BY Quanita

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Butterflies danced around me in a cherry blossom breeze.

Pink and white petals cascaded from my finger tips, landing like candy sprinkles on a green frosted cupcake.

I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply the fresh Beltane energy.

"This would be a great day to make love." I thought to myself, smiling and visualizing embracing him under a shower of delicately scented flower petals.

The sound of two geese flying over head together caught my attention. I opened my eyes and watched their fertile flight. Another sign from the divine; one of many. "Very symbolic." I whispered to the brilliant sun.
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They deserve a father who loves and adores them.

They deserve a father who listens to them and responds and communicates in a emotionally, healthy, manner.

They deserve a father they can trust.

They deserve a father who makes time just for them.

They deserve a father who hugs them not only during the rough times, but "just because."

They deserve a father who supports them emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

They deserve a father who will protect them.

They deserve a father who guides them with his wisdom, but allows them to explore the possibilities.

They deserve a father.

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These are MY children. I won't allow you to discount them. They're everything that's wonderful and good in the universe. HOW DARE YOU TREAT THEM LIKE THEY'RE LAST ON YOUR LIST!!! Let me introduce myself to you DUMB ASS, I AM their mother. I AM the one who breastfed them. I AM the one who comforts them when they are sick and afflicted. I AM the one who stands by their side when you FUCK UP. PLEASE STOP HURTING THEM!!! This time, you can't blame anyone else but yourself. Our reserves are tapped. We're drained. Only LOVE can heal this.
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Curiouser and curiouser...

Step right up ladies and gentleman and read the AMAZING Quanita's adventures.

She thrills, chills, and knocks it right out of the ballpark.

There are no hindrances to her expressions of ecstasy, especially when it comes to her Twinkie. Many are curious as to who "Twinkie" truly is. Is he you? Is he she? Perhaps "thee" will just have to keep guessing. There's a Mermaid outside of Verona who knows, but she can keep a secret, can you?

Is there more than one Twinkie?

Is My Twinkie really a "Ho Ho."

It's all about the creme filling.
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I felt bathed in love.

It was one of the single most exquisite moments of my life.

We held each other close, our spirits merged.

B L I S S.Opening my doe eyes I demanded, "Take off your underwear and straddle me." He didn't hesitate. "Now THAT's the Twinkie I know..." I giggled grasping on to his massive penis. "Come to Mama..." I said, swooping down with just enough pressure to drive him wild. I've NEVER seen his penis so engorged and ANGRY! Pretty soon his legs were shaking involuntarily.

"If I told you it gets better than this, would you believe me?"
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I've shared sacred sex magick with you My Beloved. The thought of you sharing it with anyone is abhorrent to me. It's sacrilegious. One must earn the privilege of being pleasured by a Goddess. And I, being the L O V E Goddess, have no desire to pleasure anyone but you at the moment. I've enjoyed lifetimes of pleasuring you, and you've enjoyed it so much so, that you're always searching and yearning for me - lifetime after lifetime. If you weren't so FUCKING arrogant sometimes, you'd get past the corporate bullshit, and focus on our divine lovemaking.

I'm ready for round three "STUD."
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Although I know we stand side by side with one another, there are times I LOVE to get down on my knees in front of that man. There's something very sexy about him straddled over me all erect and shiny. I LOVE how he lets me play with him. He's very obedient. I'm very naughty. It's a great combination. We've gotten to a enjoyable space in our relationship where we savor our moments together. The pleasure's I N C R E D I B L E, but I know that's because we honor, love, and enjoy playing with one another.

He's my bestest friend.

There's nothing like tree house time.
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Did you know they sell chocolate covered Twinkies on a stick at the Chocolate Factory? Curious, I asked the clerk what the shelf life was, she said, "Oh I'm sure a couple of days." Hmmm...very impressive.

I've always wanted to dip My Twinkie in chocolate.

I bet he'd look mighty delicious with some sprinkles on top too.

I would lick that chocolate off.

I would get chocolate all over my face. Then I'd kiss him, and he'd have chocolate on his face, and THENNNN...

I'd finish him off and spread the creamy filling all over my breasts.

Dials 1-800-TWINKIE.
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Rona and I had lunch at Rosehill Cemetery today. We sat on the bench marker honoring her father and step-mother. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I took my very first peek into a small, granite, mausoleum today. If I could have opened the doors, I would have gone inside and meditated.

I love the grave markers with pictures of the deceased attached. I think I would like my FABULOUS picture attached to my marker.

After I pass on, I hope I am buried next to someone who really, really, really, loves me. I wonder who that will be?
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"Daddy, I think you should masturbate." my youngest daughter Cheri said to her father over her cell phone. "Either that or get a vibrator." she said matter-of-factly. "If I didn't masturbate, I'd explode...and I'd rather masturbate than have a wet dream." she exclaimed. Her father was silent on the phone. (Yes, I think he was in shock.) "Daddy, you should masturbate instead of marrying someone you don't love." she sighed.

My baby was right.

He was being S T U P I D.

His response to her was, "I'm lonely, and she'll cook and clean for me."

