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I looked at the water in the creek as it flowed so effortlessly and how the trees, rocks, and grass just stood so silently. Nature in my opinion was the perfect example of the Zen state and what it meant to be in true harmony. It was at that moment that I decided to just pedal back home.

I didn’t feel that my trip to downtown was wasted and that I wasn’t able to get what I was looking for.

I managed to get some exercise and breathe in some fresh air. Besides this I was still feeling slightly buzzed.
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Zen took you to that place without having to get stoned. They took you to that zone that could not be spoken about or described and it is possible to get to that stage while you are living. It does not take years of exploration, what it takes is just to realize.

I was tripping out on that Asian girl at Whole Foods. It seemed like she was super mesmerizing me. Upon closer examination I realized that her chest was all tatted up but I couldn’t really see what the design was.

I wanted to know but failed to ask.
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I can hear the wind outside of the window, the motor running inside of the laptop, and the voices of the children outside. “Voices of the Children,’’ sounds like a good title for a novel or movie.

Presently I’m listening to “Hey Baby.” by Stephen Marley. I think that it’s beautiful that Bob Marley's children could follow in his footsteps and make great music in his absence.

I do not think that ganja makes you stupid like the white bourgeois tries to say. I honestly believe that they will make up any lie to keep us blind, death, and dumb.
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As I read about gardening I can truly see why agriculture and gardening in particular can be considered a science, especially as you deal with different plants. Each plant has its own requirements. I can truly appreciate the knowledge of the farmer and the fact that it is the farmer who puts those fruits and vegetables into our supermarkets which we gladly eat on a day to day basis. I think if anyone wants to know how to grow any kind of plant or plans on having a garden they should know how plants grow and the process that’s involved.
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This deep feeling is such a deep and peaceful feeling. Instead of the feeling going without, this one is going deep within.

How often do I write about the consciousness, as it expands not necessarily without the realms of deep outer space but perhaps the deep inner space within which is just as infinite as the space that we see without and work so hard to build advanced space ships that will take us there?

We fail miserably as human beings by failing to recognize the inner self. Deep states of inner peace can be achieved through awareness and meditation.
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Have you ever experienced at times, when leaving your house, driving about, or walking, cycling, or riding the bus, seeing particular buildings that tend to stand out for some particular reason that you do not know why, only to find out later on in the future that you had to wind up going to that building to do or take care of something that involved that same building?

I experienced that today in one of the buildings I used to pass by frequently on my way to work, and at times when I was on my search for the Buddha.
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Going back to the phrase “taking care of business,’’ this phrase refers to taking care of the things that are the most important. Sometimes we tend to focus more on the things that do not really matter that much and neglect the things that should be a major priority in our lives.

There should be a book called Recognizing Your Blessing. Be very careful that you do not spend all of your blessing on yourself and neglect your family, loved ones, and their needs.

Wealthy people are not necessarily lucky, but how they spend it means a lot to us.
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Out of a collapsed bookshelf, ‘1,001 Pearls of Buddhist Wisdom,’ with an interesting line that said,

“The noble eightfold path can also be expressed as a continuous wheel or a single fabric, like life itself; it has folds yet is of one piece. It concerns all that we do, all that we think and all that we are. As we perceive, think, speak and act, and our perceptions, thoughts, speech and actions shape our lives, so the nature of each of our lives is dictated, and the consequences are good or bad.”

We are what we think, say, and do.
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In the distance I can hear the emergency death squad. You never know who death is going to claim son. It could be me, or it could even be you, and before you know it, it meaning death, comes to you like the blow of a kiss, and then you find yourself dead.

She kisses you asunder flattering you with her stutters and can you repeat that again.

She entraps, and enwraps you in her gentle embrace teaching you wisdom from the eastern witches of the East who were really wise Black women who were cursed because of their Blackness.
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If you want to know the healing qualities of snow, just walk in it barefooted any time of the day or night.

She was not brave enough to walk all the way to the edge of the balcony for fear that perhaps I would throw her over. Such faith you have in your own husband. I am very disappointed that you would even think such a thing or entertain such a thought.

He went in one way and then emerged Saint Muhammad who was baptized in the Divine Spirit of the mystical Sun rays and the One who invented it.
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Of all the many things, in truth the many things are really The One, and in truth we are from a Gigantic Cosmic System of which we all play our parts.

