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For the first day of spring I wear new clothes and Eternity Moment perfume. I buy a new jacket at lunch time because I only take a coat to work and that is too bulky to wear at the desk. I bought new clothes last week and the more shopping I do the easier it becomes. I remind myself again it is better to do a bit of shopping regularly and not leave it until I am desperate, when it is all too hard. I have found my skirt patterns and plan to sew some. Iím good at making plans.
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The new jacket is a great cut and a great colour. I can see myself wearing it every day. I wear red lipstick. I havenít worn red to work for a long time. It suits the new clothes, and the way I am doing my hair now that it is growing a bit long. I make an appointment for a cut on Friday, a week over due. Short hair grows out very quickly. It is a warm day again and I drive in because it is Tuesday. I take the opportunity to take my laptop in to install software updates.
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My clothes feel tighter as the day goes on. In the evening I am sitting at a music recital and feel the awkwardness of sitting in the one chair for too long. I want to move but have to wait until the finish. I can only cross one leg for variety, the other one wonít comfortably cross anymore. Iím not sure why, it could be the tight clothes. I am uncomfortable with the printed program balanced on my lap, and I could probably put it down but it gives one security somehow. I fidget in spite of the entertaining program.
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I have my hands in my pockets and it feels good to be wearing enough warm clothes while outside on this cold afternoon. My feet are cosy inside my angora blend socks, snug inside my lace up shoes. I walk and enjoy how cosy my feet feel. The wind makes me just a little bit chilly, but my feet donít feel the cold at all. I say ďgood morningĒ to someone I donít need to, and I am embarrassed as it is almost 4 oíclock. I feel obliged to uselessly call out that I am normally out in the morning.
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Because I didnít go to work yesterday due to a headache I can wear my more comfortable (slightly larger) pants today. Is it OK to start a sentence with Ďbecauseí? I have an inkling itís not. Just so you know. There was an incorrect apostrophe on the website of a certain well-known and well-respected media organisation. That much I know. How embarrassment. That will cause some cringing among the upper and middle echelons of management. In the same headline there was another use of an apostrophe, I think it was correct but it was a bit fancy so Iím unsure.
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The temperature today is 6 degrees below the average which seems rather a lot. It is very cold. I am rugged up all day and donít go out to do the usual shopping as it is so cold and wet. I plan to go out in the afternoon when the rain eases but it doesnít ease at all. The roof has a leak. There was water all over the floor when I woke up. I cleaned that up and put a bucket under it. Beanie, fingerless gloves and an extra jumper were the order of today, just around the house.
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Someone is revving their engine! Maybe blowing the bugs out after the rain. I have the windows open in my room to let out the mouldy smell. I havenít even brought the bin in from Thursday! It isnít my job and Iím not sure why the person whose job it is hasnít done it. I know why I havenít. Too cold and wet. Today is the day thoughÖ itís fine and sunny. My neighbours have gone to church. They will be shaking their heads about that bin. I should go out now dressed in my dressing gown and beanie finery.
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Being the age I am is like being in comfortable, if slightly worn pyjamas. It feels good. There are no sharp angles. Itís cosy. The best thing is being happy in your skin. To be able to almost laugh out loud at a young girl wearing mustard boots with heels exposed (that is, a hole in the boot showing the lassís heel); black leggings; a silver bag, and a shift in the same off-white colour low-end rental bathrooms are painted. I know you will be thinking ďbut that is the height of fashion!Ē Yes, and that is my point.
