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I am wondering about the future today. I have aspirations of rain on my mind. Nothing against the sun, but I am ready for a change. Some say it will be depressing, but I come from snow country where months and months of gray are the norm. Perhaps the red hot desert will be my next resting place… You never know—But I still hope for clouds, coffee and friends. It is in the hands of my talented wife now, cross your fingers for me. The cats and I do appreciate your thoughts and prayers. And don't forget to floss.
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Well, I hate to brag, but I am gonna do it anyway. I kept control of the bunny last night. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. The urge to be funny was very strong and I had a little tiny bit to drink. Which for me is a lot. But I stayed true and kept ‘em guessing. Something about a Platypus's pouch and a popcorn plant in Pittsburgh. And of course Jared and his monkey that went into the Flower. That was a good one by my standards, even if it was a mistake.
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I am a little tired today. Anna and I forgot to make coffee again, so that is never good. But I think I will pull through. I have a lot to look forward to today. Spider-Man is in the theaters; I think we are going to go to a LATE LATE show. And I am in the middle of a heated game of Photoshop Badminton, that always makes my Friday. There is also some severe weather headed in our direction, so I may have to work late tonight, fun but a pain in the butt after an already long day.
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The grass is really long, but alas we don't have a mower. Our lawn looks so much better when it is short and proper. But then again, it isn't really our lawn and it is too hot outside to play on it anyway. So I say "LET IT GROW!"… It is a wondrous habitat for ants and roaches, and the cats like to hide in the long grassy stalks. We get cold stares from our neighbors, but hey.. we are moving next month. Let the next poor sap buy a gas powered goat and appease the often nosey "Neighborhood Watch".
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So, I have gone into the T-Shirt business. It is a daring venture that cost me nothing more than time. I have always said this, but am now proving my point. You Can't Force Funny. I am trying to come up with shirts that would appeal to the masses, and have found myself trying to be funny… It just doesn't work that way. And I don't want to steal other people's funny, I have to have some original funny. The sleepless nights, and countless trips to the mighty coffee machine. Oh the t-shirt business what a life, what a life.
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Back in the saddle at the ol' job-o-rama. Mondays are always tough, but today doesn't have the same feeling of dread. I am in a pretty good mood; I can't quite believe it myself. Of course I did have some coffee today, and saw Spiderman over the weekend. Never realized that spidy was gay, but he pretty much lays it all on the line right there at the end of the pic. Lots of exposition, but it was alright. It was the number 1 movie this weekend $114 mil compared to Scorpion King at number 2 with $9.6 mil. WOW!
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I am a little under the weather today. My tonsils are as big as soccer balls and are making it hard to even swallow water. This happens to me about once a year. Back in Montana it would happen in the winter when it was extremely dry outside. Now it tends to happen when I am in an air-conditioned room for too long. I took 2 Benadryl last night to help ease the swelling, but all it did was put me in a deep coma. I awoke dressed in yesterday's attire; they were a bit wrinkled to say the least.
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There is a lot of smoke in the air today. It is making my allergies go crazy, and I am just a bundle of fun. In order to function I am taking anti-histamines and that is making me light-headed and tired. So I am slowly moving through my day trying not to trip over things. Morley went up a tree at lunch and I didn't have the power to go after him, luckily Anna did. After a call for Friskies he came down and joined the rest of us. Clara went out too, but she is a much easier catch.
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I think I might be getting a case of Carpal Tunnel. My good chair was broken a few months ago and I have been sitting on a really low chair. Thus I have had to reach up to use my mouse. I am now experiencing numbness in my hand and a tingling in my arm. Hmmm, I don't think that is natural. I have stolen a HIGH CHAIR from the newsroom in hopes that it will help with my dilemma. On a brighter note: Conan O'Brien on Martha Stewart tomorrow… that should be a good one. Not that I watch.
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Well, I was probably asking for it, but I never expected it to bleed so much. Last night Morley was being an ass and chasing Clara all over the house. Terrorized, Clara was dropping piles of white fluffy hair everywhere she went. I had to do something, so I turned the tables on Morley and gave him chase. He ran, I ran and then he was cornered and I went in for the kill. I tackled and he countered with a swipe across my nose. It bled for an hour, and now I have a lovely scab as a reminder.
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We did some yard work today. I know maybe you should sit down, we couldn't believe it either. We scrubbed our front porch and even got all the mold off of our front door. I cleaned out the gutters that were so full of leaves they had actually started to decompose and turn into dirt. Anna did a number on the leaves and acorns in the front yard. The cul-de-sac is now quite full of debris, and it will take the street sweeper a few passes to get it clean. On another note: pshopbadminton yesterday – Spiderman in Savannah, pretty fun.