The important thing to realize is that there is no part or a gigantic and cosmic system.

Could I hold myself together in a solid peace and gaze past their souls humbly and bend myself like a willow that bends with the wind?

If you want to know what it means and what it takes to be a man then pursue the world and path of the True Masters.
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He stated that seeing was a metamorphosis.

If you really took the time to look, see, and contemplate then you would soon learn that the world is full of wonders, every hour, every second, twenty four seven, every day.

If you keep telling yourself that time is going by so fast, then you will experience it like that, but if you say time is now, or that time is infinite, then you will experience time in that way too.

Cultivation in not just the land, but it is also your mind and the environment in which you live in too.
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Later on after meditation my idea on the Zen of architecture became emptiness in architecture and the famous Zen saying, "emptiness is form, and form is emptiness,’’ began to make plenty of sense.

When you look at an object the object cannot be looked at as an object but as emptiness itself, because in truth when you strip away all the words, the concepts, and ideas, that is exactly what you wind up with in the end.

Emptiness of the breath is with you always, just do not call it the breath, and be aware of it all the time.
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In each step we take, we’re either closer to death, life, self realization, or bliss.

I noticed the river like lines in the palms of my hand, down to the stitches in the cuff of my long mustard green sleeve.

I noticed the galactic and geometrical scales on my body. Give me microscopic close ups and macro cosmic scopes of the very far away, closer than what you think deep within.

How deep can you go?


I can go deeper than the oceans and outer space.

Embrace nature,
talk to the stones,
plants, trees, sky,
clouds, and the stars.
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A true lion has no fear nor does anyone who consider themselves to be a God.

I finally joined on to the fitness center that is open twenty four hours, but I did not work out today.

The woman who showed me around the last time was the same woman who signed me up.

There was a point where I had thought that while I was waiting for this fitness lady to arrive to the counter that she was busy somewhere playing with her pussy getting off or bending over in front of big muscle men waiting to get fucked.
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In this world, anything is possible.

In true science, even crafts, art, poetry, foreign languages, spoken words, metaphors and the silence can be a large part of it.

He tells and instructs the structure of your being and atomic structures whirling away like a billion galaxies all centered and focused on the one and only eternal force.

If he wants to dance, then let him dance, let him be, to simply be. That is your dose of wisdom for the day.

Subdue the dragon within, not some reptilian walking around in a space suit.

Enter into the silence and learn.
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Should we talk about how I was going to die in a way that I wasn’t ready for? How can we ever be ready for death unless we are willing to face it in any circumstance or circumstances?

I was supposes to read the miracles of death and do not know how I fell asleep.

Now she asks me if I die if she could just go back to Singapore instead of taking care of my daughter. She brought that up out of the clear blue and I suspected that perhaps she had planned on me dying some time soon.
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After reading the entire process of the planting process down to the harvest aspects I began to sense the true meaning of nurturance.

I began to think about my children and children in general and asked myself what do our children need in order to grow and what do our children need in order to flower?

I believe that in the study of nature and seeing the concepts of nature, can also be applied to other areas that have nothing to do with a particular process as I've just stated in comparing the process of plant growth to child growth.
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What is sexism?

Sexism is an attitude or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles.

The differences in man and woman can be clearly seen.

Only women can give birth to a child and breastfeed it. Only women have menstruation once a month.

Men have penises and women do not. Men tend to be much stronger than women and there’s a notable mental capacity that is different among men and women.

Is the man better than a woman or a woman better than a man?

Is a bird better than an ant or an ant better than a bird?
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How do we go deeper into our subconscious mind which contains the many subtle things we fail to notice or pay close attention to in our day to day lives?

You cannot say Zen in a manner as if you are familiar with it if you are not doing these three things.

I: Noticing your breathing each moment of your life.

II: Taking the time out of each of your days to do a meditation on the Zafu if you have one.

III: Being aware of each action that you are performing no matter how small the action may be.
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You don’t want to go off, far out into outer space, without realizing the space that you’re presently in, which is full of meaning, and full of emptiness, and wonder.

Emptiness is still something as long as we call it as such.

In true emptiness there are no words, symbols, or speeches that try to explain the unexplainable shining in all of its Divine and Heavenly Glory.

If you’re trying to attain something, try to associate only with those things that will help you to get there.

