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Iíve been on a reading binge lately. I love to read, but I have moments where Iíll go weeks, if not a month, without reading one book, then out of nowhere Iíll read 4 or more within 2-3 days. Those are the days when I can hardly be separated from any book I might have my hands on.

Before I had Aubree, I used to have reading binges more often. I would read straight through the book, without stopping. I wouldnít go to bed until the book was done. Even if it was 1000 pages or more. I miss that.
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Aubreeís aunt brought her over almost the complete set of Wizard Of Oz in McDonald toys. She works there, so she can get them easily as they come out. Theyíre cute too! I wanted to pout when Aubree started to rip their tags off. They could have been collectibles someday! I tried not to take them away so she couldnít play with them. I resisted.

Like my mom, I am the type to ďpreserve until she appreciatesĒ an item. That way something that could be worth something someday wonít get destroyed before she can understand that and make good choices.
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I didnít expect to do anything all that special yesterday, but I did end up going somewhere. I went to Angola to get some candy filled eggs for an easter egg hunt that I want to do for Aubree, and her friendsÖ which would be my friendsí kids. I got 28 candy filled eggs. I hope thatís enough for 4 kids.

Iím probably going to do the egg hunt on Easter. Iíll ask one of the people her days off from work, that way she can come with her son. So it might be done tomorrow or Wednesday. Weíll see.
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The sweetest thing happened yesterday. I took a friend out to eat at her favorite Chinese buffet where my mom and I are regulars. Their are a couple regular servers there that just love Aubree. Well Jackie was there last night. He came over to talk to Aubree like he normally does, asked where my mom was at then told me heíd be right back. He came back with a Care Bear that came with a Care Bear cartoon for Aubree. That was just very thoughtful of him. It reminds me that their are still some nice people out there.
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Two days ago it was above seventy degrees. Then yesterday it hailed and snowed. Now itís just plain snowing and doesnít look like it intends to stop.

Why? Why?! Why must it snow? It was turning into spring. It was warm and it was nice. Now itís cold and wintery. Twenty three degrees out to be exact.

I have a riddle for everyone. What kind of ball is fun to play with but doesnít bounce? When I first heard it, I thought it was a bowling ball. Almost makes sense, right?

By the way, the correct answer is, ďSnow Ball.Ē
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I called on a place for rent yesterday. Mom refuses to call herself, so she makes me do it. She always says she wants us to move so bad, yet she canít pick up the phone when she gets home and give the people a call. Itís not like they have something that says you can only call before six. Sheís just really really lazy. It drives me nuts. Anyway, I called and we go to see it tonight. It would be nice to move. The place we live now, sucks. It would be nice to get a better place.
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Yesterday felt pretty long, but when mom got home and we leftÖ we couldnít find the place. We tried calling the guy that is renting it, and couldnít get a hold of him either. That was a huge disappointment, we never got to see it.

Iíve got a lot of writing to do for Ask Angel today. Now I just need to fill in these 100 words so I can get started. I donít have to find any WAHM articles until Monday. That will give me more time with my blogs. Iíve got 7 posts to do on Ask Angel.
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I can honestly say that this is probably the first time ever that I havenít had anything to say. Nothing worth talking about happened between last post and now. Something not worth talking about has even happened. If you must know, itís been pretty mundane at home. Iíve been pretty in love with tacoís, Aubree has us watching Dora The Explorer on repeat, and ice cream is my arch rival. It sits in the freezer calling my name. A friend of mine gave Aubree an easter basket full of treats yesterday. Aubree loved it.

By the way, Happy Easter everyone!
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Out of the mists came a strange figure. No one knew what it was. All we knew was that we needed to run like hell. It definitely wasnít coming at me growling in peace.

Taking a swift turn and running as fast as I could through the trees, my chances of survival were looking awfully thin. Who knew that the giant of a creature could run as fast as me?

Taking a left, Iím in luck! Tripping over a bit of tree, it fell to the ground with a big thump. Like the after shock of an earthquake. Oh noÖ
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Yesterday wasnít all that exciting. Didnít go to the store, didnít get to do much of anything. Just sat at home and wished I could go somewhere.

I would have liked to get to see what was being offered at the after Easter sales. I wouldnít have minded buying any after Easter plastic eggs to save for next year. Maybe next year we will be able to have an Easter egg hunt, even if we couldnít do one this year because it was cold and snowing.

