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The good thing about today is that is begins a month with 3 paychecks. I get to tell all those bastards that hound me month after month (landlord, student loans people) that I am keeping all of this one. None for you, you life sucking money grubbers Like oweing for an education isn't bad enough, I have to make sure payments are made on time too!!!! This month I get breathing room. I can waste it on whatever, and I will. Why save it? Nope gonna waste it, on what though? That is what I will decide later.
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Had a few too many drinks last night. Once or Twice a year I get together with a few of the guys from a sports TV station I used to work at. We have a few drinks and a Playstation hockey tournament. I never win, but that is neither here nor there. What amuses me is the guy who usually wins. He is 28 has a wife and child and brags for weeks when he wins!! There is something amusing about a grown man treating an electronic game this way!! Still wondering what I will buy soon…….
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Well, I wasted the money. Bought a DVD player. I like things to sound the way they were meant to be heard. Even it is a movie that doesn't depend on big sound, for instance, a really bad thriller called "Christina's House". Not an audiophiles dream movie but it was somewhat rewarding sitting through a horrible movie but not caring because it sounded great! Now I need to really test it. I really don't know what movie will do it justice. I am on a mission to find out. As long as it isn't "Christina's House Part II"
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I really hate phones. I have a cell phone and a home phone. I use the cell phone most because it is there. Yet I bitch about always being available to people. I need to get rid of the fucking thing. If I am home great, if you can get me at work, great. If not, tough shit. I am fed up with ringing and being too connected. How did we ever get along without these wonderful devices? I hope to find out just how easy it used to be. Goodbye cell phone, you will be missed.
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Like Marlon Brando, but bigger.
You'll find that creature at the bottom of the deep down Susquehanna River.
This one I had stood right on up to me,
Tore out his hook and declared himself a prodigy.
But oh no, fishing ain't what it used to be.
I've seen some bad years, but this one is just killing me.
One little nibble in thirteen years,
I really pack 'em in.
This one I had, I seen it in dreams,
All shacked up with lightning and horizon beams.

Well I bring 'em on up, and then I pack 'em on in
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Damn, just went looking for June 6 and to my shock and dismay it isn't there! Nice, koyen gives us 1 missed day and I use it my first month!!! If it counts for anything, I did write it, just figured since I lost it in my computer somewhere or forget to enter it, it is a missed day. Shit, I am too honest! Oh well, that'll learn me!!! Well lets see what did I do June 6? Who knows? It was a Wednesday. Wow, a friggin breakthrough!! I can use a calendar, where's my Nobel prize? Buh bye.
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Now that the big trade show is over I may get a bit of a life back. Quite looking forward to playing with the new dvd player. Need to figure out which dvd's I should pick up. I watched Halloween and was actually impressed. I think I will go look for the Kevin Smith collection. I was talking to this guy at the trade show after party that looked identical to the Silent Bob character. I need to see those movies again so I can get that guys appearance out of my mind. Strange people attend these shows.
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Friday, glorious Friday. It has been an ultra shitty week. Busier than ever before and for no other reason than everyone I work with leaves shit to the last minute. It may work for smaller tasks but for a friggin' trade show??? I think not. It all came through in the end but not without its stress! I hate leaving stuff to the last minute, especially when it seems like I have dropped the ball. I think I need to go back to slinging boxes around a warehouse for awhile to clean my brain of this corporate shit!
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Sleeping in rocks. I get told all the time by my "grown up" friends that I shouldn't be sleeping in at 29 years old. I say fuck it, I get up early all week and I have no kids so why should I? If I have something important to do, yeah, I will get up accordingly if not, I will not see noon!!!!! I enjoy my sleep and with my day job, deejaying and dragonboat racing I don't get nearly as much as I want so weekend sleep here I come, get used to me! Good Night Rob,
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Thought I would relax with a late round of golf today. Boy was I wrong. The club we played at looked at my tattoo's and was instantly not my friend! No biggie. We got stuck playing behind a tournament of what seemed to be first time golfers. Normally if you play with a cart it shouldn't rake more than 4 – 4.5 hrs. Well, 6 fucking hours later we were done. At one point I lit a cigar right after playing a hole and it was finished by the time I teed off the next hole! Slow people suck.
