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Cell phones are such a disturbance in today's society. When we are in important business meeting or in a class at school, people let their cell phones ring out loud instead of putting it on vibrate. Some people do this because they want attention or trying to be a show-off. Business offices should have some kind of rule that you cannot bring your cell phone into a place of business turned on. Also, in school when a teacher is teaching if your cell phone rings out loud it throws off the whole class because you lose your train of thought.
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Many people have fears about voting. Several people say that they don't know if they are a republican or a democratic. They also don't like standing in long lines waiting to voting or trying to register. Although I didn't know what I wanted to be, I choose to become the same as my parents. Most people I knew choose to be with a certain party, because their family was with that party. Even though I had fears about voting when I started voting, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, I love letting my voice be heard.
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If I could change one thing about myself, I would change my weight. I think I'm very over weight. No matter how many diets I try or how much exercising I do, it never works. Every time I go shopping for clothes I have to get things I really don't want. I'm not able to wear the mini skirts or little cute tank top shirts like "skinny" friends do. When I go to dinner I have to watch what I eat, because I'll gain more weight. So if I weighed less than what I do now, I would be happy.
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Many people have different types of strange habits. What you might think is a strange habit, other people might see it as a normal habit. My co-worker Jack has a strange habit of rubbing on people earlobes or on the back of their arm where the funny bone is. I've been working with Jack for about two years and he has come up to me every day and started rubbing on my ears. No one at work seems to have a problem with him doing it. I asked him why he does it; he says it helps him relieve stress.
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Today I had two patients come to our Doctor's office, who are twins, without names. They have been coming to our office for about a year now because they came in for a one year check up. Anyway their parents haven't named them yet. Thier legal names are Baby A and Baby B. I think that is rididulus. Their parents has had a whole year to think of a name. They can't get a social security card or birth certificates because they don't have real names. So,when they come back for the next visit I hope they have names.
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If I could date a one famous person in the world it would be LL Cool J. I could be the best wife he would ever have. His creamy, honey skin touching my body would make me feel so good. I would love the way his big, strong muscled arms feel caressing my back after a hard day at work. If I could date LL Cool J I would make him marry me and have his children. I would want a big family with five or six children. And I think I would be the best wife he could find.
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The Thanksgiving holiday is coming up and my family hasn't come together to make a menu. It's one more week until Thanksgiving and no one has even mentioned what were going to do for the holiday. My family is always unorganized when it is time to do something that needs to be planned. Even when we are going on a trip out of town, we're late. If they say we're going to leave at 5:00 am then we probably won't leave until 8:00 am. But no one in my family has a problem with that; they've been this way for years.
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My favorite holiday is Christmas. The reason I like Christmas is because you spend a lot of time with your family and also giving gifts and receiving gifts from people you love. Christmas is a holiday of joy, love and a time to spend with your family. When I think about Christmas it makes me feel good, because on Christmas day everyone is happy. Even children love this holiday because they like opening up their gifts at the crack of dawn. In my house who ever wakes up first, will wake up everyone and we'll all open the gifts together.
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Hate, a word that many people use, but don't realize how cruel it can be. People use the word hate everyday and don't really mean it. Hate is when somebody does something to you and you can't forgive them for what they did. Hate is when your bestfriend date your boyfriend and doesn't care. It's when your family stabs you in the back and don't think nothing of it. Although hate is a harsh word, people need to realize what the meaning of hate really means. You should not use the word hate unless you really mean what you're saying.
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It's almost election time and we're seeing so many voter commercials on television. There are celebrities from all over the world telling people to vote. This year, to me, seems like there really trying to get everyone to vote. Because every commercial that comes on television has something to do with the election. Some people don't realize how important voting is, that's why there stress the point of voting this year. There are people who can't vote who wish they could. So, I'm with the people who we see on T.V., I think everyone one who can vote should vote.
