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The poem, "My Last Duches", reminds me of todays supressent male in society. Eventhough, we the people are muuch more educated now than in the sixteenth century, some males still adhere to the ideals of the duke in the poem. For instance, the poem says says that the duches smiles at and talks to other people than the duke. He, the duke, does not like her doing such things; so he gives a command that causes the duches life. In todays world, unfortunately this type of immoral behavior is not uncommon. I hope one day this does not exist.
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The poem, "Cross", written by Langston Hughes in 1925, shows that interracial conception was just apart of society then, just as it is today. The child in this poem is left woundering what race he or she belongs to. But its deeper than that, self identity. Because the father is white and the mother is black, the child is left searching. Hence, the title "Cross", which descibes the interaction between the two races. The parents have presence of self identity, but the child is left contemplating which identity to cross into. What is society going to allow me to be?
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"Just Sex" The poem, "Sex without Love", was quiet interesting to read. The speaker's tone was all over the place. At first, a sence of inviegh was felt. The speaker paints a very sexually intreging portrait while asking a question, "how do they do it"? People that have sex without love. Then in a sense turns bitter about it. Last, the speaker compares the people to athletes. The speaker thought about the act of just sex. And as most people, decided that too much feeling becomes involved when two souls meet. It takes a speacial person to do the act.
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The poem "l(a" gave me a feeling of emptyness and solitare. The poem says plenty for only being four words. The seperation of words and the dialog give off a negative tone. The leaf talked about in the poem stands for a person. As the leaf falls with lifeless motion from the tree, it will find itself in solitude. Just like a person finding theirself all alone in unfamilar surroundings. The poems dialog also expresses loneliness. One leaf being the referrence in the poem. One lonely poem, one lomely soul.
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The poem "Dog's Death" is one that truely touched my haert, as I'm sure it touched many others. John Updike's use of wording and description helped myself as the reader relate to the poem. Like most everyone else, I have had a dog that past as well. The poem's title "Dog's Death" is all teeling for what you as the reader are about to read. The spaeker's tone quickly rises you up, than brings you right back down. The first line in the poem is alittle hard to figure out. The meaning of what is said leaves a question unanswered.
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The movie, "A Knights Tale", brings a new twist to the 14th century. Heath Ledger is William Thatcher, a peasent squire who breaks all the rules when he passes himself off as a nobleman. Only noblemen men back in the 14th century could joust, and thats what he wanted to do. The only thing that stands in his way is one very threatened opponet, Count Adhemar. Count Adhemar tries proving Thatcher's unnobility by retrieving Thatcher's father from a small village and producing him infront of the kng and queen. In the end, Count Adhemar gets the joust to the losers seat.
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The movie, "The Messenger", is a modern take on a medieval saint who enthralls people even today. The year is 1429. France is in political turmoil as members of the royal family battle for rule,(that would be todays debates between political parties).But one paesent girl from a remote village gave her country the miracle it was looking for. The girl was Joan of Arc. Joan lived a very heroic life. She stood before her king with a message from God: give her an army and in God's name she would reclaim his diminished kingdom. And she did that.
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E.E. Cummings poem, "Buffalo Bill's", is very different. The form and the content are unique to poetry. The poem starts out telling us that Buffalo Bill is "defunct", meaning dead. Then goes on to tell us about Bill's life. Why did Cummings right this poem? And why did Cummings talk about death? I think Cummings saw Buffalo Bill perform as a kid. And it had left such an impresion on him that he wrote a poem about it. Death is one thing I have found that Cummings talks about alot in his poems. Death is something he is close to.
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Gregory Djanikian's "When I First Saw Snow" reminded me that I still have not seen snow. The description the speaker gives is one that I inviegh. The writter describes everything from the smell of the sapp from the trimming of the tree, the new look snow gives, to the way the snow fells. The way the speaker tells the poem makes you belive that the only thing that matters is the snow and nothing else. The speaker says "I was falling deeply into America". This makes me think the person is from another country or has not been here very long.
