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Say you are running first in a race and as you approach the finish line you trip and fall, perhaps you bounce and perhaps you break something or tear a ligament. It would be disappointing considering the aim of a race is to win. How would the person coming second feel, to win under such circumstances. I would like to run. I like the idea of running. I like the idea of a lot of things that I never get around to doing. I am a skater on the surface of life, and I am not even a good skater.
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There are some loons in government. There are some intelligent people too. How balanced. I wonder the percentage of those who are in it for their own interests and those who are in it for the good of the country. Spokespeople, what are they all about... people good at speaking, with the gift of the gab. I am not sure we have spokespeople in straya who appear in front of the camera. Pollies speak for themselves on camera. Spokespeople do their thing by phone or written communication, maybe, I am not sure. Two parties, two options, too much silly nonsense.
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Three leaf clover is the norm and four leaf clover is thought of as lucky. Tricycles are easier to ride than bicycles and are good for children to get used to getting along on wheels. My cat has three legs. I am fifty three years old. Three is part of the Fibonacci sequence. There are three eyes on a coconut. Hmmm, I wonder why that is. Two is company while three is a crowd. There are three joints on each finger, exactly the number needed for maximum efficiency and dexterity. Trident: a fork with three prongs. Gambling: three times lucky.
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Things I like: wine, Bert's Bees cuticle cream and hand cream, watching movies at the cinema, my new Samsung Galaxy Note, my pets (cats, hens), my family, my Nissan Maxima, doing puzzle after puzzle after puzzle, fresh air, crime shows on TV, being a boss, a clean house although not necessarily doing the cleaning, cooler weather, Coopers original pale ale, mushrooms, dinner, breakfast, challenges, peace, weekends, routine, favourite songs, my fan, relaxing, the outdoors, my bed, belonging to the coolest suburbs having once been a resident, the greenery of my current suburb, birds, my bike, my hair, lots of things.
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Things I don't like: friction, disharmony, other people's expectations, idiots, assholes, humidity, excessive heat, going to an event and knowing no one but the host, going down hill fast, skiing, sport, antagonistic people, making stupid mistakes, messiness, grudges, loud phone conversations on public transport, cruelty to animals, cruelty to people, aniseed, people in denial, bare feet on a dirty floor, being overweight, bitches, soap operas, road rage, going out when I want to stay in, wind, stink bugs, cheap plastic hair accessories, raucous kids, hunting, a leaky roof, the car breaking down, hari krishnas singing in the tunnel (it's true).
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I leave the house without my mobile phone. I remember when a see a guy up ahead speaking on his. Luckily I don't need it today which is something as it now contains my whole life. I do the only must-do thing on the to-do list because I remember. When I get home I see I have one missed call from a number I don't know. I have a book to read, thank goodness. Sometimes I feel like staring out the window but it would be hard to cope without a book or phone on the train journey.
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Today at my place of employment a restructure was announced which of course will cost a lot of jobs, mine not included (at least, not yet). I think the changes seem a good thing and I would probably also think that if it was my job, I am such a goody-two-shoes, yes man. A comment was made that the new boss is as bad as a notorious ex-boss, but worse as she is not mad. When the ex-boss was addressing the staff in the studio re changes/cuts I was very new, still a casual employee.
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Obsessions: probably anything really. Different for different people. Common ones: people, travel, rock groups, celebrities, selfies, food. There are some beautiful scenes on the TV at the moment. It's Finland. That's somewhere I would love to go. I had no idea it was that beautiful. I should go. I should, I should. The footage is of a lake. I think it is summer but doesn't look too hot. They are canoeing now. Apparently the Fins are long-time canoeists. I had no idea. It is very flat and looks very peaceful. The sunset is even more beautiful. By the fire.
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The couple sat at a table in the corner, a lit candelabra flickering between them. The room was very red - candles, wallpaper, drapes and tablecloth. He thought it melodramatic, like an old style saloon. He half expected a bar room trollop with voluminous skirt and black ribbons to sashay down the stairs. His companion was excited to be there and had not given much thought to the decor. She leaned toward him and said, "do you think we will have to wait long?" He thought of his imaginary woman on the stairs, "I hope not," he said with a smirk.
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The couple sat and waited, the candles flickering odd shapes on the red drapes. She was the first to become aware of a melody softly playing from another room. "What should we do?" she said. "Should we explore!" "Yes!" he said, emboldened by the red wine they had been sipping for the past hour. "We may have to, to find out why we are here." They rose and sauntered around the room, wine glasses in hand. "I wonder if there is a hidden camera," she giggled, as she bumped into him, halted beside the closed door. He turned the handle.