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We just watched the Star Wars Fan Film awards on SCIFI, and they were very funny. Kevin Smith hosted and was a, shall I say, a hoot. There was a great spoof on COPS called TROOPS that followed Storm Troopers around on the job. It all makes me very excited for next weekend when we are going to pack up the car and head to Orlando to watch Attack of the Clones on a digital projector. Of course we are also going to hit Islands of Adventure one last time before we move out of the south too! Can't Wait!
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I like snacks that you can take with you on the go. Hershey has come out with Pudding in a tube and although I am not nearly coordinated enough to eat it without making a mess, it is awesome. Rich chocolaty goodness on the go. I was eating one in the car this weekend, there was condensation on the tube making it a little slippery and I was using the 2 finger push method to get the creamy goodness into my mouth. Anna hit a bump, my fingers slipped, and needless to say, there was pudding all over my face.
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An Amtrak train hit a logging truck this morning and it is funny because of a resume tape that has become famous here at WSAV. Juan Singleton sent in a VERY creative tape and the first package on the tape is of a train hitting a logging truck in Coosawhatchie. It has some of the funniest quotes: ‘It was the biggest thing to happen in Coosawhatchie in a long time', ‘At first we thought it was the chip mill, so we went up to the chip mill'… It made our day.. no one was seriously hurt in the accident today.
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Cat puke drives me crazy. I have had cats before, but never ones with such gastric distress. I swear to god, Clara is either bulimic or has a serious problem. Then again it could be our fault for leaving out human food in the sink. The garbage gut will eat ANYTHING! So if we get lazy, more than likely we will get a chunky yellow surprise somewhere in the house. My pillow has not yet been targeted, but a blanket or two have gone the way of the kitty slime, and have been put out of commission. I love Clara!
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Anna has been inducted into the world of blogging. We revamped her website last night to allow her to add stuff on a daily basis. We used to write stuff once a month or so on our old site, but this is more fun. She is also going to try to stick to 100 words like I am doing. 100 words exactly no more no less, it is a fun challenge however I am noticing that today it is a sometimes hard. I am at 16 words remaining and have run out of things to say. Better luck next time!
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The day has been busy so far, and that has helped to edge off the desire to toss everything in the air, run to the car and drive as fast as I can to Florida. I am pretty excited to go to Islands of Adventure one last time before we move back north. It is soooooo much fun. And I am all about the SINGLE RIDER LINES. Yeah, there will be 4 of us, but you don't chit-chat on the rides anyway. And from what I hear, Lee tends to blow chunks.. and I don't want any part of that.
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So that was fun. Probably the most people in the park ever, compared to all of our visits. It seemed like every middle school and high school in Florida was there on some sort of class adventure. There was a bachelor party there too, evidently this is how Drew wanted to leave his single years.. drunk at a theme park, surrounded by half dressed 16 year-olds. Luckily for us, the big groups tended to stick together, leaving the SINGLE RIDER LINES to the more dedicated riders like myself. We got to ride everything and even indulged in a Turkey Leg.
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I have heard reviews that have run the gamut from ‘.. it is as good as the Empire Strikes Back' to ‘.. I have completely lost faith in the Star Wars Franchise and will not be watching Episode 3.' I fell somewhere in the middle. I liked it! Yes there was some glaring awfulness that made me think of the plane crash in ‘Air Force One' (really bad cg). But the story was good, and the acting was on par with the series. And Yoda kicking ass had to be one of the best Star Wars moments ever. Digital Rocks!
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I had completely given up on The X-files, but thought it would be a good idea to watch the SERIES FINALLY last night. SO.. I rigged up the TV antenna and we watched. It sorta wrapped things up and the TRUTH really sucked. It did leave the door open for movies that I might go to. The show could have been 30 minutes instead of 120 and the lovey dovey sessions were a bit much. All in all Carter really tanked this franchise when the decided to do season 6, and since then I really haven't considered myself a fan.
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Our kitchen is small, there is no denying it, and often times the cats will take to playing LAVA (the game where you can't touch the floor) by jumping from dishwasher to stool to stove. Ms. Clara jumps from dishwasher to the top of the refrigerator. It is quite a feat, especially if the dishwasher is in the middle of the room. Now she has even topped that… She gets on the backdoor and walks death-defyingly close to the ceiling fan. She hasn't lost her head yet, but now we kill the fan when she goes on her mountaineering adventures.
