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Joe somebody is about a man working for a company, which never gives him anything except for, grieve. He sits in a cubicle all day and is treated like dirt. One day though he gets into a fight with another employee over a parking space. The other guy beats him up and Joe promises his revenge. By doing this he is made popular and all of a sudden he is getting raises and promotions and he is getting invited to social outings. He ends up dating a woman from his work and never ends up fighting the guy from work.
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Star wars is a story about a religion called the force and how certain individuals have the gift of the Jedi power. Its main story is on the skywalker family, which starts with Anakin Skywalker, a boy who was born on Tatooine with the jedi force. He marries Padme Amidala Skywalker who has twins just before Anakin turns to the dark side of the force, and becomes Darth Vador. Padme dies and Luke and Leia Skywalker who were split apart at birth grow older and reunite. They join together to destroy Darth Vador and the evil powers of the force.
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Pearl Harbor is a movie about an event, which took place during wwII on Pearl Harbor. It takes this disastrous event and gives it a love story. It goes over two young pilots who want to fly their airplanes in the war. They are stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The Japanese plan a surprise. The two pilots end up being the only American pilots in the sky and they kill a few Japanese planes but in the end it is a defeat for the Americans the movie ends with the pilots attacking mainland Japan where a pilot is killed.
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The Rookie is a movie about a baseball player who beat the odds to get to the pros. In his college days he was a great pitcher and was on his way, but he injured his shoulder and had to have surgery, so he gave up baseball and became a teacher. When he was teaching he started coaching the school baseball team who challenged him if they win the state championship that he would have to try out for the devil rays. He made the team at the age of 39 going into the records as the oldest rookie pitcher.
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The transporter is about a guy who does a lot of undercover secret identity stuff. He delivers packages usually illegal to get money out of it. The movie is based on one of his packages he looks at which he's not supposed to because it is part of the deal. Anyway he finds a girl is one of the packages and he lets her out. He then falls in love with her that's when people who sent the package found out he knew what it is, they come after him, he kills them all and it ends safely and happily.
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The 8 mile is the story of a rapper growing up on a road called the 8 mile. It starts in a rap club where they do freestyle. He goes but chokes and doesn't say anything, so he gets booded off. He then goes through difficulty with work and girls so he has to go move in with his mom. His friends he hangs out with try to get him to rap again cause they know he's good he just doesn't have faith in himself. He does end up going on stage and rapping and everyone thought he was great.
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Ace Venture: Pet Detective is about a detective who searches for only for animals. He gets a case of the Miami dolphins dolphin is missing so he goes out to find it. He gets particular clues that start leading him towards someone in the organization being responsible for the lost dolphin. He has a female boss who put him on the case, but wants him off after she realizes he is getting to close to discovering the person behind stealing the dolphin. He chases all the players down but cant find the one until he finds out its his boss.
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American Pie is about 4 students who are in high school, and are in a search of losing their virginity. They go through all year then they make a bet of who can get laid by prom. Prom comes and they get all excited. At prom they all find dates, and in the end they all lose their virginity on prom night. It then goes to part two which covers their first years of college and the adventure they go through to get a party together on the beach. It ends up being the same style as the first one.
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Behind enemy lines is about a pilot who is doing a usual reconnaissance mission over a country around Russia to keep track of an organization plotting attacks and wars on the U.S. He goes of coarse and rebels fire two missiles at him, which hit his plane and he, and his copilot ejects which kills the co-pilot. He gets away and is chased by the rebels until he can get support from his commander to send troops to his position. He ends up being rescued after a couple of days and at the end is safe on his aircraft carrier.
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American Beauty is about a family in the current day in age, which reflects the typical American family. The child is wild and has a strange boyfriend and her friend is a wild cheerleader. The dad goes free as a bird when he finds out his wife is cheating on him but he doesn't care, he quits his job, and buys a new car. The wife is cheating on him with a co-worker. In the end the dad almost has sex with his daughters friend until he gets guilty feelings. He then kills himself over the unhappiness of it all.
