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Zeke was bitten by a dog Sunday. We were taking a family walk with the baby in the stroller. The dog was in a fenced yard but the gate was unlatched and the dog bolted out and bit Zeke on the bottom and on the calf. He has a bruise on his bottom in the shape of an exclamation point and a puncture on his leg. David chased the dog into his yard and confronted the owner, who yelled at us, accusing us of letting the dog out. We decided to let the authorities take it from here. More later.
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Just finished Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman. This was my first ebook and I enjoyed it a lot. I have taken to the medium much better than I anticipated. I find myself at nights feeling the urge to dogear a page when I am done. It just feels like a book. The book itself was pretty typical Kellerman. It seemed a bit more far fetched than his others but I think that may just be my mood. Regardless I enjoyed it. Kellerman is delightful fluff. I don't watch General Hospital anymore so this Alex Delaware is like my soap opera now.
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On Tuesday I brought the boys to see Papillion at Children's Hospital. This was for the Parenting Center's Open House so it was mostly parents with children under 3 or 4. Jenni was there with Reina and Haley. At one point Papillion asked people to come up and learn a "pirate dance." There were only a few little ones so I beckoned Haley to go up. She didn't want to so I went up and danced and then she joined me. Later Zeke came up too. It was nice to see them just being silly kids. They're getting so big.
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I sometimes look at Isaiah and have this huge feeling of not deserving him. I know intellectually that the depression I suffered during the pregnancy was not really my fault, but I do feel in retrospect that I could have handled it better. I really fell apart there, and when I think of all the medicines I took and the lack of eating.... And yet I gave birth to this fabulous, healthy boy anyway. And he is sweet and happy and clever and mischievous. Of course, he does think he is a dog and we think he is a monkey....
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Woke up at 5 a.m. with Isaiah vomiting all over me. Two hours holding him on the couch. He snoozed. I showered, then holding him again. Ran Powerpass errands with David and Zeke while Isaiah slept in the car for 2 hours. Lunch at Slim Goodie's using the gift certificate I won at the Broadmoor Fest raffle. Painted some of the fence with chalkboard paint. Zeke's dentist appointment and picked up seafood to feed my family. Made potato salad and family arrived. Zeke sliced himself open on lava rock in backyard and Isaiah barfed on me again after everyone left.
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Friday we went for the opening day of the Audubon Insectarium. Ths was for members only. David got us tickets for the first group in. Very cool. Amazing exhibits of insects, both alive and dead, a cave where you could go in and see things as a bug. (Huge slugs and birds, etc.) There was a short film with seats which poked you when the bees buzzed past and blew streamers beneath your feet to simulate bugs. The butterfly house had just barely been finished and the butterflies were rather sad looking, beating their wings against the windows and walls.
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We got to the cafe and I knew they were serving some foods with insects. There was a tray set out with strips of chocolate with white specks. "Free samples." I figured I'd go ahead and try it and then find out what it is. Hmmm.... Chocolatey and minty. To the man behind the counter: "OK, what am I eating." "Oh, that's just chocolate. The insect food's in the next room." David commented that maybe we shouldn't have gone the first day. Better to wait for them to work out all the bugs. Isaiah loved the huge mascots (Antoinette, Graston.)
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We were supposed to leave on Saturday morning and camp on the way to the beach. Friday night at around 7 p.m. I went to bed feeling ill. About 10 p.m. I was violently ill and then again later that night. Therefore Saturday I laid in bed and moaned, David took the boys to the zoo and let me rest. It was Jenniís birthday so later Zeke and I decorated a plant pot for her and David picked up dinner for Zeaís and we went to Jenniís. Reina had been ill Friday night as well and Saturday Haley got it.
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So by Sunday we were all well and left for Panama City. 6 hours later we were there with minimal fussing from Isaiah. Unfortunately that night David started feeling ill. By bedtime he was vomiting. David was ill all the next day. We were careful not to share food but this is the most contagious illness I have ever experienced. Everyone but Rob and Emily got sick (therefore Patrick, baby Ava, Cindy, Braxton, Zeke, Pat, Dave, and possibly Laurens. Hard to tell with him.) Everyone was better in 24 hours except 9 month old Ava who was sick all week.
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It was upsetting seeing Patrick and Emily's way of managing Ava. I know it is common parenting practice for some people to put their babies down for naps and to bed and just "let them cry it out." But Ava was in a strange place and not feeling well and they would just put her down and we could hear her cry and cry. I was tempted to say "I could hold her for awhile. I'd really like to hold her." And especially when they are sick they just want to be cuddled and loved. At least she won't remember.
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It was also funny seeing Rob and Cindy's parenting 10 year old Braxton. I feel when I take Zeke to the beach I have taken him to the beach. Anything else is lagniappe. In 7 days Braxton was taken to snowballs, the movies, an arcade, a water park, mini golf, buy a new Play Station game, and buy souvenirs. They offered to bring Zeke along many times. He went for snowballs and the arcade. I declined some because it was too late at night, the water park because I wasn't willing to chaperone and didn't like him going without us.
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We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday because we were all leaving on Sunday. I did a pretty poor job of it but Zeke bought David a Scooby Doo Father's Day card and I taught Isaiah to say "Happy Dada Day" (with lots of coaching.) I also bought David the new Bare Naked Ladies kids album which we listened to on the ride home and which was quite fun, really. Saturday night David and I went out for oysters and cosmopolitans. The cosmopolitans seemed to have been made with Hawaiian Punch and the oysters were tiny but a lovely date nevertheless.
