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Here now and where is here?

Imagine all of the people and all the planets in the Universe.

See how you had grown wiser with the melodic blows of wind and other magical rituals.

Was it godliness or was it evil?

Evil like God getting high in a friendly nature?

Your body is probably physically weak, which is an extension of the mind, all cosmically connected.

Everything is a product of this Mind, this infinite Intelligence and Majesty.
You’ve been reading about it all long in the Holy Quran.

Each portal of his attributes is like an entire cosmic universe.
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Still talking about thoughts?

Thoughts are said to be so powerful so that even as a man thinks so is he (or so shall it be) my own added words.

I shouldn’t dwell on certain thoughts, which if carried out into action would impede my development and progressive steps of moving forward.

If you desire to develop a righteous mind, you have to cultivate righteous thoughts.

I should be making a list and taking notes of my thoughts that lead to unwanted desires and learn to get to the roots of their source.

Thoughts are normally triggered by outside stimuli.
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Red lentils,
basmati rice,
spinach for the dhal
then the next best thing
make some bean soup
considering money
and if you are definitely wise,
cereal and cookies
and don’t forget
to check for milk.

These days
the days
are getting cooler
which is a sign
that summer is ending
and autumn is approaching.

It feels more like winter
and I am going to miss
this summer
Comer by Night
wash clothes for binti maybe,
drop off the rent check on the way home.

Writing gives me a rush
today just write
tomorrow just clean,
herb temptations,
try meditating.
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For the most part I was writing all day long today while being preoccupied with television watching the Andy Griffin show and some other movies in black and white.

I can’t believe I was watching this, but then I came to realize how different the people were during that time period and their sensitivities compared to what we see on television today.

Whatever happened?

Then there was Rap City on BET to my distaste but I had thought before I turned the channel that I should try listening to the lyrics.

It’s no wonder why some people have negative images.
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Right now it is grey outside like the color of depression and why do I feel depressed?

I wonder if the weather is a contributing factor to my depression or not, or if it is a result of me being home again all alone, which reminds me of the times when I was single, hoping that I would finally encounter my soul mate and that life would be so grand with the love of my life.

Some say the chances of meeting or encountering our soul mates are slim and that the ideal of a soul mate is completely preposterous.
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It’s stated that we do not worship the Mahdi
the self guided one in the flesh,
less we be guilty of
worshipping an idol.

We worship the divinity within the vessel that carries this supreme force and power.

Words such as God,
Great Spirit,
and Wakan Tanka
are only titles which give reference
to the Supreme Being or
His title
and His position.

The truth is that there is no word for God,
as His true essence is incomprehensible
and in truth cannot be explained
with words
and our limited consciousness.

There is nothing spooky about this Universe.
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A woman in all white walked across some river and a villager said “Oh! She is so beautiful,” and stood in awe as though she was some saint, angel, or holy woman.

A man who was a not so well known mystic walked up to this man and said “my brother, before you put that a woman on a pedestal and before you consider worshipping her even as you are now, don’t forget that women just like men also have bad breath in the morning when they wake up, that they pass gas, defecate, urinate, menstruate, burp, snore, and sweat."
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When it comes to learning the many foreign languages I desire to learn, many times I feel hopeless about the entire pursuit. I often ask the question for what. That question often comes up as an excuse to buy a ticket out of pursuing the course.

In the meantime,
and maybe years
will go by
and you will be saying
I could have been speaking this language fluently by now.

On the other note I realize that I have nothing to show that I was pressing on or making any type of efforts to even consistently begin.
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“La señorita Mexicana es mirando muy bonita,” or am I just imagining things again?

I’m still wondering about the essence of energy, vibes and the unseen forces that exist.

Energy is all around us moving at different levels of speed. So a table will vibrate a lot slower than say a human being who is less dense than a table.

A happy person is said to vibrate on a higher level than a person who is said to be sad.

Where do eerie vibes come from and uncomfortable feelings when we step into a certain room or a certain area?
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“I have work to do today,” I said.

Even though today was my off day, it was a humble realization that work does not necessarily mean that you are going to get paid for it.

Work can be equivalent to any effort made or struggle towards a particular goal.

In this case doing a seven day fast without food could be considered working. Doing our 100 words for the day is work, which requires mental effort.

