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How I wish that things will be alright and there will never be a sigh of sorrow again. Tell me why this is so. Tell me why things must be this way. The drumming of my heart tells me the direction that the compass points. The drumming of my heart, the drumming of my heart. My fingers will always remember the feel of your eyelids. But how I wish that there will never be a sigh of sorrow again. Forget what you came for, forget what you came for...walk with me and there will be a sigh of sorrow.
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All the world is your stage. We are all pawns, we are all players. What is our purpose? What is our place? Life is a show and each day is our performance...

Act one: your parents are born

Act two: you grow fucked every girl you've ever dated

Act three: you fuck three times a have kids

Act four: you realize how fucked up your life was...

Life is just one big fucking big fucking play...the world gets turned upside down...we're pawns...we're players...we're all fucked!

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Paint me a rainbow and I will thank you with tears. There are misty rivers in the distance...I do not know where they lead to...I cannot tell you where they lead to. Give me a reason to dream, a reason to go on in my own world. I am lost, I am lost in the ashes where there is no space in between. The warmth that consumes me does not bring me peace, I am not complete, I feel broken and I don't know how to fix it. I feel broken. Take my tears with smile...fading...
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Everybody tells a story, but the dead talk more quietly than others. The world will only give you a vessel, it is your job to make the most of it. The dead can only whisper, and you must be able to hear their stories. To talk in this life is not the answer, the way to find the road of answers is in your palm. Free the fear, free the sacrifice. Where there are answers, lend me your hand, lend me your fear. Take me over and over again. Break me in, break me down. Breaking in, breaking down. Cold...
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I am a storm falling down, heaven is a lie. Desert me, these are the words that desert me. You will be leaving me, the storm does not lie. Oh no, betrayal under your skin, the truth is not here –unreal. You're unreal to me. Set me free, a storm falling down. Uncover the horrors and lies, you will desert me. Heaven is a lie, heaven is a lie. Another contradiction, another place for you to hide. I am a storm falling down, crashing through your heart. I lie to heaven crashing down. You will desert me...the storm doesn't lie...
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Cradling your head in my lap, I can see that you're here no more. A hapless soul in a warrior's mask, a sleeping survivor in a world filled with abandonment. Who will be there to save you little lamb? Reborn in the midnight surrender, a cacophonic mystery. Heaven, fire, raise your hands and extend them to capture children's souls – cries in the night – your feeding ground. I can see that you're here no more, there's nothing to believe when the dimming lights grey above. Who will save you my little lamb...who will save you? the dark
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These are my arms wide open, I have been waiting for you my child. I have been waiting and you cannot go back to where you once were. I'm waiting for you now, and I hope that you will return to me even if it is just a dream. Child, I will catch you with whispering elation, I want you to come home to me. There is only you. These arms will remain wide open, waiting and waiting. You left me long ago but now you will return. You will return to me someday, someday you will return. I'm waiting...
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Ancient mystery is not the only thing living in these walls. To touch these walls is to touch the many lives that have once inhabited this humble abode. Someone once walked on these floors, climbed these creaky stairs and made love in these wooden beds. They saw the same willow trees, the same sun and moon. As I make my way around the house I uncover a little more of the mystery. The walls whisper to me, the dust still lays thick. But that doesn't bother me, because within these walls I can hear it, I can sense it – love
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Conflicts crash upon my doorstep, cradled in a boundless entity. There is nothing as tragic as a soul falling from grace, a sacrifice in torment, a cry for vengeance. I will not be pitied; I do not want your pity. Those sad eyes just leer at me, those unforgiving eyes and quiet gaze. We stand face to face our voices caught in the silence. We stand face to face. The showdown begins, neither one of us dares to speak for fear of being discovered. The air is tragic and still neither one of us dares to speak.– not a word
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I took no heed to the raging winds of desire. There was nothing left but the barren fields that welcomed me into the world. Nothing left. I drank the milk from my mother but I was still not satisfied. There was something out there waiting for me and I had to find it. I had to find peace amongst the early berries of spring and the answers that I sought could not be found in a pile of ashes. Man came and destroyed my home. Man came and man went — left no survivors — just me and my mother — already dead.
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There's a stolen kiss woven amongst the autumn chill. These feelings won't last forever. It's never going to feel this good again. It's over. I know I've stopped loving you ever since we've made love that night. You were inside me and I was dead. Things are not like a dream anymore, my fingers are pointing north. No more hiding, no more fears. Our lust swallowed by edacious time; I need to find a way to float. Will you stop tampering with the stars. There's nothing more left here in the silence. You are making love to one already dead.
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Cradled in the arms of God you are a sleeping child — you are innocent. I can tell that you are loved, I can tell you are at peace. Your eyelids look like lilies, your heart chasing the wind. You are a child and I will keep you safe; you are my child and I will keep you safe. Wilted flowers tell that the light is nearing, nobody knows it. Nobody knows it but you. You are in my arms, a sleeping babe and you sleep forever. Gravity is heavy on your eyelids — lilies wilted — goodbye sweet child of God. Goodbye
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I dreamed about him last night, he suddenly appeared and took my hand in his. He whispered to me, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid." And I was not afraid, there was no doubt in my mind about anything. Everything just felt so right. He moved his face closer and closer and I closed my eyes. He was moving in for a kiss. I felt him barely breathing, we were just millimeters apart. Then I woke up and he disappeared. I woke up and he was gone. It was just a dream that I so desperately wanted to be real.
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There's someone waiting for me; I wonder what he looks like, this faceless prince. As I sit here in the shadows waiting, I can make out the sound of his voice. He calls to me and I know that I am not alone. He is trying to find me and I call back for him to hurry. I hope that he doesn't lose his way. One day he'll come and take me away. One day he'll come and take me away.

