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The burdens of society, and I can see why people give up so easily.
Giving up the struggle
and the faith in the higher power in our magnificent Universe.

I on the other hand,
after given the perceptive eyes of the visionary eagle
refuse to give up and surrender to a world built off of lies and false promises.

I will bear the burden like every otther creation bears their burden in harmony with the Universe in order to grow and transform into the butterfly, and fly with these wings to the next world.

Non believers will never make it.
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The destination of the trees is to touch but just one star,
while the stars yearn to touch at least one heart.

The wasp bee flies through this window of time to deliver me a message.

Leaves of the tree tremble,
inducing remembrance, and tears well up in my eyes.

It's best to reflect on the light cast on my hands from the Sun's dim shadow.

And here I am.
My foot and toes point to the heavens which is my destiny.

I breathe in invisble myriads of the sacred breath,
and exhale the invisible fire that warms this world.
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Black angel by the window.
Grey hairs tell an ancient story from an ancient world.

He knew my story and urged me on as I wrote saying telepathically,
"you will figure it out in one way or another."

With out seeing his face,
introductions were made by my Red brothers on the Rez,
and off,
and some brief introductions
to the Hopi worlds
such as Tokpela
and Tokpa.

What was needed,
was a reintroduction to the original sayings of our ancestors
and a reprogramming of our minds
of what the so called New World promised us.

Disconnections from true reality.....
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Have you heard of a bald headed lion?

Have you forgotten the royalty of your blood that links to Black Kings, Queens, and Master Builders,
posessors of keys that unlocked the secrets of the Universe
for the good of all humanity?

Recollection refreshes the mind,
my face shines like the Sun,
and I realize the reasons for the purpose of the Sphinx.

Walk like lion,
rule with iron,
never forgetting this recollection
collected from the Akashic records.

The truth is being revealed more and more to the minds that are receptive to it while others stare and watch in amazement.
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We live in two worlds.

There is no doubts to this statement as I ride the light rail on these train tracks,
passing by older outdated trains,
graffitti sprawled on walls
and piles of metal junk scattered here and over there.

The other world can be seen in the distance
as huge mountains,
white fluffy clouds
and bright blue skies
who complement blades of grass
and huge water ponds created by the recent heavy rains.

Can the two worlds harmonize without one destroying the other?

It's possible if evil men were not so greedy for resources for a small profit.
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Don't ever tell your children that animals don't talk,
or that trees,
butterflies and mountains don't talk either.

Don't teach the lie that was passed down when the new comers came to our lands and spread the lie that contradicted our truths.

Don't tell your children that their dreams are only dreams and have no significance,
and that they need to stop using their part of the mind that imagines.

Don't tell your children that animals,
and plants don't dream
when we dream about them all the time
as do the Stars
since we are all interconnected.
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It never occurred how grateful we should be,
to be born in this world
in the human form
when we could of easily been something else.

Something else like a rat,
a roach,
or even some oak seed freezing on the cold mountains.

The sad issue is the way we abuse our form,
or kill another form that looks just like us.

It never occurred that maybe we were to use our bodies to reallize a deeper truth.

That we were not our bodies,
but that our bodies were the clothing of something deeper within,
untouchable but can touch All.
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She was like the Black Goddess of many ages,
the Queen of Paradise,
as she wore her long neat braids,
even past her calf muscles.

If there was no such thing as God, I would have worshipped her,
kissed her feet
and anointed them in pure virgin olive oils and exotic aromas.

Her wish would have been my command,
even if it was to bring the president's head on a platter.

Don't worry Queen,
he's not my president.

She would have entrusted me as her foremost warrior,
my spear shining with valor,
and my many arrows made of pure gold.
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As children we are told not to point, and not to make fun or imitate people.

Meanwhile entertainers are making a nice salary doing exactly what our parents told us not to do.

It really makes you wonder who makes the rules in this world, and why we follow them.

Meanwhile my crow brother made me laugh so hard until tears rolled out of my eyes.

It wasn't supposed to be funny imitating an old woman walking with her cane like she was a wobbling lop sided beach ball.

But cruel and mean people deserved it,
as karma had dictated.
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What is a man with strong muscles absent of a strong mind?

What is the cause for the attraction to the flesh and the many desires to appease sense gratification?

The illusion of what is good has been fed to us on a continuous basis at the expense of so called profits and green dollar bills.

Whereas I would rather know the truth though the truth might even hurt.

Looking beyond the third dimension, into the fourth dimension will take more than our physical eyes.

Consciousness has to shift several degrees
the third eye opened,
and the mind extensively expanded.
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Is it proper to kick the Stone People as I would a soccer ball?