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Itís someoneís birthdayÖ the 9th of September! I had a pimple on my back yesterday, the kind of pimple that you can only dream of, that comes once or twice in a lifetime. It didnít hang around long enough to give me full satisfaction. I am sure I had something very important to write today but I canít for the life of me remember what it was. I might just have to go and do the washing up and clean my teeth and go to bed. Another day is over; how very, very boring! I feel as heavy as lead.
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Going to a French restaurant tonight, how posh. There were two to choose from and we are going to the less-stuffy one as weíll be leafing through books and doing such daggy book club stuff. I am so glad as I donít like my clothes today. I have my less-tight pants on but they are the daggier pair of the two. My shoes are a decidedly daggy, but favourite, pair of maryjaneís. I have a green shirt I am just not sure about (like the colour, not the cut). The worst bit is the cardigan that just doesnít suit me.
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I met someone on the walk this morning who I always see and only say Ďhelloí to. He said the usual ďgood morningĒ or whatever, and then ďyouíre early todayĒ and I said ďyes!Ē and laughed like a maniac as I walked off. I tried to put the thoughts together to say that I had been up for hours, and I had been determined to walk the dog today as Iíd missed two days, but that was too much information so I didnít explain the hysteria and goodness only knows what he was thinking as he went on his way.
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Sometimes I feel very compact and complete and separate from the rest of the world, usually when I am sitting by myself on the train and it is sunny and warm. I am comfortable and happy in my separateness where nothing can get in. At other times I feel I can expand and encompass all around me. I fill the air. I feel it is possible to love everyone and everything. It is easier to swim through air than water and I swim effortlessly through the pedestrian tunnel dodging and weaving until I notice the people and come to earth.
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I took my cat to the vet to check up on the eye problem he has had since a previous visit. The vet said it had been a year. I couldnít believe it. What the hell have I been doing that a year has gone by and only seemed like a couple of months, to say nothing of my neglectful behaviour with the cat? Although, on the first visit the vet said it could be something quite serious and I concurred nothing could be done. He treated the infection. It seems it was the infection that lead to a cataract.
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Yesterday was really, really hot; a sudden onslaught of summer. Today it is very, very wet. The roof leaks and the water sprayed about, as the hole has ragged edges. I could see daylight through the hole. Nothing has been done by the real estate agent as yet, but itís only been a week (unlike, ahem, a year, ahem). I was tired all day and didnít feel like doing anything. I eventually did something but not as much as I intended. Am I anaemic again? I accidentally vacuumed two keys off my laptop, and they rattled around the dust buster.
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Awake at 3.30am, again. I thought I might as well get up and do some work as I left work early on Friday. By 4.30 I wished I could lie down but that would have been the end of it. By 5.30 I was ready to go out with doggie. It is quite light now at that time, although I didnít get to the river until 6.00, so it must have taken me some time to get out the door. I am going out for dinner tonight so I will probably go straight to bed when I get home, tired.
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I have just returned from my writing group, and it was a very enjoyable and informative couple of hours. Thanks guys! I am pleased I am now in the swing of writing 100 words a day, every day, without thinking about it, or stressing about it. I donít know where I want to go from here, but wherever it is it will be as well as, not instead of, 100 words. Thanks guys! Phew, time I went to bed I think. Iíve got some reading to do. Thirteen more words to go. Dum de dum de dum. I am there!
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Sandra felt strongly in need of a glass of something cold and deadly.

