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It was an amazing New Year countdown celebration. Eventually I ended up being with Teo, my best friend. I got so shit-faced that it was not even funny. Nearly got ourselves into trouble when I gave the finger to a cab driver. Fell on my butt and I broke my pair of shoes. Watched a movie (Did You Hear About The Morgans?) at The Cathay but ended up sleeping for most of the show anyway. Spent all my cash on booze. Flirted with a 45 year old man, Terry. I suppose 2010 is going to be just fucking awesome.
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I had a couple of drinks today after work. Spent $28 for a couple of drinks and salad. I have been working hard and I am proud of myself. Starting to like my new job... it's great.

However, work is going to be hella crazy for me next week. A total of 55 working hours, that's what I got. I am just gonna focus on the money. I'd earn $412.50 + tips!

I need to buy new shoes and an organiser. I also need to go back to the gym - abandoned it for too long already. Sigh.
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Gin and Tonic is the best, straight-up drink in the world. I had that as soon as I finished my after-work cigarette. Everything makes sense after one and a couple of cigarettes. It's amazing - I don't get the same feeling with a diet Coke.

Coffee and cigarettes work wonders too. There is always time for coffee, cigarettes, sex and a gin and tonic. I hope to live my life to the fullest and never let my spirit down. I have people who loves and cares for me.

I hope to love and care for myself just the same.
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Liam and I fucked this afternoon. We met up for coffee as usual and then I followed him back. I was curious about his big cock and he didn't lie about his size at all - it was just huge. Fucking hell, I had many men (trust me) and he was the biggest... I was very well impressed - and a bit scared that he would tear me into half.

He said that I had an amazing body and I was "tight". Well, I am... and he has such a talented tongue...

Met a really cute Russian boy at work.
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I don't just let any man into my life. Michael is not a strong character, and so he can never be the man for me... he's such a glutton.

It is not diplomatic, but I don't respect fat people. They let themselves go. Medical problems?... Most of the time, it's just overindulgence.

Nice guys finish last because they are too polite to make the first move. And when they do, it's just weird. There is no "May I Please.." when you are trying to get what you want - fucking go and DEMAND for it. Fucking pansies.

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Met an Englishman named Matt just now. Had a pint of Kilkenny with him and talked about life for a bit. He was quite short, but fit nonetheless. We might be going out together tomorrow... and I'd show him around. Thinking of fucking him too. Yeah, I am quite the sex maniac.

I am just so eager to get a new tattoo on me. Think it's going to be something card-inspired and also to do with lucky charms. I am doing my research as we speak. I think it is going to be on my hips area. I think.

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Had dinner with Terry with sex promised at the end of it. It was meant to be a sexual experiment for me. Had a bottle of red together with salad and pasta. Had a shot of B52. Back to Highlander Bar and did a shot of Belvedere and a Tanqueray 10 tonic.

Oh, the fine things money can buy.

Back to the hotel room. Had mad awesome sex for about 6-7 times. I came so much, man he is good. He must've been a horse in his past life.

The morning after, I had breakfast in bed.
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My body is aching all over the places. You are talking about working 12 hours straight at a very busy pub. My legs, particularly. I know that by the end of January, I'd lose at least 3kg. Can never be a bad thing.

So I applied to work as an escort. Seems like I'm going to be accepted. I am not so sure if I am really ready for this profession even when it is temporary. I'm in it for the money. That's what driving me to do this. I might as well get paid to get laid. Oh well.
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Yeah, so it was Saturday night. Went out with Teo instead of Mike. Had dinner at Swensen's and we began to talk about our past relationships and our sadness and our guilt feeling. It was quite a good night. Decided to go karaoke but the wait was too long. Took the train to go home.

Cancelled the date I had with Mike. Dunno if I could handle it, being with him. Fuck it was not gonna be easy, being with an ugly, fat man. Scottish men are always so overweight. I don't mean to be rude but it's true yeah?
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2 Gin and Tonic, 1 Red Wine, 3 Malibu Pineapple Juice, 1 Vodka Cranberry, 1 Vodka Lime Juice, 1 Jaegerbomb, 1 Bailey's. 10 drinks in total. Warm spinach salad, sauteed mushrooms... at The Steakhouse. It was awesome.

I suppose the whole damn thing cost about $200. But I didn't pay for any of it. That's the perk of being a girl. You don't pay for anything if a guy likes you enough. Never, ever go for a man who makes you pay 50-50 for everything. It means that he's either stingy or not interested at all. Fuck them all.
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It was a day spent recovering from the boozy night. Indulged in a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge after work. 

Plans for January

Dinner with Paul on the 30th. Dinner with Knut (Wednesday). Dinner with Frank (Tuesday). Dinner with Mike (Thursday). Party with Markus (Friday). Shopping with Teo (Saturday). Work (Sunday).

