BY Trina

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“ Would you like any bags today?” “Would you like any bags today?” “Here’s your receipt for the door, have a good day” Fuck its even boring writing it. That’s all I say for hours every day. Yep you guessed it, I’m a cashier at a grocery store, and if you’re ever pondering in looking into that profession, THINK AGAIN! I’ve been there for 2 years now, and I don’t know how people can make that into their forever career, It’s so repetitive and people are SO dumb it makes me want to SCREAM! Take some common sense lessons people!
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You know what’s fun? When noones around and theres nothing to do.I LOVE to just crank up the music and dance. Just fucking jump around, jump on beds, couches, toilets. “Whatever roasts your beef.” Nothing feels better then to just let loose and boogy. Dance in front of the mirror, see how you look. Get your signature dance. Your own personal dance move, be known for doing “the trina” or “the heather” or “the whoever!” and then after you’ve practiced and you feel confident doing your dance, take it to the clubs and try it out in front of people.
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Damnit the poem I wanted to share is more then 100 words. Awwww, Son of a bitch!!! It’s really good. I have absolutely NOTHING to write about today! It was my day off and I did fuck all, it was awesome! Now it’s 11:40. And my time is almost up and I don’t want to just leave it blank cause I’m not a quitter. I may be a slacker but I’m definitely NOT a quitter. I am not a quitter! I am not a quitter! I am not a quitter! I am not a quitter! I am not a quitter!
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Slurpees, mmmmmm gotta love them. There’s nothing better after a long day of work, or a couple of good runs at the hill then to sit down and have a nice cold slurpee. No matter how chilly it is outside. Sure people may call me crazy but none of that matters as I gulp it down. Sprite, Iced Tea, Grape, Cherry, Strawberry, all the colors and kinds of the rainbow. I love them all! Well except for Grape- Fruit. But that doesn’t count. Does it?? Damn I still don’t have enough words! Um in closing, SLURPEES KICK ASS! WHO AGREES?!!
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Gas, not the most popular topic but we all have it at one time or another. Today was my time, and let me tell you it wasn’t fun. Here’s me at work trying to do my job (for once) and I had to leave my till every two minutes to go somewhere else so I wouldn’t stink up my till. Because ya know what? I just couldn’t face all the grossed out faces smelling my creation. Like seriously there’s got to be a cure! Either that or our society should learn to deal a little better. For its just gas.
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T alking on the phone with friends.
R uninng and walking around in circles around the pool table
I nsisting that I be the one who runs the errands.
N odding off at 7:20pm.
A sking if there’s any chores I could do around the house.

I listen to music and boogy.
S inging is a good time killer. (To bad I SUCK!)

B itching about how bored I am is always entertaining!
O reo’s and milk…….need I say more??
R eading is entertaining.
E njoying the fact that I’m so easily amused.
D on’t hate me because I’m BORED!
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Thank you Jason for telling me about 100 words. Even though I have nothing to write about EVER because my life is boring as hell cause it’s all work and no play, Except when there is play and that’s a hella good day. Hip hip hooray! God there’s nothing to say. So I’m going to rhyme all the live long day. How about we all go roll in the hay. But not until May. Well what else can I say?? Today was Friday, work sucked some ray. That means ass. But not unless you have a pass. Three more words.
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There’s something icky stuck on the space bar
Get the fuck out!!
I’ve been trying to get it, but its freaking stubborn!
Pick, pick, scrape, scrape.
I’m trying to use my powers to try to clean it.
Guess I don’t have any… SON OF A BITCHY BITCH!
There’s no way I’m putting my tongue on it.
What else can I try??
AHA! (A light bulb appears)
A piece of gum would do the trick!!! MAN AM I EVER SMART!
Okay I think I made it worse.
Alrighty I give up. I’ll put a cute sticker over top.
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I’m almost 20. GOD what a scary thought! I don’t want to leave my teenage years behind. For one I’m still living at home. I can’t be twenty and still live at home. Sorry NOT going to happen! So that gives me till April. 5th to have a plan of moving out action! But don’t get me wrong. Living at home when your 20 is perfectly normal. Just not to me. Now what’s my plan of action? Hmm…First I need money! I’m so broke! And I’ve got all these fun road, and camping trips planned. I just can’t ditch those.
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I wrote this last year for my grandpa who died on Fathers Day of 2001. I miss him lots.
I graduated last year grandpa, I wish you were there,
You were in the hospital under regional care.
I bought my first car grandpa, I wish you could see.
You were in the hospital struggling to breathe.
I hope to get married someday grandpa and I wanted you to know.
I know that you’ll be there not body, but soul.