Work is not always just a physical act, but knocking someone out with your fists often translates to mean “he was putting in work.
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Seven years later and some people are still wrapped up in 9/11. Since this time many truths have been unveiled as to who was really involved in the collapse of the twin towers.

I looked up the word terror, terrorist, and terrorism. For the most part the definition states that it is an action which causes extreme fear and is used for the pursuit of some political aims.

I had to disagree with the definition, because sometimes the actions of a group of people are done for religious reasons.

Sometimes people just want to be freed from mumbo jumbo politics.
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Coffee is the drink
of drunken mystics,
who ponder realistically.

It’s nice to see how the moon illuminates tonight.

It’s just me and the Universe it seems.

Everybody wants to be known
to be appreciated
to be that shining star.

desiring nobody
the non existence
I wish
non attached
to all these things.

but mysterious
phases of the moon
melancholic hysteria
and much further
like Mars
draped in sheer gold’s
and fishnet reds.

Can never expect buildings,
to look
a certain way,
seeing that everything
in its true light
is truly mysterious
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All kinds of thoughts came to my mind regarding intelligence.

Imagine a truth
and intelligence
so powerful
as to be scary,
and frightening
to those trying to comprehend it,
or those not able to handle it.

There is something more eerier to life than we can imagine.

I will not categorize this eeriness with something that’s sinister,
just deeper levels of being.

Keys to unlock the mind lies in ancient symbols. If our heart is right we can understand.

The things I ponder are the levels beyond the present stage and what is my true life path and purpose.
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The microcosm and the macrocosm.

As I browse extensively through these astronomy and science magazines I am eager for more. Knowing the basics of astronomy should be taught in every school as early as elementary school. There is not a reason why we should not know about the Universe we live in.

I had this thought regarding life and death.

What if after we died we became stars and when stars died they became human or some other form of extraterrestrial intelligence or advanced form of life.

What if this process of life was ongoing?

Would we still fear death?
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I am like a flame
flickering in the wind
all disarrayed
calculations way off course
my discipline frayed like a story
in need of mending.

Run here
run there
with no time to plan
no time to do
no time.

You barely made it on time.
You are like a soldier
going to a war
with no strategy
no plan
a blind man
in a field of peyote
and poppy seeds
hoping that you would find
some guidance
from a deer
a hawk
an eagle
a medicine man perhaps
or even God himself.

Lift me up beyond presence.
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I woke up to the song “Ribbon in the Sky” sung by Stevie Wonder.

It’s a beautiful song which brought back memories of my first marriage when at that time; my spouse dedicated that song to me and to us.

I couldn’t get out of bed without first hearing the entire song.

I had thought about all the good things we had done together in the past and then I had to snap back into reality and where I was in the present moment.

Alone once again and waiting patiently for a baby to be born thousands of miles away.
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For some reason she said that her cervix just would not open up. I know that the cervix has something to do with giving birth but where is the cervix. I had to go online to find the answer and I realize that when it comes to knowing the complexities of the female anatomy, (especially the reproductive organs) I’m quite rusty.

Ah! So it is just beyond the vagina walls. They even had a diagram as to where the g-spot was which seems so difficult to find as it seems to be in a slightly different place for other women.
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They sat in their white linens, Black women of the East, calculating the slight movements of the sun and at the exact time that it would be setting.

They sat in silence and spoke some Arabic so it sounded every once and a while, the language of my ancestors.

While calculating the motions of the Sun they received its universal messages that came from other galaxies within and without and they began to emanate some type of dream world.

I could feel the breeze that they were generating. They were winds coming from the Sahara, coming from the Far East.
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I was waiting for the 40 bus going northbound to take me home and walked around a bit when I suddenly noticed a green Barnes and Noble bag and next to it some books.

I tilted my head sideways to see what the titles on the books were and I was surprised that one of the titles of the books was called Penthouse, but it wasn’t talking about the magazine Penthouse, it was talking about Erotica stories.

I didn’t know that Barnes and Nobles sold Erotica.

I didn’t dare pick those books up looking like some kind of desperate scavenger.
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I received this text message sometime around 2am in the morning while at work. Uwais is born on the 2oth of September around 12:18 pm which took 12 hours to deliver.

Unfortunately she had to have a caesarean despite her request to have it naturally.

I myself was quite ecstatic to hear the news that a boy had been born.

