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Whether creationist or environmentalist we must acknowledge that the world we live in is rapidly changing. As we become a more mature and educated society our ideas of what we consider great literature will continue broadening and become more diverse. Over the last fifty years our society has seen the uncovering of overlooked innovators in a variety of scientific fields. One could only assume that this process of revelation would soon change the literary canon. We are now entering an exciting time for future authors of various races, genders, and beliefs who are now slipping through the handcuffs of prejudice
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A Formula Ending- The woman had been so tired over the last two weeks from the draught, but she realized that her husband and child needed her. The next morning when she woke up she created a list of her chores. She started with the baking and then moved on to the cleaning. Finally, she ended with the laundry just in time for the arrival of her loving husband and darling child. Her child rushed to hug her. Her husband waited till later so he could show her how much love he felt. The woman knew how lucky she was.
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For me the term feminism means opportunity. Women throughout history have struggled for the rights I have today. Feminist have changed the expectations society has placed on women over the years. As a result I have the opportunity to pursue a college education and a career. The feminist movement has opened the door to individualism. Women who were once unable to achieve their hopes and dreams are now accomplishing the unthinkable. Opportunities and options once available only to men are now fulfilled and created by women throughout the world. Now, as women we must unite to keep the torch afire.
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A Sorrowful Woman and A Secret Sorrow could be read numerous times depending on your taste in literature. Romance novels appeal to readers who may want an escape from their daily lives. Books known as formula fiction can be read twice if the element of surprise is not important. A Secret Sorrow may change the characters, setting, and love scenes but the plot will always be the same. A Sorrowful Woman does not follow the patterns of formula fiction therefore leaving more to the imagination. Each time the story is read a different interpretation can be made about the ending.
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One of my favorite shows is Animal Precinct. The show is filmed in New York City and involves the rescue of various animals by detectives of the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. Animal Precinct exhibits several of the components used in writing formula fiction. The formula of each episode consists of the reporting of the abused animal, searching for the criminal, and rescuing the victim. In keeping with the style of formula fiction each show has a different plot, a new victim, a courageous hero, and a happy ending. Animal Precinct has the formula for great entertainment.
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Faulkner’s ending in “A Rose For Emily” is one of the most surprising in literature. While reading the story, I gathered clues about Emily’s mysteriousness , but was unable to predict the ending. At the beginning the narrator describes a pungent odor emitting from the old decrepit house. This is the first indication of oddity surrounding Emily’s character. Faulkner describes throughout the story Emily’s continuing withdrawal from the society around her. Later he mentions Emily’s purchase of arsenic which was used only for the killing of small rodents. All of these peculiarities suggest trouble, but Faulkner’s ingenuity keeps readers guessing.
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Martha Sinot portrays her character in “Lust” as an experimental young woman. The writer first gives the impression that the young woman is carefree and has no regrets towards her actions. As the story progresses the interactions with different men make the main character more mechanical and shameful. The main character fails to gain anything meaningful from the sexual encounters she has with different men. At the end the character describes herself as pounded veal which substantiates her feelings of emptiness and disrespect. The character is the outcome of a wealthy society who send their children away with no communication.
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“The Dover Bitch” is a perfect parody of the poem “Dover Beach”. In “Dover Beach”, the author tries to reach the reader on a deeper level through obscure references and confusing symbolism. After reading “Dover Beach” I was confused about the author’s intentions and missed the poem’s meaning. “The Dover Bitch” explains the meaning of Arnold’s poem, but mocks his method of getting the point across. Too often, authors attempts at sounding intelligent and well-versed come across as arrogant and alienate the reader. Hecht is not overlooking the meaning of “Dover Beach”, but suggesting another way to express Arnold’s point.
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Humans too seldom take the opportunity to set aside their innate arrogance and admire the world around them. Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “The Fish” attempts to counter this reality. The narrator of this poem describes his/her respect for the fish on a physical and spiritual level. As the poem describes the beauty of the fish, the reader realizes the narrator is quickly building sentiment towards the fish. The fisher notices the hooks and fishing line attached to the fish’s mouth and understands this fish is not for keeping, but for admiring. This spiritual realization is the “victory” that the author describes.
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At the beginning of line twenty-one the speaker’s tone begins to grow impatient. The showering of compliments he offers his lover in the first twenty lines are displayed as selfish and insincere in the upcoming lines. His opening words give the impression that time is unimportant. However, lines 21-32 convey the speakers impatience. The speaker’s attempts to convince his mistress that their love must be consummated immediately contradicted his first impression. What begins as passionate and romantic foreplay quickly becomes nothing more than an insult. The speakers urgency to fulfill his wishes is a total disregard of his lovers feelings.