"Mon prince est en chemin déjà, je ne sais pas comme il sera, me je sais qu'il veindra demain."

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I searched for an answer, I could not satisfy my curiosity. I searched for a reason but I could not quiet my fears. There is nothing, there is nothing, there is nothing for me here. I can't search with clouded eyes nor with a jaded heart. There is nothing here, there is nothing here, there is nothing here. If only I could sense what I should be looking for. If only I could pretend that I was not scared. If only I could make up a perfect answer. I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be here.
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The moon hangs like a marionette — lifeless. I am just a spectator. I am but a crumb. Ask nothing of me. Ask nothing of me. I cannot give you riches. I cannot give you anything, for I am insignificant. I am insignificant. The moon is all that there is left in the darkness, the only light that dares to consume darkness. For I am insignificant, I am just a crumb. The world asks nothing of me. The world asks nothing of me, as I stand here and watch the moon. I am envious of the moon. Envious of it's light.
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I haven't heard from you in days. I'm beginning to wonder if you're still alive. I'm beginning to question everything that I once knew so well. Sometimes I can't tell if I feel anything. Sometimes when we're together in our small moments I can sense a hint of longing. I want so desperately to be with you, but how can I be sure that you want to be with me...I am so scared that you will reject me. I'm so scared that what I'm feeling is not meant to be. I just want to love you. Will you let me?
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Today is the beginning of our past. Today is when the world will stop spinning for one moment so that we can be at peace. And once the spinning stops we shall find each other. There is no turning back once we reach tomorrow, our lives will be static. Our lives will be static. I won't be able to move on, there will be nothing left for us. So take my hand for just a moment and let us frolic in each other's glaces. Because tomorrow is another day, but tomorrow may be the end of us. The day begins.
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Nunca. That is the sound of hollow laughter. It is the sound of nothingness. I can't place the very moment that you were awake, the very moment that you were mine. Because there has never been a moment that you looked at me and knew me, you were never mine. I am alone and empty. Nunca mi amor. Tu no sabes. Sabes nunca. That was the sound of your voice clattering on the walls, that was the sound of your voice. I wouldn't know it because I hear nothing. You looked at me and I knew you were never mine.
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I could not quite figure out what possessed me to do what I did. There was no pause between then and now, but somehow the words just came out that way. The words just came and then you went, the words remained and you were gone. There was nothing more than the dead air lingering heavy on our shoulders. The debris still covers the ground, the moments are still fluttering further away — there is nothing. I am totally and utterly falling between the pauses, the words came and then you went. The words remained and you were gone. Just gone.
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I conclude that there's nothing more here than a pile of rubble, inescapable mists and tiresome musings. The soot of the city seeps in through the windows leaking into my pores, drowning me in darkness. The window looks murky and I can't quite see through the smoke screen. The ceiling appears to be caving and the walls doing some shaking. The circus has come to town, the circus has come to town. The world is a cruel place but the circus has come to town. Bring on the black cotton candy and we'll watch the day retire shoulder to shoulder.
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Give me a little faith to go out on my own and take this blatant axe to the head. Let me fall down on you like a willow wisp and crawl to you through the entangled vines in the hollow. There is no place that can compare, to the wicked worlds that you weave. There is nothing that I dare share for I fear the world. I fear you. I lend you nothing but my fragile fingers pointing sporadically in all directions. I need nothing and want nothing. But give me a little faith maybe we both can move on.
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When nothing is more real than the next lullaby, I can hear nothing but the distant hum of the solo saxophone. So sweet against the velvet night, a symbol of our unending love. There is the girl, there is the boy. They are like virgins to the night. And I sit here singing the song of our solo saxophone, the melody trails on and on. How I wish you were here with me to listen to this sweet lullaby. You are here and then you are gone like the song of a solo saxophone, a trailing hum in the distance.
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Morning never came on this sorry little town. It was always night, always draped in Darkness' cloaks. A shadow would not have made a big impression, for how could there be shadows when there is no light. How did the people live? No one knows exactly how, but they lived without complaint. A night was always night and a day was just the same. Always the same. Often nothing can be heard. Just silence. Just silence until a tiny white bird pierced through the cloak. Then everything went white for an instant and the sorry little town was no more.
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The day seemed perfect, blue skies and cool breezes all afternoon. A picnic seemed perfect. A tablecloth lain on the grass, tiny sandwiches lain on top. We fed each other emerald grapes and sipped bottled water out of champagne glasses. It seemed that no one could be happier than the two of us. After lunch we lay on the tablecloth, our bodies side by side watching the clouds shift into endless shapes. The day could not have been any more beautiful. And so we lay there breathless, holding hands. Both of us wondering what the first kiss will be like.
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He'll never know

