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I can agree 100 percent that the easiest way for a man to get a woman is to be brutally honest and to be himself without any add on's and commercial breaks.

Loneliness can be either torturous or it can be made into something more deep and profound.

Has anyone ever thought or imagined about the life of a real monk during the ancient days?

There were vows of silence and realizing the truth and nothing but the truth.

What is the truth?

The truth is the ultimate reality.

What is the ultimate reality?

Itís a place called shut up.
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I don't recall any system which stated we had five additional chakras making it a total of 12 chakras all together.

While Iím not knocking down the theory, Iím quite certain about the known seven.

The more I try to just pay attention to my chakras the more better I would be able to understand them.

At one point I started to do some Abhyanga Yoga which went into actually doing Hatha Yoga.

I asked myself how many Yoga positions I knew and their Sanskrit names.

At that moment I just sat on the Zafu looking clueless like Professor McGoo.
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Going back to the reference of women, I would have to say more than anything else what I am looking for is not just a way to cope with the absence of woman in my life but how to cope with the desires too.

This is where Yoga and the Buddhist precepts can come in handy by realizing that senses wise I imprison myself through my attachments, wants, and desires.

In your particular case you might find it helpful to observe the four noble truths and the eightfold path and to read scriptures like the Dhammapada on a consistent basis.
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Going back to my subtle thoughts about this morning and the suggestions that were given to me made me realize the importance of being aware of our thoughts.

When you are aware of your thoughts you can catch these subtle suggestions which try to persuade you to go in another direction than what you intend.

"The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn." Gloria Steinem

"One of the world's greatest mysteries is the mind of a woman."

Iím beginning to learn what is more important in life and what is not.
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I woke up after five hours of sleep and suddenly remembered that I left the clothes in the dryer.

I put my pants on as fast as possible to get to the laundry room hoping that all my clothes would be there and that no one did not steal a pair of my boxers or some of my socks. I found all my clothes on top of the dryer.

The essence to the lightness of being starts with emptying your mind of every expectation, every dream, every fear, every wish, every desire, every attachment, and anything within a named category.
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As I got closer to home this morning it began to drizzle a bit. Once I arrived home, I found myself sweating more than I normally do. I also found myself to be so exhausted that when I laid down and started to read my Kindle book briefly I fell asleep without any difficulties.

Maybe that is where I messed up. I should know that once I lay down, it that will be the end of the story as far as fighting sleep is concerned.

For me to not have a schedule almost seems as though nothing will get done.
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While I was walking the stairwells I saw things that I could draw and recalled how drawing can lead to Zen aspects of awareness.

Drawing is like a meditation as it puts you in the moment.

I thought a little bit more on the meaning of living my edge and how it could deal with people too.

Don't be afraid to rock the boat.

Look forward to rocking the boat especially when it involves your boundaries.

I remember I was telling myself this a while back and actually exercised my authority on this and felt good afterwards when I did.
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If nature and the Universe is a reflection of whatís inside of us; we have to wonder if there is a level on which we can just stop at being amazed.

Currently at Kaiser Hospital.

I thought that while I am here to get my alley cat battle wound looked at, I could also ask them about my fucked up toenails and if I should be concerned or not.

Is the black stuff fungus?

Are the bent toenails due to malnutrition?

Do I need to schedule another appointment?

Do I want to go in to work after this?

Hell no!
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In what way is writing like an art?

Have you ever stopped to think on how we pay to see how we would really like to be?

We are good at repeating the words, "wow I wish I could be like that," as though nothing great is possible in our lives.

Have you ever had that feeling that you are going to die soon or find yourself saying that this is it?

The fact that death will come to us is a certainty and it is not a question of if but a matter of when.

If only we knew.
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Clearing space gave me the perfect opportunity to learn how to tune my E string on the guitar and how to change the broken one by watching a You Tube video.

Is it ironic on how people will say that they desire wealth in their lives but refuse to pick up a single penny?

You can't possibly live your edge without facing all of your fears and without facing the inevitable which includes facing Death.

I read this interesting quote by Morihei Ureshiba, "If you have not linked yourself to true emptiness, you will never understand the Art of Peace."
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Be like Zen mixed with a jazz song, and personal statements blurted out about her thong.

