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April's Wisdom Day. My daughter's 4th birthday. I remember when she was 2, and when she first came out of the womb…………..Scribed 25 new Chinese characters. Beginning to recognize some of the characters I see written on the walls. My studies are paying off. "Learn English in 3 to 6 months," an advertisement flyer they put on my door. I figured this could apply to any language since English the bastard language is the most difficult to learn. The English language does not have a mother or a father……………….I still need a deep tissue massage. More exercises please.
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"We provide free internet service to our customers," says Au Pain's coffeeshop advertisement. I figured I'd purchase a latte, which I did for $3.50, so I could log in my 100 words for the day. The cup was so small. I then asked her where was the computers. "Oh," she said, "you have to bring your own." I wanted to throw my latte into her face and burn down the establishment. I give them credit for their alluring phrase, but they are just about worst than Starbucks. I doubt they will stay in business for 1 year………Free laptops anyone?: - )
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To the contrary, children don't learn languages by reading books or learning their alphabets. Initially they learn by what people say or speak and how they identify with objects. If we tell them that a cat is a cow they will call the cat a cow. They trust that we know the best words for all the animate and inanimate objects in our world. Thus a picture does speak a thousand words. Take the word I. How many different ways can you say I with all the languages we have in the world. Watakushi, wo, yo, je, saya, ana, enea……….
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Feliz cumpleaño ënat……..Are the people who work at Starbucks trained to be real nice or are they just nice as individuals? "Would you like anything else with your latte sir?"………….. "Sure sweetie, how about a full body massage and your telephone number." I get the impression that they'll do anything for their customers besides selling roasted coffee beans…………..Went to the other side, made a spiritual offering. Saw a bunch of butterflies Ive never seen before. Saw Sun Tzu driving a van with 7 clowns in the back seat staring at me. Many unexplored places in South East Asia.
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Numerologically speaking, I keep seeing Sevens……………….. Still no sign of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Lets face it people, it was all a lie used to justify bombing innocent women and children. Now they are saying "yeah" (while puff puffing on their cigars) "we could of had Osama in 1986."……….Right?! And I could of had won the million dollar sweepstakes. Darn! The Pentagon could never get their facts right.What is this about their so called intelligence?................. I finally found a bus that will take me home 1 way. No more taking 2 buses. The inner journey continues.
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Had epok and teh halia at the Pakistani and North Indian Food restauraunt /café. I made some bean soup, but still have not satisfied myself to the best pot of bean bean soup, compared to other bowls of bean soup Ive tasted from others……………….We can all grow in wisdom if we are willing to admit our stupidities. We are bound not to repeat them again………………………………………Thundered real loud today, and rained hard, along with some heavy winds. I could see the fear in peoples faces. It was like judgement came before expected. …………Found Little India today......................Seven Day Fast??
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I still have not understood why a man in a suit carrying a suitcase is associated with power and success. Or why a woman in high heels with a short mini skirt thinks she is sexy. What makes a diamond so valuable? Why not a piece of glass or a crystal…………………….You don't need to go to a university to learn about psychology. I see plenty of cases everyday when I catch the bus. People have countless ways to escape the present moment. Thinking of the past, anticipating the future………………Write a poem, move your Queen, see a floating flower.
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So exhausted and tired that I begin to wonder how I even manage to come here to this job almost every morning. I think my morning ablutions and Fajr prayers help me to wake up to some degree……………0650 am, what a nice view of the Moon……………….It bothers my conscious when people say "What can I do, I guess I have no choice." They already gave up without trying. You do have choices………….Another view of the morning star, it was bronze and gold in colour, birds chirping, crows cawing, the morning is still, while everyone else is moving.
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You hear a lot of talk about men who go out and have affairs, but you rarely hear the reasons why they had one in the first place. Wives who bicker, nag, complain, cant cook, cant clean, cant rear children, and claim sex is not enjoyable no matter how romantic you are. Ahhhh, no wonder………..Once you reach your thirties, they call it dirty thirties. Lots of things happen in your thirties. I want to live without regrets. In my mind I am treading on thin ice. Loving a woman who comes along is temptatious, especially when youre already married.
