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Why is it rewarding to spend time with a friend? Well it is good to see their smile. To enjoy a friendly touch, a handshake or another physical sign of affection. And the “A” word is very important to me. It can be shown in so many ways! A look of warmth and love. A hand on another’s shoulder. A query as to what the other would like to do now. A glance into the other’s eyes which is like a searchlight of enquiring energy which tries to find the truth of the good between two human beings. How unique! Or commonplace!
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What is it about a Sydney blue sky which is so beguiling? Is it the way that the late winter trees wave their scrawny branches against it and show off their first new green leaves? Or how the pink jasmine flowers waving in the westerly wind give a touch of glamour against a damp grey wooden fence? The jasmine seems to be saying ‘up yours, Winter! You are on the way out!” So even though most people know that it is snowing in the Aussie high country, the touch of friendly warm sun on their skin as they walk at lunch time says “Summer living is arriving soon!”
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Talking freely to someone you know well is good. Why? Its probably that you feel like a river which is able to flow freely and you let your thoughts flow like water. If you talk to someone of who you hardly know and don’t trust, your thoughts and feelings are like water which comes to a dam wall and stops. And the worse type of “talking difficulty” is a bit like when a river dries up and stops flowing. Then your feelings just stay dried up inside you and no movement or release can happen at all. Is this crap?
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Two men went to a job interview. One was Allan and the other was Bob. Allan went in first and he shook Bob’s hand just before he entered the interview. He told the panel some bright ideas which he had. He had a black suit on. Bob had a nice purple tie. When he went into the interview room they all liked Bob’s clothes. The job was all about doing some organising. They were both pretty good at that and they said they were. But Bob kept some of his bright ideas hidden. Damn and blast! (I’m Bob).
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Last Sunday Wentworth Falls Lake was reflecting dazzling spotlights of sunshine. As a duck moved across the water towards the shore its v-shaped wake glittered in the sun. People were having a barbecue in the casual Australian way with families occupying vast territorial areas under the wooden shelters. If an intruder were to invade their temporary cooking/eating territory there would be instant war! And today: there are only five hardy bushwalkers with stoic faces wrapped against the freezing wind, direct from the Antarctic. And snowflakes dumped from one thousand metres above are sweeping across the huddled-together ducks.
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Cafes in Sydney! Lebanese with hoummous, taboulie salad and photographs of the Cedars of Lebanon on a snowy morning. I really enjoy a Malaysian restaurant of spicy food near work. If you have the Seafood Laksa be prepared for heat in your mouth.. Goodness knows what happens when it reaches the dark recesses of your stomach! Upmarket French restaurants appear near tourist spots and have authentic entrees served in modernistically decorated premises. Bar Italia in Leichhardt is filled with people energetically talking just as if the world will end tomorrow and they must drink coffee today. Gastronomic variety rules in my town.
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Happiness was all over the boy’s face. This Friday was school swimming in the cold October Olympic pool water. As the teacher called the roll and, after an eternity reached his name, he could feel the sun warming his goose bumped body. The dressing sheds were out of that biting wind and gave another lift to his spirits. As he left the pool he looked with interest across the wide street to the racecourse. A brown horse quietly walked out of a stable door and paused to look his way. It gave promise of racing tomorrow. Oh boy! Saturday’s coming!
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Why are some other human beings just painful to be with? What gives them the impression that they can just put you down? How did they ever get into the habit of looking down their nose at others? And their moral superiority seems to be so assured and totally assumed into their whole being. They could be on a lofty pulpit speaking forth and promising Hell if I don’t repent of my evil ways. There is no tolerance and even less communication! And no life with all its uncertainty and nuances! Well I will just ignore them and go and dance the Tango!
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Sara has a beautiful daughter whom she loves. Her name is Catherine. Sara works as a museum curator in the central business district of a medium sized Australian city. Today is in the middle of summer and her 16 year old daughter has just walked into the house after a swim at a nearby beach. “Mum why don’t you come out to a movie with me tonight? Dad’s away and you have hardly been out of the house!” “I’m so tired after the week at work, Catherine. If I stay out late I might end up really run down.”
