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True intervention came with transmissions from the Masterful Supreme Being of which we fear; because we had never seen God up close before.

It was almost as though He was extraterrestrial in origins, even though He was a full and alive man, breathing and seeing, thinking and envisioning, all at the same time, and who knows what else?

He was the true definition of Supreme Glory, and when you look up glory in the dictionary there is a picture of Him, as a Black Man.

I want to dive deeper into a Black Ocean and search for divine black pearls.
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I have some time to write, but not a whole lot of time. Let's write a bit from our notes and see how we can develop my writing in the manner that chess masters develop their chess pieces in the game of chess.

I had to remind myself that everything was mystical, and that everything that you do is mystical too.

So,Ö there should be no such thing as doing something that is boring or doing something that you donít like to do, because whatever you do is mystical, and everything is mystical in its nature and in its form.
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You know I have to admit that presently I cannot remember how I learned how to play chess, but I think it was from a book that showed how the chess pieces moved.

I remember even joining the chess club in high school, and can remember getting my ass beat severely, and checkmated in all kinds of ways. Is that where I really began to learn how to play chess?

It seems that recently I am finding a deeper interest in it, to the point of checking out chess books from the library.

Does that speak volumes for my interest?
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When going about to do something, you shouldn't go out with the thought in your mind to expect something to happen; like having a good time, meeting someone that you conjured up in your mind, or finding a brown paper bag full of money on the side of some curb.

Its okay to go out and do things, but don't go out with your bag of expectations.

It is better to expect the unexpected and hope that the unexpected is something that will help you to grow and to transform.

Whatever you are doing, do it with a clear mind.
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I mean if you look at all your complaints, there are solutions to them, and some of the solutions might require more work than other solutions. I guess you could say that there is a beauty to of all of this and hard work in the end really does pay off. So shouldn't you find yourself thinking more like the ant and being more industrious in a creative way and not in a way that disrupts the harmony in the Universe?

This is the Zen aspects of my writing. One Hundred Words a day, 365 days out of the year.
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What a moment to see; the sun rising just before that tiny fraction of light touches the horizon.

How could something so quiet and so silent like a sunset be so powerful to invoke such awe; to feel the power of its silence and beauty at the same time? These are just more signs and proofs of Allah's Majesty and Grace.

If you were to study the path that the Sun makes in the sky then you could know how the Earth rotates around it.

In truth, we are floating through space on a gigantic planet originally known as Asia.
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Often when a man is seen buying panties in the women's section of the store, several images might go through your mind.

Maybe the first one is that heís some kind of pervert who has a panty fetish of some kind.

Then there was the guy who was there shopping for his girlfriend or his spouse. According to some women they are turned on to see a man shopping for his woman, because their significant others never would.

Lastly I would hope that these so called men were not actually shopping for themselves because they were some kind of cross-dresser.
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Today marked the first day that I actually decided to go out and run around that park's track equaling 2.6 miles all together.

I don't know if other runners could tell that I was just getting out there and that it had been a long time since I had last ran.

Iím already feeling the various pains in my legs and the joints that they consist of. I will not lie to you and tell you that I didnít enjoy every bit and part of it. It is not the same as walking.

When running you really notice your breathing.
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Whatever happens; you shouldn't be satisfied with putting yourself in a little bottle or container as to what you are and what you are not. More than anything just be yourself.

One thing that I have learned today is that if you work on yourself then everything else will fall into place. You really do not have to do anything else.

Working on yourself means doing the things that will make you a better person and doing the things that can perhaps enhance you in some kind of way; like learning the guitar, playing the piano, or walking upside down.
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I think that civilization begins with self first and then with those members in your immediate family, such as the ones that you live with.

I don't know what her head trip is, but she has to know that just because she turned thirteen does not mean that she is fully grown, and that she doesnít have to listen to anybody. She still has to abide by the rules in this house and not live her life any way that she wants to.

When I turned thirteen I donít remember me ever thinking that I could do whatever I wanted.
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Allah sees all things. One of His attributes is the All Seeing. I think that sometimes we tend to forget that when we say Allah sees all things that it means all things and not some things. He sees all of the things that we do, rather we are in public, or in private, or hiding in a closet. He can even see the inner recesses of our being.

