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Should tattoos be regarded as sacred?

I guess this would all depend on the wearer and the thoughts given to the tattoo.

Tattoos fall into different categories.

Some of my personal favourites are the tattoos of the Yakuza, where one scene is depicted covering almost the entire body; but I know all that jabbing and poking has got to hurt, especially in the soft sensitive areas of the body.

Other tattoos of interest to me are tribal in nature, but I do often agree that if the Creator wanted us to have tattoos, we would be born in this manner.
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Out of all things we have control of regarding self, thought has to be one of the most difficult faculties to control.

It is far easier to change our diets, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, to exercise regularly and control the words that come out of our mouths.

But controlling thought is like trying to control a rabid monkey on LSD.

I'm sure the government did tests on monkies using lysergic acid diethylamides.

The oddity of thought control is also facing the fact that everything derives from thoughts.

The actions we take, the foods we choose, and people we meet.
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Awe at the wonders in space travel.

To leave the Earths' atmosphere and become weightless in the atmosphere of space floating like a wish star.

To be able to see the millions of stars in the heavens we can't see from Earth because of all the artificail lighting of the city lights.

Imagine seeing the UFO's up close, that scientist only talk about.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

"No".....The Sufi said.

Imagine travelling through space within your own being and experiencing a state of consciousness unlike any state of consciousness you've ever experienced before, and realizing that heaven is within.
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Prophets, saints, mystics, messengers and ascetics devoted every second of their lives to Allah the Supreme Being of the Universe for one reason and one reason only.

They all knew His reality without a doubt and that He was very real, just as we see rocks, water and birds and claim it's real.

Their knowing and faith was beyond what most people felt about the same Being.

Some people had doubts.

It would be like someone telling you there is a part of the Earth where people speak Spanish and you doubt him because you never heard Spanish spoken before.
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I read an entire different zenful meaning on the concept of "emptiness in form."; which made plenty of sense to me and gave me an entirely new perspective on how I look at things.

The reason why there is emptiness in form is because nothing exists purely on its own without some other element being involved.

Take a chair as an example.

A chair would not be posssible if it were not for trees and trees would not be possible without good soiled Earth, water, and Sun.

If you really think about it, all things can be traced to nothingness.
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It began as a slight discomfort on the bottom of my foot, then the discomfort began to feel like I had a thorn lodged inside of my foot.

Some people told me it was just a corn.

I thought it was some type of bacterial spore.

Today I saw a perfect circle of white hard and crispy dead skin which I peeled off, but still feel the pain on the bottom of my foot.

Now I wonder if it is connected to the reasons why I feel numbness in my legs sometimes and the reason why my nerves are sensitive.
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Inform your maintenance department that we will be fogging now.

Go ahead, "said the maintenance guy.

Fogging is intended to kill mosquitoes and wherever they may be breeding.

The pest control filled the drains around the small hostel full of fog making the hostel look more like a rock n roll concert.

After the fog cleared away you could see big cockroaches running all over the place crippled by the fumes. Some were upside down on their backs kicking their legs in a mad fit.

The sky suddenly filled with black flutters of cawing crows the messengers of timely deaths.
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I had my first close up view of a bat flying about in the movie theatre that was not kept in a habitat.

A rare occasion which had me thinking of two things.

Batman and vampires connected to dracula.

I would later question the truth of legends and myths.

Peraphs it is true that first myths were originally stories, the stories became myths, the myths became legends and the legends became just another fairytale that was not to be believed at all.

But what if the myths and legends were true?

What if imagination is real and technollogy really fake?
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I was looking forward to drinking my grande latte and my blueberry muffin from Starbucks on the roof top before I started my night shift. But then I heard loud voices and people laughing before I even got there. My inner voice told me not to go to the roof, but I didn't listen.

It turns out that my colleagues and their families were there celebrating National Day. I hate company functions.

You see the true charateristics of your colleagues, see people get drunk and act stupid, blow smoke in your face, knowing you don't smoke.

It's a twisted world.
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What is the true definition of black and being Black?

How did black get associated with evil and wrong when in the beginning of time there was an absence of light?

Even today the color black has its tone of sacredness in various aboriginal tribes.

It's said that black is not even a color, because all colors come from black.

I learned in my art class that if I mixed all the colors together, I would eventually get black.

That's something to think about.

Darwin's theory of evolution has been disproved and scientist have proved the first people were Black.
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I had to analyze myself when I said how come the government can't offer assistance. I meant this in the sense of loans for education, housing, setting up a business, etcetera.

