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Typical Tenant The owner had let out one portion of his house to a gentleman. On the first day of his arrival the owner enquired about him. The tenant instead of being polite gave rude reply. He told him the relationship should be limited to the extent of rent and not beyond that. Owner was not expected such response. He left the place without making any comment. Immediately tenant followed the owner and requested to forgive. The owner had pardoned and warned him to behave properly. The tenant was misguided by his own friend to treat the owner in such a manner.
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. Beware of co-travelers I was traveling in the train. There were few persons in the bogie. I was just going through a novel. A middle aged man and four persons were seated in the opposite. He gave introduction of himself and other friends. I too gave introduction in brief. He raised the topic on the present political scenario. I thought he wanted to know my opinion. He offered me biscuits and I took only one. Thereafter, I felt giddiness and closed my eyes for sometime. I woke up, all the persons were disappeared. The bogie was empty. I lost my purse with money. Tags- Train, biscuit, co-travelar
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Gossip Generally everybody starts gossip on some other person and ends up with unconnected issue. Vasudha was not exception to it. Her husband was fed up with her attitude and failed to stop her from this. One day in the evening, she called neighbor Nirmala to pass some time with her. During the course of gossip, Nirmala asked about Vasudha’s husband’s profession. Without realizing the repercussions she revealed that her husband engaged in a business of black marketing. Nirmala went home and spread the news. Gossip took a very serious turn. Vasudha’s husband was arrested and kept in the police custody. Tags- Gossip, Vasudha, Nirmala,
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Mistaken Identity I remember even today the horrible incident happened to a doctor. On one dark midnight a group of five professional thieves entered the house of a doctor and started their operation. During their operation, the doctor and his wife protested. In the process, one of the thieves hit the doctor with the weapon and the doctor became unconscious. His wife was terribly scared. Complaint was lodged with police. Thieves were caught due to the prompt action of the police. Their target was to hit the lawyer, who was residing in the same proximity. It was nothing but a mistaken identity. Tags- Doctor, Thieves, Police, Lawyer.
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Desire Fulfilled Sudheer a young man was in love with a girl. He informed the parents that three girls including his lover come home and asked them to select one among them as his would be wife. All the three girls accompanied by their moms arrived in the evening. Girls were asked to sit on the sofa and their moms in another sofa. His parents observed the girls very closely and matched their tally. They made announcement as having selected the one who sat in the middle. Sudheer was surprised to know his choice and their selection was one and the same.
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Never Loose Patience Branch manager of a bank lost his patience for a silly matter. It was not complicated to loose the patience. One of the bank’s customers gave diaries to be distributed among all the staff. Manager avoided giving dairy to one of his staff on the plea that he doesn’t need the same. The employee asked politely to give him diary. When manager refused to give, he insisted for the same. Their arguments continued for sometime. In the meanwhile, manager lost his patience and hit him. Manager realized his mistake and apologized. He got the diary. The issue was closed. Tags- Manager, Staff, Bank, Diary, Customer.
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Confrontation is not the solution Boss called me, when I was busy in my work. I went to the chamber. He started shouting at the top of his voice for the mistake committed by me. I requested him to permit me to rectify. But he was not prepared to listen. I came out and discussed the same with my colleagues. The following points emerged in our discussion. 1. Let the boss apologize for his behavior, otherwise protest against him. 2. Convince him the reason for mistake. 3. Wear badges showing displeasure. It was decided that peaceful means of convincing the boss was the better option. Tags-boss, office, employees.
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Dishonest I was asked to report for duty in a city branch of the bank. The office was situated about 4 miles from my home. I hired an auto to reach the office. I left the home one hour before the commencement of the work. The driver had ulterior motive in his mind. After one hour the auto reached to the destination. He demanded one hundred rupees and showed me the meter. I paid him the money. I told my colleague about the auto charges to know the reasonable fare. He said it was double because the driver took long route.
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Banana I was a young man of 25; and searching a life partner. A proposal for marriage was received. I went to their home with my parents. Snacks and coffee provided. Girl’s mom told me to ask any question to her. I asked few questions. She gave the answers boldly. I was happy to see the girl. Parents told them to inform about my willingness shortly. We were about to leave, girl’s mom as per the custom offered flowers, and banana to my mother. Suddenly, my mother got giddiness and recovered within few minutes. She had major accident due to banana.
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My Belief I have some good news said Grandma My husband is healthy and attending in all the activities. My son has got promotion and reached top position in the company. My daughter-in-law has obtained award as best housewife in the competition. My eldest grand son has secured highest marks in the post graduation. My eldest grand daughter has obtained best singer award. I appeal to you, don’t ask me anything about myself. I am feeling sad about present health condition. I will forget everything in the welfare of my family. This is the energy for me. I need strong spiritual power
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Intelligent Friend Somniya and Raju were joined the Indian Army as a soldiers on the same day. Both were given postings in the same battalion. One day Somniya received a letter from his father that his wife was in bed for insomnia. On going through the letter, he was laughing. Raju who was with him asked, “why are you laughing?’ “Go through this letter” Raju after reading it said, “Instead of becoming sad, you took it as a humor and laughing.” “If Somniya not in (home), she gets insomnia.” His friend also laughed and appreciated him for taking everything as a humor.