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The poem, "For Sale", by Robert Lowell has great meaning. The poem describes something we all will go through, that is losing a life long partner. What do we do after such a lose. You wake up every morning next to the same person and go to bed with them every night. The person becomes a part of you. Thats why the lady left behind knows to do nothing more than stare out the window. She's there in shell shock woundering what to do now. Like the E.E. Cummings poem "l(a" she feels the burdon of loneliness and solitare.
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The poem, "she being Brand", by E.E. Cummings is one of sexuality. The speaker describes the thrill of a car ride like his first taste of peaches & cream. Every description given about the test drive relates in a parallel way to a persons first experience at love making. From the slipped clutch, to the thoroughly oiled universal joint; this poem is all about passionate love making. Cumming's tone in the poem never leaves that of sexual. Every single line could be replaced by, probably his, first stabe at finding their sexulaity. The syntex of the poem tells the true story.
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In, "How Do I Love Thee?" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning she describes a feeling of pure and true love and the easiness to allow love into her life. Furthermore, Browining describes the kind of love you feel for your favorite toy as a child. The kind of love you feel when you look at your wife on your wedding day. The love you feel as you look at your new born child for the first time. She describes the different fellings of love. Most of all Browining describes her one true love and the intensity of of her love.
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"From all the Jails the Boys and Girls", by Emily Dickinson reminds me of elementry school. "From all the Jails the Boys and Girls Ecstatically leap" reminds me of running to the sound of the schoolbell ringing for reccess. The one hightlight of the day you can hardly wait for. Where she writes, "Alas-that Frowns should lie in wait for such a Foe as this-" reminds me of how teachers always took the privlage of reccess away from students for missbehaving. When I was young people would ask what my favorite subject was, my response, I would say reccess.
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When I read Promises Like Pie-Crust by Christina Georgina Rossetti, I think of two people scaired of getting into a relationship for fear of being hurt again. Maybe they were in a relationship together before, tried to get back together but realized there was too many broken promises and lies. The hurt still runs too deep for either one of them to forget. It is impossible for them to even start fresh. They can't forget all the hurt and pain that was caused. They decide to part as friends and chose to leave what ever they had in the past.
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"This Is Just to Say" is a poem of much meaning. The poem signifies a selfish person, protraying one of the human races most common traits the majority poses. The poem might be written about plums, but this poem is really talking about self pleasure. The majority of the time, most things are about what "I" want. Yes, we always ask for forgiveness after we satisfy our own craving. Sometimes it is too late to repeant for your unjust. Why? Because its the biggest sin, unfathfulness-. We get lost in our own wants that we forget about the other person.
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The Street, by Octavio Paz could be portrayed as life, it's ups and downs and it's uncertinity of not knowing the future and what it holds for us. You've heard of the saying, never go faster than your angel can fly. This "he" Paz talks of could be his guardian angel. His angel follows the same path he does. When he turns to find nobody there it is because he can not see him but only feel his presence. You will sumble and fall all througout life. You have to pick yourself back up and always know you are not alone.
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"Chess", by Rosario Castellanos, obviously asks a question. Can we work this out? A couple fueding over differences. He has his falts, she has hers. The chess pieces can be represented as each of their faults. They can line them up in a row throw out eachothers faults one after the other. Move their pawns from one square to the other. They are playing the game moveing the pieces around the board laying everyting out for the other. But they are avoiding the final question, can they work out their problems. Sometimes nobody wins and nobody looses, it just ends.
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When I read, "A Bird came down the Walk-" by Emily Dickinson I imagine sitting in a park just watching and noticing little movements of nature. She follows a bird. She watches him eat,drink and notices his movements towards other animals. I imagine it to be a beautiful fall day covered in leaves. She sits so quietly so not to disturd the animal in it's natural environment. As the bird notices her he is not scared because she is still and calm. She represents no harm. She has the opportunity to see nature and it's beauty in rare form.
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I love the poem "Going to Extremes" by Richard Armour. It's short sweet but gets directly to the point. What he describes is so silly but so true. It seems to never fail when using not only a catsup bottle but any other bottle filled with liquid substance. What always happens when you squeeze the bottle, nothing. You shake it up turn it upside down get a good hard squeeze and more than you could possible use falls out on your plate or hands. Though seasons fade and years go by there are some things that never seem to change.