I love you very much grandpa, and I know you love me to.
Together forever, as one
Just me and you.
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Courtesy… What is courtesy?? Well today I learnt a LOT about the so called definition of courtesy from some old lady who got mad at this other chick for getting one more item that she had forgotten. Then during her order she asks me if I know how to add because she was giving me all this shit change I didn’t need, and I was having troubles trying to get it all sorted out. What a bitch! I think she needs to pull out a dictionary and look up the word again. I can’t just guess what she gave me.
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An Open book with no cover,
Yep that’s me.
I share everything that pops into my head,
Except for what I really see.
For what I view is a mystery even to my eyes
Its not that I don’t like it, its just not always a prize

That’s all I got so far. I’m drawing a blank for how to explain what the fuck I’m talking about. Its really hard to explain. Cause its like I think I know, but I’m not sure. Ya know?? K really this 100 words entry makes no sense! I apologize, really I do. YEP
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Okay what the hell is wrong with my computer screen?? K its going peachy keen. And BAM! It goes pink. Like its fucking pink. I’m typing through a pink screen. So yeah other then that nothings new. Work still sucks. BUT on the plus side, we might be going on strike! Which I kinda have mixed feelings about. Because like one side its less hours which is good. But on another side its LESS MONEY which is bad because you gotta love money! Even though money doesn’t bring happiness. It does bring stuff, and stuff is cool. Yeppers it is
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To picket or not to picket. That is the question. I work for westfair foods, and there’s talk of a strike. And I just don’t know what to do. Because on one hand, My union is… my union. You know? Like they’re supposed to look out for you. Were supposed to stick together. I just don’t know if I trust them that’s all. But also, I don’t know if I can trust the management I work for either. I’m considering being a scab. I need money! And yeah that’s why were striking but I need money NOW! to be continued
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So yeah that’s my basic dilemma, who do I trust? My management? Or my union? I don’t know much about either. So if I don’t really trust neither of them, who do I side with? My dad wants me to side with the union, he’s been loyal to his for like 20 some years. But his union is better then mine. So he just doesn’t understand why I don’t trust mine and why I’d rather be a scab. Well I have till Saturday the 23rd to make up my mind. But its not that far off. AHHHHH I’m going INSANE!
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Edmonton here I am! You know what I LOVE about going to visit friends in Edmonton? Being 4 hours away from my family and my job! I really hope I get accepted into the Edmonton college I wanted to go to. Like incredibly lots! I love this city! Its so fast paced and hip! The clubs are awesome, the bars are cool, people are awesome! Yep I love everything about it! okay YEAH I think I had to much sugar. Its gone a little to my head. But I still have more words to write! 5 to be exact, yup.
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HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!! Well not for me anyways! For one I’m a little hung over. And for two I got caught speeding on the highway, but that’s not the worst part of it. I forgot to renew my plates and registration so technically my car wasn’t insured so its like endangerment of something or other bullshit. So yeah now I get to go to court in fucking Vegreville on April.22nd. Yep I can tell that’ll be a hoot! But on the plus side the cops were nice to me and only gave me a 65 dollar ticket! YAY ME!
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YAYYYYYY I got my acceptance letter for the school I wanted to go to in Edmonton! I’m so super psyched!!!! I finally have a plan for next year! I’m actually looking forward for it! Before I was like hoping that the time would go by slowly. You know… until I had a plan. Don’t get me wrong I like to think of myself as spontaneous as the next girl but for some things I like to have a for sure plan. To make me feel better. And if you have a plan its like writing in cement. Can’t be changed.
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You know what’s hard? Trying to think about what to write for 100 words while listening to your favorite tunes. Because its like okay think brain think. But all your brain can think of is the tune in your head. Am I the only person who has this problem?? And sure its like
“ duh just shut off the music you dumbass!”
“WELL FUCK YOU! Its my favorite song!!!”
”Nah I’ m over it.”
Alright I think I’ve hit an all time bored low. Talking to myself on the computer.
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The 20th. The WORST day to work at a grocery store. Oh my god! For one, welfare checks come out. Then its like family allowance day or something. Fucking MADNESS! From start to end. NOTHING but bitchy people wanting there groceries and not wanting to stand in line for more then 20 seconds. Anything after that makes them cranky. Then they get even BITCHIER when there cashier is a little crabby. WELL YOU WONDER WHY! GOD YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE HERE FOR AN HOUR AT THE MOST! Try being here for 8. Yeah your smile would fade damn fast!