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My body and my stomach is beginning to protest against the consumption of eating chicken now. Fish seems to be the only toleration. Looks like I'm returning to my vegetarian days again soon. Amitaba……………….OM. ………1300 My one hour break: Zuhr prayers………….Saya makan nasi goring ikan bilis…………..Bagus……….The one thing I love most about the Mosques here is how freely and openly you find cats roaming around. No one harms them. The Fatima Masjid has a nice abundance of cats……………Slow winds blow, playing construction melodies, pink roses holding on, While two doves reflect another part of me.
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Explored the Golden Mile Tower today next to where I work for a few minutes today. I always wondered what was inside. Mostly travel agencies. You can tell that the building is very old. Among other things inside was several fish tanks full of sting ray fish, like the kind you see in National Geographic. Most of these shops display Buddha's statue and some add their Chinese statue gods illumined with a red light. Among these is some cat I see frequently that looks like Hello Kitty. Im not sure. An old book titled Conversational Thai. I might buy it.
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Another view from the 42cnd floor of the Marina Bay. It looks nothing like the first time I saw it from the 42cnd floor. Walked down the stairwell to the ground floor. I found more cleaners reading newspapers than cleaning……………..Modern Thai English English Thai Conversation. $10.00. Im sure this will collect dust for about one year or more…………………….From what I am seeing, I am beginning to realize that so called business professionals are basically executive pimps and secretarial hookers. They are no different from pimps and hookers on the streets. The business professionals are more discreet about it.
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Found out today that the Golden Mile Tower is also called Little Thailand. I knew that the writing I was seeing on the shops was not Tamil but it looks similar in some ways. They have several places there where you can exchange your rubies. I saw a Buddhist doing or offering prayers for the worshippers who were gathered by an outside shrine…………………….. I finally received the balance of my March pay. The Mosquitoes are getting the best of me and my daughter. Blood suckers like banks and credit card companies that charge interest, and loans money that never existed.
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Laughing when its not funny, scratching where it does not itch, agreeing when its not understood, saying yes when you really want to say no is characteristic of millions of people who are either afraid to be themselves or really want to fit in to some picture that they think is real. I don't understand how a woman can go out in public to wear a short mini skirt, with low cut revealing blouses practically showing their breast, and not expect a man to look at her. To go further she expects to be respected and treated like a lady.
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To take on the task of self mastery and self discipline is one of the most difficult tasks any human being can take. Its even harder when you don't have a master or a teacher around to smack you upside of your head a couple of times when you go astray. The cleaner your water the better the taste of your coffee and tea. I am considering to obtain a coffee machine. On many issues I need not try to kid myself or entertain ideas that are not bound to happen, or would get me in trouble if they did.
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I had made plans for today and yesterday and found that the majority of my plans did not fall through. I could not gain access to the internet and had to wait until today before I was able to go online again. Technical difficulties with the internet provider. I asked myself, can we be masters of circumstances? Even though we make plans for our days, do we have the capability to avoid the unavoidable? I wound up sleeping all day until around 4 and still feel tired. My body is aching all over from calisthenics Ive been doing recently again.
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Unexpectedly they whisked me off to another building. I had no idea I would be working at. Working in the shadows of buildings standing, Im perched all alone, under the baking sun, baking my soul and insides making me realize Im stuck in a box and trying to find a way out. I can hear my own heart beat without a stethoscope, and I am dreaming drearily while walking in the Governments zone. People crying and screaming inside but outwardly it does not show. Lips of expression sealed, mute with buttons put on pause. Man fears to destroy the computer.
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Even if it meant losing my job, I had to let them know that I was not some guinea pig, or a human being with no brain. So I called off. ""Sorry, but Im sick today and will not be coming in"". I was able to spend quality time with my wife and daughter, It seemed like it had been ages. "
"Saw telecast movie called the Ants. It was one of those pathetic movies that made you laugh for the sorry acting and pathetic mistakes the people were making. "
"I had a nice Sunday cat nap that I really needed.
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I missed my soul sister
Fine sister
Knocking on my door,
Glowing fire in the eyes sister
Like Ras and the family tree
Of Tafari
My queen of Sheba
Morning and night
Deep within the East
Ad mystical nights
1,001 stars adorn her hair
10,000 lotus petals at her feet
Enraptured in elegance
She moves, she moves
And flies away