Am I forever trapped
under a rain stained sky
tears the only thing that make
a noise on the ground
there are no more lullabies
in the stars

Tell me that this silence
is only in my heart
that there are no walls between us
this mask that appears
was never yours, was never there
in your eyes

so what is a girl to do
hidden in the shadows of doubt
where the sun cannot reach
she's holding on to invisible strings
never to find a way to your heart

you don't even know that I exist....

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The sound of your voice fills the room but it still feels empty here. The daylight trickles in at the corners and the soot of the city seeps in at the windows. Morning didn't seem to make an exclamation in the sky. I remember you standing at the bus station waiting for me to appear. You embrace me. The touch of your cheek against mine reminds me of prickles. But that's as close as we'll ever be because you don't see me as anything more than just a friend. I sit in this room remembering the feel of your cheek.
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I woke up with a song in my heart, but it was put to a stop. I found a dead bird on my doorstep. Some say they are the messenger of a death in the family. I'm still alive. My father is alive. My mother is alive. My sister is alive. My brother is alive. We are all still breathing. It was just a silly superstition. That tiny body on my doorstep was not the messenger of death. But it was a messenger of another message, it made me realize one thing: Life is too fragile to let things idle.
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Hand me the salt and pepper shaker. I think my life needs a little spicing up. It's so blah and boring. BORING! Nothing interesting ever happens around here. I'm just sitting at home and getting fatter by the minute — watching television and chatting (my few vices). Now what if the Stephen King novel that I'm reading came to life, well then THAT would be interesting. But also kinda fact it would be VERY scary. *shakes head* TOO scary. *turns on the tube* Sigh! Guess my life is just doomed to be dull. Really sucks. Oooo Stephen King movie;)
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I know you are out there dancing with your purple hair and red beret. You are something that an artist would be proud of. Not quite exotic nor mediocre. You dazzle the crowd with your smile. You dazzle them with your zest for life. When you grow old I hope that you will still dance with your purple hair and red beret. That you'll dance on the moon and continue being young. For you are the most beautiful and most bizarre thing that I have ever seen. I envy you. You are everything that I wish that I could be.
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Let there be nothing but the sound of our voices. Let there be momentary pauses. Frolicking glances. The hiss of the camera. Snapshots of memories. Let us delve deep into our memories. Let us unearth them and bring them to life. See them. Live them. Remember them. As if the roll of film could carry us back. Let us close our eyes. Let us be still. Sharing another exposed memory on film. Diving into another swirl in reminiscence. I share with you a moment. Innocent. Honest. Forever. I share with you a moment. Lost in the feel of your kiss.