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Superman leapt upon the bed, bouncing up and down "commando" style.

"So Sex Luthor, we meet again!" he gallantly spoke, hands upon hips.

"Yes Superman it is I!!! You will succumb to me!" I giggled.

I wrestled that penis of his into my Kryptonite mouth. Superman appeared to weaken, leaning into me and thrusting deeper and deeper, as I sucked his powers incessantly.

"Now I have you Superman. You ARE mine." I spoke triumphantly, as he shot sploogie all over my face, faster than a speeding bullet.

After lovingly cleaning me up, he captured me in his arms.

He won.
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The limo picked us up promptly at 2 p.m. The hour long drive to Queens was fascinating.

Driving by Ground Zero gave me a massive headache, which soon passed a few miles down the road.

We pulled up to a famous Italian restaurant he had shut down just for me. Inside five Sushi Chefs prepared a feast for "The Goddess."

By the end of the evening, I felt like Julia Roberts in the movie "Pretty Woman."

The drive home was one of the highlights of my life - Eating left over Sushi, and singing to "Born to be wild..."

Thanks Gary.
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I had never seen a man make love to a man before. What I saw on the screen was so beautiful. Perhaps this is what a heterosexual man feels like when he sees two women making love. I found it very arousing. There wasn't anything "unnatural" about it to me. I sat there wondering, "What's the big deal?" All these years I've been listening to varying viewpoints on homosexuality, and the truth is, after seeing that movie - procreation aside - I can understand why a man would want to be with a man, or a woman with a woman.

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I found out who "The White Monkey" is. He's been visiting me every night for the past six months. He waddles into my room, comes right up to my face, sniffs me up and down, and then leaves. At first, my children thought I was joking. I would ask them if they had seen "The White Monkey." "Mom!" they would reply, "There is NO White Monkey." Well, one day I went to a local metaphysical shop, and low and behold there was a picture of "The White Monkey." His name is "Hanuman." He is a protector against evil. He's ancient.
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This is for my sister...

He traced his fingers against my creamy thighs. I sighed. His butterfly kisses along my creamy breasts sent delightful shivers down my spine. I grasped his massive penis, and began to pleasure him with my creamy, soft, lips. His creamy cum shot the back of my creamy throat. I spit it out and spread it all over my creamy abdomen. "It's all about the creme filling." I said smiling with intense satisfaction. That's when he decided to drive me like a Ferrari, arousing one creamy orgasm after another.

Later, we ate delicious, creamy, pastries together.
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"Those are such pretty pink roses on your table." Jill said to me.

"I love them!!! I bought them for myself. They are the perfect pink. I figured I wanted them, and I was tired of waiting for someone special to send me a dozen "perfect" pink roses."

Out the kitchen window we could see a FedEx truck pull up.

"Looks like you have a package being delivered." Jill said curiously.

It was a long, BIG, box.

I opened it carefully.

Inside were two dozen BEAUTIFUL roses in a rainbow of colors, including pink!!!

Another wonderful gift from satisfied clients.
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There I was standing in a Gallery with CEO moguls. The woman I spoke to was dressed impeccably. "Your son loved when you made donuts." I exclaimed, "He says you make the best donuts." Looking at me puzzled, she responded, "I've never made donuts in my life." But her deceased son was adamant on the "other side." I repeated his statement two more times, each time she shook her head "no." Then all of a sudden she broke into tears. "My God! He was a race car driver! I showed him how to make his first donuts in a car!!!"
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She was only 8 years young. Her parents left her with an Uncle, while they went on a vacation. The Uncle then decided she should spend a couple of days with another Uncle, leaving her there. He pulled her into his bedroom and in a drunken rage demanded she remove her underwear and bend over. He was going to spank her. Confused she cried out, "Why?!!! Why?!!! What did I do wrong?!!!" He pulled out a gun and a porno magazine and placed it on the pillows behind her. "This is the way it is. Either bend over or die."
05/19 Direct Link
When her mother returned she tried to tell her what had happened. "WHY did YOU allow him to do that to you?!!!" she screamed. Her 8 year young mind tried to process what her Mommy was saying. "It's my fault." her mind told her, "Mommy says it's my fault..." Oh the shame she felt. She didn't want to take off her panties. She didn't want her Uncle to violate her private parts. She didn't want to die. His angry voice kept echoing in her mind, "This is life. Someone needs to show you the truth. Deal with it."

"My fault."
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"I can feel my penis touching the back of your throat...I love when you deep throat me..." he moaned.

God/dess I love pleasuring him! The minute I see his penis I'm consumed with the need to bring him to the pinnacle of pleasure and back again.

He's so much fun to play with! I've amused myself for lifetimes playing with his incredible cock. I do it because I love him. Besides, he's the BESTEST one.

He came like thunder, roaring like a lion in heat. "I surrender!" he said, laughing and collapsing next to me, "I'm yours. I give up..."
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The baby bird was in terrible distress. Obviously it had fallen from a tree, and had wounded itself in the process. Every time I reached for it, it would chirp fiercely. Eventually it wobbled itself into the middle of a busy driveway. "Oh no!!! It's going to get squashed by a car!" I cried in dismay. My Beloved carefully scooped it up from behind, and gallantly placed it upon the grass, under a great tree. "You'll be okay." he said to the baby bird. I looked at that man and loved him even more than I could have possibly imagined.
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Have you figured out who I am yet?! I've been waiting.

