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The more I remove names, titles, and things from what I see, the wiser it seems that I am becoming.

Knowledge is not always necessarily what you know, because what you think you might know is not true at all.

Zen is not some feeling, or thought, or ideal, or about something you read in a book that cost you $19.99.

Zen is not about wearing black robes, ringing gong bells and reciting koans or riddles.

Zen is not about some place in China or Japan or about characters written in Chinese and Japanese.

Wisdom and knowledge comes from nothing.
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What does it mean when you have to contemplate getting another job to pay off bills, get a car, and hope that the government did not steal some of your money by taking out a bunch of taxes?

As a matter of fact let us think of some other taxes that we can come up with so we can rob you blindly some more.

What does it mean when the UPS man is too lazy to deliver a package to your apartment because he says that he is just getting to old to walk up a few flights of stairs.
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I want thatÖ

The I+ Want+ That equals the desire syndrome. Anytime that you can say that I want that then you can be rest assured that you are attached to that particular thing.

I want a good paying job, with a big house, and three cars in the driveway with satellite television just to give an example.

Even to say that I want enlightenment, a spiritual life full of bliss, and a life filled with peace is just another form of attachment.

If these wants are not fulfilled they will lead to disappointments.

When fulfilled they equal temporary happiness.
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Well NANOWRIMO is definitely over but I still find myself going to the site to browse around. I did not realize that so many people actually managed to publish their novel which in the beginning had no plots, just whims of the moment to do nothing but just write.

I stumbled across Script Frenzy which I never realized before which begins in April.

Iíve never wrote a script before and found the challenge to be another inspiration for my creative writing experiences.

I watched Nostradamus 2012 later in the night.

I wonder if 2012 is just another Y2K doomsday scare.
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I was running late for work and had to take the dreadful 15 down Colfax, the longest street in the United States.

Taking the 15 down Colfax to me is always an experience that I do not enjoy.

For the most part it seems that it is filled with ignorant people who donít know words beyond fuck this, fuck that, smoke this, and drink that.

The smell on the 15 usually contains the smell of cheap tobacco, sometimes flavored aromas, marijuana, alcohol, and the smell of butt, armpits, feet, cheap perfume and funky hobos who just got off the train.
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How is a job like the world?

It seems like everything that you have in the world you have in the job also, especially when it comes to aspects of government.

In the job force you have politics, you have those who are vying for positions, you have your snitches, your spies, your wannabe gung hoes, you have your prostitutes, you have scandals, rumors, clicks, tribes, groups, and so on down the line.

The bigger the job force and people employed the more likely you will see this openly.

It all takes a matter of time to really see it.
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I understand that sometimes a writer might feel like he does not have anything to write about.

Maybe that is a logical excuse not to write but sometimes I feel like there is always something to write about.

If youíre depressed or bored you could write about your boredom and depression, or how much you hate a certain situation or thing.

Before you know it youíd be writing effortlessly in no time.

1000 words a day?

I wondered if there was some website about writing 1000 words a day. Iím sure that thereís probably something out there which encourages it.
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I could not help but to think that as I passed by the bank windows with my black gloves on, black beanie, black sunglasses, and a large bag slung over my shoulder with empty water bottles inside how someone may have thought that the bank would possibly get robbed.

If I were to rob a bank how calm could I be without freaking out?

Would I be able to pull it off?

Robbing a bank takes a lot of planning and casing.

You have to know every street, every corner, every hidden camera, every exit, and the cleanest get away.
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It came to my attention that two colleagues complained to the lead supervisor that when Iím the relief supervisor that I spend too much time down in lost and found.

Why does this concern them? They must be watching me.

What difference does it make how much time Iím spending down there? They do not know what I am doing down there.

I narrowed it down to two culprits who complained and since my lead didnít deny the fact, I knew it was them. I donít trust them at all and know that one would love to have my position.
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ĎAnyone, Anytime, AnywhereÖ Understanding The Threat Of Terrorism.í These are the words that can be read on the wall when you drive down Broadway, advertising The Cell, which talks about terrorism to educate the public.

I finally went to the exhibit today after wanting to go there for several months. I would recommend everyone to go to this exhibit. People would learn that Muslims are not terrorists like they think and terror could come in any outfit.

