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You Smell Good

I was wondering if anyone else had this same dilemma - you're hanging out with a guy and he smells really good, but at the same time, his cologne's just a bit too strong and it gives you a headache?

My best friend used to wear a lot of cologne. I told him to wear less so it wouldn't hurt my head (I think I'm allergic to it) and he listened to me.

My then-boyfriend wore A LOT of cologne. I told him to wear less and he never listened to me.

Smell good, but don't be overpowering.
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You Stole Something From Me!

Reading that accusation brings back a lot of bad memories. There are times I wish I could have been more honest with people.

(It wasn't that I stole from you, it was another person who stole from me, but I wasn't brave enough to confront that person - and so I lost you.)

^ That's utter honesty in just one long sentence, if you ever stumble across this - and you know who you are.

Honesty is hard, but it's worth it. If you're honest with someone, you'll feel no regrets.

I wish I could be more honest.
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You Think Too Much

Stop accusing me. I know I think too much. Sometimes, thinking is good for you. You can sort out issues you might have, you can try and get a clearer perspective on things... or you can just relax and fall into a meditative state.

I have to think out loud, for some reason. When I'm writing or trying really hard to figure something out, it helps if I'm in my room alone talking to myself and writing things down in order to get to the bottom of it.

Thinking out loud calms me. It's a defense mechanism.
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You Were Right

Most people don't like admitting they were wrong and that someone else was right.

But we should practice humility every once in a while. It's healthy. There's nobody (with the exception of Jesus Christ) who was always right about everything.

We're humans. We're flawed. We make mistakes. It's OK. Sometimes stopping the argument and conceding that the other person was right is what you need to do.

So let today be the day. Let someone know that they were right about something and that you were wrong. Admit to your error. It'll make you feel good, I promise.
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You're In The Army Now

I really wish I knew what these lines were referring to - I feel like they're movie quotes that go right over my head because I've never seen the movie before.

I'm not a huge fan of movies. I haven't seen a lot of the really popular movies out there, which the exception of the Star Wars series, which I'm extremely fond of.

People are always quoting from movies and using movie references and I'm like "huh?" and they're like "seriously, you've never seen insert-awesome-movie-title-here?!?"

I'm like "no" and they're like "loser."

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You’re What?!

Editors always tell you not to have both "?!" but just pick either the question mark or the exclamation point. Putting both is just tacky. If the sentence is more of an exclamation, put an exclamation point. If it's more like a question, put a question mark.

Simple, no?

But if it's a comic book or a manga, feel free to have as many as you like, especially if it's during a fight scene.

Like this:


But that's just an exaggeration. I cannot believe that in a week, I'll be finished with these 1000 themes. It's freaking amazing.
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I look a lot younger than I am. It's not a bad thing, really. My mom, my grandma, and I went to California to visit my uncle and his family. I was 20 years old at the time. We were all out to lunch with these people my aunt worked with and this one lady thought I was 13.

I didn't think I looked THAT much younger, but I wasn't offended. It's like a compliment. Maybe I'll look seven years younger when I'm 50 or 30 or 40.

I have never tried to look older. I just don't want to.
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Young Love

It's "puppy love" and it can even be called idealistic. It's the reason teen marriages fail. The brains of teenagers aren't fully developed yet, so to some extent, they are incapable of making good decisions and are not fully able to plan for the long term.

Throw love in the mix and that makes it really difficult. Have you ever gone out with someone in high school and you were sure that person was the one? It's the hormones that make you feel sure, that sense of teen drama that we all have at that age.

It's not real.
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I love kids. I like how they're enthusiastic about things that adults have seen a million times. Kids are always looking on the bright side, no matter where they've been in life and no matter what bad things they might have seen. Kids are the joy of their parents' lives.

I think that if I was a little less shy, I'd want to be a teacher - either a high school English teacher or a middle school language arts teacher. Every day would bring new excitement. Something funny would happen every day. I'd never be bored and neither would the kids.
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That's a word I haven't heard in awhile. That word explains why I watch animated comedy like Family Guy - the characters are all zany, loony, nuts, insane, etc.

I used to be crazy when I was younger, bouncing off the walls and talking a lot about nonsense. Now it's like I'm an adult, so I have to act more or less like an adult.

I still do get crazy and zany every now and again, but it's not the same as it used to be when I was a teenager. Teenagers are known for being zany. It's expected of them.
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A Love Letter to My Favorite Shirt

I have the Zero T-shirt. It's a piece of Smashing Pumpkins merchandise and they're one of my favorite bands. I got the shirt on one of the last days of my senior year of high school and I still have it today, four years later. It's faded and wrinkled and the letters are coming off, but I still love it. I'm seriously thinking of getting a brand new Zero shirt, because I honestly don't think I could live without mine. I wear it in any season, for any mood, and for any purpose.
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One of the reasons I don't care for winter is the severe lack of flowers. To some, flowers mean pollen, but I'm blessed to be free of allergies. Flowers mean beauty. The smell of a flower signals the oncoming of spring and the hot, humid (for those of us who live in NC) summer months.