I did get a new zippo yesterday. Iíd wanted one for a while now.
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Iím on a roll, granted not a very good one. I keep forgetting to post my 100 words a day, until something random reminds me to do it. I canít be doing too bad since I havenít missed a day yet, but someday I might forget for too long and forget a day. That would really suck.

My boyfriend gave me a chocolate bunny made out of a Ĺ pound of chocolate. Boy does it taste good. Boy it must be adding 10 lbs to my butt. If I threw it away, Iíd kick myself when I want some chocolate.
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I donít have much time, Iím tired. It was a long night last night. Aubree didnít sleep until almost morning. I had my PAP smear. I got my new shoes, which Iím very excited about.

Today has been a mixed day. Very good, and very sucky all at the same time. Yet I feel good today. Besides still feeling like Iím coming down with something. I did get a plant. I hope it lives. I donít have a green thumb, but itíd rock if it lived.

Aubree is asleep now. Iíve got work to do. Then bed, here I come.
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Boy do I feel like poop. Blah. Hopefully it will pass fast. I hate being sick.

Know what tastes really good? Popcorn popped in an air popper. Do not add any butter or salt, anything. I do not know why, but plain air popped popcorn tastes good. You should get an air popper and try it. Yum.

Last night Aubree kept waking up again. I noticed her nose is starting to get a little runny, so I think she might be coming down with something too. Sheís probably getting what Iím getting. Two whiney sick people will not be fun.
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I am sicker today than I was yesterday and I hate it. Yucky globs of stuff coming out my nose, coughing and sneezing. Sometimes sneezing yucky globs of stuff out my nose [thatís the worst!]. I hate the season of colds.

I donít usually like to talk about relationships. They donít usually last very long. In this case, though, Iím happy. My relationship has been doing very well. Unusually well. It makes me wonder if theirís a break up in the midst. Eh, if I donít think about it, I can enjoy the goodness and hopefully no badness will happen.
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I am feeling quite a bit better today. Still sick, but feeling better. It also helps that the sun has decided to pop out today. I hope it decides to warm up really nice. I bet my plant is happy to have some sun to shine on it.

Last night I was so tired, but Aubree just didnít want to go to bed. She was up until after 10pm. Even though I had laid her down for bed at 9. I literally passed out the instant she did. Then I slept without waking through the night. Until 8am this morning.
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It has been another 2 weeks. Know what that means? I get to go to town today. I have gotten my money, which gives me the opportunity to go to the store. Today I need to get diapers for Aubree, and some juice for her too. I need cough drops. Then Iím seriously considering taking us to that Chinese buffet again. It costs $20 for me, the boyfriend and Aubree to go. If heís not home, though, then I might just take me and Aubree by ourselves. Weíll see. I want it so bad I can almost taste it. Mmmm.
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Has everyone heard about the Virginia Tech shooting? I wrote about it yesterday in my news blog. I can only imagine what was going through his mind. Iíd read their was something about a girlfriend or ex girlfriend. Itís a sad thing that happened, all those people dead.

On a weird note, does anyone know what makes a straw so cool to little kids? Aubree is at the stage where she likes to play pretend. Sheíll pretend itís a pen and try to write with it. Sheíll get a pretend cup and pretend to drink with it. Sheís very imaginative.
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I normally wouldnít be writing this now, but if I donít get it done nowÖ I do not know if Iíll be able to get it done later. Mom is home [what is now today] and will be home tomorrow as well. Itís when sheís home that I have a hard time getting my 100 words done. When I get a chance to get online, it makes for a hard time getting everything done in such a short amount of time. I donít get to work on it at my own pace. Instead Iím hurried to get everything finished ASAP.
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Tiiiired. So very tired. Unfortunately I donít get the chance to go to bed yet. Iím not done article hunting. Iíve got to look up a bunch of Ďwork at home momí related articles. Or atleast one good one. Then I need to check out the top news and write about it for my news blog, In The News Today. I will not give up, but I am barely awake.

Youíd think Iíd get to sleep early tonight. Aubree went to bed early. But this is just keeping me up. I only stopped looking to write my one hundred words.
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Aubree got a new Dora The Explorer movie on Tuesday. I might possibly be more excited about it than Aubree. In this one Dora goes around the world for friendship day. Itís quite cute.