Even the KKK was in the exhibit and categorized as terrorists for their actions during the 50ís. Terrorism can be homegrown or international.
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I was trying to find out the statistics on how many people die each day on a global basis. I came up with 155,000 people a day.

I know that the statistics are not one hundred percent accurate, but just to think on these numbers, we should consider the miracle of the fact that we are able to make it through another day and write our one hundred words for the day.

The bright side is that with every death, that there is numerous births. Babies are being born everyday all over the world.

It feels good to be alive.
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If you really look at the mind youíll learn that it can be very complex.

As I look at my mind I come to realize that there is perhaps something beyond the mind.

The mind can be disciplined. We can choose to act on the suggestions of the mind or not act.

What is that aspect that is in us that gives us the capability to discipline the mind and to break its habits that we do not desire.

I thought of will power but what is will power?

Is it just a higher level of mind beyond this one?
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In regards to finding love, the truth of the matter is that love is everywhere and can be found anywhere, not just in Paris, France.

When you are feeling too lazy to do s0mething and already know what it is that you need to do I have only one suggestion for you to do when you are feeling lazy.

Get your ass off the floor and just do it.

Are you having problems writing? Just start typing.

Are you having problems meditating? Just sit down and meditate.

Are you having problems reading that book? Open the book and start reading.
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The night shift went by real slow and for the most part it was pretty dead. I spent some of the dead time watching an episode of Law and Order. I didnít realize that I was interested in crime.

It amazes me how a crime can be solved by little pieces of a puzzle that were left behind.

After work I stood motionless in front of a tree that was filled with crows, ravens and some other birds I donít know the name of until they all flew out of the tree.

I want to discover deeper aspects of myself.
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One is the magic number.
All it takes is one to spark something off.

It only takes one person with one ideal to spark a revolution or to spark world peace.

One stands all alone by itself but has the potential to expand itself exponentially. Never underestimate the power and capabilities of one.

Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Each inhaled and exhaled breath that we take is a miracle and it is mystical in and outside of itself if you can spare the time to bring yourself to this exact moment now.
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We get so complacent with day to day ordinary things that we get to a point to where we expect it.

We donít realize that our present situation could change at any given moment and the fact that we are sometimes in better conditions than others should make us pause for a few moments and consider how fortunate we are.

While taking my hot shower with a roof over my head and electricity I really realize how fortunate I am.

The fact that I have all my limbs, can breathe, talk, read, have sight, and write is a real blessing.
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Zen is not some particular feeling or some particular insight. Zen is everywhere that you turn your head and everything that you are looking at.

Zen is in everything that you are doing now, rather that be lying in the bed like a lazy bum, or scrubbing the piss and shit stains out of the toilet.

Zen is that little snotty kid constantly crying who will not shut the hell up.

Zen is simply this, nothing more and nothing less.

Sally Sue wears a short mini dress with no panties underneath her little dress to attract the attention of men.
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From the one comes many forms.

From the source of the one we get many myriad of things and creations.

From the many we get confused by thinking it is different from the one when in fact they are all the same.

We forget the origin of things.

We look at a tree and think that that tree has always been there, but we forget that before that tree was a tree it started off as a seed.

Who made the seed and where did that seed come from?

Where did all the seeds of other plant species come from?
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It amazes me at times on how technology has evolved since my younger days as a child in comparison to the time before my time versus the technology of today.

When I was a child we did not have CDís or DVDís nor did we have X Box.

During my parents time there was no such thing as a VCR.

How about the technology of our ancient ancestors who were in a sense perhaps beyond our present time even without machines?

We canít make pyramids like the ancients and they were before our time.

I can live happily without television.
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As I walked down 16th Street I tried to see everything as though it was a dream.

How do I know what is real and what is not?

How do I know if I am real and whatís being real?

Sometimes I think about the elements that man did not create and ask myself if that is particularly real or not real.

Once we die we leave this world and no one knows where they go after that or if there is an after that.

How would you live your life if you knew there was not an after that?
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I did not know that we were having an eclipse tonight, until I checked my electronic mail in the cafeteria.

How dare you not know about the Universe that you are living in!

What do you know?
It is the first day of winter.

Did you feel earth tilt on its axis?