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Disappointment He was traveling in a train, he saw a young beautiful lady in front of him. At first sight, he fell in love with her. He was thinking seriously about her. He had a sleep and beautiful dream. “Where are you going?” She just smiled. He continued conversation for some time. He was bold enough to put a proposal of his marriage with her. She was gladly accepted. She was a widow with 2 year old baby girl. He expressed his willingness to marry. When he woke up, she was not there and got down in one of the stations.
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Discipline I was busy attending to the bank customers. Manager called me to his chamber. I went there and asked the purpose of call. “Why did you come late by more than half an hour today?” “Sir, the bus was late due to heavy traffic.” “I don’t want to hear any lame excuse.” “Sir, you were also in the same bus and very well know the reason.” “Yes!” “Sir, the delay applies to both.” “You can’t question me. It amounts to major indiscipline.” “Sir, this time excuse me.” Discipline is to preach and indiscipline is to practice with different yardstick.
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Boss and his Assistant A young lady staff was in the habit of coming late to bank everyday. She was intelligent to change the reason for late coming like not keeping good health, delay of bus and father sick etc. The list goes on without an end. Boss was too intelligent and noted down all the reasons submitted by her. One day, she was unable to give the fresh reason. Boss with an intention to create humor told her to submit the reason of having met a boy friend. “Yes! I met the person with whom I am speaking now."
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Manners I was discussing with some high profile clients of the bank in my chamber. My assistant came holding a bunch of bills with a request to approve it immediately. He was not supposed to enter in my chamber without prior permission. I was upset in the beginning for not maintaining the decency and decorum of the office. I asked him why he wanted to meet me. He explained me the purpose of his coming hurriedly. On verification of the papers, I felt the nature of urgency in settling the bills. I had to appreciate him for the sincerity shown.
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Faith Illiterate lady was fetching milk to the saint. He was in the deep meditation. She was crossing the river by a ferry. Once she missed the ferry. In such situation, saint told her to utter the name of God and walk. Again she faced the similar situation, followed the saint’s advice. She chanted the God’s name without realizing the water; she was successful in her attempt. Her dress was least affected. The saint also faces the similar situation, attempted to cross the river by chanting mantra, he was utterly failure, because he tried to protect his clothes from getting wet. Tags-Illiterate Lady, Saint, River, Ferry, God, Milk.
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Knowledge Once banker, politician and professor were crossing the river by boat. The banker asked boatman whether he knew banking. The boatman pleaded ignorance. The banker told him one fourth of life wasted. Politician asked boatman knowledge in the politics. He replied the same ignorance. Boatman wasted another fourth of his life. Professor asked the boatman knowledge in education. He replied ignorance. He wasted another fourth of his life. Suddenly there was a flood in the river and boatman politely asked all them whether they knew the art of swim. They replied in negative. Boatman said, "Your whole life is wasted." Tags- banker, politician, professor
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Man proposes God disposes In the evening Manohar returned from his duty. He was searching an important document. But he got a diary written when he was a boy. While turning the pages, he saw one entry was like this. When I become young, my ambition would be to work as a top police officer. I will have the uniform, revolver and a stick. Number of police constables will be standing in front of me for receiving orders. Manohar felt very sorry for the present position. He was having uniform and weapon, but not the status. His position was security guard in the bank.
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First Journey as a Child When I was child, I made a trip by train along with my mother. Due to hurry, we could not purchase ticket. My mother was also worrying too much, if a ticket examiner visit the bogie and book us. It was an offense. When the train stopped at next station, I saw the ticket examiner, who was standing at the tea stall. I wanted to meet him and explain the reason for not purchasing the ticket. My mother prevented me for doing so, because the train was about to leave and the whistle was already given. We reached our destination. Tags-train, ticket collector
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Sudden Change Little girl Arati had suddenly developed stammering since morning. Parents were unhappy. She had undergone medical treatment. It was reported that every thing was normal. She was brilliant in the school but also cleaver in other activities. The school had decided to enact a drama. Arati was asked to take up a prominent role. She agreed to act in the drama. Rehearsal was in full swing. She had to by heart some Sanskrit dialogues. Initially she felt very difficult to pronounce. But her determination and firm conviction had resulted in success and her stammering gone. The defect was temporary phase. Tags- Little Girl, Stammering, Doctor
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Rishi A successful man Rishi was considered as a prominent person not only in India but USA also. He was in the flight proceeding to USA. A young lady with 3 months old baby girl was seated just next to him. The baby was feeling uneasiness due to the suffocation. Naturally mother became helpless and nervous. Rishi took the baby in his shoulder and advised her useful tips to overcome the situation. These tips when applied gave fine result. The lady was none other than a CEO of reputed company. She helped Rishi by all means to come up in a country like USA.