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Sweet home Alabama is about a clothing designer who gets asked to marry the mayor of new york's son. She then has to get a divorce from her old husband who was a long time boyfriend from the time they were very little growing up. She goes back to Alabama, and tries to get him to sign the papers for a divorce but he refuses, so they end up going out spending time together when she realizes she still love him. She breaks of the engagement with the mayors son and does not get a divorce with her current husband.
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Con Air is about a man who was put in jail because of a self-defense act that was considered a crime. He was on his way out, but he needed to fly so they flew him on the prison jet full of convicts planning a hijacking of the plane. It becomes a wild ride where he has to fight the hijackers and protect a diabetic person. They end up crash landing in Las Vegas as he fights to get control of the plane. He fights a little more on the ground then meets his wife and live happily ever after.
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The fifth element is a movie about a man in the future who is an x-pilot for the army. There is a special force coming directly towards the Earth, and he is sought out to get rid of the object flying towards the Earth at incredible speeds. The only thing that can stop the asteroid is joining five elements from the earth, water, fire, wind, ground, and love. He finds them and falls in love with the fifth element. They then go to a pyramid to place the elements were they unite and destroy the powerful force coming towards earth.
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Austin Powers is a comedy about a British special agent who has a nemesis named dr evil. Dr. Evil begins trying to take over the world with silly exaggerated plots, which never work, but regardless Austin Powers is sent to stop the evil Doctor. He is always known as a pimp cause he has his mojo, which make woman attracted to him. In the movie he has a girl attracted to him who is his sidekick in stopping Dr. Evil ridiculous plans to rule the world. They also made two other movies with the same story line and general characters.
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Antz is an animated movie about life in an army of ants. It splits the social aspect of the ant farm from the warriors, the workers and the queen. The workers always are being overlooked and the warriors being on the top of anything political. This special worker rebels and runs away with the princess. The go through lots of adventures and uncover a plot by the general to take over the colony. He ends up stopping the plot and saving the colony by preventing the general from flooding their colony out. The princess then falls in love with him.
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The poem the pitcher means that pitching in baseball is more of a strategic mind game rather than a physical one. It shows how pitchers can be sleek, and hide styles of consistency. To the pitcher it is always mixing things up, never letting the batter understand what is coming at him. Complete communication between the pitcher and catcher leave the batter on his heals, unable to move fast and comprehend the man throwing the ball. The batter only realizes he got beat when he hears the smack of the ball hitting the catchers mitt in the heat of summer.
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The road not taken represents a choice made which could change the coarse of ones life. To me it means that each decision changes every result, and whether or not it is the least traveled or most traveled path will make all the difference. The poem shows me that choosing the path less taken, and not going down the road, which is most commonly traveled, will lead me to success. It gives me the strength not to follow the crowd and be different and separate. It teaches me to be aggressive and to listen to myself and not follow anyone.
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The movie Legally Blonde is about a Californian girl, named Elle, who is madly in love with her college boyfriend, Warner. Elle expects a proposal, but instead he dumps her because he said that she was not serious enough to be his girlfriend. Warner is going to law school at Harvard and she realizes that the way that she was going to get the love of her life back is by following him. She finds out that he is engaged. She realizes that he was not the one for her and she falls in love with a lawyer in Boston.
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Can't Hardly Wait is about a party that occurs the night of high school graduation. Every character has something they want to conquer that night. The class nerd wants to get back at the all time jock, but instead becomes Mr. Cool. Boys are mauling the prom queen that just broke up with her boyfriend all night. While the guy who has been ogling past four years finally gets the chance to talk to her. The two old friends that really didn't talk all through high school are now starting a romance; in the end everyone gets what they want.
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The Banger Sisters is a movie about two women who used to be groupies and haven't seen each other for twenty years. One of them continued living her life wildly and moment to moment, while the other one got married and had family. The one who was still living wildly gets fired and is depressed so she wants to go see her old friend. She surprises her and the tame one wants her to leave, but it doesn't happen. The tame one figures that she is not happy how she was living and changes and the wild one calms down.
