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Part I: Wonderful day today! A Friday, no less, and the first of the new month. It started out with a trip to the chiropractor (love those adjustments!), and moved into a satiating gourmet breakfast at a local upscale restaurant. The early afternoon brought about freshening up and meeting a gentleman for coffee at the ubiquitous neighborhood Starbucks. After some delightful banter, coffee sipping, and fickle clouds, we parted our ways. Next stop was La Casa Fiesta, where a colleague of mine was playing with his alternative-type salsa-ish band. Several of my friends showed, and margaritas flowed while chips crunched...
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Part II: ...and the music emanated into the cool, summer evening. The band sounded great, and everyone was having a ball! The patio was alive with the bustling of the waitstaff, the hum and buzz of the crowd, and the smooth, rhythmic sounds of Latin America and the Caribbean. Occasionally, the blast of a deafening train would trespass on this marvelous fiesta. After each passed, the glow of the colorful bulbs sprinkled about across the patio ceiling would once again carry us back into the festive atmosphere. Laughter and gaiety prevailed. Ahhhh!! The perfect ending to a fabulous June day!
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Favorites—that’s my topic for tonight. You know how someone’s always saying to you, “What’s your favorite this? What’s your favorite that?” You just substitute a word or a phrase, such as “band” or “dessert” or “place to travel”. I’ve always had difficulty in narrowing down any one favorite of anything. Well, maybe one—my favorite baseball team—the Chicago White Sox. But as far as food goes, I like it all! I definitely enjoy various types of food—but then again, there are several—not just one. I think as humans, we are very fortunate that we have choices.
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Wow, we humans are messing things up for animals. I learned today that there are primates who’ve always grown up around humans, and they do not know how to care for their young. They’ve never been around other primates except for humans, so they have not developed into their own culture. Weird, huh? The primates I’m referring to have been in illegal captivity, were found and rescued, and now live in the local zoo. Zookeepers take shifts staying in the cage and caring for the infant twenty-four hours a day. Primates around the world are becoming dysfunctional—thanks to humans.
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The Wind—it’s been blowing continuously for nearly twenty-four hours. It’s a strong, forceful wind, with menacing gusts. There’s nothing I hate more than the Wind. My entire house shakes, rattles, and sounds like it’s going to be yanked from its foundation and lifted crazily into the sky at any given moment. It began yesterday morning; I was at my friend’s house digging flowers when we noticed how strong it’d become. It was a warm wind then, but by later in the day it cooled, and all you could see for miles and miles was brown dust. 4:30AM—still blowing.
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Here I am, it’s superearly the next morning, and I cannot sleep due to the howling, whooshing, and banging of the Wind. So I work on my 100words and write about how much I abhor the Wind. I decide to make myself some hot cereal called ‘Bear Mush’, purchased from the organic grocery the other day. I’ve been dying to try it; what a perfect opportunity! It’s just like Cream of Wheat, and I love it. I douse it with a lump of butter, some real maple syrup, and a splash of evaporated milk. The Wind doesn’t bother me now!
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My flower gardens really look lovely; I’ve spent the past week working on them. As I was working, I noticed I have a family of small birds nesting in the birdhouse that I’ve had hanging in my pine tree for the past four years. I guess the newness and the varnish had something to do with it because now that it’s weathered, it’s become the perfect little finch or wren dwelling. And now they’ve become proud parents! I hear the cheep, cheeping when I’m working, and I see the parents intermittently fly in and out with victuals for their fledglings.
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“The Magical Side”

O, weaver of dreams
Lend me your hand
And I’ll go with you
To a faraway land.

O, weaver of fantasies
On your carpet we’ll ride.
Together we’ll journey
To the magical side.

Dress up your canvas
With a myriad of hues.
Such opulent purples,
Reds, yellows, and blues.

Knit fluffy, soft yarn,
And twist silken thread.
A marvelous tapestry
You’ll sew into my head.

Awed by the pictures,
Amazed by the sights.
My long, tranquil slumber
Ascends to new heights.

Dawn descends quickly
O’er dark blanket of night.
My dreams become echoes
In the dim-morning light.
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“The Still of the Wood”

All around
gray clouds looming
desolation prevails
tall barren trees
with withered brown leaves
sparsely worn as lonely veils

amidst it all
a single daffodil
casts a ray of sunshine
in this otherwise
ocean of gloom.

Two brilliant sparks
of crimson
flutter freely from
limb to limb
echoing their melodious music
the chill in the air
daunts them not
the still of the wood
haunts them not
as they dance about
the trees so high
a hopeful indication
of nature’s transformation
a glimmer of inspiration
that spring is nearly nigh.

(Inspired by spring--Williamsburg, VA)
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This is a blues song I wrote; I hope you catch all the double (and sometimes triple) entendres. I’ve had to split the song in half, due to its lengthiness, so look for the rest of it on tomorrow’s post. Enjoy!