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Most Romantic, Most Sexiest In a time where Hollywood and the adult film industry have skewed what is considered to be romantic and sexy, Richard Wilbur’s “A Late Aubade” is a refreshing taste of tactful romanticism. In this poem the speaker encourages his lover to forget her daily routine and spend the day with him. The details the speaker uses to describe his lover’s activities make them seem so unappealing that it would be almost impossible to turn down the offer of staying in his bed all day. The speaker does not use old romantic verses to tempt his lover.
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In Jimmy Santiago Baca’s poem, the red chilies simply represent taste and decoration. The writer’s descriptions of red chilies are confined to a door decoration and toppings for eggs. The writer offers a completely different depiction of the green chilies. The language that the writer uses to describe the green chilies portrays the poem’s hidden meaning. For the speaker’s grandmother the green chili represents sexuality and lost youth. The author insinuates that the Chile is symbolic of a man’s penis. The grandmother’s fondling and caressing of the pepper displays her desire to renew her sexuality although age may inhibit her.
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In the dramatic monologue “My Last Duchess” the Duke is unhappy with his first wife because she is easily impressed and pleased with the simple pleasures of life. The Duke sees how his young wife blushes when in the presence of other men. The Duchess takes joy in the sunset, riding her mule, and receiving small gifts from men. The Duke does not take pleasure in the same simplicities so he orders to have his wife killed. The Duke’s jealousies lead to his wife’s murder. The title suggests that the Duke’s attitude towards women is to control and own them.
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The speaker in William Shakespeare's “My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun” is honest. The speakers description may first be interpreted as an insult because of the comparisons used to describe his mistress. The speaker is really stating that his mistress is beautiful, but should not be compared to music, nature, and perfumes. The speaker does not falsify or use any cliches to describe his mistress. The speaker’s images used to describe her voice and breath are easily confused. The speaker’s details do not imply that he loves his mistress any less than any other man loves his mistress.
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Although David Updikes “Summer” lacks romantic scenes it strongly resembles a love story. Beginning with paragraph five the reader becomes aware of Homer’s attraction. The story revolves around a boy named Homer and his youthful adventures during a summer stay with his friend’s family. During the story Homer notices more things about Sandra and his days become filled with thoughts of her. At night his mind is consumed by her appearance as he watches while she lays in bed. The immense feelings that Homer feels toward Sandra convinces the reader the makings of a love story are in the works.
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In the song "Streets of Philadelphia" the streets can be characterized as hell. The speaker could have been cast out for wrong doings and is subjected to walk alone. The speaker describes his legs felt like stone and friends voices had vanished and gone. There is also the reference to the angel who will not greet him. Another interpretation that can be made is that the speaker is a vampire. The speaker states he saw his reflection and didn't know his own face. At night the speaker can hear blood running in his veins and refers to a faithless kiss.
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In Robert Herrick's “To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time” the speaker is arguing the decisions that have been made by virgins. The speaker develops his argument by claiming time is nonexistent. The speaker makes references to the dying flower, setting sun, and being young. The flower represents a woman’s virginity, the sun marks human lifespan, and youth is symbolic of life’s opportunities. The speaker suggests that if virgins do not offer themselves now, then it will be too late. The speaker’s tone is disrespectful. His argument about rushing virgins into intimacy comes across as demeaning, offensive, and insincere.
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Lambs have been representative of children throughout Christian tradition. In William Blake’s poem “The Lamb” he makes reference to children only once, he does symbolize the lamb as innocent and in need of protection. The softest touch of the wool and the tenderness of voice are two similarities associated with the gentleness of youth. As Blake admires the lamb and praises it’s meekness, he also questions the lamb about it’s origin. Similar to children, Blake wonders if God’s creatures know who it is that has made them. As Blake admires the lamb’s creation, he demonstrates his own love of God.
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In response to his poem “The Lamb”, William Blake shows his fear of God through his poem “ The Tyger”. The tiger is described as a symmetrical animal with incredible strength. As Blake describes the artistry of the tiger and the power of it’s body the reader grasps the awesomeness yet uneasiness the tiger creates in the world. In contrast to the lamb representing innocence the tiger symbolizes fear and danger that larks throughout the world. Blake is not critical of the tiger, but his words display his beliefs that a God creating purity is powerful enough to incite fear.
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Human slavery is a social tragedy that has affected millions of individuals all over the world since the beginning of time. In William Blake's "The Chimney Sweeper" the speaker conveys the only feeling possible to keep a person alive through such persecution, optimism. From the stories of Negro slaves to the Jews in World War II, hope and the will to live is what allows slaves to endure. The speaker in the poem conveys his hope through his belief in his friend Tom's dream. The speaker encourages his friend to use the dream as an escape from their awful enslavement.