She had been through a horror of a day between one thing and another Ė the pool man was hours late when her party was due to begin at 6 on the dot; her husband was called away unexpectedly on business again; and the caterers had misplaced her booking! All was now in order with the exception of the errant husband, but that was hardly a problem.

Sandra sank into a pool-side lounge with a sigh and thought about the pool man, who naturally she had invited along.
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The Observer

The walker become observer and wonders if it is possible

To live in the moment and not let past and future intrude;

To appreciate the world unfolding on a new day.

A single leaf lets go and falls slowly down to the path.

The observer wonders at the miracle of being witness to a leaf fall

At the moment of consciousness.

The observer thinks it is easy on this perfect morning.

The temperature is not too hot or too cold. But soon

The sun is out and the thinker is back and the moment is gone.

The Thinker
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Itís Friday for fuckís sake and waiting for the weekend is almost over so stop whinging and get on with it! The clock is made of flowers and that sort of thing almost always makes one ask ďwhy?Ē Itís a nice gimmick is all I guess. Put your wagons in a circle when the Indians come over the hill in a cloud of dust. Itís a fearful thing and before you know it you are dead or not; there is no time to wonder which it will be. A green hill with wildflowers is a fine place for a picnic.
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Itís Friday for fuckís sake and waiting for the weekend is almost over so stop whinging and get on with it! The clock is made of flowers and that sort of thing almost always makes one ask ďwhy?Ē Itís a nice gimmick is all I guess. Put your wagons in a circle when the Indians come over the hill in a cloud of dust. Itís a fearful thing and before you know it you are dead or not; there is no time to wonder which it will be. A green hill with wildflowers is a fine place for a picnic.
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The beaten copper pot flashed gold and red and felt lovely and warm to the touch. Copper can be so beautiful, and it is hardly ever seen anymore; like the coming home feeling at the end of a cold winters day, to soup and wood fire, kittens, knitting and TV. Just like butterflies in the stomach before a date, things of the past. There was a balcony with a cactus in a pot and one single white flower that would last a day. The white cat stretched out on the deck would eat, sleep and play for two more years.
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Iím catching up and had a problem with two entries the same when I checked and thought that the first one hadnít gone through and so entered it again for what I thought was the same day and Iím not sure if that is annoying or not, as I donít need to catch up quite so much Monday today and at work with not much enthusiasm feeling alright about spending so much time writing poetry and prose but soon it will rain and why was I not aware a storm was on the cards didnít watch the weather I guess
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Screaming silver bolt of lightning; jagged, like in the cartoons. Lightning looks nothing like that in real life when done in freeze frame. When photographed, lightening is a detailed and decorative squiggle branching out in wasteful directions from sky to earth; fractal, in fact. Unlike the more realistic cartoon variety, all jagged, sharp and meaning business. The cartoonistís depiction is not unlike the old statues of Gods throwing thunder bolts. This was before it became known that there is thunder and lightning, perhaps? Buttercups are yellow. They shine under oneís chin to enable one to see if one likes butter.
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OMG I am on the home page of 100 words. I was so excited I told people about it. I had been having a crap of a day too, so it was quite good timing. I was so goddamn sad, the saddest Iíve been for ages. It was good, to get it out of my system! So, I log in as usual to write my 100 words of melancholic pain and there I was. I logged into my blog and I had a few comments, must mean someone is reading it! ďYour blog is interesting. Keep up the good work!Ē
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The Year 12 graduation assembly at Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design. So thatís thirteen years of schooling over. The guinea pig year, the small group with parents who took a gamble on the school that was to close, the year that made it a rock and roll high school. They all say the school wonít be the same without them. They said there were an unusually high number of parents at the assembly. They said there were an unheard-of number of teachers going to the formal; the kids being strangely vague as to whether parents can go.
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I did want to continue making stuff up (I am so eloquent) but find I am not (making stuff up), just in case anyone out there is wondering. Today I want to say I left work early and sat under the apple tree in the back yard and saw a new bird Ė a pair Ė a male and female Ė of Splendid wrens. I thinkÖ I should check the name in the bird book. Anyway, it was exciting, to see the beautiful, tiny birds flitting about in the garden while the dog chewed his bone and the cat sat at my feet.
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Saturdays are the strangest of days. I like them because there is no work, but there is the dreaded grocery shopping, and washing, and the big old dog walk, and that takes up the whole day. Before I know it, it is dark and I am cooking something for dinner and thinking about going to bed. Hence, I donít know if I like Saturdays or not. I suppose I like them better than I donít like them. There is Sunday to look forward to. I can go to bed as late as I like and sleep in the next day.
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Two people have been killed by lightning in Thailand while supervising a school group. Spooky, I thought, after I had written about lightning earlier this month. It is tragic and sad. The weekend is over and I am so sad about it. Doctor Who was fantastic. It was the final episode of the season and David Tennant still reigns, thank God. I missed the German daleks, dammit. It is Blackieís birthday today. He is 11, or 77 in cat years. He is the one I was too slack to take to the vet. I should iron some shit for work.
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The river reeds softly swayed in the fading light, and several pairs of golden eyes stared at him from behind the curtain, lazily blinking. Franz knew their fear of fire was his best chance of escaping their fearsome claws, and the fire would soon be out... He sprang from the river, an explosion of water and noise. He hadnít bargained on the cats being afraid of him, but they turned tail and were gone in an instant. He spent the rest of the night trying to cajole his pets into coming back to the friendly warmth of the camp fire.
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Fifi ran away from the strange craziness as fast as her legs would carry her. She stopped eventually, le pant, le pant, le pant. She had no idea what had happened. She had been sitting contentedly with eyes half-closed watching her human covered in the strange wet blanket when all hell broke loose. As she calmed down she became aware of her surroundings. The darkness was almost absolute and she could hear the little noises of insects and small creatures scuttling about. She looked around intently, forgetting she was alone in the wilderness, and not hearing her human calling her.