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ďGood morning sir. We are calling you to inform you that you have a civil case against you. Have you received your certified mail yet?Ē she asked.

I had no idea what she was talking about and she told me to call some 888 number. When I called the number some man answered and it sounded like he had a bunch of bread stuffed in his mouth.

You have two days to make some kind of payment arrangement to stop the proceedings from going to court he said.

I guess he assumed I knew nothing about the statute of limitations.
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When I got on the Northbound bus it was crowded, and it seemed like everyone was staring at me as though I was the thief who was eating food out of their refrigerators.

I had to shift several times to allow people to get off at various stops.

At one point this woman had to get up and I was so much behind her that when she backed up towards me her big ass booty landed right on my hand by accident.

She said sorry but I really regretted that I did not give her ass a nice squeeze instead.
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I had to look up the words masochist and chauvinist to be sure that I was clear on their meaning. Neither of these words are similar in nature.

I was thinking about how some feminine groups out there like to refer to the man as male chauvinist pigs.

This is what probably began the change in how men treated women based on their distorted and upside down philosophy.

I thought it would be a good idea to look up the feminist and feminism philosophy to see what were the other things that they believed in that fucked up their heads.
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I wanted to talk about vibrations and how we create them based on energy and accumulative thoughts.

With all of this being said I thought about psychics and how they are able to see and read certain patterns of energy left behind.

I thought about this and wondered how does one go about clearing energy patterns that are negative in nature.

It would probably start with thinking more positive about everything and sending love everywhere.

Love melts negativity away like the sun melts ice cream on a fine Sunday afternoon at some park that you always see in the movies.
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Imagine yourself as a Praying Warrior. What is a praying warrior? A praying warrior is the one who makes extra effort in doing extra prayers which are not obligatory.

Imagine yourself as a fasting warrior. What is a fasting warrior? A fasting warrior is a warrior who fasts just for the sake of fasting and does not tell anyone that heís fasting.

Imagine yourself as a meditation warrior. What is a meditation warrior? A meditation warrior is a person who meditates every day without fail. On a higher level we are talking about one hour meditations on a daily basis.
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I keep saying Tabligh without going into details as to what Tabligh means. From what I understood it means it is like a revival of some sorts or a coming back to the path.

Sometimes we can all tend to wander off of the path but there is always that reminder and wise man that continues to point to us the direct way.

Can you imagine that God is a Man and as a Man there is no limit as to what he can do and what he cannot do because He is the Supreme Being, All Powerful and Mighty.
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The dragon breath equals one thousand breaths.

At 0324 breathe deeply.

I have noticed that while in meditation time seems to be transcended. When it comes to time there is nothing that can be explained because time is not fixed at one point to where you can point at it and say there's time over there and suddenly see some man named Time running away trying to get away from his pursuers.

However, in being more serious about time, itís something that can be transcended once you realize that real time does not say tick tock or anything at all.
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Washing my clothes is what I did when I came home. While the clothes were in the dryer I wound up taking a few tokes which is something I shouldnít have been doing since I am supposed to be in the 28 day abstention period.

Another part of me said go with the flow with everything, rather it be masturbation, finding women to be sexy and attractive, or deciding to take a few tokes.

I guess you could say I was simply giving myself permission to pretty much just fuck up all of my goals and plans in the process.
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This is the end which leads to the beginning. It seemed that in the distance there was this door opening that would lead to glory.

Iím not talking about the disciplined looking woman who seems to be filled with light of an unknown origin.

Today is the day that Iíll fold up all of these clothes that I just washed yesterday and the day before that.

The more you took care of the small stuff the more youíll realize that youíre getting your shit together and planting a plan that will grow to be the beautifulness plant in the galaxy.
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My thoughts upon awakening was to focus on the relaxation principle. I think that this is something that I kind of forget from time to time but it should be known that being relaxed is one of the mystical characteristics.

When I say be relaxed I am not talking about laying around the house all day doing absolutely nothing, though that sounds like something worth doing. I am talking about being relaxed in all situations when you are doing your work at home, walking, talking, or when you are at the job doing the things that you normally do there.
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I stopped by some place to get some Kong which proved to be no different from Golden Goat as far as paranoia was concerned.