It seemed like all sorts of weird things happened today leading to this eclipse which was like the final signature of mysterious occurrences.

I walked outside of the hi-rise building staring at the darkening moon above me wishing that I had a telescope, binoculars, and a digital camera.
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There is no need to get mad at yourself for continually fucking up in areas that you are trying to improve on.

What you need to do is get to the root of the problem.

Itís not enough to say that you are going to just stop doing it while thinking that the problem will just go away.

When you have a problem you have to dive and dwell deep into its ocean and discover for yourself the roots that maybe causing the problems and the constant repeated habits.

Just like in math, for every problem there is a solution.
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A two year old has no concept of whatís good and whatís bad, they have to be taught. This is where the problem lies.

Whatís good to one person may not be good for another, so where do you draw the line?

This evening he broke my Magick Jack. That is bad.

My first impulse was to throw him across the room like in some kung fu movie and my other impulse was to simply make him eat it with metal pieces and all.

As I looked at him I realized he absolutely had no idea what he just did.
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I sat and meditated for an undisclosed matter of time. I told myself that I would not count my breaths and I would not set any alarm clocks.

I do not know how long I was there but I know it had to be a long time because by the time I came out of my meditation the sun was going down in the west.

When I finally opened my eyes, I felt as though I had just came from a different world. I realized that it was not my body that went anywhere but the mind.

Meditate some more.
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I recorded The Real Face of Jesus, God versus Satan, Banned From The Bible, Banned From The Bible II, Bible Code Armageddon, Bible Code II: Apocalypse, Angels & Demons Decoded, and Angels: Good or Evil.

It was interesting watching some of the programs. I realized how we go about our day to day lives with words that we do not really know the origin and true meaning of.

I find myself to be somewhat hesitant on getting rid of cable all together, because that would mean no more history channels and no more universe or science channels and good movies.
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I wondered what would be the reaction of the majority of the people if they suddenly learned that God was in truth a man just like any other man that we see on a day to day basis.

The only difference being that this particular man had supreme power and knowledge.

In addition to this, what would people do if after learning that God was a man, that he wasnít just any man, but a Black Man.

I wondered if people would still worship and believe in God with the same faith and fervor as they did before knowing this.
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I think about the origins of money often and realize how disillusioned we are to go about our day to day lives to work so hard for it.

Despite what most people believe, money is not made from chopped down trees but from cotton and the flax plant.

Is this what we are working so hard to get and dream about; paper made out of cotton and flax with a few added dyes?

Just imagine if money was not real how many things people would not do.

Women would not sell their bodies or strip naked and shake their booties.
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Where do I put certain thoughts that I have in my head that I want to write down but I donít want it to be discovered by no one in the world?

I wonder if some thoughts that I have are paranoia, or if my thoughts are actually substantial and real.

I often have thoughts of being watched, of being followed, and when I am on the computer as being monitored.

Nowadays that thought should not be so farfetched, with the advent of satellites, spy equipment, and countless other intrusive elements, I should not be so surprised to think this.
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Writing is like a medicine with the potential to heal internal and inner wounds as well as past memories that tend to haunt us.

The best way to get something out of us is by either talking about it and in my case by writing about it.

I find that some of my best writings are produced when I am speaking the truth without holding any words, feelings, or ideals back.

Then in the end, all I feel is this great relief and release like a solar storm shooting out from the sun, or an ejaculation into cosmic mystical consciousness.
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We are presented with what they want us to believe without asking questions.

As I watched the mysteries regarding the Garden of Eden the question has to be asked, Ďwas this story borrowed from the Mesopotamia era, way before the Bible was ever written?

Now I really need to get another pair of shoes or get them repaired. There is a crack and a small hole developing at the bottom which is a sure invitation to getting wet and holy moldy socks.

It is snowing right now.

I just went outside to throw the trash away and take some photographs.
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I have no desires to go out in the present 3 degree Fahrenheit weather thatís out there waiting for anyone willing to be touched by its cold blistering hands.

I will have no choice later on because I have to be at work by 5 today and will get off at 5 in the morning.

As far as celebrations are concerned I do not predict a big turnout. Who wants to drive in the snow? I think the only people going out tonight are those who are looking to get laid or to just get drunk out of their minds.