“Collection Plate Blues”

I got nothin’ in my pocket
Ain’t got nothin’ left to lose
I got nothin’ in my pocket
Ain’t got a penny for no booze.
Oh I’m feelin’ so lowly
Gonna have myself a snooze.
Looks like I gotta become a Sunday man
‘Cuz I’m a cravin’ some o’ dat spirit
Singin’ the collection plate blues.
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You know the preacher man’s a wailin’
An I’m just shaking in my shoes
His big old arms a flailin’
And I’m just looking for some clues.
In a minute I’ll be sailin’ out that parish door
‘Cuz I’m a jonesin’ and a prayin’
Singin’ the collection plate blues.

Been bustin’ down the tavern
Ain’t a nickel found in sight
Yeah I been bustin’ down the tavern
Ain’t even had a drop tonight
Now I got me a piece of sunshine
And I’m thankin’ God almighty
‘Cuz I hit the holy jackpot
Singin’ the collection plate blues.

by: Christine Antypas
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Ice cream—the number one comfort food for depressed, stressed, bored, etc., human beings. The depressed, who eat because they either are or believe themselves to be overweight, have no earthly idea of how bad their favorite comfort food really is for them. You see, it’s made of milk and sugar, and sugar is the hardest thing for the human body’s liver to process—aka pure toxin! Milk’s not the easiest for the body to digest, either. And people think because it’s a dairy product it’s relatively healthy, but no, it’s one of the worst things our bodies could consume!
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Tonight a small group of us were talking, and one guy posed a trivia question to us. The question was, “There are three words that begin with ‘dw’; what are they?” Well, we all started shouting out answers. First was “dwell” (or “dwelling”), next came “dwarf”, and finally came “dwindle”. The waitress walked by and tossed in “dweeb”, which we thought sounded good, so we accepted it. So now the list has grown to four. Think about it; these are the types of questions that keep our minds alert. They say the more thinking one does, the longer he’ll live.
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I need to write. I am way behind. My sentences are short. They contain four words. Can you do that? It’s not so easy. I’m trying very hard. My weekend was fun. It contained much excitement. We heard two bands. The first played metal. The second was mellow. They played Latin music. Sometimes they’d play Marley. They’d also play reggae. I enjoyed them greatly. Everyone else did, too. Besides music, I watered. My plants were thirsty. My mower got fixed. The neighbor did it. I was quite thrilled. Now I can mow! My grass’ll look nice. I’ve fullfilled the requirement.
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If your friends could describe you in fewer than one hundred words, what would they say about you? Well, here’s what mine would say about me (I think). I am a kind, caring individual with a wacky streak running through me. They would say that I am attractive and intelligent, but that I have a quick, dry wit and a twisted sense of humor. They’d mention that I am responsible and honest and usually pretty reliable. They’d say I use big words they don’t understand, but I’d always say them with a smile on my face. They’d say I’m happy.
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I need to go to sleep—soon. I have a lot to do tomorrow. First, I’ve got to get going on the correspondence course I’m currently taking. I need to apply myself and get the darn book read and the questions answered. Then I need to get it sent off to the instructor so I can get my grade, turn in my salary increase paperwork, and get my long-awaited pay raise. Then, in the afternoon, I’m helping a friend move. The rest of the week involves preparing for my upcoming trip to Illinois. I’m planning to leave by the weekend.
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Why do people fear the unknown so much? Why does the lack of knowledge about or ignorance toward something create such a frightened state in some people to the point of not even knowing why they don’t like a particular thing, simply basing their opinions on what they hear other people say about that particular thing? Sound confusing? Well, I know what I’m trying to say, and if I’m not imparting it as clearly as it seems to me, I apologize. Anyhow, astrology came to mind, and I thought about how so many ignorant people think it deals with witchcraft.
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Where do most people do most of their thinking and gain most of their insight? Well, for me it’s two places—the bath or shower (interchangeably) and the car. Those two places are where I can gather my thoughts, ponder them, and gain valuable insight about them. I wonder how common these two places are among most people? It would be an interesting topic for a magazine, newspaper, or web site to take a poll on; I’d definitely be interested in seeing the results. You know, regularly engaging in thought at a higher level keeps our brains young and healthy.
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“The Meeting”