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Habit as a Fun Eight year old Jyothi, who was perfectly alright till yesterday, suddenly developed a habit of speaking the same sentence several times. Some of her friends took it as a fun. But elders warned her to stop immediately. What made her to change? Previous day, she was observing a boy, who was repeating a sentence number of times. She decided to speak like him. During the singing competition in the school, she got the appreciation and award for repeating one stanza several times as the song created a melodious voice. Jyothi realized repercussions of abuse and appreciation and stopped it forever. Tags- Little Girl, Boy, Repeat
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Travel. I remember even today a memorable journey by train when I was a 10 year old boy. I took a round of entire bogie to find out a seat for me. There was no seat. I found one gentleman had occupied three seats by keeping his belongings on two seats. I told him to remove and make room for me to sit. He was in no mood to remove them. With great difficulty and the interference of the other travelers he removed. I told the gentleman to see the board “less luggage more comfort makes travel happy.” He simply smiled. Tags-train, bogie
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Shocking Incident When I was a very young boy, perhaps nine or ten years, I had undergone a great shock due to the sudden death of my friend. I was going to open well for swim along with my friends. The ill fated boy was also with us on that day. His way of swim was dangerous and risky. We told him not to jump from the top. Third time, when he was jumping lost his balance and hit to a big stone and then gone to the well. We were terribly scared. The dead body was taken out after some time. Tags-boys, ill-fated boy, well
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Hide and Seek. I was 10 year old boy, playing ‘hide and seek’ with others. The game was best suited in our locality. Hiding in the house was easy. We were six to start the game. As per the game one boy was selected as a seeker. He was instructed to close his eyes until the counting ends 100. The others were to hide. The seeker then opens his eyes and search. The first found would be next seeker. The last boy remains will be winner. The winner was hiding in dangerous place. He fell down and got fracture in the right leg. Tags- boys, game.
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Costly Joke. Some times elders knowingly tease the children without realizing the repercussions. I was victim of such a situation. I was playing with my friends; an elderly man called me and told me that I was not a real son of my parents. I was born to a woman, who happens to be a vegetable vendor. On hearing this, I ran away to a secluded place and weeping not knowing the reality. I went to mother and enquired about this episode. She said it was nothing but a joke. I was weeping continuously for two days. The elderly person came and apologized for the joke. Tag- boy, elderly man, mother
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Housewives Preeti and sunanada being housewives used to gossip on the personal matter of others. “Do you know about Shubha’s daughter Sangeeta?” asked Preeti. “Yes! Last year Sangeeta’s husband died in the car accident.” “It is old news. She is making preparation of remarriage.” “Who is ready to marry a widow?” “The same vagabond unemployed Ramesh.” “How Sangeeta has given consent?” “It is secret” “Ramesh is inheriting a big property as per the court order.” Priteeti’s husband was observing this conversation. “Preeti, why do you interfere in other’s personal affair?” Preeti was unhappy for the comment and told her friend to leave.
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Well Begun Is Half Done Arun was a publisher in the city. He was making preparations prior to three months for release of a book. His main task was to select guests in consultation with the author of the book. Invitations were sent to them. Everybody gave consent to attend the function. Auditorium was also booked. Just three days before the function, chief guest expressed his inability to participate in the function. The owner of the auditorium also informed his helplessness to provide the hall. He made alternative arrangement of other chief guest and hall. He didn’t agree the dictum ‘Well begun is half done’ Tags-publisher,author, book
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Between You and Me The bank manager was discussing seriously with his assistant on the proposal of loan to be sanctioned. Manager told him clearly these matters should be between you and me. But it was leaked out. How it was leaked out was the big question. Either manager or assistant must have revealed it. Both disagree and say baseless charges. The party sued the bank for not maintaining secrecy. The court awarded compensation to the party. During the bank’s internal enquiry it was revealed that the subordinate staff who was with them and operating the keys of safe was responsible to leak out. Tags- manager, assistant, bank, customer
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Customer and Manager. I was a manager of a bank. One day a young man approached me and said his cheque must be honored. There was insufficient balance in his account. I asked him why I should accommodate. He said it was a part of customer service. He said the pamphlet displayed in the notice board which says manager at his discretion and allow party to overdraw the account. I told him to understand the meaning of discretion. He argued and was calm after sometime and requested me to allow overdraft. Based on his personal report I allowed him to overdraw the account. Tags- bank, manager, customer