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When most people say "I," they are referring to their self as individuals and as separate from everything else.

The ego feeds off this illusion that we are in fact separate from everything else.

A small few who say "I," are not referring to themselves as individuals but to the I in I or the Eye that sees through all eyes human and non human.

It is the realized I or Eye that knows when they speak I speak and when I move we move and the same consciousness in me is also in you.

This is the realized Eye.
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Ignorance in all forms should be avoided as much as possible.

How often we see the same people everyday and speak to them but don't know their names.

Besides this, not knowing names of streets we live so near to, or the names of shops we pass by on a daily basis.

How about the names of flowers in your front yard or the trees above you?

Not that these things are important, but they would be good to know so when you refer to things you don't have to refer to them as "you know what I mean man."
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In Japanese anime scenes of gigantic battleships flying in the sky having battles as mere science fiction should not be under estimated or scenes from the Star Wars movies where people are living on gigantic ships in space that look like gigantic cities floating in space.

Why is the U.S government continuing to build weapons of mass destruction when it does not face any imminent threats and since the Cold War is long over?

They have enough weapons to destroy the Earth 10 times over.

Their biggest fear is a battleship in the sky; they fear their end is near.
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There was once a time that you would never hear of a Black superhero in a comic book. I still have this comic book from when I was five years old; where Superman and Muhammad Ali duke it out.

Muhammad Ali won of course and in my eyes was more of a superhero than Superman, so I drew a big S on Muhammad Ali's chest with my crayons about 28 years ago.

Even at my present age I still enjoy watching cartoons.

Who is to say that cartoons are just for children because now they are making X rated cartoons.
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It thundered real loud today and the rain poured down like the Niagara Falls.

I am quite sure that almost every Singaporean in Singapore was unaware that today was Cinco de Mayo just like countless other things they are unaware of on a global level.

On this day General Ignacio Zaragoza and his men eventually overthrew Maximillian the foreign emperor of Mexico City.

I couldn't imagine if Mexico was France instead of the Mexico that it is today.

If Mexico was France and the people French would they still be considered as illegal immigrants and face United Snakes border patrols?
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I was on my way to the Mosque, ignoring my inner voice within telling me to bring my umbrella with me thinking it wouldn't rain. As I walked closer to the Mosque I saw the dark grey clouds in the distance.

I should have brought my umbrella with me.

After the congregational prayers were over it was raining so hard that you could fill a cup of water in less than one minute. I ran home barefooted to get better traction on the concrete.

I felt like a free spirit, or a wild stallion horse on the edge of thunder.
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After doing some calculations of my finances I realized that I really can't afford the expensive prices of Starbucks.

My budget is tight like a virgin,
call 911 this is urgent,
to make it right I need a surgeon.

The mass population of people barely makes a living on the low wage paying jobs given to them, so some out of need and necessity, work over time hours or a second low wage paying job.

We know this is true because in comparison of the poor to the rich, the amount of poor people on Earth outnumber the rich people.
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It was while doing my African alphabet exercise that I felt like my brain was going to split and that I was going to experience altered states of consciousness.

When we say alphabet, people automatically think of ABC's in the Roman context, unaware that alphabets come in many different shapes and sizes besides just romanized versions.

Take Arabic and Hebrew as an example. Or Japanese, Korean and Thai

Someone told me that Hebrew was a telepathic language. I don't know where they got their source of information from. I've seen Hebrew alphabets used in magick and in Jewish mysticism too.
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Bringing out your inner child like some people say is no different than saying your inner self which is our true self that we so often hide from the world for fear of censorship.

But when people are alone in their homes they tend to act differently than what they do in public. When I'm home alone I'm free to be me they say.

But what or who prevents you from being you once you step foot outside your front door?

If you really want to know what being your true inner self is, all that's needed is studying children.
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Everyone has their own conception of what reality is.

No this is reality challenges another person who assumes to know it all.

But none of these people created themselves.

The majority don't remember when they were just a fetus in the womb of triple darkness, or when they were just one drop of sperm fighting against a hostile environment to reach the single Egg that would give them existence in this life.

And before this?

I am quite sure that such things as the latest fashion, newest movie, Plato's philosophy; and Bush's speech on world peace isn't the ultimate reality.
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Ever notice how you act differently to your mother than you do to your father?

Or how you act differently to your boss than you do with your colleagues or your friends and buddies from college?

What is this called?