"We are here in various positions throughout the Earth for a reason. Do you want to contribute to the destruction of Mother Earth?," said the Stone People.

In need of tightening up my life again and clipping the loose ends as I would a bonsai tree.

I learn from the Sun about the desires of the planets and that stars do not relate to each other as the planets do.

Nourish me said the woman,
just like the child seeks nourishment,
the heart,
and the flowers.
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Feels like a slow death,
power and energy dissipating away from me,
making me feel depleted from my wholeness.

There must be a leak somewhere.

Holy books collect dust,
and I try desperately to find my prayers,
that seem to vanish in my deep sleep.

The sun sets in its distance
all alone
with no one to say goodbye to
or even goodnight,
unless your'e counting the stars and his nine wives........
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto.

My loneliness grows on me as my love seems to expand further and further away from me.

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The night went by fast,
as though someone had control of it and fast forwarded it like a DVD movie.

The morning was infused with her confusions and uncertainties.

Falling asleep was not a difficult task for me, being that I was up all night.

Dreamed about some ship with sails, that was set to sail and was long overdue for its departure.

I was with some woman holding her in my arms, but I don't know who she was because I could not see her face.
But holding her felt good and was good medicine for my ailing soul.
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It's a mystery as to why the transformer blew up this morning causing all the power to go out.

Enjoying the silence, I decide to sleep after a long night of work.

combine Asr and Zuhr prayers,
wash dishes that were stacked up for several days.
I can't cook in a messy kitchen.

I sit at the table to eat a bagel with cream cheese, beans, and eggs
with my closest ally Death as a companion.

Outside the window to my left I enjoyed the power of a deep,
and mysterious sunset
draped in orange,
and purple.
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Walk into the Sun
forgetting about the sunset
knowing that the Sun will not give me enlightment.

The crows cry in unison, "even the Sun is an illusion."

I scatter my prayers in the sand
like rain drops.
Hopeless and in despair
buildings cast their shadows
deepening my gloom.

"Take and eat a sack of these pumpkin seeds,"
the non existent birds said.
I was only able to hear them in my sleep
making plans for the end of this evening.

Studios and one bedroom apartments for rent.
Come live here.
We promise you free will,
and quiet.
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The four walled rooms were suffocating me,
forcing me to evacuate myself in the manner,
that a butterfly would from a cocoon.

I was given a day of poetry,
and symbolism revealed herself to me
and gave me more meanings in the moments of real time.
She was that deep Ethiopian peace,
mystical and quiet
yet saying so much
like a deep inner meditation,
like Zumbi
and the Portuguese song off an African tongue.

More native poems
that wrapped my being and heart
like a hand woven quilt
sacrficed by my ancestors magical hands.

Nights are changing as summer approaches.
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The mystical is in the minutest of things,
and their intricate details.

As I am welcomed by this morning
and these mountains,
I realize I do have a place here,
and that there is magic and wonder in my journey.

You can't expect the Sun, clouds, and sky to perform for you.

The most spectacular events are the unexpected ones, that you were never prepared for.

But one thing you can expect, is for magic to happen when day meets night,
opening the crack in between two worlds.

Thousands of miles away
a young woman cries and understands.
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Animals and plants are effected by these changes in the weather, which we call seasons.

In spring they mate,
summer gather,
fall prepare,
and winter hibernate.

Leaves sprout,
leaves grow,
leaves fall,
leaves die.

In what ways are humans effected by the changes in weather?

On a larger scale, in what ways are humans effected by the moon and its pull on our atmosphere and the water floating in our head?

In what ways are we effected by the Earths rotation around the Sun and the movement of planets in our solar system and galaxies beyond?
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Used motorcycles for under $10,000 in the classified newspaper.

Part time job offers for the interested.

I often wonder how can a person manage two jobs and in some cases I have heard that even three positions are held.

I mainly wonder how does that person sleep or find the time to do anything in his or her spare time. Spare time probably means sleep.

I see people who work two jobs who seem to be completely drained of all resources of energy.

Does coffee help one to stay awake in cases of extreme tiredness?

Ask the one who works.
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For the most part I slept the entire day without having any regrets at all.

I was disappointed with the new job rule they have at work.....No more reading books at the desk. This was a death blow to everyone who works the desk. Especially on the night shift, where nights can be as dead as any body six feet deep in a cemetery.

People talk about working as a team, but you will find that one shift does not like the other shift. This department does not like that department and so on.

Similiar to politics and hatred.
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Culture is a fine innovation by human beings. The word culture is foreign to the savage who has fallen beneath the rubbish of finer civillizations.