But then I said, why make yourself so dependent on the government or anybody else for that matter.

As individuals we have plenty of resources within to accomplish these things on our own. We just need to know how to tap into it.

Screw the handouts and the arrogant egotistical beast at the top, who only wants you to beg and bow down to him like he is God.
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The Beat That My Heart Skipped was a good French movie, but someone kept kicking the back of my chair at intervals.

They would nudge it enough to where I could feel myself move forward.

At first I tolerated it because the movie had just started and for some people it takes a bit longer to adjust.

I had enough and looked dead at the person who was doing it. Some Chinese lady in her 40's acting like she didn't know what the problem was.

She did it again and I said out loud, "WILL YOU STOP KICKING MY CHAIR?!!!!!!
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Most times when I go to bookstores, I wind up in the foreign language section, and occasionally in the New Age and Religious sections.

Recently I have found myself being drawn to the Literature section but never go because I wouldn't know where to start since I'm not looking for a particular author to begin with.

But I can still hear the Literature section calling out to me.

You know you want to read me, don't you baby.

I want to feel your hands over my soft paper back.

Read me!.......

Read me!.......

Suddenly the entire book shelf fell down.
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After spending so much time trying to please others playing fake roles in societies as characters that don't really fit, then there comes the time when everything is about You.

The real You that is and not the egotistical you that you think is the real You.

Everything becomes about You because you begin to realize that in this selfish world, no one really cares about you or You to begin with, even if you were dying, most people could care less.

Look at all the starving people in the world.

Those who have the means to help simply don't.
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I walked down Selegie with my African coffee blend that the barista stated had a citrusy taste to it.

Did that mean she squeezed lemon juice inside my coffee?

As I sipped my coffee imported from Africa, I began to think on how people would be so suprised to learn on the Day of Judgement that the angels were Asiactic Black Men with afros in long flowing white robes with long swords from the Holy Land.

They would be even more suprised to learn that the Black Man who pushed the shopping cart was no bum at all, but Jabril.
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No one was thinking of Allah, or Buddha, or Isa, or any of the people they claimed to follow, or their principles.

This could be clearly seen in their actions and in their thoughts.

What was of more importance to them was going out to go shopping, meet up with friends, who would later meet at the pub to drink themselves drunk and silly like Nilly.

The other prime importance was if they were pretty enough, handsome enough, or how well did people accept their false selves and the big fat lie they were living.

They were just so superficial.
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The question was asked among psychologist, that if children were spanked and abused in their childhood, would the children spank and abuse their children when they got older.

Yes, said a few.

It all depends, said another group of psychologist.

Actually both were right.

For those who did beat their kids, they would do so because they felt it was the correct thing to do.

Those who didn't beat their children, wouldn't beat their children because they saw beatings as wrong and would not want their children to experience the pain and misery that they felt when they were children.
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If you could understand the concept that everything you see and don't see is an aspect of you, then you would understand that everything is connected.

Everything has a link in one way or another.

Trees are cut down on a continuous basis, but we need trees to breathe and trees need our exhale to thrive.

Plants need the Sun to grow and we need the Sun because without it, how would we eat food.

Water is an essential part of every living thing on Earth.

Humans, animals, and plants drink it, fish, squids, and plant life lives in it.
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Can and do roaches bite?

I ask the question because I had my series of mosquito bites. So far I haven't got dengue, yellow fever or the blue nile disease.

The bites I have are not mosquito bites, so I wonder what it could be.

I know its not bed bugs or the bite from the daddy long leg spider, which is said to be the most poisonous spider, but it can't bite into our skin.

My theory is that maybe the bites are from roaches.

Do roaches feed on human flesh?

I have yet to know the absolute truth.
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See yourself as a computer that has been programmed, which in a sense you are and have been.

Then delete all the files programmed into your computer which is your mind and brain.

Every file you can think of, delete it from your biological system.

Remember what mom and dad told you about yourself when you were growing up?


Everything your teacher taught you in school?


Every book youv'e ever read?


Everything your wife said about you?


Everything the government said?


News televised with live broadcast?


Every negative thing you've ever told yourself?

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The natural response when confronted by a vicious dog unleashed is to run, confront it head on and stare at it even more viciously which would of course make the dog even more angrier.

On the contrary and in another scenario if the same dog confronted you, and you looked directly into its eyes without fear and gazed into its eyes with genuine love, compassion, and a smile on your face, the dog would become subdued and maybe even a bit frightened.