Iím going to agree one hundred percent that shyness and social anxiety has a whole lot to do with our thoughts.

If we look closely enough we can probably learn that the majority of our problems involves our own minds.

The psychic book was staring me in the face after doing my Asr prayers and I found myself thinking about the extrasensory perceptions within myself.

Why does meditation help you to get in touch with your psychic abilities?

Because meditation brings about more awareness.
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I set my meditation alarm for fifteen minutes and would add 5 on to that as I decided to wait for the sound of the Isha adhan.

After the meditation was over my mind felt so deep in consciousness.

Itís possible to focus on emptying the mind in meditation.

Can emptying the mind be continued outside of meditation?

Yes, it can and it should be practiced with the silence.

Each moment is a meditation in the silence.

In the process of emptying the mind, focus on taking away the names and all of the illusions that come along with it.
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I had no enthusiasm to do my prayers today, nor do I think I was capable with all of the blood coming out of my extracted molar tooth from this morning.

It was a painful ordeal to get my tooth removed and somewhat of a relief to know that I was not going to have to worry about any more of those shocking and jolting nerves shooting into my brain anymore.

Today was the first day that I actually got some rest and it is possible that I drank a rather large portion of my own blood in my sleep.
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I spent the entire night in complete silence.

We had to do things differently since I couldnít talk, but it felt good to have a reason not to talk.

I really realized how much people depend on talking in the same way that women depend on chocolate.

Towards the end of the shift I looked up some things that could be eaten after getting your tooth pulled and managed to think of several things that I wouldnít mind eating such as porridge, bread dipped in vegetable broth, Columbian Coffee ice cream, yoghurt, eggs with cheese, oatmeal with bananas, and couscous.
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I almost did not make it to work on time last night.

Once the sun went down I decided to do a ten-minute meditation and gave myself some time to rest afterwards.

The big mistake that I made was not setting an alarm clock.

When I woke up it was clear to me that I was not going to be catching the bus on time.

What was my final solution?

I had to walk to another bus stop which probably took me roughly around twenty-five to thirty minutes to get there.

I was one minute late for work.

Letís begin.
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Names and words as well as alphabets carry a vibration and these vibrations are energy that can and do carry meaning and influence.

If you are studying the actions or being aware of them as you move from one moment to the next, then you should be made aware of the fact that your actions can be an art in themselves based on the manner in which you move about from here to there performing this action and that one.

Pleasure for men can be found in working towards their missions and accomplishing his personal goals that he truly loves.
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As I was about to leave the bank counter the teller said, "is there anything I can do to make your experience more satisfying with your visit here?"

Words alone cannot describe the images that went through my mind.

We could start off with a kiss on the cheek and your telephone number for starters is one response I was thinking of while wondering what the response to that would be.

If youíre going to speak, then speak from your balls, your Muladhara root chakra, roots of the ancients, and the roots before the Akashic records and penetrate her mind.
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Sundays are the best days to meditate because there are hardly any cars passing by.

All of the loud party people are fast asleep and only the musical sounds and praises of birds to the Almighty can be heard.

Ndambe probably tells her dad everything that we talk about and probably cries her little tears out to daddy saying how unfair and cruel this world is.

Oh daddy, I can't think for myself so please think for me daddy.

If that is not the signs of a woman acting like a little girl then I do not know what is.
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In one instance what I was gathering from what the author was saying or talking about made me think about going back to the Tao, or the Wu Wei of doing things.

The reason why our lives probably seemed so miserable is because we were trying so hard.

The mere fact that we were trying hard was the problem because normally this aspect of trying was done with too much effort when it should be done effortlessly.

I liked how he talked about how we suffer more when we run away from the very pain that could actually liberate us.
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From what I have read, I have come to the conclusion that our so called negative emotions are not bad after all and that they should not be avoided.

It is not good to avoid the so called negative.

It is better to analyze and to learn how to appreciate negativity by understanding it instead.

I came to a conclusion that one of the roots of suffering is avoiding the present moment and what is going on within it.

