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Oh how I love it when the sun is shining and yet it is not scorching hot! I am thinking of going to Melbourne this middle of February till the end of it. It is gonna be so much fun relaxing in Australia instead of being so used to the life I have in Singapore.

Not to mention, I have some savings left to be spent on either gadgets or an overseas trip. Shopping abroad would be so fun to do, only if I can just recoup back my 'spending' and not worry so much about my education. Oh well.
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Tinch is so lucky to have found a man who loves her so dearly. I am waiting for my moment to come. I am not sure if I have found him yet, but I don't think I am eager to find out who he is. I am still not in the right stage of mind to commit myself to a man wholeheartedly. Kristian was the one for me and now that he is not with me no more, my lovelife is looking a little bleak.

I would rather not be with anyone else but Kristian for now, seriously.
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Can't wait for Muse to come to Singapore!! I am going to see them, from the front row and I know that. Gonna camp from morning till the gate opens. I shall bring cards and play with my friends while waiting.

I want to go to the Killers concert, but I think I am too late. Tickets are all sold out and I don't think I can get one now from the black market. Pffft this kinda sucks.

Gonna get a new tattoo next week, I think. Who knows what the plan is going to be, but I know so.
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I am meeting Liam tomorrow for coffee! Can't wait. He has the biggest cock I ever had... and I had many. As thick as my forearm, it's amazing. It wasn't that good inside though - too much for me to handle.

I am earning quite a good sum of money for January. It's great that I made the move to apply for the job, and I am so proud of myself at keeping strong. I don't mind working hard for now - I know I am going to enjoy myself when I get my ass to Melbourne next week!

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Met Liam for a coffee. Talked about stuff till 2pm. He was still as amazing as before, like a father figure to me. I teared up a little, thinking about emotional stuff.

Went back home to sleep, had to re-energise myself to meet Tara and Markus later for partying!

I really don't know what else to write here - Wrote everything I needed to say on the other batch. I am aching to get a new tattoo soon, but it has to be well-thought out like before. I don't know what to say -- gotta think about lots of things.
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I didn't screw up as much as before. Jimmy got drunk, but we hugged for couple of times. I had Magner's Pears and also Gin&Tonic. Joshua's friend sent me home on his bike -- so I saved some money on transportation I suppose.

Really have to place an order for Helmi's threadless tees now that I finally deposited some money into my account. I hate being broke and I am running out cash very soon.

Not too sure if I should meet Mike tomorrow... not interested in him much, it's embarrassing if people see me with a fat white man.
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Tina just had her first tattoo. Pretty much influenced by me. Knowing that I could stand the pain, she decided to go for it anyway. Ended up being in pain but loving her sleeve tat. Good for her.

I am really afraid of Si and S now. Think they're such old pervs. I fucked them anyway. For the hell of it. You don't know until you try. True to the gut feeling, they're weird and can't stay hard for long. Old people can't be good in bed.

I won't really say much, but it was just funny to witness it.