How can you say culture is an invention?

Let's look at the Samurai and their code of ethics.

Did the samurai warrior always exist from the beginning of time?

It must be remembered that culture is an agreement between a group of people.

Culture can also mean a set of beliefs or customs practiced or integrated into the set pattern of ones daily life.

Culture can include symbolisms, certain dances, and songs that have meaning.
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Fasting leads to the unknown,
builds the inner fire,
opens locked doors,
inspires militant mystics
to become lions
and kings again.

It suspends the mind,
and unifies the inner with the outer
where it is realized
the Spider Woman connects all things.

"And how do I realize the mystical?," he asked.

"It is when you can no longer find names for people,
objects and things,
and when you stop referring to that which is mystical as the mystical,"
responded the Silence.

This walk continues on,
the stomach protests abstention from food,
but is pleased with water
and coffee with sugar.
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Love is not always about holding on. It has been an often misconception that love is about holding on and not ever letting go. Sometimes it can be the complete opposite.

Sometimes holding on to something can be quite painful, deep down within the heart. If love can't be reciprocrated and digested properly between two lovers then peraphs it is best to let go so that their can be freedom,
spirits can soar
and souls can rest.

Letting go can tend to be more difficult than holding on.

In the end,
when the healing is complete,
leap for the stars.....
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Greeted by unusual and luminous flowers,
in the open valleys of the high mountains
and I have never been here before.

Where sidewalks are made of dirt,
highways are stretched long with no traffic lights,
and the mountains in the distance with snow caps made of pearls,
speak a dreamy and ancient language that transfixes the mind.

This all happened because I took the right bus in the wrong direction.

Or maybe I was going in the direction of my future because I liked the things that I was seeing.

Bountiful trees and the chitter chatter of the bird people.
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After getting off work at 06:00 I never went to sleep until around 22:00 hours.

Up and about,
scrape the inside of your mouth drug tests,
use the internet at the library,
buy turkey, tomatoes, mustard, pickles and alfalfa sprouts to make a turkey sandwich.
Tastes good with salt and vinegar potato chips.

Consider getting an 18 speed, scooter, Vespa or even a motorcycle to get around now.

Watched some program in French and fell asleep.
In such a deep sleep, not aware of any sound or movements.

The feeling of deep sleep is like a loving comforting mother.
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There is two transatlantic events in history and not just the one that history speaks of, when slaves were brought from the West Coast of Africa in chains to the East Coast of Amerikkka to suffer the worst atrocities that any human being ever suffered.

Before the slave trade another transatlantic event took place.
This was before slavery and before Colombus.

Long ago, Asiactic Black people from the motherland came to America before it was called America and shared their knowledge with the indigenous people here.

Pyramids were built in the jungles and deserts, contact with extraterrestials would be made.
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New York Times headlines: Files on Illegal Spying Show C.I.A. Skeletons From Cold War.
But according to the article in the newspaper, there is still a lot of skeletons they are not willing to reveal.

So much for the Freedom of Information Act.

In the meantime I completed reading The Woman Who Fell From the Sky by Joy Harjo and learned a little bit about a painter named Jaune Quick To See.

Ate some vegetable soup with wheat thin crackers, a juicy peach and a gingerale and asked myself how can I make each moment of my life more meaningful.
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The majority of the population of this world believes that there is a God, Supreme Being or a power and force that is higher than anything else in the Universe.

If you didn't know any better, you would swear that money, our bosses and our jobs was God.

It's funny how we rush to our jobs and fear our bosses if we lose our jobs, but when it comes to giving praises to God we are slow and sluggard.

When we really need His help we are full of lengthy prayers and full of devotion.

No wonder why we're hypocrites.
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Stop trying to be somebody or to be something in your life.

Stop listening to the demands of an institutionalized society that is lost in delusions.

Some of the greatest people in our world will never be known and prefer it that way.

As I sat on the bench next to the Denver Museum of Art waiting for the public library to open, I realized that there was nothing more than this.

Whatever experience I was experiencing in the moment, there was nothing more than that, in the present moment of my day to day, and moment to moment life.
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The Zen of pushing six to seven shopping carts (in the hot sun) and bagging groceries.

" Don't push more than six pushing carts at a time," the managers say.

Already I feel the pain in my legs, shoulders, back and even my bones creak to the sounds of death, and to the sounds of the hunter who hunts and gathers.

Three crows fly in succession one after another squaking and later observing the coffee drinker leaning against the fortified brick wall behind the Timbuktu toy store.

The signature of the evening?

A magical sunset saying this is the hard life.