Are we being actors, and pretenders towards these various people?

Is there any part of us that is consistent with people no matter who it is that we encounter or have we been unaware; given scripts and roles to play unconsciously by a Director we don't know?

Maybe its time to start playing our own roles and scripts in life.
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Une tragédie.

It was like something in a drama movie; saying goodbye to someone whom you will never see again, unless fate destined it to be so.

Everyone was full of apologies, if they had offended anyone ;with their exchanges of sobs and cries here and there.

The little five year old girl cried and said "you will visit me again wont you?" Only destiny would know the truth concerning that poor child.

Luckily for me I didn't have to witness the tragédie, but the crescent moon told me the entire story, as she peeked through the misty clouds mysteriously.
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Ah! It's the dreaded day for some and a splendid day for others.

Many so called Christians consider this a bad day because of Jesus death and how one of his trusted apostles turned on him.

Call it the Judas factor.

But even the number 13 as a number by itself is looked down upon mostly by the western world. So you find a floor with no 13 on it. Talk about being superstitious.

Mayans and Egyptians viewed this number as a good number. There is 13 months in the Mayan calendar and the Egyptians equate this number with immortality.
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If you want to be free in this world then you must detach yourself from this world by not desiring the things of this world or people.

You can liken human beings to a gigantic octopus reaching for everything in its sight with his countless arms.

It is only when the octopus seizes struggling to attain the things of this world that the octopus soon realizes that all it has searched for is already inside of him.

Once he realizes this, things come to him instead of him seeking things.

We can't take things with us when we finally die.
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With its abundance of resources and minerally rich fertile earth, Africa could be the next country of power in the 21st century.

I would like to be able to say one day, yes I am from the U.S.A, United States of Africa.

No one wants to acknowledge the other USA, controlled by (Bush?) the whacker.

The big problem in Africa is mainly a unity issue. If Africans in Africa and all over the world united together instead of killing each other over land disputes and things smaller than this, they could once again see heaven overnight.

Evil governments shouldn't interfere.
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Ever notice how unconsciously we do things because we've done it so many times before?

We've mastered the process of walking, but when we walk, we're not walking because we are not even aware of the heel toe heel toe process of walking when we walk.

We're thinking about everything under the Sun except what were doing in the present moment.

Our focus should be on self control of every muscle in our body and every motion we make with our body.

Whether it's washing our hands with soap, serving a plate of rice, doing a meditation, or having sex.
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Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary. It's our anniversary. (Repeat the verse.) A verse to a song that really is a song and it really is my anniversary. Big deal right?!

I asked myself why days have names like Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc.

Actually the days are named after our planetary bodies in our solar system. We have 9 planets with 7 days so a couple of planets were left out.

Like our distant sister Pluto so forsaken in astronomy and painted as a not so beautiful planet.

Don't you want to include my body of love?
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I find myself feeling like the odd ball in society because I don't want to play any roles or fit into any of society's snuggly comforting niches they have for everyone.

I don't want to fit into any of societies niches because once I'm in, Ill never grow beyond it.

The main theme of most societies is if you want to fit in and be accepted as being okay and normal then follow these guidelines.

Its like the director in a movie saying, if you want to be a star in this movie you must follow these scripts as written.
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I sat behind this desk for most of the day and did nothing but observe the people coming in and out of the shopping mall. I didn't judge anyone as fat, skinny, ugly, arrogant, etc. I just observed only and what did I realize?

Human beings as a whole appear purposeless.

I saw how the people looked so unconscious and how their minds were not in the shopping mall but somewhere else. They were like walking zombies and it scared me.

It's no wonder how the government easily controls people who accept everything as normal, while the Soul weeps grievously.
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I've noticed how I become a part of my environment by reacting to it.

A father suddenly yells at his son and I react to it.

A bunch of children behind my seat on the bus and I react to it.

I say good morning to an office worker and she looks at me blankly as though I'm speaking a foreign language and I react to it.

So then after 12'oclock noon I told myself to stop reacting, and after a few minutes of not reacting, the world became so peaceful.

Nothing mattered to me anymore rather good or bad.
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The elemental fact that ghettoes exist in inner cities should not be overlooked simply because, "ghettoes are a reality that exist."

Many people just ignore the fact about ghettoes, just like people ignore the fact that smoking causes cancer, alcohol causes liver disease and overeating causes obesity.