Finally I learned how to indent my lines. HTML language is it? Feeling very dizzy lately. It seems like it's almost every day. Is it the local coffee? Am I being poisoned? Gag, gag, cough cough, last prayers, hymn song.
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A huge portion of Nicoll Highway collapses. 1 dead, 3 injured and 3 missing. They said an underground gas pipe had exploded causing the support beams to crumble. People in nearby buildings panicked and left their jobs early. I could have sworn that Godzilla was on the lose. "Send out the army and airforce, Mayday mayday." Meanwhile, they are sending out search party rescue dogs to see if they can find survivors. It all looked like something from a movie, except this was real.

She put the microphone close to my face like she wanted to pick my nose.
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"If you f**k me, I am afraid you will not love me afterwards. If it is an ejaculation you want, she said, I am afraid we cannot be partners."

His masculine ego was crushed and he shuffled his feet walking sadly away. They were idiots without the Fools costume.

Some fat man with glasses walked up to me and said "what is love?"

I punched him real hard in his mouth and as he picked up his teeth he yelled "what was that for?"

"One for asking the question, two to know its essence."

Origami- the art of paper folding.
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Early in the morning before the sunrise I smell this strong pine smell that reminds me of the mountains in California.

I don't know if I am becoming a parrot or pantomime, but from my observance of people, I am finding it hilarious to try to imitate them in the best way I can. The way they walk, talk, eat, etcetera. Doing this mainly at my job to kill the deadness of the job and the monotony. If death comes to me tomorrow, I don't want to say at my death bed, I should have been a more livelier person.
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After working 1 hour and 45 minutes I was informed that I was supposed to be off today. I called the scheduler/ boss and he said, Im sorry that you were not informed. Looks like I might call off again, this time without informing anybody.

The first time I saw 187 starring Samuel Jackson was on video. It played last night again at 10pm. The movie gave me flashbacks of Los Angeles and what I miss about it ( speaking Spanish a la razas, Angeles Crest, the culture, las rastas) and what I utterly hated- the crime, grafitti, gangs, drugs/ homelessness
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First there was the American Revolution, which was basically a group of rebels who no longer wanted to be faithful to the European King. Then there was the Industrial Revolution which pretty much invented slavery all over again, but this time it was slavery to the clock and the machine.

The reason why people find it hard to reach enlightment or self realization , is because they see it as some idea or concept, or some thing to be reached or grasped like an apple from a tree. Enlightment is the present moment. Buddha said that we were already enlightened beings.
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Like a hypocrite I took a 15 minute break at the forbidden place; Starbucks. As I sat looking out the window contemplating, I told myself that I had to make a movie. Its not the first time I told myself this. Even if the movie is a cheap low budget cam corder film, just make the movie. But something that contains substance and meaning and would leave a deep impression on the viewers.

People look at me like I am a nut case, like;; what in the hell are you doing in South East Asia? Earth belongs to the righteous.
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I witnessed a Holy Shaman Man spider that spun its web from particles of light. He made it thunder and rain, and painted my consciousness with lightning.

The rain spoke in a thousand different languages as it hit the earth, eventhough it was coming from one cloud.

The moth enwrapped in silk enjoyed its silent death, as it hung suspended in time.

The two worlds of dreaming and waking entwined in one had become a reality.

After studying the Government officials, CEO's and businessmen in their suits and ties, their true form was revealed. They were really like cockroach insects.
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I'm doing everything I can to stay up at this job. Splashing cold water on my face from the men's restroom. Even a Burger King cappuccino. What kind of coffee is that?

Yesterday the Chinese man made my coffee real nasty. I think he assumed that I was eyeing his daughter, when in reality it was her who was giving me the goo goo eyes.

Suddenly without notice, all the CEO's and business men in this building were coming out of the elevators to attack me. To defeat them I used the Iron Fist of Judah and praying mantis style.
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Rage against the machine, low income, poverty, the clock, and corrupt governments. There should not be wonder or surprise concerning rebellion, hatred, murder, and acts of revolution in societies that are unjust to the people. The cycles of war and brief periods of peace will continue for so long as injustice continues in societies and cultures all over the world. When will it all end? We gasp, we shriek, we have all become just another statistic, enwrapped in polluted illusions.

What does it take for the Mind to escape this illusioned reality? Is it starvation, self discipline, and surrendering all.
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Hell Boy. I finally watched it in the theatres after wanting to see it for so long. When they first showed the previews for it I thought it was for X men 2 and Hell Boy was just another added character. Who is to say that we do not really have mutants living amongst us in our world. Isn't that what the whole extraterrestrial, U.F.O ordeal is supposed to be about in the first place. I know some people who do not believe that there is life on other planets besides Earth. Talk about having tunnel vision and myoptic views.
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I asked a few people if they knew they only had a few months to live would they do anything different in their lives; and they all said that they would, and told me what they would do differently. I then asked them the question, why wait until you are about to die to make a change in your life when you can make that change now? Just pretend like you are about to die. Me personally I knew I would do things differently in my life as well. I think we are just to damn lazy to do them.