It's not even winter yet and I'm sick of the dreary weather. I find myself wishing for zinnias, daffodils, any kind of flower. Poinsettias are nice, but they're technically not flowers - and the leaves are poisonous. Christmas cacti are nice, too - but not the same.
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The last of my 1000 themes that I had been doing for quite some time. *sigh* I think I'm going to miss them. Now I'm going to have to come up with some original stuff to write about.

The zodiac... I believe that I'm a dragon in the Chinese zodiac. (That's cool because dragons are my favorite mythical creatures.) I'm also a Gemini. I fit pretty well for a Gemini and for a dragon, but I still don't really believe in the zodiac, especially when it talks about your compatibility with people of other zodiac signs.

I believe in God.
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This is my first day without a theme from the 1,000 Themes sheet I had been using for so long.

Now I have no idea what to write about!

OK, never mind.

I'm reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte right now and it's better than I expected. Most of the classic novels are difficult for me to get through, but Jane Eyre is difficult to put down!

I'm also reading The Western Canon by Harold Bloom and that's interesting. It makes me want to read some of the books, plays, and poetry in the canon. It's pretentious, but good.
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I've had that song "Like a G6" stuck in my head for two days straight now and it's really getting on my nerves.

It's got a good beat and it's good to listen to at night when you're riding down a road with a speed limit 55 or over. Blast that song. Put your hands up, but don't do that if you're the driver.

But I don't like the fact that a lot of songs today have been auto-tuned to death. Take Ke$ha, for example. I was listening to a few of her songs - she's like a machine.
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Clayton (a town personified)

She's a damsel constantly in distress. She wears Ugg boots, Apple-Bottom jeans. She'll hang all over boys and men, trying to get attention. She's loud. She likes to go dancing. She's picking at one particular zit on her face (the area that contains the most Yankees). She's a Southern girl through-and-through. She drinks sweet tea and slathers most of her meals with thick gravy.

I couldn't tell you what color hair she has because she's always dancing. Her hair seems to change color as she whirls in the sky. But she'll never change.
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She's an older Southern belle who can't seem to get over the salient historical fact that the Yankees won the Civil War. I see her now, on her porch. She's got a sweet tea glass in her hand - with lemon. She's sipping it, rocking back and forth in her wicker chair. She has a sunbonnet on her head and she's reminiscing about the old days. Her hair, formerly blond, now hangs in white ringlets to her shoulders. She's wearing a long dress with petticoats, although it's 80 degrees and humid out. Her cheeks are flushed with color and slightly moist.
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Archer Lodge

He's known as "Archie" for short and he's a little boy. He runs around with his pop gun, scaring the heck out of older women. Old men admire him. They take him by their sides, breathe their tobacco-smelling breath into his face, and tell him he'll be big one day. "Big" as in famous. Maybe a baseball player or a NASCAR driver.

Archie likes playing with his cars, riding on the back of an ATV with his father or his grandfather. He's got no responsibility yet, he's as happy as a hyper squirrel and he's 100% Southern freedom personified.
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He's a businessman. Sometimes, he likes to grow a mustache, but other times, he shaves every day. He's the last of a dying breed in that he's chivalrous to the ladies. He opens doors for them, carries their bags, and asks them how their day has been.

Raleigh isn't terribly good-looking, but he's got an old-fashioned charm about him. At home, he has a full library of all kinds of books. He has a smoking jacket and when he sits down and reads, you shouldn't interrupt him.

He's a history buff and also a huge college football fan.
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He's a charming old man, stooped with old age. He walks with a cane and is quite religious. He sits outside on his porch and smokes cigars. Sometimes, Smithfield comes to visit him, but it's rare. He likes to be alone. His best friend is Zebulon, and they often chat about how it used to be in the old days, before the Internet and television.

There's nothing Wendell likes more than looking out upon the cotton fields, breathing in the scent of the earth and fresh air, and reminiscing. He often wishes he could turn back time to olden days.
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She doesn't dance like Clayton. She's more of a serious type. She's active in politics, and since she lives so close to Raleigh, she listens to him talk a lot. She's bisexual, a feminist. She likes chivalrous men who don't demean women. There aren't many of them around, but she likes women more than men anyway. She doesn't dress that fashionably. Her hair is cropped short. She wears no makeup. She wears jeans and turtlenecks - or tank tops when it gets warmer. She's not religious at all and would never dream of having children. She's the type who prefers pets.
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I pledge allegiance to the Microsoft line of products. I hereby pledge that I will never switch to Apple. I hereby affirm that I have never owned any kind of Apple product, be it an iPod, iPhone, or any other item that is prefixed by the letter i.