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He opened the door and tentatively put his head around the door frame, peering into darkness. "Well," he said, "I didn't expect that." They stepped through the door and he felt around for a light switch. They could both hear the music his partner had heard earlier, softly playing somewhere deeper in the building. He flicked the light switch and the ceiling light flickered to life exposing a room bare of everything but a medical trolley in the centre of the room. "Oh, shit", he said. "This is pretty fucked." They turned and ran out, slamming the door behind them.
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The couple threw themselves down on the chairs they had occupied for the past hour. What they had just seen had jarred them, but it may just have been the wine. "OK," he said. "That was weird, but let's see what is up those stairs. We have to do something." They poured another glass of wine each for luck and slowly climbed the stairs, a sense of excitement growing within them. Surely this is just a laugh, he thought. This is all a game, a joke. She was not so sure, her earlier bravado fading. She clung to his arm.
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He reached toward the red velvet drapes surrounding the door and pushed them aside. He was finding it hard to take anything in the house seriously, it so resembled an old western saloon. She didn't really notice, the ladies' rooms in the fashionable pubs having recently taken on this particular design fad. He pushed open the door, and this time the room on the other side was well-lit. They both breathed a sigh of relief. The music they had heard earlier played in the room, a digital radio sitting on the mantle piece, a fire alight in the grate.
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The couple flung themselves down onto comfy red armchairs in front of the fireplace. A carafe of port on a silver tray sat on a side table, crystal glasses pre-poured with a snifter. The fire was not lit and the ceiling light blazed. The effect was disconcerting, a bit like the morning after the night before. The couple sat back, and after finishing their wine had a glass of port. They began to think they should go home. Her head swam, the radio whaling and the lights beating down. He was over it, "Let's go. There is nothing here."
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The green dress buttoned up at the front so she wore the grey frock that zipped up at the back. Best to be well-armoured, she thought, although buttons could give that impression. She slipped on some heels, a bangle and her watch, picked up her bag and left the house. She glanced at the watch and saw she had fifteen minutes to walk to the train station, just enough time. Her appointment was in the city, a forty minute train ride, and she needed the time to think through her strategy. She planned to take her boss down for
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Food is more appealing when it is coloured appropriately. Golden food implies deep fried. Very appealing. Blue food is not too appealing. Few foods are blue, apart from fruit. A blue plate can be a good backdrop for food. I have some blue plates. I didn't buy them. a friend house sitting bought them. I think she wanted to have a dinner party and I didn't have enough plates. I think it was at that time she realised I was a dud and couldn't believe how hopeless I was. I was never invited to one of the dinner parties. Phhfft.
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Bird dog is kind of a silly song. I have no idea what it is trying to say. I think it has dated. I like birds and I like dogs, but I don't really like that song. Mind you, a bird dog is not a bird (although it is a dog). I guess a bird dog is not kind to birds - maybe a duck hunting dog? Google would probably tell me. Not for the first time I wonder what we did before the Internet. I remember. We probably knew more, because there was less crap or fake news out there.
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There are pantry moths in the pantry cupboard and it is also a bit of a mess so I go through it shelf by shelf, cleaning and throwing out any out-of-date food and checking open food for moths. I find moth evidence in only one packet. It is an open pack of rice which has not been re-sealed properly. I find cocoons in the folds of still unopened packages and remove them. I have a full garbage bag of old food to throw in the bin and I now have a nice neat, tidy, clean pantry cupboard.
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The crowd milled along the streets like eddies in a stream. It was impossible to get a clear line to go forward. People in a group frustrate the hell out of me. Similarly when someone suggests doing an activity together, such as checking off a list, because it will be easier. It will be quicker for you but if I don't help you it is easier for me! I would never dream of asking you to squander your time by helping with a menial task I can do myself. Maybe I should though. Two heads are better than one etc.
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It is still hot for March or so it seems. It seems hotter than usual for this time of year. The humidity is the real problem. I am sure it is not normally this humid at this time of the year. Surely it will end soon and we will enter autumn weather. It will soon be Easter, well, in a month. It doesn't seem long since Christmas. It will be good to have the time off work, even more so because the weather will be my favourite (as long as it isn't really windy or wet!), just a perfect temperature.