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Life With Mikey is about a child actor who grows up to run a talent agency. The talent agency is not doing well and neither is "little" Mikey. He is starting to become a fail at what his life has become, but soon enough he finds a very talented girl on the street that was scamming people. Through the trials and tribulations that both the little girl and Mike have throughout the entire movie, it ends up working out and she is off of the street and they find another little girl with talent to keep the failing agency open.
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Joe Dirt is a movie about a man named Joe Dirt who was abandoned by his parents when he was eight years old. In the movie he tells his life story on the radio at the radio station where he is a janitor. The story goes through the years when he meets different people; falls in love with a girl, and due to him being on the radio finds his parents who he was looking for all along. His parents really didn't love him and in the end he realizes that his family was with the girl that he loved.
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Jurassic park is a movie about accompany wanting to venture into the genetic creation of dinosaurs. They get the project under way and create dinosaurs then ask a few archeologists to come to the island to witness the dinosaurs for themselves. They go and disaster occurs when the power gets shutdown by a greedy fat man who is trying to sell the genes of the dinosaurs to make a lot of extra money. Then all over the park the dinosaurs get loose and people start dieing all over. In the end the archeologists escape and the dinosaurs rule the island.
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The Fast and The Furious is a movie about an undercover cop who is trying to catch a bunch of road racers in an act of theft. He tries to find out information of who is taking it and how they are doing it and when they are going to do it next. He ends up making friends with the group of racers and falling in love with one of their sisters which looks good. He then finds the information out and tells the police, but decides he doesn't want to get them in trouble so he bails them out.
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Batman is a movie made after a comic book series. IT is a bout a boy who witnessed the death of his parents and vowed to avenge their death against all the crime in the city he lived in which is Gotham city. He grows up and ends up being the owner of a huge corporation, but he keeps his identity of batman secret. He then goes through different series against different enemies picking up allies as he goes like Robin. He continues to fight enemies like the joker and it never really shows him stopping his fight against crime.
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The Matrix is a futuristic movie about learning that the world is just a computer simulation and our bodies are just run by machine that is extremely intelligent. It main plot has people who have woken up from the dream and escape the cells that their bodies were kept in slumber for eternity, and they are being hunted down by the machines. It shows what they deal with staying away from the machines and how they can go back into the live by computer to find things out. Intelligent athletic guys in black coats are also trying to kill them.
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Spiderman is another movie that came out smack out of a comic book. The story begins with a boy who's uncle gets killed by a bad crook and the boy vows vengeance for his uncle's death. He goes to a class field trip and gets bit by a genetically mutated spider which gives the boy spider like abilities, so he can jump fast and high as well as he can climb up walls and shoot a spider web out of his hand. He ends up having to fight a green goblin, which turns out to be his best friends dad.
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Dinosaur is an animated movie about a dinosaur that grew up in a family of monkey because when he was in his egg he was carried of by a bird to a remote island and dropped. It goes over the period when the Earth was struck by a meteorite and the Earth was plagued of food, and the dinosaur had to find a paradise of grass and foods, but on the way there they have encounters with some of the dinosaur predator. It's a long trip through lots of deserted lands from the harshness the asteroid put on the Earth.
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Armageddon is a movie about the discover of an n asteroid heading towards the Earth. It is discovered early enough to get a crew of space people to go up in a space plane and try to drill into the asteroid and blow it up, but it is not as easily said than done. They end up getting up there and mine into the asteroid and try to blow it up but they don't get it deep enough in so it splits in half than half hit the earth and the other half is blown up by a second attempt.
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A beautiful mind is a bout an extremely intelligent individual who is an expert in mathematics. He starts by going to school in Harvard and getting the highest in his class better than his roommate although he lives by himself. Later when he graduates he thinks he gets picked by the government to unravel secret missions but in ends up being in his head and he finds out that people around him aren't even real. He then learns how to deal with it and ignore the people popping up in his head and becomes a great professor for a school.