The profound thing about this is that He sees all things in the Universe and he doesnít need surveillance cameras to do so.

I think that is something worth pondering about.
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Afterwards I went to Whole Foods to restock on water and wound up in a parking lot by Osaka Sushi. I always wonder how their business is going because that place always seems to be so vacant. I wondered if the preparation of Osaka sushi was any different from any other sushi and assumed that it was or it would not be called Osaka sushi.

I cannot believe that my birthday is just right around the corner. I have to always remind myself constantly that I am not an age and that I am truly ageless and timeless in origin.
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See how the clouds move,
Allah makes them move,
see how the stars shine,
Allah makes them shine.

Feel your heart beat,
Allah makes it beat,
and can you see Allah
in all these things
and how he manifests Himself?

We never know why Allah allows things to happen the way that they do. If it were not for her turning away from me, I would have never went to the balcony outside to watch the clouds move, the stars shine, and leaves tremble in the soft wind.

Transport me to another world as I close my eyes and dream.
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Since Ramadhan has started, I find it harder to observe since it falls in the summer, and because of the way that many of these women dress with their short tight shorts, showing off their gluteus maximus which comes in various shapes and forms, the open revelations of their breast, and bare succulent legs. It is impossible not to look.

Had they been wearing a chador or an abaya, perhaps I would not feel so lustful.

I do think that the fasting does help to a degree but I can still see my lust and passions working in the background.
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It's a nice little downpour coming down now and I really love it. I've always loved the rain and normally prefer to be at home, indoors spending time with my family, or with myself.

Iíve concluded that Sufis, saints, and mystics are simply people who were willing to go the extra mile and took spirituality more seriously than the average person who did not give it much thought at all. What would humanity be without these few men and women?

Everything is mind, but we label things quite differently. It's all in the mind.

Mind over matter, mind over mind.
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I think itís kind of sad that Iím afraid to get my car fixed because I fear getting ripped off by a mechanic. I think that itís also sad that mechanics get the reputation that they do. Is it true that all mechanics are like this?

My typical visit to a mechanic would be watching them like a hawk, watching every single thing they do.

I figured that if mechanics knew that youíre looking at them and checking them out, then they will tend to do what they are supposed to be doing and not try to rip you off.
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I was sitting at a stop light in the car feeling very drowsy and time seemed to sort of drift as I looked straight ahead seeing the cars and their shadows passing by.

I found myself saying or chanting that nothing has a name to the point that I felt like I was in some kind of zone of some sort.

Nothing has a name and nothing has meaning. If nothing has meaning and nothing has a name, then that would mean that everything was nothing more than a mystery.

This world and this universe is truly mysterious and mystical.
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The past few mornings when I have come home and told myself that I would stay up to do certain things that I needed to do, turned out to be me going straight to sleep instead. This morning I told myself that I would sleep for thirty minutes, but found myself sleeping all the way to around two something.

It feels good to take action in my life and actually do something about it instead of thinking and contemplating about it all of the time. Iíve noticed that the more organized that I am the more freely I feel within.
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Iím thinking about electricity and how it works. I was thinking about how we have lights in our apartment and how that is a result of wires running through the walls. What are those wires connected to?

Iíve often heard of this thing called the power grid and how ours is outdated. It has been said that if the solar flares were to hit this grid that it would fry it out and we would all be without electricity.

What is mysterious to me is where in the world does electricity come from? They say it is harnessed; but how?
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See yourself in all things, and in all creations; from the sub atomic atoms to the gigantic stars.

I saw myself as a bee flying in the air and felt just as a bee would in flight. If you contemplate deeply enough you can be anything, and see yourself in all things.

True love is in loving God who in His very essence is the true Originator of love. Open every pore and muscle in your body to allow Allah to come in and be a part of your life.

It takes many breaths in meditation to finally reach God.
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If the Greek Gods were Black then that would mean that Asklepios was one of the Original God healers of all time.