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This year we had a very bad hurricane season. There were so many families endangered by this. Some people were even hit by more than one hurricane. Although, we also had an effect from the hurricane, such as power outage, we were lucky. Thousands of people were without electric for days. I was one of them and it was a struggle. At least we have a home to go to and the people who were less fortunate wish all the hurricane took was there power. This city was blessed because threw all the hurricanes every one of them missed us.
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Choosing my career was very hard to do because in high school I played around the whole four years of high school. I didn't think about what I was going to do because I was so excited about graduated. So after ten months I decided to go to school to become a medical assistant. I didn't know anything about the nursing field, I just new I wanted to be a nurse. Once I completed the M.A. program I enrolled in the registered nurse program at Hillsborough Community College. I'm can't wait to complete this program and become a registered nurse.
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I can't wait for Christmas to get here. My daughter is two years old and I'm so excited to go Christmas shopping for her. Last year she really didn't know what Christmas was,because when she was opening up her gifts she didn't know who santa clause was. This year I think she knows what Christmas is. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she told me a babydoll. So, tonight I'll be putting my Christmas tree up and I will be able to put all her gifts, that I already have for her, under the Christmas tree.
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It's amazing how little children repeat things that they here other people around them say. Today when I was at the supermarket my littl girl said hello to another little boy. He said hello back. But when my little girl dropped a can of soup on the floor I said dang-it. The little boy thought I cursed. He said my mommie says got damn it all the time at home. Your mommie use that word too. I explained to him that I didn't say a curse word and that he should't repeat everything he hears someone else say.
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Telling your parents that your pregnant can be hard for many people. I know when I found out that I was pregnant I was horrified of telling my father. My mother really didn't scare me like my father did, so it was easy telling her. I thought that my dad would have been mad at me for getting pregnant, I thought he wouldn't except me for who I was anymore, because I was pregnant. I even tried to get my mom to tell him for me,but she wouldn't. But in the end he was excited I was prenant.
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I think having abortions should be up to the person that is doing it. I don't think parents should be invovled. Many teenagers proably are afraid of what their parents are going to think of them. If a teenager wants to get an abortion, they shouldn't have to have their parent consent. They hold there own responsibility for their own actions. Some teenager may want to have their baby but the parents don't want them to, so they go and make the teenager have an abortion against there will. That's why I think abortions shouldn't be illegal to teenagers under eighteen.
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Today I was sitting outside at the park with my daughter watching her play with the other children at the playground. She looked like she enjoy being around other children and today I was thinking about having another baby. Because at home she has no one to play with but me and her father. If I have another child then she would have a playmate. All the mother's I was talking to at the park has two or three kids. They were telling me how easy it was just to have one child, they told me I should be happy.
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Do you have one person at work that you just can't stand to be around? I do. This co-worker of mine name Kathy really gets on my nerves. She's always making situations bigger than what they are. If I tell her something to do, I'll aske her do you understand how to do it she'll say yes. Thirty minutes later she'll comes and ask you the same question, that you explain to her early,agian. She really aggravates me I hate when people keep asking you the same questions over and over again. So, every time she comes around me I walk off.
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Do you have one person at work that you just can't stand to be around? I do. This co-worker of mine name Kathy really gets on my nerves. She's always making situations bigger than what they are. If I tell her something to do, I'll aske her do you understand how to do it she'll say yes. Thirty minutes later she'll comes and ask you the same question, that you explain to her early,agian. She really aggravates me I hate when people keep asking you the same questions over and over again. So, every time she comes around me I walk off.
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Today my oldest sister just found out that she was having another baby. She already has a six year old, seven year old and a eleven year old. She called me and told me that she didn't know what to do because all of her childrens are old enough to do things for themselves. I think she was disappointed because she didn't sound happy. She told me that if she had one more child she was going to go crazy and what makes it even worse isthat the guy she is pregnant from now isn't her other childrens father.