Heaven knows you've had more than enough signs.

Perhaps the real question is, "Do you want to know?"

You called for me, remember?

When I told you, "I can fix that." did you think I was fooling? And so, if I tell you, once again, "It gets better than this..." Would you believe me? Based on everything thing we have explored and shared with one another, I would say you do.

But know this My Beloved, every moment we share with one another is My Heaven.

I love you.

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He didn't call me today. I thought he might, but he didn't; then again, something weird was happening with my cell phone. Voice messages individuals left in the morning didn't post till late evening; even though I had received other posts throughout the day. Maybe it's a time warp kind of thing. Anyway, I listened to all his old voice messages, and this made me smile. When I couldn't stand it any more, I called and left a message on his cell phone. Sometimes the best parts of my day are when we share time together. I'm missing him so.
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You know what the weird thing about me is? I can get hundreds of letters of positive feedback, but -dog gone it- if I get one letter of criticism, I tend to focus on that one letter. Where the HECK does that come from? Is it something conditioned in me from early childhood or grade school days? Heaven's forbid I should get a "B," because anything less than an "A" was a failure. I need to change this unhealthy thinking within myself. I'm not here to "satisfy" everyone and their pet monkey. That's why this word comes in handy: "NEXT!!!"
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It's a beautiful bracelet, very befitting of a Goddess. My sister gave it to me. She put magickal blessings in it. When I wear it, I feel such a loving, comforting energy! The silver metal work and Butterscotch Amber stone, in the center, look enchanting next to my tanned skin. Imagine my inconsolable dismay when I noticed it had disappeared from my wrist! I carefully retraced my steps and looked just about everywhere, but to no avail. Right when I gave up - wouldn't you know it - I found it inside my pink suitcase! It felt like Christmas! I'm so happy!!!
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I close my eyes and follow his scent through the ethers.

Feeling the warmth of his body next to mine is heavenly.

I love to rub my face against the softness of his flesh.

It's like time stands still when I am with him. Three hours of passionate play savored within thirty minutes. And still I want more. I want to enjoy him from sun up till sun down.

I don't think there's ever been one moment I've shared with him that I've been bored.

It's always an adventure. It's always delightful.

I am a very happy,


L O V E D,

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I love my kitty cat. She's the bestest one! For the past couple of days she's been sleeping with me. It's cool feeling her purr next to me, but then again, that could be her snoring!

She makes me laugh!

Every night she awaits my arrival up the stairs so she can ambush me! I always feign great surprise! This makes her feel triumphant!

She's the only kitty I know that doesn't like seafood; or perhaps that is a stereo type.

I still can't figure out how such foul smelling poo can come out of such a fuzzy, cute, critter.
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KUUIPO in Hawaiian means LOVE and sweetheart.

As a little girl growing up on the island of Oahu, I always dreamed of receiving a golden Kuuipo bracelet. My recent trips to Maui reminded me how very special it is to receive one. Yesterday, I went to a big jewelry show, and I so enjoyed the Hawaiian jewelry! I saw THE most beautiful Kuuipo bracelet, and I wanted it, but I believe with all my heart - one day - someone who romantically loves and adores me will gift me one. In the meantime, I bought myself a beautiful, rose gold, plumeria bracelet.
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When the MaMoNaKia's meet, anything is possible!

This weekend's festivities included a piercing and tattoos; multiple orgasm's in a restaurant parking lot; erotic writing on my ceiling; Sex Toy Inventory; holding time; a little S&M dress up; Krispy Kreme donuts; My Beloved singing to me over the phone (I LOVED IT!!! Just thinking about it made me laugh and giggle...); Via being "HIGH on friendship"; and lots of laughter and LIBERATION! Rona saying, "I like being a naughty girl..." said it all.

Every MaMoNaKia has invested years in being "good girls."

We earned our naughty time.

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I slept like a baby last night. I didn't wake up until 9:30 a.m. If I could have, I would have slept even more, but I had to go to work.

I was late for work...again. I think it's my silent form of rebellion.

The truth is, I'm not of this time, I'm multi-dimensional. Some will challenge this statement, until they see how I can manipulate time, so much so, that I can take entire groups of individuals with me. To experience it is beyond belief, then again, so is my life.

I'm not human, I'm a Goddess.
05/31 Direct Link
I love pampering myself!

There's something fabulous about getting a manicure/pedicure, a facial, a massage, and my hair done.

After so many years of doing without, and going "naturale," I am finally saying to myself, "I'm worth it." I spent far too many years in my life feeling "not good enough...unworthy...less than..." WHY?!!! Why was it that I valued what others outside of myself "thought" of me, rather than what I thought of myself?

I believe I've learned the secret of true beauty. It's "LOVE..." (Embracing love, enjoying love, feeling love, expressing love...)

I am in LOVE.