summer Musical Theater. I sang "My Name", the raunchy song sung by Bill Sykes in Oliver. I really don't have detailed knowledge of the show. When I looked at the age/ethnicity requirements for the lead roles, there was nothing which fit me so I just said I would be in the ensemble. I still had to read for one of the characters, so I chose Houdini. The audition notice said he was 20's – 30's. But at least he is Jewish and physically fit. Too bad he was short with blue eyes. Damn!
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Just to have an excuse to do some walking, I went down to Valley Fair Mall. I passed the Speedo store and saw that they were having a closeout sale with everything 75 percent off. So I entered, but there was nothing left except the fixtures. That sucked since I really needed to replenish my goggle supply. That store is usually overpriced, but their sales are good. But with them closing down, I guess they will be neither overpriced or have nice sales. I walked down to Copelands and bought some new goggles, as well as a new jump rope.
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I hate how fast technology is changing! It used to be that I could learn a computer language and it would be good for 5 to 10 years. Now it seems that every project I am on, I have to learn a new language and development environment. Forte, Java with Jbuilder, and now C++ with MSDN Visual. All in the last few years. And who knows for how long this will be useful? And to tell you the truth, I really don't enjoy programming a whole lot anymore. It's just my job. I would really rather be a male stripper.
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I didn't even make callbacks for Ragtime. Same with Fiddler on the Roof. Actually, my voice teacher said I looked too fit and healthy to be cast in Fiddler. Perhaps the same for Ragtime? Or could it just be that my singing sucks? But, on the bright side, if I waited until after the run of Ragtime for vacation, it would be Hurricane season in the Caribbean.

So what will it be? A cruise? A sun and Scuba trip? A delirious debauch at Hedonism? (Don't believe the hype. Hedonism SUCKS for singles). It is looking more and more like Hawaii.
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I made an honest effort to get some work done today. As usual, they gave me a job to do without the resources to do it. I have been working on getting Visual C++ for 3 weeks now, and I have come full circle. I now have to work in a cramped room/work area where a copy is installed. The place is so cramped, and the other people talking just disturbs me so I can't concentrate. Why don't these idiot managers plan ahead and make sure we have the tools we need BEFORE we start burning up the charge numbers?
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Well, I don't feel so bad now. My voice teacher told me about another one of her Really good students who also didn't receive a callback for Ragtime. Some of the Klezmer songs are scored for Accordion, so if they don't fake it with a keyboard, then there still might be a possibility for me.