I miss going to the gym and talking to Hazel about stuff, but it's not possible since I am working and busy. However, it's good to be back on track and earning some bucks instead of being so bored at home all the time!
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I am not going to eat proper meals anymore. Shared 2 bottles of wines after work with Jin and Markus at the Pizzeria and had a couple of portobello pizza slices. Had a shot of sambuca. Nuts, and a mini hamburger with fries. That amounts to probably 800 calories. Plus breakfast and soft drinks, I think I was at least hiting the average calorie consumption!

Applied to work at a new place for a second job. The goal is to earn as much money as possible. Gonna get a new tattoo soon. It's going to be pretty exciting for me.
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My cousin just gave birth to a baby girl. Visited her in the hospital in the morning. Bought two used books - The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and also Slumdog Millionaire by Vikas Swarup for only $15! What a bargain.

Hung out with my cousin Ayu and Markus. Had a pint of Kilkenny. Smoked tons of cigarettes and ate nuts. Went to Primitive Tattoo shop and Markus got a new one, an ambigram. $400 - finished in about an hour. It looks really good!

Next week, I have to touch up my tattoo and show Nick the new design that I want.

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I did not have work today, so I slept all day after renewing my passport. My period came too - so relieved that I wasn't pregnant.

Went out with Mike and as usual, he was always so good to me. I don't know why I am not falling in love with him. Slowly but surely, my feelings for him are getting there. I just can't believe that he cares so much about me.

Ate brasaola salad, and cod fish. He had lobster soup and lamb rack. Had a bottle of red. Went to Highlander for a couple of drinks afterwards.
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Worked at the 2nd part-time workplace today from 12-9pm. It was quite fun, pretty laissez-faire. Think I am going to work there, definitely. If they pay me at least $7/hr, I will say yes to that.

So I got my period... means I am not pregnant. What a relief. Met Teo after work for karaoke, and also a movie titled "Daybreakers" starring Ethan Hawke. And boy, he is hot.

Might be going to Australia in February. And when I do that, I will make sure to drink as much of wine as I can. Ooooh lala.
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It is like a blur. I didn't work at all... came to work for training, only to find out that it was cancelled. Had a pint of Guinness and a glass of red wine. Indulged in a greasy meal of Long John Silver's. Ended up flirting with Klem and made a deal that he would get a tattoo design of his choice on my right butt cheek. Oh dear!

Spent the whole day lazing around doing nothing much. Working tomorrow morning at 10am. Read through most of Slumdog Millionaire already. My two books, overdued, and still not returned yet.

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Work was fine the whole day. A steady and productive morning. There were many people leaving good tips behind. Flirted with some proper cute men drinking beers in the afternoon. Sundays are always spent relaxing.

Decided to stay overnight at the chalet with my colleagues. Played blackjack and bullshit poker games. Drank beers, rum, whiskey and vodka. Ate lots of greasy food. It's been such a horrible month for my body. Not much of gym nor training and yet eating enough to sustain energy for working at the bar. It's good enough that I did not gain much from overeating.
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Tara and I went to poolside after work at 6. Had Singapore Sling, Mojito, Lime + Vodka, French 75. Had a pasta salad for dinner while she had Chicken Caesar sandwich.

Hung out with Markus too. Ended up being invited to a free-flow party this Thursday at Ink Club bar. It's gonna be so rad. Gonna put on my best dress and try to limit my eating and drinking this week. It cannot continue for too long, this overindulgence. I am worried about looking fat in my uniform. It sucks enough that my metabolism always lets me down. Damn it.
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Oh my goodness, it was so fucking painful to re-touch up your old tattoo. Mine was just 3 months old before I decided to get it done up again because the ink wasn't even. It was more painful than how it was initially.

I can honestly say that it hurts more than thinking about my ex-boyfriend having sex with another woman. It's quite a nice thought, knowing that I am slowly but surely moving on.

Work was fun just now, working with Tara. Did my first test at work and I passed. Thank goodness! Yeah, lucky, lucky.
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Doing too many things at a single time can really cause time to fly. I know that for sure today. Been working since evening till morning and it felt so unreal. Had to handle a few tables of French people and they were so unpleasant. Never really liked the French much, and I wasn't the only one who claimed that in my workplace.

Who gives a shit if they are supposedly romantic and crap?
They're a royal pain in the ass when it comes to serving them at a bar.

I'd rather serve the Indians. At least they tip well
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It was hella fun to party with Tara last night. We started out at Ink Club, then we spotted this cute guy named Simon. We motioned for him to come over, and he did -- and then Markus and the rest came along, like overprotective brothers.

Not feeling comfortable, Simon left us alone, thinking that Markus was Tara's boyfriend.