I had several thoughts about the things that could be done which I have no idea about and the fact that it was a pure phenomenon that pot was actually legal here and nowhere else across the many states that make up this place called country.

I struggled and fought my sleep despite the fact that I was already tired. I figured that since it was an off day that I didnít have anything to lose.
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Today is not the first day that I wanted to say this because I noticed it many times before regarding our prayers.

I was beginning to see prayer as this form of a graceful performance that was done for the Lord of the worlds.

I know that every aspect of creation has its own mode of prayers that it performs.

When you are doing your prayer, you have to realize that prayer is not something that you try to rush or anything. Take your time and really try to understand the words that are coming out of your mystical mouth.
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The only way the silence is truly expressed is without words or speech. You can talk about the silence all you want, until your face turns pink with blue polka dots; it will not explain what the silence really is simply because the word itself implies not talking, writing, or anything else that deals with daily communications.

Just as youíre supposed to be setting boundaries in the home, you should also be setting boundaries in the job place as to what youíll do and will not tolerate. Stand up to defend those boundaries that you have decided to be yours.
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Women think that covering their bodies is some kind of punishment but do not realize that it is in the nature of a man and a woman to be attracted to each other.

When a woman takes her clothes off in public she brings out the animal in man and his innate desires.

They wonder why men act like dogs when they are the ones who are showing their tits and their ass in public and expect us to not have any reaction to it.

They know what they were doing the moment they put those daisy duke shorts on.
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intimacy /noun/ close familiarity or friendship; closeness; a private cozy atmosphere; an intimate act, esp. sexual intercourse, an intimate remark, closeness of observation or knowledge of a subject

intimate /adjective/ closely acquainted; familiar; close/ having or creating an informal friendly atmosphere/ used euphemistically to indicate that a couple is having a sexual relationship/ involving very close connection/ private and personal/ used euphemistically to refer to a person's genitals/ [of knowledge] detailed; thorough/ a very close friend

euphemistically /euphemism /noun/ a mild or indirect word or expression for one thatís too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing
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After I woke up I did some meditations once I saw that there was no sign of N responding at all to my texts.

As I meditated I felt that it didnít matter if she responded or not.

While meditating I was being mindful of my thoughts which were somewhat way out there. I was trying to think about what I needed to do in order to be back on that mystical path and experiencing it. The answer to that question was in simply being aware.

If we are mindful of our thoughts we can avoid certain actions and feelings.
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The secret to the mystical path resides in the single moments of actions and motions. This was a simple element that was missing but worth practicing.

In this instance we are talking about living each moment with whatever we are doing and not labelling it as something that is boring or as something that is interesting.

The essence of Ninjitsu is when the self blends in with the entire universe.

I thought everything was supposed to be about love.

Everything is all about love, so let yourself go, reach out to the heavens and the stars as the branches do.
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I thought about how itís possible for a woman to have multiple orgasms while the man is normally known to have just one.

While I would like to believe whatever I hear [which isnít true] I question the name of a book I recall called the Multi Orgasmic Man.

Was that about how a man could have multiple orgasms or was it some book about how to reach so called success?

I need to watch something to make me laugh until tears come out of my eyes, snot comes out of my nose, and belly aches to be felt tomorrow.
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So I did not talk about or mention that once I went for my massage it seemed that I had got there too early.

I wanted to slap myself in the face for not grabbing a business card last time which had the hours listed on them.

While the hours were posted on the window I thought that perhaps those were their old hours.

I left and stated I would come back and found it was still closed on my return hours later after walking through the park.

Suddenly felt like all of my luck had become a deflated balloon.
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It has been a long time since I have seen Ocean 12. It was an expression that I would hear from time to time from my audience.

I enjoyed doing my soul writing this morning and even exaggerated a bit. The exaggeration parts are what made it even more fun to read in the process.

I am still not writing about the theme of the day for my soul writing which was basically about psychotic random paranoid thoughts.

Did you know that it is not known where thoughts come from; not to the western world?

I wonder why that is.
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In reference to my interest in sex I thought about how I saw sex as being something that was sacred and how the chances are that my Swadhisthana chakra is probably very active in my system.