Some anthropologist will even go so far to call the lifestyle of the people who lives in ghettoes as a culture.

But they overlook the real definition of culture.

Culture implies the languages, sciences, and arts which contribute to prosperous civilizations.

The ghettoes are stricken with poverty, drugs, violence, and negative media attention.
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As long as I think that I am somebody, I will continue to suffer in this world.

Once we give ourselves a title or a name, we put ourselves in a position to live up to these titles, plus play out the roles of the title.

I am a lawyer, so a lawyer must not just know law, he must do all the things lawyers are known to do.

He must wear a suit in court, carry his brief case, know his penis codes and when to say objection your honor.

I want to live up to the titleless self.
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What is self?

Some say self is myself, its me, its …..

Seeing self as an individual is very limited thinking.

Insight revealed to me that my self was the grass I walked upon, the tree and the leaves waving in the wind.

My self was the baby in the mothers arms, the Sun shining above and the big hi rise building on Beach Road.

My self was more of what I saw than just my mere body and my egotistical mind.

Since we all come from the same source, plant and animal life included, then we are all the same.
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Zainal told me a few days ago on a nice sunny day that all the animals and insects were gifted with the ability to understand every single spoken language on Earth.

I could not argue with him because I believed that the statement was highly possible.

Then he went on to talk about how Nabi Solomon was able to communicate and speak to the ants and the ants were able to speak to Solomon.

Nabi Solomon also had the ability to communicate with the birds as well.

So I wonder why the national geographic employees can't do the same thing?
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After you read this entry what will your next action be and your next action?

Will it eventually lead to your goals or are your actions leading you away from your goals?

Has it ever occurred to you that your desires are actually your gods?

This becomes so because we serve our desires with their wants.

Our tongue desires the taste of chocolate so we serve it.

Our ears desire to hear a song so we adjust it.

Our hearts desire all kinds of urges so we serve our urges and continue the vicious cycle of being slaves to desire.
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Life takes on a completely new meaning when it's a life free of fear. I mean fear on all levels.

If I don't fear losing my job why do I need to fear my boss?

If you don't fear losing your material possessions then you're able to release the attachments you have on them.

If you don't fear death, then you can truly live to your fullest potential.

Face your very own fears and realize that what you feared was not even worth fearing.

99% of the things we fear keeps us powerless.

99% of our fears are absolutely powerless.
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After I received my small balance of pay from my job and walked back to my bus stop, I saw my very first rainbow in Singapore.

People didn't seem to notice the rainbow or even give a second thought about it, since for the most part their senses were numb to creation and life to begin with.

We are living for what?

I called myself treating everyone to teh halia I bought from an Indian shop I'll never go to again for as long as I live.

It was terrible and had clumps of I don't know what inside it.
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She kept asking me if I wanted to hold the baby which was about one month or more old.

I kept declining because I didn't want to make a scene since the majority of people in the house were all women.

They finally put the baby in my arms and the person who asked me to hold the baby began making a scene.

"No!" she said, "you don't know how to hold the baby. Watch the head! Aiyoh!

Hey! you forgot I had a daughter at this age to you know.

Next time don't ask me to hold any babies.
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I was walking in the hot sun when the song from the soundtrack movie, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly starring Clint Eastwood came to my mind; also known as Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Gattivo, in Italiano.

In actuality if you study walking you can see and learn that there are several methods of walking.

You have the educated man walk, the pious holier than thou walk, the gangster walk, the cripple man walk, the I'm a sexy woman walk, the depressed teenager walk, the cat walk, big Bertha on the moon walk, ancient mystic man on fire walk.
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During my lunch break I decided to walk around, instead of going to the break room which is supposed to be for non smoking. But it gets so smoky inside that I wonder how these human animals survive it all.

I call them animals because they don't have respect for other people.

So I take my walk and finally ask myself the question, "am I dreaming?"

After thinking about it for a while, my reply was, "yes I am dreaming."

In fact every day of my waking life is a dream.

The life that was given to me is temporary.
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Now is your only chance to experience any state of mystical consciousness or of reaching enlightment.

Don't try to relive the good times you had in the past when you've already lived those past moments before.

I went to the 24 hour clinic to see if the doctor could tell me what was wrong with my groin and why my right leg was feeling numb.

Sorry I can't find any lumps or protrusions in your body.

Well that's good news.

What I can do is prescribe this muscle relaxer for your groin, and these iodine tablets for your nerves.