The media plays with our emotions, persuading us to believe in their lies.
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I looked briefly through this science book and pondered over the building blocks of the Universe and the things that God Builds, constructs, designs, and destroys if He so desires.

But is the destruction like the destruction that we think of? Perhaps it is something entirely different than our definition of it and the process.

When you are in meditation try to harmonize with the higher energies and forces, as well as harmonize with the Universe and the cosmos.

There is nothing more beautiful, than expressing the mind of God.

This is all it is baby, atoms, science, and mathematics.
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I thought that books served as the perfect outlet as far as entertainment was concerned besides watching television and movies. I’m reading the book “True Love,” by Thich Nhat Hanh and took special note to when he said ''in our daily life our mind and body are rarely together.''

Of course we know that our bodies are always here, but we are rarely aware of it because our minds are often somewhere else besides the present moment.

He recommended that we read Anapanasati Sutta which translates as a Discourse on the Practice of Mindful Breathing.

Be mindful of the Mahdi.
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Is one moment necessarily better than another moment or is it how we perceive the moments that make them as so?

Perception is not always nor necessarily reality or even true. Bring yourself to the present moment.

I asked this question as I thought about the fact that I prefer to be at home and not have to think about the fact that I have to go to some job that I really do not want to go to. It is good that we work but like I have said before, true work is doing that which you truly love.
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It is only when you find yourself pushing and pressing yourself beyond expected limits, even when you do not feel like it, that you will begin to learn the deeper meanings of what it means to be a man.

We have to constantly struggle with ourselves as we go about in our lives and choose to be either this or to be that or nothing at all.

Sometimes emptiness can be our greatest choices to make in life. After all, once we leave here, what can we take back with us?

The trick in life is trying to find balance.
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Mary Jane or should I say Maryam is practically my second wife when my wife cannot be the dream wife that I would like her to be.

Instead I partake of the wisdom of Maryam.
I dance with her and together we are free.

Free back to the times, when our religion was nothing more than the drums and pure rhythm in perfect harmony with our beautiful Universe and Cosmic Cosmos.

Today they make it difficult to be in that state ever again, yet it is still possible.

What we need this time around is the ability to truly see.
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It’s good to be religious, but if you are truly religious then it can't be part time. You have to be it full time.

A lot of people would be surprised that being religious included some masturbation, art, politics, and enjoying sex.

For another person maybe it was Zen, deep tissue massages, and vegetable rice.

Another subtle aspect of self which isn’t my real self was the idea that I had to portray a certain image that was considered acceptable to my standards when in truth that aspect of self that can be described isn’t the true self at all.
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It is amazing how ejaculation tends to make things so clear.

I believe at times that I am better off wearing a white loin cloth and doing Yoga instead.

What a shame to be chasing after women, trying to get close and intimate with them, like chasing a dream to be famous in Hollywood. So now I am going back to seeing a woman in her righteous garb while realizing that this is also considered to be chasing after women too; chasing after their beauty, seeking their love.

Were you afraid of love and do you know what love means?
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Everything came from triple black darkness. It is not evil, and has nothing at all to do with Black Magic.


What aspect of myself did I think was my self when in truth there is no self, at least not what you have been taught about the self in this modern world.

Why does it seem that when people say we are crazy, we are actually [being] living life to the fullest? It's almost as though anything other than calm insanity is just wrong.

Take off your costumes and masks and be real.

Just be yourself.

Be a man
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How could something be so beautiful and sting you to death? There’s a lesson to be learned in everything.

What are the other forms of Allah's creation that is available to see but that I do not know about?

The Portuguese Man O War... You just cannot phantom His majesty and the things that he has created.

Can you marvel at the fact that he created you too?

Are you not something to marvel at?

Just take a look in the mirror, then reflect, and then think.

This is the Sufi Zen path that I have chosen and my religion.
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You don’t know the extent to which this wisdom can go, and flow, trickling down like dew on lotus blossoms ready for spring.

I’m dreaming of a garden without realizing that I am the garden.

Silence in Everywhere, is that even possible. Yes if you do not see sound as being sound.

He drinks a gulp of distilled pure rain water and chases it down with some dragon smoke and wonders why there are some contraries of the dragon in the East and in the West.

Why is he seen as good fortune in one culture and evil in another.