Iím just mostly happy to have more than one Dora movie for Aubree. I was pretty sick of watching Doraís Egg Hunt 5 times a day.

I love Dora The Explorer because Aubree loves her so much. Aubree loves the movies, and she learns new things. How many 2 year olds know how to count to twelve in Spanish? She can only count to ten normally.
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The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. The itsy bitsy spider went out the spout again.

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb, itís fleece as white as snow.

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home.

What else could I do? Theirís nothing to say.
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I enjoy weekends because theyíre my lazy days when it comes to my online work and website. Yet, on the other hand I hate weekends because theyíre weekends.

I need to seriously consider some new glasses. Iíve had this pair for 2 years. Theyíre only plastic, theyíre not meant to last forever. It would take one heck of a sale to be able to consider buying myself glasses.

This last part is an ode to Dora the Explorer who entertains Aubree and keeps her quiet and good. She plays with her toys nicely when Dora is in. We love you.
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The weather was so nice yesterday, and hot. The boyfriend, Aubree and I went down to the lake to do some fishing around noon and we all got burnt to the color of a cooked lobster.

I wasnít exactly expecting for us to get sunburned. It does remind me that I need to buy Aubree some sunblock as soon as I get paid.

Last night another sponsor of mine [not the regular sponsor I go through] gave me 5 link assignments to do. Iím pretty excited because I could really use that extra $25. That doubles what I was expecting.
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I am very unavailable tomorrow/today. So luckily I am awake after midnight, I guess. I can write my 100 words now and get it posted.

Iím working on knitting an afghan. Iím pretty sure Iíll get a lot of it done over the next two days as well. Momís got 2 days off work, so that is a lot of time I wonít be online. So Iíll get much needed time to work on it and see how it turns out.

I found the pattern online and itís so simple. Iím very excited to have a new project like this.
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Iíve had a long day. Not something I want to talk about though.

I almost got to go fishing today. Almost. Unfortunately I got into an argument with someone that led to me throwing the worms into the lake and coming home instead. Iím bummed. I really wanted to go fishing. Aubree was napping so mom was going to watch her while I fished for an hour. Who knows when the next chance will come for me to have someone to watch Aubree so I can fish without having to yell at her for trying to drink the lake water.
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All day yesterday and today, so far, itís raining. Though rain is good for the grass and my growing plants, it doesnít make it any less blah. Iíd rather be taking Aubree outside to play. Theirís nothing like playing outside to help her get rid of all her extra energy. Expecially if I have her outside for an hour or soÖ sheíll come in tired and ready for a nap.

Iíve been in a bit of a rut these past 2 days. Not to mention I accidentally knocked my cellphone into a pan full of water yesterday. Now itís dead.
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I am so sick and tired of seeing working mom vs. stay-at-home mom debates everywhere. Everyone making rude comments about the other. Itís crazy, and itís stupid.

Why canít working moms and stay at home moms just admit that the other side does have itís positives and that they both have their negatives. In the end it is just up to the person to make their choice on what would work better for them.

Quite honestly, Iím not judgemental against either. Iíd happily be a working mom, but I do know the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom right now.
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It might be time for me to buy new comfortable shirts that Iíll want to wear. Why? Because my favorite shirt of all time has a giant hole that shows off my stomach. Not really a shirt I can go out in public in. Bumming around, itís okay. Going around people, not so much.

The sun is starting to peek out from behind clouds today, and itís supposed to be a decent day. I bet you canít guess what Aubree and I plan to do today. Can you?

We are so going outside to play for at least an hour.
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Last night would have been an average night except I got the sudden urge to change the layout for Ask Angel. I was never all that pleased with the layout I had changed to in the first place. The first layout I had was nice, but not what I was looking for. The second one was okay, but still not what I wanted. Last night I ended up changing to something that is a little more ďplainĒ in a sense, but itís actually more pleasing to the eye, if you know what I mean? I am liking this one better.
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I hate the bank. Seriously. The other day I got a notice saying that my bounce protection kicked in and that they added on the bounce fee of $29. I was a bit shocked considering I did not know how my account could have bounced. I thought I was in the positive by $.66. So I had to go online to check my account and found that I had made a $1 mistake in my check book and the last item I purchased bounced by $.34. Because of that, I was put $29.34 in the hole in my bank account.