I hereby profess that I have loved Microsoft from when I was eight years old, back when Windows 95 came out. It was my favorite operating system and still remains as such to this day.

I stood by Microsoft, even after the release of Windows ME and Vista.

I pledge my allegiance.
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I'm thinking of writing a blog about words that really get on my nerves. You know what I mean? Ever hear someone say a word and think, "I want to punch them in the face for saying that word?"

I don't know about you, but I get that all the time. Maybe I'm just predisposed to irrational violence or something.

Here's a few words that annoy me:

1. twitterpated
2. chill (as in, "I'm going to the movies to chill with my friends.")
3. coldcock (it sounds sexual, but isn't)
4. pooch (or anything that rhymes with it)

There are more.
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It's Christmas Eve. I think it may actually snow for once, so that might mean I may have to skip midnight Mass for the first time in a few years.

I hope I can still make it.

My best friend is coming over for Christmas and he's excited. You know, when his own father won't invite him for Christmas, I have to step in and be a good best friend.

Maybe we can play some board games or something. Stay away from technology. Make this an old-fashioned Christmas - fireside, presents, warmth of family, happiness, love, tinsel, and baby Jesus.
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Christmas. It's my second favorite holiday. There's something nice about a day where you can relax, knowing that you can't really go out and do anything because nearly every store is closed. For some stores, Christmas is the only day in the year that they close.

It's reassuring to be with family and friends who love you unconditionally. It's awesome to be at church, surrounded by those who share your faith.

It's definitely worth it to meditate on the life of the man who made this all possible. Not Santa Claus, but Jesus.

He is the reason for the season.
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It actually snowed today. It's the talk of the news because it snows so rarely in my area of North Carolina. Nobody can go anywhere. A lot of church services are canceled. I don't want to venture out into the cold to go anywhere - and I'm deathly afraid of wrecks and hitting slick spots. My car doesn't have four-wheel drive.

I bet people are riding up on ATVs and storming grocery stores to get enough supplies for an oncoming moment of Armageddon.

Ah, a rare snow day in North Carolina. It is one of God's many gifts to us.
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I was thinking of ways to describe the snow:

the way it falls from the trees when the wind blows
the trees shake and bend back as if in relief
the crunch of ice underfoot
tiny, whispered tracks of bird feet in the snow
how snow sparkles in the sunlight
the silence when snow begins to fall
the snow hangs its fat lip over the porch railing
icicles twinkling from the edge of the gutter
nothing looks the same outside
it looks like Narnia, a mystical fantasy land
the track of a sled running down a short hill
frustrated tires attempting to leave driveways, churning up snow and slush
and no school
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He was too busy talking about video games to pay any attention to me. Normally, this would not have mattered to me in the least, but he was flirting with my boyfriend.

Huh? What? Is this a parallel universe?

(Oh, wait. You don't believe in parallel universes. You believe in the Universe - big U.)

You're not supposed to be flirting with my boyfriend. You're my ex. He's my territory, definitely not yours!

I know we're still friends, but that doesn't give you the right to molest my freaking boyfriend!

And that was how I found out my ex-boyfriend was bisexual.
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I was reading over some of my old 100Words entries yesterday and realized that I sound like the petty, immature brat I never wanted to sound like.

So I'm adding some new New Year resolutions to my list:

1. No more rants about ex-boyfriends.
2. No more judgmental talks about others.
3. No more insults if someone doesn't like the same things I do.

On my blog, I talk about being kind to others and being a good person. Well, we're all hypocrites and I am a pretty big one. I hope to amend the hypocrisy this new year.
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I haven't listened to music in awhile. I mean, really listened to music. Actually sat down and shut my eyes and tried to hear all the nuances of a particular song.

I can't concentrate on anything else when I listen to music. Maybe that makes me a bad multitasker, but music has a quality that seems to carry you away.

If you're not careful, music will sweep you off your feet, away from your desk, and will set you to dancing. That's why I avoid listening to music - I turn on one song and I'm swept away into the beauty.
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this is the last entry of the year.

I'd like to think I've grown up a lot this year. I've realized a lot about myself, people, and the world. I'd like to think I've shaken off some of my naivete.

My greatest hope for 2011 is that I can keep growing in a good way. I don't want to regress to the person I used to be. I've left her behind. I want to be a better person and I'm hopefully going to accomplish that with everything I have.

Best wishes for 2011 to everyone! See you next year!