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I imagine a shy dainty but proper women that presents to the world nothing but beauty and grace. Inside she has only emptiness. This is the feeling I get when I read "Still be Neat" by Ben Johson. Johson talks of adulteries and writes, "They strike mine eyes, but not my heart." I imagine this to be her husband speaking. He still thinks and sees her as a beautiful women but has no love in his heart for her. He knows and sees the things others do not. He sees all the good she has but also sees the bad.
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"Song to a Waitress" by Aron Keesbury can be taken in many differant ways. When I read this poem I imagine it to be told by the waitress. Maybe this is how she thinks her customers look at her. Maybe this is how one particular customer has treated her in the past. In this poem by Keesbury the waitress is not someone who is respected or admired. It is someone on the bottom of the work force. No respect is given or taken for either the customer or the waitress. This is not something that is enjoyed by either party.
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"Fast Break" describes each step that is being played out in a basket ball game. He describes every movement of the the play and player so discriptively. As you read this poem it is very easy to imagine the game and each movement played. He allows you to feel the emotions of the game through his wordings. Hirsch has described basketball as he is seeing it. It leads me to believe this was written from experience. This is one of few poems that I have read that describe the motions of a sport. I can imagine myself being on court.
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In my eyes Robert Herrick describes a mans feelings and visions towards a woman, maybe in a favorite article of clothing or gown. "Upon Julia's Clothes" is describing the way the gown may move along her body. I see this as being a long flowing gown made of soft sheer flowing material. Herrick is remembering the way Julia looked in this gown. He sees her beauty in the way the material moves around her body. There is beauty in his words as he describes the movement of her gown as it cascades around her body and flows through the air.
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After reading "Unholy Sonnet" I felt a great deal of pain that someone is trying to release. They go to church and pray. They try to let the light in but they must of done a terrible deed. Maybe they are in a hospital after a terrible accident and are having flashbacks. They have done something so wrong but are trying to be forgiven for this sin. I feel Mark Jarman is describing sadness and pain in this poem. They sense in there heart that even though forgiveness has been asked the deed they have done will not be forgoten.
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"All-American Sestina" by Florence Cassen Mayers brings a smile to my face. It makes me think of our country and everything that we are made up of. She puts all aspects of life, feelings and happenings into simple easy words. She easily sums up what life is and what it is made up of. Opening with, "One nation, indivisible" as being her intro to the poem can be deceiving but is a very attention grabber. It allows you to believe one thing but be led into a different direction. She very easily describes something so important with simple words.
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I think of an wild animal on the prowl for food as I read "In medias Res." I believe Michael McFee is describing an animal watching his prey expecting the kill and looking forwarding to it. Imagining it as is simmers in it's belly. His use of wordings have been written describing how a human expands as he or she gains weight. I think this is a human he is talking about at first. As you read on I feel he has used these particular wording to help us feel the animals anticipation of his capture of the targeted prey.
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As Elaine Mitchell clearly puts it, "Don't try to force it." This poems is easy to understand and get the meaning of what Elaine Mitchell is saying in the poem "Form." This an defined reading that many people should be able to relate to. If you have a shoe that is two sizes to small for you, you are not going to attempt to try and put it on. You know it does not fit. If you know something isn't going to fit of will not work don't try to make it. Even if something doesn't fit don't force it.
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"in Just-" E.E. Cummings paints a picture of small children, and childhood things along with giving you a upbead reading. It is an fun poem and one that can easily bring someone back to their youth. the wording in which Cummings uses are free feeling and silly emotions such as a child. He is able to paint a happy fun filled setting with the wordings he has choosen. His style in which he wrote this poem is jumpy and brings a whistling sound to your lips. This form of writing would be something fun to experience with a young child.
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I am left with so many unanswered questions after reading "The Red Wheelbarrow" written by William Carlos Williams. It is made up of sixteen words and is a poem that I can not relate to very easily. Williams talks about a wheelbarrow sitting beside a chicken. This to me makes no sense. It leaves me wondering what Williams was thinking or in what state of mind he was in when he wrote this poem. It is a very simple basic to the point form of writing, but not one that I would want to spend much thought on reading again.