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I tend to sleep a lot on the weekend, as I work 9-10 hour days during the week and have been watching waaaaay too much TV lately. Last weekend (you may have heard) I went to Orlando and didn't get a lot of rest. Ginger snores like a freight train hitting a logging truck and the AC rattled. Anyway, last night I just crashed and went off to slumber at 9pm. I slept pretty solid and feel alive and fresh today. Wow imagine that. I should have called in sick on Monday, but didn't think of it until about noon.
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Morley is annoying. Every morning starting at about 6 he starts his routine… Whining, trudging across the bed, pawing our bare flesh, hitting the metal blinds, and until recently playing with his kitty litter. He just wants us to get up… Because once we do, he stops his temper tantrum and goes about his business, or worse goes to sleep. The little bastard! Clara does do some marching over the sheets, and occasionally sings out mid-morning, but she is lighter when she walks on you and is easier to ignore. Cats in the morning are a thorn in my ass.
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When I was young I never needed anyone and making love was just for fun, those days are gone. Livin' alone, I think of all the friends I've known when I dial the telephone, nobody's home. All by myself, don't wanna be, all by myself, anymore. Hard to be sure, sometimes I feel so insecure and loves so distant and obscure, remains the cure. All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself, anymore. When I was young I never needed anyone. Making love was just for fun, those days are gone. The 23 Hour Bachelor – by Canada's Celine Dion
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The craziest mascot of them all? You guessed it BIRDZERK. My bachelor-self and I went to the Sand Gnats game last night with Ginger, Lee, Trent and Erin… And between innings hilarity ensued when Birdzerk, Birdzerk Jr, and Ballzerk entertained the crowd. They do your typical evil mascot trademarks, like ‘Bust-a-move', ‘Steal Things', and ‘Fart Talcum Powder'. The other highlight was the guy from Kazakhstan who I swear I have seen on Jay Leno. He had a film crew and sang the Kazakhstan national anthem, which was very funny. Maybe Savannah will be on Jay Leno in the coming months.
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Man, them Heidel's know how to throw down a shindig. I got invited over early to partake in some tube steak and hamburger patties and they were devine. Simply Grillin' makes a wonderful finger snack. I only wish more of my good friends from work would have shown up. It is more fun to talk about them to their face then behind their backs... Oh Well. I had to leave mid-party to go pickup a weary Anna from the airport, but upon our return it was time for some vanilla vodka and premade margarittas. Thanks Ginger and Lee it rocked!
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Good Golly Miss TV Guide! On last count there were about 8 different Memorial Day TV Marathons going on. I saw Baywatch, Trading Spaces, SNL, The X-Files, Changing Rooms, Law and Order, and a full day of POPEYE on Boomerang. It is now 4pm and we have watched at least 3 episodes of The X-Files (you know, back when it was good) and have flipped over to TLC to keep up-to-date on the designs we missed. Stone and Satin and a funky fireplace, no thanks. We are now contemplating the trip to Wal*mart that we put off yesterday. Gotta Eat!
05/28 Direct Link is listed in GOOGLE. A victory for sure! It has a rank of 4 which isn't bad for a site coming right out of the gates. Lee has been plugging away at shirts and some of them are even good. He told me over the weekend he was a Target and saw a shirt that said.. ‘Stop Reading My Shirt'... an idea I had at dinner the other night and quickly turned into a 100% Cotton Masterpiece. So either I have a knack for this, or I am doomed… as the shirt Lee saw was on the SALE RACK.
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I have been listening to Capital FM in London for about 5 years over the internet. It always makes be depressed when it is 11am here and they are doing their RUSH HOUR – DRIVE HOME show and I am just getting geared up for the day. It is a TOP 40 station and so I tolerate the music, but my favorite part is listening to the DJs and the ADS. The ads rarely make sense to me, but they are so fun to listen to. The ad on right now is talking about ‘Mouth Watering Bacon'.. The rest was incomprehensible.
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Family game night turned out to be a success after a bit of a fiasco. I thought I had made myself pretty clear that Wednesday night was it. But when you have to talk in code to plan a get together the details can get left out. Anyway, after a little bit of reorganization Lee came over to play MARIO KART against Anna "The Pit Boss" and Jason "Mr. Driving Like He Just Don't Care". The fate of the bunny is in question as no one really kept score, but I will just hold on to it for safe keeping.
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DONE! I stuck to this 100 words thing for a month. I didn't know if I could pull it off, but it was a pretty cool experiment. The fact that you have to write 100 words a day.. No More.. No Less.. for a full month is challenging. There were times when I went to 300 words and had to trim it down. Other times I hit 75 and had to get wordy. It made my writing more succinct but sometimes left out a lot of detail. The things I wanted to say about Birdzerk but had to leave out.