the meeting or the concert-
the intended or the supposed to—
will the meeting happen without the concert?
will the concert happen without the meeting?
is the meeting going to turn out as intended—
or is the meeting going to turn out as it’s supposed to?
or, will the meeting turn out as intended because it’s supposed to?
ah the mysteries and ambiguities
of the future—
about which we have only limited control
so keep positive thoughts
about desirable outcomes
and take the experience
as it comes
and let it unfurl around you
in its own
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Today I attended a celebration of life for a friend we all recently lost, Winston. It was held at a beautiful church nestled in the pines, out east. The place was packed; I should have known so many people loved Winston. Jody, his dear friend who just amazingly recovered from an aneurysm, wrote a song for Winston and performed it. Sandy, his young daughter, put together a couple slide shows, set to music, that were very touching. It was quite a lovely tribute, and many people I knew were in attendance. Afterward, we converged at Winston’s favorite watering hole—O’Malleys.
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Wow, what an adventure I had today! I had to drive up to Loveland to get some tickets for tomorrow night’s show at Red Rocks. My friend and I are going to see Widespread Panic; it’s going to be a blast! However, getting the tickets has been a nightmare, and they’re finally in my hot little hands. As I was driving through Denver, I was nearly in the middle of a several car pile up just because some idiot did something way ahead of us that caused a chain reaction of braking. It scared the living crap out of me!
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Jennifer sauntered into the barber shop, dangling her white, lunchbag-sized shopping bags from the tips of her freshly manicured fingertips. As her head swayed to and fro, she sized up the quaint little shop. She was there to meet her boyfriend, as they had made plans to drive up the coast for a picnic near the surf. She smiled as she pictured his thick, dark, curly locks, and she wondered how short he would get them cut this time. Absently, she paused. Jen! she heard him call. As she pivoted around, her jaw dropped in horror. Her beloved was bald!
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I feel like I have a million and two things to do these next couple of days. I’m taking a road trip to central Illinois to visit some friends and take care of the rest of my deceased brother’s things. I am driving my convertible, so it should be lots of fun. I bought all my munchies for the drive; I eat because I get so freakin’ bored driving, especially through Kansas. I got a new fishing rod, also, which I’m taking with. I also hope to get to Springfield to see all the historical Lincoln stuff they have there.
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Well, I made it back from my trip in ONE piece!! So did the car, by the way. The weather on the way there was really hot; when I got there, it was nice, but muggy, but by the last day, it was like soup. It was overcast, rainy, and just plain dreary. I decided to leave one day early to come home because my brother and his wife were leaving for a Sox game in KC, so I wanted to see them one more time as I passed through town. I made it back around 6:00 PM today, finally!
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The trip back to Illinois to take care of my brother’s material possessions was really strange. My emotions were on a roller coaster much of the time. First I was thrilled to see my brother and his wife; they are very special to me. I was also quite happy to see Jody, Danny, and DeeDee, but I wasn’t much in the mood to fraternize with Neal’s surviving friends. I don’t know why. Sorting through Neal’s things was pretty difficult; sadly, they’d gotten wet several times, so I had to go through them wearing rubber gloves, which felt weird to me.
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I guess as I sorted through his things, I sort of thought I’d get a better look into his soul or learn more about his personality or something. But nothing even remotely comparable happened. It was just a bunch of stuff. Some of it was useless junk, some were decent articles of clothing (which Jody washed and I took to Doug), but it was mostly reusable bric-a-brac that we took to the Salvation Army drop off center. I was driving my small car, so I couldn’t bring tons of stuff back. But no worries; alas, there wasn’t much to claim.
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Jody and Danny took excellent care of me while I was in Bloomington. They are fabulous hosts; they wouldn’t let me spend a dime, wouldn’t let me lift a finger, etc.—it truly was a vacation! Illinois was absolutely lush and verdant; the humidity certainly keeps the foliage looking healthy! It was like a step back in time because it reminded me of my childhood summers. See, I’m originally from the Chicago area, and our family always lived in wide-open, rural areas. I spent much of my childhood out of doors, and this trip took me back to those days.
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I've never felt so indecisive in all my life! I got so spoiled on this trip, thanks to Danny and Jody. So when Jody would ask me if I wanted to go somewhere, do something, or eat something, much of the time, I had no answers for her. I felt so helpless; I guess since they stripped all my other responsibilities from me, the decision-making ability I had decided to cruise, too. I felt like such a dork; Jody would ask me something, and I’d draw a blank. I felt so stupid saying “I don’t know” so blasted many times!
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Fireflies, lightning bugs. I think whatever you call them depends on the region you’re from, but I prefer the latter. Have you ever seen one before? They are such amazing, enigmatic creatures! I think a bodily chemical reaction ignites their glow, but I’m not certain. They are harmless little beetle-like insects that fly about after sunset every Midwest summer, and they light up all over the place. As kids, we’d make little lanterns by catching a bunch of lightning bugs and keeping them in a jar with holes in the lid. It sure was a treat to behold them again!
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Today is the last day of June, and it’s the day I arrived home, safely. It’s also the last day to post for the month on 100words. So the other days pale in comparison to today.

I spent the majority of the day in the car, driving across Kansas. It was overcast and dreary, giving me plenty of time to process the week.

Finally, as I was getting closer to my destination, the sky cleared. I could at least put my top down for the last stretch! When I got to Colorado, I threw up my arms and cheered emphatically.