Frightened of the vibrations emanating from a higher level and that his vicious actions did not scare you.
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I went through a series of involuntary electical shocks in my right leg as well as my left leg.

The doctor stated that this was to test my nervous system.

But while I was laying on the table I felt more like a guinea pig at one point and a fish that had just been taken out of water, flopping around like a mad maniac.

Later, some needles similiar to accupuncture were inserted into my leg and lower back which were followed by more electrical shocks.

It must be absolute intensifying torture for a prisoner who dies by being electrocuted.
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Just wait a few more years or so and you will see Osama bin Laden on t-shirts, coffee cups, posters, and even bumper stickers in Amerikkka.

This will happen after he is said to be dead and most people won't even know who he was.

Just like Che Guerra who was hated and Malcolm X at one point.

But when they died lo and behold they became icons and highly commercialized.

Most people who wear Che Guerra and Malcolm X shirts did not even know who these men were, or what they stood for, nor did they follow their philosophy.
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The deep dark world of blogs.

Blogs are written by people and read by people of which we do not know who the person was that wrote the blogs and the people who read the blog is not known by the writer.

Commicatively speaking, being able to speak your mind and have your thoughts on web globally wasn't always available.

You can find something written on almost every subject you can think of.

With this being said, you can find some rather gruesome things.

But blogging can have a bright side as well when it comes to truth and reality.
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The fat troll hogged up the radio and kept it locked up in his office for the entire night shift, disenabling me the opportunity to listen to any of the cd's I had brought with me to work.

"This is part of your lesson," the mystic voice said.

First, manage to do without watching television.

Second, learn to do without listening to the radio.

Third, sacrifice all of your cd's and collections of tape cassettes.

Fourth, and I know it maybe difficult, give away all your books except the Holy Quran.

Fifth, burn up all your journals and personal interests.
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Do you really want to attain and achieve the things you've been saying you wanted to acheive?

Ask yourself these questions.

Where is your efforts?

What have you sacrificed towards reaching your goals?

What physical actions and steps have you taken to reach your goals?

If your answer to these questions was zero, then you'll know why you are standing in the same spot as you were standing yesterday.

You'll never move mountains by staying in the city, walk on water by standing on land, or reach enlightment by thinking about ideals of enlightment.

This is more than self explanatory.
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So the computer finally came, which I assembled around midnight.

It's so easy to set up broadband the company stated. But when I set everything up the computer stated it could not detect the modem.

Is this what you call easy?

Then they asked for the user name and the password which I didn't have, so I made one up. That didn't help either.

In the end I only became frustrated and turned it off, eventhough I felt like taking the computer, the hard drive and the modem and throwing it off of the balcony.

One step closer to enlightment?
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It was my first day out of three that I was attending an H.I.S training course that my company sent me on to get a deeper understanding of our system.

It was sad to see my colleague crying silently as she had receieved the news that one of her relatives had recently passed away. She receievd this news while we were eating our lunch together.

I tried to make her feel better by telling her how my grandfather had died a few months ago and how I felt about my grandmother who passed away in the hospital.

Death is certain.
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Returning to our origins is a difficult path due to many distractions in this world today.

We struggle so hard to attain wants and desires as though we were to live here forever.

Even if we did attain all of our wants and desires we would think of more to attain.

In the end when we physically die, one would have to ask, was all the striving for material things worth it.

What if we put the same energy striving for material into striving for that which is spiritual.

Happiness would be guaranteed and you would exalt to another level.
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In life there is one thing that everyone should expect.

Expect the unexpected at every turn you make in life, through every door you walk through and every person you meet.

Life is full of suprises, like when your roof is suddenly torn off by a tornado, or you find yourself drowning in a flash flood, or learning of the birth of a new memeber in the family, and at the same time a death.

Expect asteroids to crash down into Earth or to be invaded by extraterrestials.

Expect that on the Day Of Judgement, God will be a man.
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You don't know what I'm capable of
killer on the road
walking in silence
like a simple metaphor
or a golden colored dream.

Lions don't have to act tough
you see how they walk
peacefully and gracefully.
They are calm and confident
full of ferocious power.

The killer walked down a soft dirt path
that led to a river.
At this river he heard the hoots
of a sacred owl.

Across the river was a woman
with long hair
and a sword in her hand.

Together the killer and the woman ran freely in the moonlit meadows like panting stallions.