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1. i miss someone asking me where I am even though I just told him where 2. i miss someone who asks me what I am doing even though he knows what I usually do 3. i miss someone who asks me how was my day even though we are texting the whole day 4. i miss someone who i read the message when I wake up 5. i miss someone who rings my cell phone again and again just to wake me up 6. i miss someone who bugs me at night. _jiLL_
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7. i miss someone who say goodnight but text me instead nonstop 8. i miss someone who check me up late at night just to know if I am already sleeping 9. i miss someone whom I can talk to anytime I want even until in the wee hours of the night 10. i miss someone whose voice I love to hear everyday 11. i miss someone whose breath is enough just to know he is there 12. i miss someone whom I can laugh with even with the corniest jokes 13. i miss someone who laugh at my mistakes
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Itís fascinating that ones Iíve gain myself from a deep hurt, Iíve been engaged into something much more like a roller coaster ride. There are so many ups and downs, turns and backs but I would just wan to believe that all this would end and I may have cherish the moment I have been there. So I can be able to have fun with it when I am remembering it. But how come I engage myself from a play that I know I could be the loser in the end. Its like I know the game I would win.
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14. i miss someone who laughs at me when I do something clumsy 15. i miss someone who readily revive me from embarrassment 16. i miss someone who support me all the way 17. i miss someone who nags at me when I did something terrible 18. i miss someone who just gives me hug when I need for comfort 19. i miss someone who gives me hug 20. i miss someone who cuddles me up on bed 21. i miss someone who cuddle me on the couch 22. i miss someone who is much competitive to me _jiLL
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23. i miss someone who makes me dumb 24. i miss someone who is very intelligent to me in other ways 25. i miss someone when I feel I am the most intelligent women he met 26. i miss someone who respects me 27. i miss someone who become so rude to me 28. i miss someone who is comfortable with me 29. i miss someone whom I am comfortable with 30. i miss someone who watch me when I am at my best 31. i miss someone who watch me when I am at my lowest _jiLL its me
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32. i miss someone who stares at me when I am not looking 33. i miss someone who hang out with me even though we donít have anything to do 34. i miss someone who hang out at my place eventhough I am busy with stuff 35. i miss someone who lets me hang out at his place 36. i miss someone who lets me hang out at his place even when he is busy 37. i miss someone who lets me come to his place even though his pals are there 38. i miss someone who lets me hang out
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39. i miss someone who hangs with my friends 40. i miss someone who is also close with my best friends 41. i miss someone whom I become bestfriend theirs 42. i miss someone who just lets me in the house even when he just got out of the shower 43. i miss someone who lets me in even when he is doing household chores or cleaning 44. i miss someone who lets me help with him at his household chores 45. i miss someone who helps me with the chores 46. i miss someone who exercise with me
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47. i miss someone who plays with me 48. i miss someone who share everything to me 49. i miss someone who lends his shirt and seeing me in a large size shirt 50. i miss someone who can buy me disposable napkins 51. i miss someone who lets me go shopping with his personal belongings 52. i miss someone who goes with me shopping 53. i miss someone who goes with me in the movies eventhough it is a chickflick 54. i miss someone who bring my shopping bags 55. i miss someone who watches my fingers round his
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56. i miss someone who watches me eating even though I am sloppy enough 57. i miss someone who wipe my mouth when I am messy 58. i miss someone who pinch my cheeks 59. i miss someone who listens to the music I am listening 60. i miss someone who makes me go nuts 61. i miss someone who doesnít want chickflicks 62. i miss someone who throws little pieces of tissue rolls just to make him notice 63. i miss someone who tuck my hair at my ears 64. i miss someone who sway my hands when walking
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65. i miss someone who being corny 66. i miss someone who smells my hair 67. i miss someone who is proud of me eventhough I am at sweat 68. i miss someone who is proud of me eventhough I donít have an make up 69. i miss someone who is proud of me eventhough I look so baduy with the clothes I am wearing 70. i miss someone who is proud of me even though what body I have 71. i miss someone who chooses the clothes I wear 72. i miss someone who criticize what I am wearing
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73. i miss someone who distracts me when I am busy 74. i miss someone who hang out with my whole family 75. i miss someone who is very naughty 76. i miss someone who talks about boys stuff and everything about it 77. i miss someone who tugs my blanket at night 78. i miss someone who gets my stuff whenever I forget it 79. i miss someone who brings my bag 80. i miss someone who fetch me at home 81. i miss someone who sends me home 82. i miss someone who is holding my hands _jiLL