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Human arrogance and selfishness is mocked in many pieces of current and traditional literature. Stephen Crane's "A Man Said to the Universe" concisely sums up in a mere five lines what it seems a majority of people believe especially here in America. As if our existence weren't enough, humans steal from Mother Earth, one another, and even all the creatures that provide us sustenance. The universe doesn't have an obligation to us, but rather the other way around. Foolish wastefulness and incredible human ignorance will one day be the cause of extinction for all humans and our world around us.
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In Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" the speaker is addressing to his son situations about honesty and morals. This poem does not to be gender specific. The speaker's advice to his son can be appreciated by any female. The speaker is not defining the term masculinity in line thirty-three. The term "Man" is used to describe the goodness and honesty in mankind. The speaker suggests all different types of situations that may arise in a young mans life, but all of these can be applied to a young woman's upbringing. The speaker gives advice that should be used by all mankind.
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Upon first glance, I missed the point of E.E. Cummings "She Being Brand". After reading the poem aloud, the eroticism and perversion hidden in the writing became more than clear. Cummings writes the poem as if it were about an old car clunking down the street, trying to survive. When really his word placement and sudden breaks in sentences signify the interruptions of breath due to pleasure one experiences during intimacy. He discusses the juice he's giving her, the internal and external expansion and contraction, and finally her trembling or in Cummings mind, her orgasm. Cummings is a syntax genius.
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Humans rarely receive the loyalty that's provided by animals. Whether it is a dog, cat, or a horse, animals have helped us survive for thousands of years. Robert Frost alludes to this fact in "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". While traveling home with his trusty horse, the speaker pauses to take on the surroundings around him. The darkness, deepness, and ease of the calm wind are what captivates the speaker and causes him to pause on his ride. The horse and nature create serenity for this rider and an escape from reality as he rushes to fulfill his worldly obligations.
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The narrative poem by Regina Barreca "Nighttime Fires" tells the story of an unemployed man who takes pleasure in watching fires. The narrator describes how her father specifically likes to watch other people's property burn. The description the narrator gives of her father's heart is secret and brittle. This leads the reader to understand how cold and hardened the father is. The reference of how the father never held any of his children makes the hand holding during fires very unsettling. In the end after nothing else could burn the narrator describes her father's eyes as "hallways filled with smoke".
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"Love Poem" by John Frederick Nims portrays love differently from Helen Farries poem "Magic of Love", because the later is greeting card format. The writing style for "Magic of Love" uses guidelines for some of the most popular greeting cards. The idea must be expressed as a complete idea, the verses must be coherent, and the writing must have enthusiasm. "Magic of Love" uses clich├ęs to describe emotion such as the stars, and the sun. "Love Poem" by Nims expresses emotion through original language and its own style. The speaker in "Love Poem" doesn't use false descriptions of his lover.
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It's The Law: According to this rap poem the laws portray the state of the USA as being blind. In the speaker's opinion the abundance of different laws does not enforce what the USA needs. The difference between the laws and the rules are the laws get created by us and our actions. The laws are without any self-reflection. The rules are set up to encourage self respect. Through the rules, attitudes will change and values will be instilled. The laws are designed by the rules that are broken, where as the rules are designed to prevent laws being broken.
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For year's blues music has been associated with feelings of sadness and emptiness. Still blues music has always been played with a soulful energy. In the poem by Langston Hughes "The Weary Blues" the speaker gives the same description we would presently think of. First, the speaker describes the musician as a musical fool. This is not an insult, but rather a compliment to the musician's energy. The musician portrayed in this poem compares perfectly to any blues musician you would see today. The blues music in this poem has the very same style that people are used to today.
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The poem "Queens" by Julia Alvarez is pessimistic about racial reactions in the United States. Starting with line seventy-five the speaker imagines the houses sinking into the lawns. The speaker describes how the grass would grow and would look the same as it had before any foreigners came to this country. The speaker describes the neighborhood as having different families including Jews, a Midwestern couple, Germans, and the new black family. The speaker's pessimistic attitude comes from the interaction she sees within the people in her neighborhood. The speaker implies at the end it would be better to start over.
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What I have learned: On this last day of my final assignment, I am happy to say I survived the hassles that arose with having my computer stolen. Writing one hundred words a day for the month of November, a seemingly easy task unless you have MSN. My aggravation level with MSN is beyond any normal limit, but I'm still breathing. I have learned many interesting ways to read and interpret literature and poetry. I have always been intimidated by reading poetry, but now I have a more educated outlook on how to understand not only poetry but great literature.