We ended up having some snacks at Mulligan's, drank at Azzucar!, partied at The Pump Room. Got to know Driss and Olivier... drank JD the whole night. Danced from 11pm till 3am. It was just so awesome. We had so much fun.
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Work was fine. Wasn't as busy as Wednesday night. Some guests were really fascinated by the quality of my tattoo and asked me where I had mine done. That's a great compliment to me -- I love it when people think my tattoo's tasteful.

Simon gave me $100 tip. :( But I couldn't have it all -- gotta share it with the others at work. I am still impressed with myself because no one has ever received that much of tip from Simon before!

He invited me to join him and his friends to "pub-crawl". I'm in! It's gonna be real fun.
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Went for a pub crawl with Si and S. Drank so much, I couldn't even spell my face. 2 bottles of wine, 2 pints of beer throughout the day BY MYSELF. Fuck the world, I am trying to push my limits.

Right now, I am trying to be on detox. Not to drink too much or smoke too much - I am feeling rather sick already. Gotta sleep more these days too... it's been too much of alcohol, sex and rich food. I had sex with KL. That wasn't planned but it felt so good.

He is also married. Oh snap.
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Work was busy. It was so tiring... only slept for 3 hours and it wasn't quality sleep! Drank too much of alcohol. Had reckless, mind-blowing sex with KL. Woke up to the beautiful sunrise... his apartment was so beautiful.

Totally so damn tired. Met Stefan, the beer champ! Went to hooter's... and he bought me the top! Superawesome, but so expensive too. $54! Fucking hell. Lucky it was a gift from him. I wouldn't spend that much over a Hooter's merch.

Ate a chicken burger for late dinner at midnight. That should suffice. I am still so hungover now.
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I spent some time after work with my colleagues. Three girls went to town to watch Law Abiding Citizen. Later on, Jimmy joined us and then we had a beer each.. before rushing to see the movie.

He was so sweet to me. Held my hands when I needed it, bought me popcorns when I didn't ask for it, and he watched me as he went to catch the last train.

I do believe that he likes me. Before he left, he kissed me in the mouth. Waited for me to finish work last Friday to have a drink. Sigh.
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Tuesday. I met up with Jimmy at his place after we bought takeaways. Travelled an hour from my place - gee, he lives so far away.

Watched TV together as he gave me some awesome massage. I gave him some too, but not for as long a time as he did for me. Smoked a few cigarettes -  I was already having sore eyes and bad throat. Nevertheless, it was all good... met his friend, Andreas. He ended up sharing stories about his drunken party nights back in Germany.

We kissed for some time and I knew we had something on.
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Did some shopping alone. Bought a beanie. Looked good on me! Had a few drinks for dinner. Went back home by 10pm which was early... normally I would be home at 12mn. A good change - I have been actively going out for the past week or so!

Gonna end work at 11 tomorrow. Bet I am going to get some drinks and chill - that's for sure. Planning not to eat too much, to save the calories for drinks instead. It will be nice to party a bit. Even if I don't, I can still drop by Bambooze and get some.
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What a short work day it was. Worked till 3pm. Ate nachos (cravings!) and had an Erdinger. Collected my passport after that. Met up with Mike for a movie and dinner. "The Edge of Darkness". Crappy show. Dinner was not too shabby - BaliThai. Had the seafood tomyum and stuffed chicken wing. The tomyum wasn't spicy. IT SHOULD'VE BEEN. But oh well.

Uhm. Jimmy is taking me to somewhere next week Friday-Sunday. Bet it'd be either Batam or Bintan. Cheap destinations, but still, I'd rather be out than to be in Singapore all the time! Fucking excited.
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Last night was a mess. Work was hella busy. Went to Changi V for a few drinks. Mike got jealous and crazy-mad just because I talked to his friend's son. How insecure was he? His friend got mad with his son because he was too uptight. And me? I was caught in between.

Had Malibu Pineapple x 3. Spicy calamari, chicken wings and fries. Coke Zero x 2. Supper with H.

I knew for sure that it would be the last time I am going there. I knew for sure that Mike couldn't handle it being with me.

01/30 Direct Link

Went for job training till 6pm. Headed down towards Crazy Elephant and drank a whole bottle of chardonnay by myself. Drank more malibu. Called Mike to tell him off again for being so fucking childish and embarrassing. Thought it was a great thing that he finally realised how incompatible we were.

I really don't think anyone could be with him unless a) she's a gold digger, b) she doesn't care about his ugliness and extreme niceness c) he's desperate.

So now he doesn't obsess about me anymore. Good thing, good thing!

Went back to KT's place, had a drunken sleep.

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3 hour car-ride from Singapore to Segamat, Malaysia. All 3 (out of 4) passengers ready to hit the skies and jump from a plane. I wasn't supposed to jump, but O being so fucking persistent, managed to coax me to do it. 

It was one of the most amazing experiences I had. Sky-jumping is awesome! I never felt this much of freedom in such a long time. KT says it's better than sex. I think it's a different sort of amazing, but sex is amazing - sky-diving is the other kind.