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83. i miss someone whose fingers are wrapped around mine 84. i miss someone who holds my back 85. i miss someone who is gentleman 86. i miss someone who asks with his decisions 87. i miss someone who decides on his own 88. i miss someone who is opinionated 89. i miss someone who tells his decisions and plans 90. i miss someone who listens 91. i miss someone who shut their mouth especially when needed to 92. i miss someone who opens the door for me 93. i miss someone who asks if I am okay _jiLL me
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94. i miss someone who quarrels with me 95. i miss someone who expresses his thoughts 96. i miss someone who admits his faults 97. i miss someone who can shut me up 98. i miss someone who can stay with me 99. i miss someone who dont the phone down 100. i miss someone who kiss me in the forehead 101. i miss someone who kiss me in the cheeks 102. i miss someone who kiss me 103. i miss someone who keeps on reminding me how special I am 104. i miss someone who say he loves me
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105. i miss someone who shows he loves 106. i miss someone who cares 107. i miss someone who misses me 108. i miss someone who I used to hate 109. i miss someone wanting me 110. i miss someone wanting my hug 111. i miss someone wanting my care 112. i miss someone wanting my love 113. i miss someone wanting my kiss 114. i miss someone wanting me beside him 115. i miss someone who treats me important 116. i miss someone who wipe my tears from my eyes 117. i miss someone who brightened up my day
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118. i miss someone who move my hair away from my eyes 119. i miss someone who volunteers to comb my hair 120. i miss someone who just love to kiss me 121. i miss someone who makes other girls envy me 122. i miss someone who would sing for me even out of tune 123. i miss someone who would cook for me 124. i miss someone who let me sleep at his chest 125. i miss someone who became so childish when heís making lambing 126. i miss someone who would be like my most girly chika buddy
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127. i miss someone who argues with me 128. i miss someone who agree with me 129. i miss someone who throw stuffed toy when I feel dumb 130. i miss someone who is never afraid to say I love you 131. i miss someone who count the stars 132. i miss someone who would give me stars 133. i miss someone who would watch cartoons with me 134. i miss someone who would watch chick flicks 135. i miss someone who would give me flowers 136. i miss someone who kneels in front of me _jiLL so sad eh
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137. i miss someone who begs at me 138. i miss someone who says sorry 139. i miss someone who always forgive me 140. i miss someone who would tell me I am pretty 141. i miss someone who tickles me 142. i miss someone who whispers my name at the dark these are all I miss. Eventhough you have someone around thereís really something that would be missing. Its not everything would be find in a guy. There will always be missing. There is no perfect guy but there is such a thing that you made the perfect guy
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im jiLL aNnE_taking up BS NURSING_ _so many things to know about me_so as to explore about_ _Love easily_Like anything_ _can be a friend and an adviser_can be a Lover and an admirer_ _can be a headache_and pain in the ass_ _share anything and a Listener_ _simpLe yet so gLamorous_siLent yet a destroyer_ _Looks can be deceiving_human yet a deity_ _hard to understand but easy to get_ _smile is pleasant but conversation is intriguing_ _im single and available_ _im sad but a bit contented_ _a dreamer and I fantasize_ _i create dream to reality_ _its what I want to live_
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it doesnít reaLLy matter what i think but its how i pLease you_i am a simpLe person who wants simpLe things_ _who dreams big and Looks forwards into things_dont do thing so hard to get me because you can already simply catch my heart by saying hi and a pure heart too_ _i know what i want_i am determined to get what i want_a princess who needs a prince and who doesnít want a happy ever after_ _i always see things and keep it on my own_have a simpLe face but a broad mind_ _happy person but so deep inside_empty_conversation_foods_fashion_designs_music_books_stars_moody_weird_
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i Love most are my famiLy_friends[miss q na kayo]_ciempre c GOD i aLways crave for cakes_chocoLates_ mocha peppermint frap_green tea peppermint frap_dark choCoLate chiLLatas_cinnamon roLLs[yummy]_pizza_Latte_zaguís pearl miLk tea_ i am fond of marvin the martian_tazmanian deviL_grafitti_shoes_bags_cLothes_perfumes_STARS_cars[marunong na aKo magdrive]_ books_yeLLow_babybLue Q_sLeeping_designs[anything, interiors and landscapping with anything]_fashionistas_styList_make-up_music[rock on!mabuhay mga musikero!!!] iLike brandon boyd_ira cruz_francis ricafort_ryan phiLippe_ashton kutcher_aLex band_zanjoe marudo_victor basa_marvin sia_ i want those peopLe who are -> weird_may pagkukusa_nde pLastic_totoo sa sariLi_determined_out-spoken_Lots and Lots of sense of humor and sense of taste_ i admire yoanna house_tessa prieto_tim yap_musikeros_ something you dont know about me makuLet_waLang paki aLam sa iba_tahimik_observant_moody_sensitive_deep_conversationalist_listener_ writing