My path is a path of reunifying body and mind. When you are practicing Yoga, then you will know what it means to be in complete control.

When I did sahur this morning I made myself very much aware of the eating process and the drinking process. The only words that I could think of is that I should be very thankful.

By fully observing aspects of Yoga like Zen the main focus is on the present moment.
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One of the biggest mistakes that I can make in life is to live under the illusion to think that I am somebody. I have to remember that I did not create myself.

There was a time when I was not here on this planet Earth and there will come a time when I am no longer.

Who do I owe my life to?

There is a prayer that says surely my prayer, my sacrifice, my life, and my death are all for Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

There could be no other possible way of looking at this.
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As I drove to work I contemplated on how our lives are a combination of beginnings and endings.

I thought about the things that began in my life and the things that have ended.

My life has been like the lines in the palms of my hands; lines which have a beginning and an ending.

I can remember when I began elementary school and when I graduated.

I can remember my first girlfriend and how she dumped me.

I thought about how my life began in a hospital and I thought about the second in which it will eventually end.
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Oftentimes when I think about my writing ideas, I think that I have to make a novel about it. Everything doesnít have to be a long story. Sometimes keeping things short can say so much more than what a long lecture would. You can make a short story about the ideas that come to mind just like a journalist does in the newspaper.

Before I die I would like to fast for 40 days. I know that in order to do this, I need to train for it, just as we train for anything else we hope to embark upon.
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While on my break I was reading some stories from the book entitled, 'The Illustrated Rumi, A Treasury Of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul,' which I checked out from the library. I came across a line that said, '40 years for a man to reach wisdom.' After reading this it seemed to affirm some of the changes that I felt I was going through when I turned forty in the manner of my thinking and how I was beginning to see things.

It seems that many fail to see the beauty in Islam due to lies on television.
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I passed by a mortuary of some sort and began to wonder if this would be my last night driving or not. By the way, I had to stop at the gas station because my back left rear tire had got pretty low. It costs one dollar to put air in your tire. I can remember a time when getting air for your tire was absolutely free.

Do you see how greedy people are for money? If they had a chance, they would charge you for the air that you breathe and the sun that shines on your vegetable garden.
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They thought that he would follow the devil, but they forgot that he had holy skills and powers.

I shuffled the cards; the Judgment card popped out as clear as day. I had dozed off and saw her standing at the doorway. It was just like the Judgment card I had seen.

I was looking at real images of the planets and various places within our cosmic universe and then I said that it was the Sun, Moon, and Stars that was as much a part of us as we were a part of it. We are all the same.
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One of the best ways to learn a foreign language in my opinion is to learn by imitation; like a parrot imitates and an impersonator impersonates. I say this as I listened to some of the tones of Chinese for the numbers.

When I left the house yesterday the logical thought dawned on me that as a man of the house, I have the right to say how I want things to be, even if nobody agreed. It was up to me to make the best decisions possible if I called myself guiding the family in any kind of way.
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Shaitan is very crafty and slick. He whispers in your ears and casts subtle and evil suggestions; thus the reason why we should guard our prayers, our thoughts, and our minds.

I would also like to get out of responding to slang so much, for instance when people say Ďwhat's up.í The term in general is like saying how are you doing. My response could be something like 'a lot of things above water.' One of my favorite responses is saying sun, moon, and stars.

If you want to know the true power of the word, keep your words bond.
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As I write now, I have to take a Zen approach to my writing, which means that as I write I have to be aware of everything that is happening right now.

I have to notice the movements of my hands as I type, the fact that I am breathing, the sound of the motor in the computer, and the sounds that are made as I type on the keyboard.

It means that I have to be aware of the feelings and sensations in my body, my bare feet on the carpet and cars passing by outside of the window.
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The other day I had this pimple on my neck from a ingrown possibly. I was feeling it for some time and could not resist the urge to finally pop it. Popping it did nothing more than just add pain. It would have been better if I would have not popped it perhaps, or let it go back down on its own. That is what I am doing about this one that I am feeling down below. I have not been shaving my pubic hairs lately and figured since she is not giving me head, what difference does it make.