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Panama City was quite a trip. I am used to Pensacola Beach which is an entirely different experience. Panama City was serious red neck, beach week territory. There were three mini golf courses and a million tourist traps. Those little electric beach cars buzzed by all day and night. The beach had a fair amount of litter and worst of all cigarette butts. And there were so many rental properties that were vacant and businesses that were unoccupied. But the sand and the waves were lovely. Floating in the ocean and sun on my skin work to rekindle my soul.
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I finished A Murder Announced by Agatha Christie while on vacation. This was as amusing as the other Christie's I have read. I was surprised by the ending, but that is often the way of it with me and suspense novels. I don't really try to figure out the end beforehand because it is more fun to be surprised. I am happy to have discovered Christie and I have another of her novels sitting on the bookshelf now and look forward to it sometime soon. I am now reading The Zookeeper's Wife for book club and am liking it too.
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We were at the public pool, which turned out to be really nice (and free), when Isaiah kept babbling the same word over and over, quite insistently. It sounded like "giggle" or "geegle." I finally figured out that he was saying "Ezekiel." So I have been calling Ezekiel "giggles." Ezekiel told me today he does NOT want this nickname to stick. Too bad. It is too darn cute. Isaiah has continued to call him "giggle." That's how one gets nicknames in the south.

Isaiah is at that stage now when he picks up new words constantly. It is really fun.
06/20 Direct Link
Yesterday we were shopping at Whole Foods and there was a basket of bread sitting in the parking lot so I brought the boys to City Park today. At first there were just pigeons, then a few ducks joined us. Then a mother duck came along with 4 little ducklings. Then a nutria rat! I've never seen a nutria up close in the wild. Later I heard a boy say to another "Did you see the raccoon?" City kids. Don't know a nutria from a raccoon. I look around and there's a big, fat raccoon eating from a garbage can.
06/21 Direct Link
These are some of the words Isaiah now says: boom, dada, mama, ezekiel (which sounds like giggles), Jenni, Reina, nose, toes, eyes, button, penis, diaper, nurse, no, mine, raining, car, truck, dog, cat, woof, neigh, brmmmm (elephant sound), quack, duck, oo oo aa aa (monkey sound), hot, banana, apple, cheese, cracker, cookie, Johnny, roar, ball, outside, ice, mimi, happy, book, boo, uh oh, 'tential (when he sees a certain commercial which says "potential"), down, zaya, hello, bye bye, cup, balloon, please, hi kitty, eeee (what the pteranadon says) and I'm sure I am forgetting some. The word explosion has begin.
06/22 Direct Link
This morning in church the minister was doing the children's sermon. She showed the children a compass and demonstrated how it would point you in the right direction. Then she talked about being pointed in the right moral direction. She said she was at a festival recently and a food vendor gave her $10 too much change. She said no one would have known if she just kept the extra cash. She asked the kids if they knew what she did. Zeke said, "You gave her the money back." "Good! How did you know?" "Because that's what my dad does."
06/23 Direct Link
Just finished The Zookeeper's Wife, nonfiction by Diane Ackerman. This was very good and rather inspiring in an unbelievable kind of way. According to wikipedia "the greatest generation is a term used to describe those U. S. citizens who fought in World War II, as well as those who kept the home front intact during it." We had nothing on the Polish people. These were people who invited strangers to hide in their homes, knowing that just being suspected of hiding a Jew could have their whole family shot on sight. I can't imagine having the courage of these people.
06/24 Direct Link
Zeke and I have almost finished listening to our current audiobook for the second time. It is called Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm. It was quite good. It takes place shortly after World War II and I never thought about the Italian people being discriminated against in America during the war years. You hear about the Japanese being held in internment camps but you never hear anything about the Italian Americans (or German Americans for that matter....) The reader also did a great job. I enjoyed the voices she gave the characters and the different accents. It's recommended.
06/25 Direct Link
Some things I have been meaning to blog. Jenni dyed a deep blue streak in my hair about a week ago. It is wider than the magenta one was and I really like it but it is extreme. Reina, Reina's friend Lila, Haley, and Zeke all got turquoise streaks but it did not show up very well and disappated quickly. I told David I'm now a blue haired old lady. Isaiah is quite upset when I drop Zeke off at camp in the morning. He calls "Geegles" over and over. Guess he was spoiled by two weeks with his brother.
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One of my friends posted about her childhood recently which spurred this. When I grew up the idea of bottled water was silly. A friend of my mom's was pregnant when I was around 12 and she had gallon jugs of bottled water at all her best friends' homes because she didn't want to drink tap water. I thought that was strange. Now everything is bottled or filtered and I really don't think the tap water is any less safe than it was then. And my children are probably not getting the flouridation from the water that their teeth need.
06/29 Direct Link
Went tubing today on the Bogue Chitto with a group of friends. Jenni kept Isaiah starting at 7:45. Awfully charitable of her being that her girls just left for Houston on Friday. Had a great time despite a few glitches. It stormed on us while we were still on the river. We went from sweaty to rather chilly and the thunder and lightning made many of us rather nervous. Zeke kept getting out of the tube, near the end got sucked briefly under a log. He was wearing a life jacket and popped right out but it scared him and me.
06/30 Direct Link
Zeke started at Loyola day camp Monday morning. This is his first time at this camp. We got there and he seemed really nervous and said "Mom, I don't know about this." I reassured him and got him introduced to his counselor and with his group. I then said "Ok, sweety, bye" and kissed him on the head. Zeke: "Mooooommmmmm...." Me: "What?" I am expecting him to say something like "Don't go yet." Instead he makes a jerky motion with his thumb and I realize he is giving me the boot. I dared to kiss him in front of others....