I went to work with the thought that I was going to go the night without food and drink just water.
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If you want to look at rejection in a more harmless point of view just realize that pigeons get rejected all of the time.

You can see it when male pigeons try to mate with female pigeons.

Sometimes the female pigeon will allow herself to get fucked and sometimes she will just fly away.

Ultimately the pigeon who does not give up is the one who gets to fuck some wet pigeon pussy.

I need to get back to everything is mysterious and everything is mystical mind frame.

These thoughts are the proper way to experience this frame of mind.
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I am neither this nor that. Thereís no comparisons.

I came to a conclusion that the problem I am having with women is one thing I never thought about too much.

What is the problem?

Labelling is the problem when it comes to women or anything else that you may be dealing with.

The minute that I say woman many things are happening.

For starters I am going to say that I am a man and she is a woman.

This is where the separation begins.

Go back to looking at things with no name, no title, and no definition.
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There is no being, no mind, no mystical love, no mysteriousness, no self, no religion or being religious, spiritual, or being aware of your actions.

These are all words dying to give description to something that in truth is full of the void and even to call it that is to miss the mark entirely.

In truth there really is no mark.

There is no breath in the sense that you have called the breath the breath when before there was no name for it.

There are no emotions such as happy and sad.

Emotions do not have a name.
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In this contemplation in the present moment no music was allowed and all of the lights were turned off.

The darkness is not necessarily your enemy.

The darkness, and the color black has been given a very bad name despite the fact that all life emerges from triple darkness.

Wu Wei might seem like a philosophy for bums but Wu Wei does not mean that you are not aware in the process.

In Wu Wei you are alert and aware from the inner to the outward and everything in between.

Avoid fitting into any categories that limits your potential freedom.
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In the beginning we are all strangers.

Even when we are born into this world we are born as strangers because we still have not come to know our parents just of yet, though there is an invisible sort of bond of the mother with her child.

Initially I was thinking about how we are strangers based on the fact that when we become friends we all start off as strangers.

When we go to school and don't know anybody we have to get to know other people and thatís how friends start, but it all starts off as strangers.
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It isnít about how to bring back the mystical states of consciousness like experienced in the past more than it is about bringing back the awareness because it is the ability to be aware that brings about the mystical states to begin with.

When you do anything, do it in a relaxed manner.

Remember that when you do something, do one step at a time, one thing at a time, one single action at a time, one single piece of paper at a time, and realize that the inner you is magical and mystical.

It doesnít get profounder than that.
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Always go with the flow of your emotions, no matter what kind of emotions you may be having.

If you are depressed embrace the fact that you are depressed.

If you are angry embrace the anger.

If you are bored, dive into it.

The key concept here is awareness of your emotions from one moment to the next which also deals with your feelings.

Learn how to embrace resistance such as working out, taking on a life of discipline, and fasting.

To have strength is to have power and there is no power like the power that comes from within.
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I thought about how it was stated that my son had smelled the box that I sent him with his birthday gift inside and how he said it smelled like the Rocky Mountains.

I thought about how I used to smell stuff as a child and still do and told myself to smell in the manner that a wolf smells which is the perfect way to use the sense of smell.

I smelled an Indian woman's shirt and someone else's sweater and felt that I knew quite a bit about them in a way that I couldnít explain nor understand.
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How would you like it if I said I did not want to hold a title, or a name, or a position, or thanks and praises, a woman by my side with children, a big house, a fancy car, a degree, or to see paradise or that I wanted to flee the burning hell fire, or if I said that I did not want enlightenment, or that I did not want to read all of my books and that I did not want to write and that I didnít care if my whole entire world crumbled into tiny little pieces?
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Reach for your emotions by embracing them and get in touch with your deeper feelings which can be deeper than the oceans and the far away galaxies.

Inhale chi, while exhaling the dragon breath of fire, which surrounds the body, expands the heart, then enlightens and enlivens the mind.

ďWho would like to be a light amongst the lives of the people?Ē asked God.

ďMe!Ē said an angel while raising up his wings. ďI love to be amongst the people,Ē said the angel.

I wear my space cap whenever I meditate so that I can travel deeper into inner space.