I thought I would have to wait for the photograph, but she sent it to me within 30 minutes.

I was overwhelmed with joy and awe at the same time.

I only regret not being able to witness the birth.
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The most critical stage about giving birth is like the moment between life and death. The mother and the child are at risk because they could both die in the process of giving birth.

It is said that giving birth is the closest to death that a woman can get.

I have lots of respect for women who give birth and who have bared children for so many months inside of their wombs.

Have you breastfed yet?

I believe that breast feeding a baby is the best food product that a baby can receive as far as milk is concerned.
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I walked through Macy’s again today to go to Pea In A Pod. I had to exchange the peanut shell sling so that it would be fit for the newborn boy and for the new mother.

Truthfully speaking I have always hated to go to shopping malls, one of the reasons being that I find myself encountered by so many plastic and fake people.

I can’t believe that these people are here for a name brand and some to show off how much money they have and some to show off their ugly beauty and to get their panties wet.
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I came across these websites while trying to find the definition for the word stafallah of which I saw written and at first had tried staphallah and did not know that staph was some kind of disease.

Ah! Here it is in the American heritage dictionary.

Staph is short for (now get ready) staphylococcus and staphylococci is the plural form as though I would ever use that word in a sentence.

It’s some sort of bacteria which causes septicemia and other types of infections. I still wonder if the origin of this word comes from an Arabic word or not.
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I should be an editor I said to myself as I sat and corrected all of the mistakes of my foreign colleagues.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel superior to them because I can speak and use good English grammar, because I know they can also speak a language that in many cases I don’t understand.

But since it is an ongoing process of correcting their work before they turn it in to the manager, I think I should be given a raise and maybe even be designated as the Chief Editor for the department correcting everyone’s incident reports.
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Looks like I will have to go traditional with my writing projects by using the old trustworthy pen and notebook since it looks like my laptop has a virus in it.

I think I opened up an e-mail that I should not have opened. How else did I get it? Some service host called svchost.exe

I looked it up online and many say that it is some kind of malicious virus posing as a normal program under Microsoft.

It is also the reason why my spyware does not detect it because it seems to be legitimate.

One problem after another…
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How did the leaf fall so mystically and sufically putting me in present moment states of slight breezes and warm Sun rays.

This here now state of mind soon begins to feel like a dream
and that all of this is not real.

This is all just a dream just like in the sleeping dreams. So how do you discern reality from illusions?

Dreams are everywhere,
where everyone dreams,
even the animals
and natural elements.

How do you know if you’re living in someone else’s dreaming.

Someone would have you believe that this dream is the only dream that exists.
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I was supposed to get up at 1pm but 1pm turned into 3pm and 3pm turned into a wet dream, some woman who was getting f'd on the ground.

I have to rush out the door not having the time to make salmon sandwiches as I had planned.

Instead I would leave the house with a box of Honey Nut Cheerios instead.

My planning was way off and it seems to be one of my weaknesses. Making plans and not sticking to it.

It seems that I get easily distracted by the next best thing or whatever seems more convenient.
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I spent nearly three hours this morning online trying to find this song and the name of a group with no success until at last I found out that it was the Killers and the song was called “When You Were Young” and “Smile Like You Mean It.” I first heard this song while I was living in Southeast Asia.

During the night I feel as though my mind is impregnated by some Mystery and unknown substance which has me feeling slightly weird.

While doing Tarawih prayers, I could of swore that I heard an owl outside of the window.
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Imagine if we had no city lights.
What would that be like?

It would be like ancient times before the discovery of the light bulb. Though we had fire, it didn’t affect our viewing of the stars.

Now in the city it is difficult to see the stars and all of their constellations clearly, unless you’re in the desert or up in the mountains somewhere.

I remember when I was living in Venice Beach and we had an earthquake. All the lights went out and it was the first time I could see so many stars up in the sky.
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I borrowed a small flame from Turtle Island,
listened to some Norah Jones,
which turned into Uhuru,
and the next thing
that I am talking about
is vibes
and about how I really don’t know who the people are around me.

I talked about languages and how powerful they could be if utilized and about languages that were forgotten
but could be relearned.

I’m just a rustic mystic like these leaves that are forming for fall and all their various hues of death destined to be spring again.

So I wait for the next day, soon to be Eid Mubarak.