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At the moment the weather is wet, wet, wet. And humid. It rains and then - what's life like not being in a sweat all the time, again? Our climate is becoming more tropical. I do prefer the humidity now though to a dry heat. It is better for my skin and hair. I feel in the extreme heat or humidity unable to function. I just sit around a lot and get fat. It would be good to be un-fat by next summer and stay that way. Might be a pipe dream. I haven't managed it over the past years.
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March is a slog. Roll on April. Then I will get active and useful. I will seek out the secret of having more energy. I know heat and humidity saps energy. I will change habits for the better. I will get on top! I will relish the cooler weather. I will get started on a plan to be more healthy. I am managing to keep this up (100 words). I like it. There is a local writing group I am thinking of joining. I do enjoy writing, I am not sure why or where I want to go with it.
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I am fairly sure I woke up at 2am and did not go back to sleep. The alarm went off at 5am and I have now returned from a walk and it is a quarter to 6. If that is correct I am going to be very tired today. It is extremely humid. It was a hot night and the house is still hot this morning. This is the future. It is almost April and it shouldn't be this hot. I am round like the sun. I would like to be slight. I have put on 4 kg since December.
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Even though I have cleaned the pantry and got rid of all pantry moths they are still appearing. I open the cupboard and they flutter about. I smack them between my hands to kill them. They had made cocoons in the folds of packaging so I presume I missed some when I cleaned the cupboard and it is they that are hatching, or whatever it is called. I am satisfied they are not in any food packages, at least. Cockroaches are bad this year, too. I have not seen so many for many years. It is the wet humid weather.
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I have been experimenting on my phone ways to keep the data use down. I don't mind using data but when it's just background data it's annoying. I've turned background data off and notice no difference to when it's on but use only 2 MB per day rather than 8. It would only cost $5 more per month to have 1.5 GB but I want to try to get by with 500 MB! Mad, I know. The phone displays a message warning it's off which disrupts the integrity of my hipster wallpaper but I guess that's OK. 500 MB.
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Decided to get into online music streaming instead of copying across to my phone yet again my CDs and brother's music collection. I tried an app I thought might be less good and it was a bit ordinary so then downloaded the popular one which was definitely better. I have been trying to work out how to play music offline. I think I have it worked out now. It seems to take a very long time to download a playlist on WiFi but that's OK if you aren't in a hurry. It's good, to hear new music, like the radio.
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I have started walking in the morning, up at 5am. I had some hiccups with torrential rain where I stayed in bed (not a bad alternative!) but overall I am off and running, so to speak. The humidity returned with the rain but it's OK I guess. Sometimes I don't get up because I have not had a good sleep. That happened last night. I first reset the alarm to 6am then turned it off. I woke at 7.45 then to the dentist. Sleep problems. So boring but so debilitating. Felt awful after the dentist, too. Achy sleepy face.
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My chickens are both a bit under the weather. One is going through a massive molt and is virtually featherless. It looks small and cute. It has about three tail feathers. The new feathers are coming through. It is very interesting. This hen no longer lays as I have given her an implant because she was getting sick. The other is still laying without a problem and has also started to molt. She hid under a bush last night so I couldn't find her to put her in the coop. She is quiet and has a few feathers coming out.
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I love my grocery shop so much that if it were a human I'd want to be married to it. For some reason I sometimes miss dates. Last week I didn't go. Today I did go and had a full trolley which takes longer to select, put on the belt, pack in the bags, pack away. It cost more than usual but I did miss a week. I bought some specials so I can take those off the grocery price. (Specials as in items sold for a short time only.) Oh god I love that chain of grocery stores... Aldi!
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It is a rainy old time with lots of excitable looking weather graphics on the evening news weather. I thought it a very good bulletin tonight. It had a bit of everything, even an interview by the presenter, which is as rare as hen's teeth. The main topic was the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie. There is lots of flooding happening or to happen up north. It is raining here. It seems we have swung in Australia from guaranteed bush fires to guaranteed flooding, at least in the eastern states. Not sure what is worse, fires or floods. Fires, I reckon.
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It is the last day of March although in Australia I am a day ahead so it could just as easily be the first of April. I find a pacman on my google maps and actually click on it even though it looks as dodgy as hell! I quickly close it. I find out it is an April Fool's day joke, and it is a lady pacman (which I could tell). I have a long lunch today. It has been a hard week and I have been very tired. I finish off some beers and watch TV. What a yobbo.