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I joined weight watchers about five weeks ago and I'v now lost fourteen pounds. This isn't a diet to me because I can eat anything I want without gaining any of my weight back. The only thing I don't like is knowing that I have to count my points with every thing I eat. Sometimes I just quess because everything I eat is not on the points menu. Me and a couple of co-worker joined at the same time so we would have each other to encourage. I love the way I look and pounds are still dropping off me.
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When I went over my sister's house today my seven year old niece had shaved her eyebrows. What made her do it? I don't know. She had one side all the way shaved off and the other side half of her eyebrow was gone. My sister asked her why she did that and she said she wanted to be like her mommie with a nice pretty face. It looked like one side was cut becuse she had a little scare on the top of her eye by the eyebrow. She didn't think anything was wrong with shaving off her eyebrows.
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Friends can be your worse enemy. Sometimes friends can be a good thing to have and sometimes it can be a bad thing to have. My friend from high school likes my boyfriend. I knew her the whole four years I was in high school. She is a very big lier and back stabber. She tells my boyfriend about things that happen in the past and she tells him lies about me cheating on him. I didn't know she would do something like that to me, but that's what I get for thinking I had a friend. Females are scandalous.
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This Thanksgiving day was very nice. I enjoyed spending time with my family. My whole family hasn't been together in so long. It's been maybe three years since we've all been around each oher. My familt doesn't get together that often. The only time we spend time with each other is on holidays. We don't get together for birthday's or anniversary's like other families do. That's why I like when Christmas or thankgiving comes, because I'm able to be around my love ones. If it wasn't for the holidays, I don't think my family would come together when they do.
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My mother-in-law is so aggravating. Since this is my first child she thinks I don't know anything about raising a child. I hate when she tells me how and what to do with my own child. She thinks she know a remedy for every little thing that happen to my baby. She tries to tell me what to feed her, how to change a diaper, like I don't already know how to do this type of stuff. I hate when she does that because she tries to make it seem like I don't know how to do anything.
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Its Christmas time again and I have to do so much Christmas shopping for my family, and I haven't started yet. Every year we do something called secret santa and we have to buy the person name we pick a gift.I hate going Christmas shopping because all the stores are very crowded. I think I'm going to start Christmas shopping year round and just keep all the presents that I buy hidden in a closet or something, because that would save me so much time.At least I won't be in all the long lines at the shopping malls.
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This week is going to be busy for me because I'm moving. I know I should have waited until the holidays were over, but I couldn't. Although I've been saving up my money to move it's going to be hard to buy everyone Christmas gifts. This is going to be a Christmas gift to myself. My boyfriend says he hates moving because its a pain carrying things up and down stairs. Moving isn't such a big deal to me because I've only move twice my entire life. So, for the holidays I'll be unpacking my things in my new apartment.
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If I could be someone famous I would be Alicia Keys. She has nice long silky hair. Her skin looks smooth and soft. She also has a nice shape. She's not to fat or not to skinny. Just how I wish I could be. She has lots of money, she can buy anything she wants. All of her records she made had at least one hit on it that made it to number one on the charts. She has a nice personality, every time I see her doing interviews on television she seems like a fun person to be around.
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Working full-time and going to school can get very frustating. I thought I would be able to handle going to school, taking care of my child and working full-time, but I can't. School is for someone who doesn't have a job. Having a child really don't make it hard. But when you work full-time you don't have time to study like you want to. When I study I feel rush because I can't concentrarte on what I'm studying. If I could go to school all day and not work then I would proably to better in school.
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I went to pick out my bathroom items for my new apartment today and I didn't know that bath towels and all the other things for the bathroom were so expensive. I'm doing my daughter's bathroom in Pooh Bear and Tiger and my bathroom red and black. I went and bought everything for both of our bathroom I spent a total of one hundred and seventy-three dollars. I couldn't believe my total just from a couple of items. I thought going to Wal-Mart would save me some money since they say Wal-mart has super saving. I didn't save any money.