I was watching some of the videos attached to the 33 Reasons article. Something was mentioned about the 64 channels and how we could channel our sexual energy in such a way that we could have an orgasm without ejaculation.

I have yet to experience that. It was stated that certain breathing techniques would have to be developed and doing certain types of Yoga.
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The importance of relaxation isnít just a karate or meditation thing. Itís worth your while to be cool all times regardless to the situation.

Being relaxed is the big contrast in comparison to being a whining and complaining bitch about shit, and how things are not going the you want them to.

I oiled my feet before my journal writings and it boosted up my self-esteem by 25%.

Actually I have no idea how to calculate how much it went up, but seeing my feet oiled versus being all ashy and cracked up did made a big difference to me.
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As I walked in this unpredictable snow, various aspects of it got in my eyes to the point of visibility being very absent from my view. What I needed was either a pair of sunglasses or a set of goggles to keep the snow out of my eyes.

It was stated that only six inches of snow would fall. Now it looks like we might have an actual blizzard which I will not despise; especially if it means that my off can begin today.

How would the swing shift like it if all of the night shift team called off.
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Believe in yourself and know that you can be whatever you want to be in life; rather it be the CEO and president of your own company, or some mystic man deep in the woods of tomorrow.

I recall the crow in the tree who may have followed me home one day and was now looking through my window which happened many moons ago.

You know who else could be a Black Crow?

That thought made me pull out the book Ikkyuís Crow with no Mouth.

Are crows universal animals where they are seen in every part of the world?
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Most people could not phantom in their most righteous of minds or think it was possible that Black people could come here from the future because Black people were made to look like they were buffoons and incompetent of being successful at anything in life which is a damn lie.

I went to Whole Food's for the Nag Champa incense and a strawberry smoothie drink.

I cannot figure out why I am constantly seeing women in workout pants and yoga pants bending their ass over as though they are trying to communicate with me or present the means to temptation?
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Normally when I think about sleep I normally think about getting some rest.

While one of the purposes of sleep is to get rest, the main focus should be on dreaming.

You should be looking at sleep when it is time to sleep as an opportunity to dream and lucid dream.

Embrace the origins of your triple dark darkness from within and from without.

To condemn the blackness is to condemn your very own existence.

I do not care what color you are, even white people had to go through that triple darkness in order to get to this world.
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Do you really contemplate that today could be your very last?

If today was your last day would you do anything different?

People say live each day as though it were your last but I rarely see anyone really living like that.

If today were my last day I would call off from work or do a no call no show.

Being a mystic is not something that you think or feel. This became very clear as I walked across the street and approached the trees.

To be mystic is to be authentic and genuine without all the fake stuff.
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Being afraid to tell people what you want to really tell them for fear of what they might think about you is pure Mr. Nice Guy shit.

The Nice Guy really sales himself short by compromising his manhood by not confronting issues that he wants to address.

What kind of fear is this that you are so concerned about someone else at the expense of neglecting your own?

It is better to live with integrity knowing that you are doing the best that you can to be yourself without all of the bullshit and wearing all of the fake masks.
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ĒActions speak louder than words,Ē was painted on the wall.

It didnít take me long to realize that words are useless when it comes to actually performing the series of actions that need to be done in order to accomplish your goals.

Itís easy to say that Iím going to start drawing. You can say this every day until your face turns blue but it will not produce a single line or circle by just talking about it.

You have to get some paper and something to draw with.

Perform the actions that you need to perform in your life.
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On my way back home close to noon on the bus, I overheard an intense conversation with a Black couple that really made me feel tense inside.

I really did not want to hear what they were talking about but it was loud enough to me that I could hear every single word.

I had to give credit to the Black man despite him using the word fuck and shit so many times.

As I listened to him it really did sound like he was making some valid points which I do not care to discuss in my journal writing.
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As I meditated I said to myself to let things flow without forcing it or expecting it to do this or to do that. Allowing things to be and to flow helps me to be able to flow also, in a harmonious way getting a pure taste of the Tao.

Everything is mystical. Each breath, each bodily sensation, each thought, each bodily movement, and each person is mystical.

I reflected on not having a name and that nothing had a name, and that nothing had a title.

I have mystical eyes and mystical hearing.

Self-awareness is the key to self-liberation.