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Came across a site called a while back and thought nothing of it. In fact I thought why would anyone put their diary online? Well, isn't this almost the same? So I went ahead and put one up. Kinda boring and not flashy whatever but hey its there! You will be able to find if ya really want to see it. Point being some people really take their web logs seriously! I never imagined that a simple web based diary could spark much interest. I guess we all have a little bit of a voyeur in us!
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I think we are going to get a dog. I am not much of a dog guy, I dig cats. My wife loves dogs and since I am never home, she wants some companionship. My question is this, what about when I start spending a lot more time at home? (which I plan to do) Is the little fella gonna be tossed aside? I know he won't be neglected, she loves animals way too much to treat one of her own that way. Oh wait, come to think of it, she just may be tossing me aside!
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I walked along the lakeshore today and came to one very real conclusion. The way people walk and talk around strangers make me very apprehensible about trusting them. A walk too confident or a talk to forced scares me, makes me not want to be around you. You sound fake. You look like you are trying to overpower me. The fact that meaningless movements and sounds could have a profound effect on me is what may be the scariest. Maybe I am right, maybe the universe is full of people who think they are more than they are.
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A guy called me "old school" today. Why? Because I have been writing most of these 100 words on paper.Using a pen. I then go home and type them in the computer. I guess the world has "advanced" so much that actually writing something on paper is amazing to somepeople. I actually prefer it. You get more of a flow when you can just jot something down. I always find myself looking at what I type which takes away my train of thought. Maybe its just me or maybe I am easily taken off track. Who cares really.
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My wife and I will be dog-sitting Oliver this weekend. If he gets along with Dundee the cat he will be moving in. I am quite looking forward to it. I haven't had a dog in over a year now and I kinda miss having one around. I like how dogs become loyal and actually miss you when you are gone! I wonder if the caveman had dogs would they have been better off? Actually they probably would have just ate them. It will be good for my wife as she misses having a dog more than anything.
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A car just blew up in my neighbourhood. According to the police it just blew up. No reason whatsoever. It was amazing seeing the entire neighbourhood come out of their house as if being led somehow by some greater force. The force just kinda says "go outside and stare blankly at the misfortune of the muslim guy down the street, go now" The poor guy now needs a new car and what does he get? Gawking people and whispering. At least all the ladies got to check out the firemen. I need eight more words to finish this.
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I have such a friggin hangover. Marlo went to see Depeche Mode last night and I sat with the dog and watched the "Mallrats" DVD. I love that movie but I was sitting outside in the afternoon enjoying a few beers and lost track I guess. Come 11 pm I was looped. Not goofy fall down drunk but just hammered enough to be useless. Took the dog around the neighbourhood even! I hope golfing takes away my hangover. It better because I have already paid for the round so I gotta go now. Lets hope I feel better!
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I am sick today and don't really want to write. But here goes anyway. I used to work for TV station here in the great white north and just realized how quirky and different that industry is compared to the industry I am in now (software development). The TV people are all outgoing and always want to do something whereas the software guys are a more closed group. The software guys tend to band together, java and tech guys stick in the same group and so on. I have no idea if this is coherent. Hope so.
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I feel much better today. Got some sleep and bam, better. The dreams are really cool when you sleep off a bad day. I dreamt that my wife and I bought a trailer and it was haunted. Sounds like a goofy dream but it was very cool. We traveled across the states exposing people for the frauds they are in various little towns. We were kinda like a traveling 21st century version Bonnie and Clyde, but instead of killing people we killed the trust from the community they were screwing over. I felt like James Woods in "Diggstown".
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I look at the sky sometimes and try to fathom what the hell is really up there. I know clouds, gases, planets and what not. But what is REALLY up there? There has to be something more. Something that we cannot fathom as a people. For one race to decide how everything works seems very unreliable to me. Because NASA says there are only this many planets does not mean I have to take their word as gospel. It was said by someone "The bible is the greatest novel ever written". People need a little more questioning of this world.