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 The sweetest thing a guy ever did for his girl was sit with his friends, look at her from a far and proudly tell them ďlook at my honey, have you ever seen anyone so beautiful? Damn pare siya buhay ko.Ē  Its hard to fall in love again when you are still attach to your pastÖ you must learn to let go and open your heart to someone elseÖits not easy to do but sometimes you just have to. ___ i love quotes, they please my heart... i have plenty of it on my phone... i also shared it
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 Its amazing how easily to fall in love with someone who simply smile, talks or stare at youÖthe only hard thing to do is to make that person fall for youÖ  When you love somebody prepare yourself to be hurt, no matter how painful it isÖthe important things areÖyou shared and you experienced to love and to be loved  I once told myself that for everything I hold on to, there must be something I must let go of. But if one day I couldnít find anything to let go of anymore, Iíll let go of myselfÖso I could hold on to you
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As I remember I had fall in love with those quotes. It made my heart fall with someoneís heart. It someone until now I cannot forget. I havenít seen him for a while; I sometimes thought I am missing him. I even thought of coming back to him and wanting him to be by my side but as I come to reality I also remember that I already donít have his heart anymore. We are already so far with each other. I guess I already dont know him anymore. But I want to bump him sometimes somewhere along the road.
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I donít know but when I cry, itís like a relief from a deep pain. When I cry I know there is a big reason for it. When I cry I know someone had hurt me. When I cry I know someone should save me from there. I am emotionless, I donít think of my feelings. I think of what others think. I may not be happy of what I am doing. A whole masochist I say. I live what other people think. Its really shit, if you think but tha what made me feel so good. _so sad life_
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What makes life make me pleasurableÖbrownies, mocha peppermint frap, blackberry green tea, chessy floss, buko pandan shake, carbonara, meatballs spaghetti, siomai, takoyaki, zaguís pearl milk tea, potato chips, nai cha, clothes, bags, havainnas, slip Ė on, flats, ballet shoes, trapeze, looking up in the stars, sunsets, smiles of babies, taro taro, donuts and cupcakes, photography(pictures), models, interior designs and landscapes, new yorkís finest pizza, meat lovers pizza, palabok, aroma therapy, incense, ice cream(bubble gum, cookies and cream) gatorade red, color yellow, black and white, blue, browsing the web, sleeping and experimenting in cooking, driving, writing essays, cars, perfumes, chillatas, cinnamon rolls
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How would you want to tell your story? Isnít it beautiful to put in the picture your story with your future siblings? Isnít it good to feel they would follow your steps? But how would you want them to hear yours? Dramatic? That you want them sob as they hear your story and get it as their inspiration. Or comedy? That they live like it as they follow what youíve done and idolizes you. However, what ever you want I know we only desire them to love hearing it from you. Itís how you relate your own story with them.
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Life is about learning how to face Godís plans for us. He knows us too well. It is how we face each trials and problems and especially how we can enjoy life even with mishaps and hindrances. But isnít nice to hear how I end up having them in my life. Talks about having prince charming as well but I am no Cinderella who waits for his prince who would sweep off my feet. For I believe everything happens for a reason. What ever I have achieved it is because I am made do achieved such thing. (to be continued)
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That I deserve something that I can barely call mine alone. I am not living right now if I donít have a purpose. I may not know I inspire somebody else but also annoy someone as well. If I am about to answer how would my life be, I canít answer directly but I would tell you what I aspire in my life. Itís like you want to learn the guitar but youíve accidentally know how to ride the bike. Itís complicated but I can plan on my own but I still head my way to what God have planned.
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I may not be able to play the guitar but at least I can play with my bike. I know what I want but still God knows whatís good for me. And I may not know that God has the reason why I canít play the guitar because I am ought to ride the bike. Itís like learning how you can define love on how you have experience it or how you would define a medical term if you donít have any idea about it. Life is as simple as we want to analyze it but ironically hard to understand why and how.
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We would just figure it out when we got there and we have reached fulfilling happiness. Besides its all what we want to be happy. So live what God has planned for you, lift it up everything to him. He knows! He has a purpose. You have a purpose. Its what he wants, he wonít give you something you canít survive, I love my life even though I have so many questions. I love everything God has given me even its problem at least it taught me something that I may use in my life. You what about your life?