Whenever I tell some of the theater people that I am an Accordionist, their response is that they wish they had known when they had done Cabaret, Le Cage au Folles, Fiddler. Playing a Risque production of Cabaret wearing a G-String and an earring? NICE!
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It is really getting hard for me to write this stuff now. Since I STILL don't have C++ installed on my computer, I have to work in a lab where it just not as easy to screw off. I still have this lingering residual cough from that cold, but this morning I was able to swim really hard. I received both my Federal and California Income Tax refunds today. I think I will dollar cost average the proceeds into some new economy stocks. I still need to write 12 words, now 10, now eight, now six, now four, now Zero!
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Today at the coffee house I ran into a cute girl who I know from theater. She came up to me and gave me a nice hug, and held on for a long while. She is only 16. I won't tell you how old I am. Under normal circumstances I could probably be jailed. Her parents were with her, and her mother gave me a hug also. We sat and talked and drank coffee. When we walked to our cars, the girl gave me a goodbye kiss. It's amazing the relationships I have with girls who think I am gay.
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I washed the filters of my hot tub today. I know that reading about it excites you as much as writing about it excites me. I guess that's an indication of how pathetic my life has become recently. I really haven't had initiative to do anything on the weekends. I really never have. Franki used to organize all that stuff for me. Then she got divorced and moved away. Before her there was Angela, Vicki, Judy, Vicki, and Marina. All married at the time. I wasn't having affairs, they all just pitied me. Except for Angela, they are all divorced.
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I really miss my sweet kitty Pythagorus. Whenever I would lie down on the couch, she would lie on my chest and nuzzle my face with hers. And just purr up a storm! Whenever I went into my bedroom, then no matter where she was in the house, she would come running in, jump up on the bed, and want me to lie down and cuddle with her. She ate by scooping her food with her paws, and she drank water the same way. She loved to scratch furniture, and for some unknown reason, loved to rip apart sheet music.
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My accordion teacher has moved into a new mobile home. That means I will resume going to his home for lessons. It is almost full circle. When I started lessons, he lived in the same park where he now lives. Then he sold that home, and bought a real house in Sacramento. Then he got laid off, sold that house and moved back in with his mother in Sunnyvale. The Sacramento home appreciated enough enabling him to have enough cash to buy a new mobile home in the same park as before. Neither of us like playing Lady Of Spain.
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So some of the people in my swim workout say they WILL do the Alcatraz swim this year. So I guess I better do it also. Without a Wetsuit. Hopefully I won't get hypothermia. And I need to find a way to keep my goggles from fogging up. That is always the challenge. I expend ALL my energy removing and cleaning my goggles, and then treading water for a navigational fix. I asked Karen if she would like to do it. She smiled at me as if I were a naïve freak. And she hasn't hugged me since last Purim.
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Last night, New Kitty kept pawing my face. He always does at night. He really isn't new anymore – I've had him for almost a year and a half, but I never gave him a name. I just called him New Kitty to distinguish him from Pythagorus. I got him so Pythagorus wouldn't be alone, but then she had to go and die so suddenly. Whenever he hears a noise, he goes searching as though Pythagorus is still around. I think he must be lonely now, but I don't think I am ready for another cat yet. I still hurt greatly.
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I got Pythagorus when Franki and Grant got divorced. I agreed to take her until Grant found a place to live. Grant never wanted her back, and she was really sweet and cute, so I adopted her. When I first met Franki, they had just adopted Pythagorus from the animal shelter, and Franki always referred to her as "the kitten". They had another cat named Prickly Pete. They had Prickly put to sleep because of urination problems. Franki had cat pictures on her cubicle, so I thought she was attached to them. She abandoned them without any thought or remorse.
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Franki, Grant and I would do a lot of cool things together on weekends. We would go to ballet, theater, nice restaurants. Things which I enjoy, but it is difficult to find other people who like doing those things as well. Franki would always hug me at the end of the evening. They were the only couple who I somewhat envied. I always thought if I had a relationship, it would be like theirs. Appearances ARE deceiving. They abandoned each other, abandoned their sweet kitty, and, in the end, abandoned me as well. Since then, I have felt increasingly isolated.
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I am a JDate Slimeball. I have a few profiles under different EMail addresses. One of them is almost the real me, while the others are characters which I created. Does everyone do this? In my "Real" profile, the only thing I lie about is my age, but I do lie big-time. But people always think I am a lot younger than I am, and if the light is bad, I still get carded. Besides, I am not a paying member, so I can't contact anyone nor them me. So I can't really be deceiving. I'm just an immature Nebbish.
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So the Passion is no longer tops at the box office. There were no pogroms or instances of extreme Anti-Semitism. Probably one of the biggest non controversies in recent history. What's this deal with Jews and Jesus anyway? I never was Bar Mitzvahed, because before I finally got kicked out of Hebrew school, I spent so much time in the Principals office that I never absorbed enough knowledge to become a real Mensch. So I figure Jesus and I would have been good buddies, seeing as how we both had issues with Jewish authority figures. And other authority figures also.
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One Skin, Two skin, Three skin Four skin!

Maybe it's just my perverse imagination, but I seem to recall from my biblical studies that someone, either King David or King Saul, wore a necklace of foreskins into battle against the Philistines. A few years ago, I discussed with Franki the possibility of my wearing such a necklace as part of my costume for the Exotic Erotic Halloween ball. She said that unless I found a cooperative Mohel, I should just wear dried apricots. Preferably unsulphured apricots. From Trader Joes. 4.99/lb. Or I could just dry my own. Apricots, not foreskin.
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I may celebrate Passover this year. I haven't been to a Seder since moving to California. I have been invited to many Christmas's and Easters, but never to a Seder. And then they complain that so many Jews intermarry and assimilate. I tried to buy matzo, but couldn't find whole wheat It seems to be all sold out, or perhaps not kosher for Passover. Since I doubt they had refined wheat back then, I would expect the Whole Wheat to be more authentic. .

I don't want to listen to a bunch of brats fighting over asking the Four Questions.