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I just decided that I HATE tower records (yep, they don't even deserve to be capitalized in the proper way) I went in to buy tickets to see Clutch and the friggin' walking piercing behind the counter says "Its been postponed, don't ya follow music news in this city?" Sorry, I am not a 17 year old record store clerk who has nothing better to do! Sure I am not the busiest cat in the world but please, 99% of this city wouldn't know the band if they ate their children. Fuck tower records and their "friendly" staff.
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"Then against my better judgment I went walking out that door.
I smiled at one person then I nodded to three more.
One man asked me for a dollar, I asked him, "What's it for?"
He said, "I have seen them." I said, "O.K., it's yours."

Sounds like a place I want to experience. More songwriters should have this kind of effect. Take simple strings of words and say something. A story is a good thing! Axl Rose can string together a song but make me think. Take me somewhere!!! A pity Cohen and Waits sound like death.
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As the cigarette fell to the floor, it signified not only the end of that smoke, oh no, it meant more. It meant the freeing of yet another addictive soul. One more weak person is freed from the clutches of this evil addiction! The big tobacco companies have had a grip for far too long. Well fuck you Dumaurier, I am free!! No longer will you get my five bucks a day and stink up my life!! I have thrown you to the ground for the last time! No more nic fits for this cat…..After this last smoke…….
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There is a big blow up here over whether Toronto should get the 2008 Olympics or not. First, our Mayor is an idiot who makes racist comments and is married to a woman who shoplifts, a friggin millionaire housewife who shoplifts! Secondly, this city has the worst transit system ever built, it would easily fall apart under the pressure that many people would bring. Thirdly, WE CANT AFFORD IT!!!!! The drain on the cities financial resourcres (or lack thereof) would be tremendous. Give it to Bejiing and let them deal with it. I will watch it on TV.
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I never realized how hard it would be to keep up with this. One Hundred words doesn't sound like a lot but it is when you have to do it every day. The topics can get really stale at times and quite frankly downright boring. But I suppose the topics aren't really what this is all about. I see it as a way to just spill your guts on occasion and write about whatever most of the time. It has "re-wetted" my appetite for writing so I assume it has managed to do its task. Til next time!
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A friend of mine started working at the company I am with and to be honest, he is miserable. I feel bad for him because he got "sold" a bill of goods and somebody didn't deliver. If this was high school it wouldn't matter but this is real life and he left a good job for what he thought was a better one. Now he is looking at his options and they are good, he is a marketable guy but who needs this disruption? I only hope he moves on soon and moves on in a good way.
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Media salespeople make me laugh. Just how far will they go to get me to buy time and space on their unproven website? Why would I buy "audio commercials" for the websites I represent to run on another website? The product I deal in caters to older females. How many older females do you know that would sit and listen to a commercial on the web? A neat idea sure, but not for Martha in Nebraska using a Pentium 90. Do these people think before they call me looking to sell me this crap? Save your cash fella's.
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Man I hate playing catch up. When Koyen reads the dates that all my submissions were created he is gonna instantly question me. I have too much going on to always be in front of the computer. I noted in a previous 100 words that I write my submissions and then type ‘em whenever I can but lately it has been crazy. I am tempted to fax the handwrites to him instead. And yes if you are wondering, I type them out exactly as I wrote them. I do not deviate form the mundane ramblings that they are!
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Well almost a month done and I haven't quit.Yet. I have a tendancy to start something I enjiy and do it for a few weeks and then say" Fuck it, gimmie beer and my couch" but I have persevered for the month and unless god strikes me down tonight I will write tomorrows and have accomplished something. I don't know quite what but hey, it is something. I may even write while I am at the Arena Football game. If I do forgive me if gets a bit red-neckish. Lets hope I can keep this up. Its fun.
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Wow, I made it. And I purposefully am sitting at the keyboard to write this one! Arena football today was actually pretty good. A fast game that doesn't pretend to be sophisticated or the best out there, but it is a fun game to watch live. And who would have thought that it would come to Toronto. We have the oldest football league in the world (the CFL) and we don't support that too well but we will take an AFL team!! Oh well, typical Canadians eh! Anyway, it is Canada day tomorrow so Happy Birthday Canada! Eh!