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Who are you Jeff Koyen? Like really? You just thought up the coolest site idea ever one day and put it to work? I totally congratulate you! I’ve been wanting to take my writing to the next level forever, never really knowing how. Sure I’m still on step one of my writing. But before I was just like under that. Now all I can think of day and night is what I’m going to write, how I’m going to write it. Words ring through my brain 24/7 and its all thanks to you. So I just wanted to thank you.
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Well the strike has been postponed, were voting on Sunday. I’ve decided I’m going to scab. Because the company has made an offer I can’t refuse! There paying all who cross a 3 dollar bonus. So instead of making 7 dollars I’d be making 10. So I’m thinking I’m going to vote strike, then work it, and make me a sweet ass 10 dollars an hour. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN TO ME! I can’t wait! Also I NEED the money! Like fuck I’ve been hearing all these things about how much fines are for driving without a renewed license.
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Continued from last one. Yeah I’ve heard that fines for driving unregistered cars can go up to 1000 dollars. And what sucks ass for me is that I’m from Saskatchewan and I got the ticket in Alberta. So I have no idea what Alberta’s laws are for that. Are they cheaper? Are they more expensive? Can I get charged for Saskatchewan and Alberta laws? Like fuck! I’m thinking I’m heading up the river without a paddle. Either that or I’m on a canoe made of chocolate and I’m heading to river of milk. Yeah I made that last one up.
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Fuck there’s absolutely NOTHING to do in North Battleford! Its like okay I could go for coffee…… Or Hang out at Walmart. Or driving around is always fun! But I guess there’s more to do then that, Like Rollerblading is fucking awesome in the summer, and snowboarding kicks all ass in the winter. But for night life. There’s not much to do, its like Yayyyy lets all go to the grungy, shithole town bar dockers! Or drive an hour and a half to Lloyd and go to there bars! But that costs to much and noone wants to be dd.
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Well the votes are in, as of midnight tonight WE STRIKE! YAYYYYYY! 10 dollars an hour here I come!!! I can’t take much more of this! I hate my job with such a flying passion its not even funny! The only good part of it is I like the people I work with. Like no job would be fun without entertaining people to talk to. I can’t think of work anymore! Its making me depressed. What I feel like doing right now is karaoke. I LOVE karaoke! Its so much fun! Even though I suck major ass. But who cares!
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Day one of being a scab: Well it went better then expected. Noone threw eggs at me so that’s a plus! I’m lucky cause our wholesale club is part of the whole mall so there’s so many doors that the picketers can’t man them all. And I know a lot of them and I know they wouldn’t do anything to harm us scabs. But the only downside is that I still have to work! I thought it would be a cake walk and it would be dead cause of the whole strike thing…. WRONG! Fuck its so busy! Not fun!
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regrets. i have only one regret for this month of 100 words. It's that gas entry i did a while back. why the fuck did i write that! like really what the FUCK was i smoking! but you know what? regrets are dumb! like why ponder the past. "what if i did this?" or what if instead of that i had done this" how would my life had changed? i always think that. fuck thats all that rings through my head. like what if i had moved to edmonton this previous year. instead of staying home. would i be happier?
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Day one in Edmonton. I'm here till the 2nd of april. no work for 5 awesome days! I love not working! like thats all i really have to look forward to. its like for most peoples they have weekends to look forward to. But weekends SUCK when you have to work them. there always busy, people are always cranky, bitchy, or happy. i HATE the happy ones! because if i'm unhappy here then why should they be happy. yeah i'm a bitch. its hard to be not one in my line of work. but enough bitchy talk. time to PARTY!
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dirty dancing.... no not the movie! why is dirty dancing so frowned upon. i had a hella fun time dirty dancing it up with some guy i met. but yet i feel bad teasing him. he wanted me to come to his place after. HA good one! and so now i'm the bad guy? hows that fair! i just wanted to have a good time. not THAT good of time. so sue me! and i didn't know anything about him. i didn't even know his name till after the bar closed and my friend asked. to tease or not tease...
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alright i'm not going to lie. i fell behind in my 100 words. and when i got home from edmonton it turns out my computer got a virus and crashed. so YEAH now i'm finishing up at an internet cafe and they don't have microsoft word so i'm stuck counting my words by hand. YAY ME! i've got 5 minutes left to count my words and i still have to do another entry! so i apologize if my words are like fucked. cause I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN CAPTAIN! 3 more minutes and my computer times up. fuck me!
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1 minute left before my internet time is up. i don't wanna pay for more minutes! i gotta get this giong and i gotta quickly finish up. alrighty lets see. i'm sorry to have to this but desperate times cause for desperate matters. MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS!MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS!MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS!MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! MUST BE 100 WORDS! YAY