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Sara loves music and her museum work is aquiring, describing and exhibiting musical instruments. In her private life she likes nothing better than going out to listen to a live band. Why, only last week she attended a jam session in a small contemporary jazz venue in the city. Even though prostitution is rife only 2 blocks away from the club, she loves her music enough drive herself and park in the dark streets. Her husband, Jack is not musically inclined, preferring reading and writing. However she is happy that they are both involved with the arts. She learnt the saxophone as a teenager and can still play
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It is now the following Saturday. Sara has finished her chores and now feels alone and a little uneasy. Catherine is out for the day and Jack is still away on one of his many business trips. “Why do they have to run into the weekends?” It pisses her off. To relieve her feelings she goes on a walk. Wearing a light summer dress she walks under the jacaranda trees to the local park. She is surprised to see a jazz band playing in the rotunda on the uphill side of the grassy expanse. A small group of casually dressed people are listening happily.
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In her daily work Sara is competent and dutiful. Her documentation of the new objects she acquires into the museum collection is systematic. However due to pressure of work she doesn’t always enjoy the objects she is describing: there’s no time for that. When husband Sam is home there are often times when she laughs at his funny turn of phrase as he recounts events that happened in his field work as a geologist. He often tries to persuade her to get right back into playing her musical instrument. “You need more sax!” he quips.
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Sara is often a woman who suppresses her passions. “If I played music I might be snapped up by a band and spend every weekend night in a dark, crowded jazz bar. You and Catherine would never see me!” Sam quietens down quickly as he admits to himself how much he misses her when he’s working out in the bush. True to his unselfish streak,however, he says: “ Some time for you to play would do you good. Catherine's not home as much as she used to be and you must get lonely.” Sara hates that word when its applied to her.
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Sara listens to the music with her eyes shining. At the end of the bracket the saxophonist catches her eye and saunters over to her table. “Hi there, you seem to like my stuff!” Sara smiles and fidgets nervously with her drink. “Yes!” “We’re having a jam session next door after we finish. Wanna come?” asks the saxophonist. “Maybe” "There’ll be all of our band and a funky trombonist too. We’ll go for a few hours.” After he walks away to the bar Sara is swept by a big conflict. Work is tomorrow and it will be busy. But how good would it be to hear these musicians in a more relaxed mode!
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Sara goes anyway. She feels daring after 2 wines and just wants to sample some late night city life. Its darker than in the hotel and the music is way out. After 2 more drinks the saxophonist, Joseph, is looking quite attractive and he keeps looking her way when another musician is doing a solo improvisation. A big wave of guilt sweeps over her as she thinks of her husband, far away in a country motel. Sara is rather scared of where this night might take her. “I’ll go home soon” resolves her conscience. But fun, now happening, defies it.
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Its an hour later. The trombonist, who disappears regularly to a back room is playing badly. “Man, are you on the coke again?” says the saxophonist. Get away from our music: youre ruining it.” Jake (the trombonist) swears in reply and swings around to face Sara. “No more music for me tonight, baby. Hows about coming back to my place. You look ripe for it!” Sara, though half drunk, is still horrified and recoils from him. Joseph steps across in front of jake and gives him a solid punch directly into his nose and mouth.
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Jake grabs a chair and throws it towards Joseph. It misses but lands on a table full of drinks. A glass shatters and moments later a woman has her face covered in streaming red blood. Sara is now cowers in a corner. When she can move she rushes out of the door and feels in her handbag for her car keys. Now where’s the car? Her vision is blurred and she is unsteady on her feet. Maybe its more from shock than the booze! The street is dark and a man in a black coat with a hood covering his face looms up ahead of her.
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Sara’s stomach churns in fear. She walks away from the hooded man and hears his footsteps quicken. Her heart races in her chest. A car with a welcome white light glowing slows towards her. “Taxi!” she screams. It stops, she lunges for the door and falls heavily into the back seat. It roars away leaving Mr Black Hood open mouthed. “Easy pickings gone” he mutters, “and with a big handbag.” Sara directs the taxi home. Her breath comes jerkily for some time. Once inside she feels safe but still empty. Where are her man’s arms?
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Sara awoke next morning to a headache like an iron vice compacting her head. She saw her eyes were decorated with dark bags on the underside as she winced into her mirror. As she rushed out of the house to try for an on time arrival at work she fumbled for a mobile which was not there. Why such swift punishment for a late night when she had only really thought about playing up and being uncharacteristically spontaneous? Just a short holiday from crushing duty! Now some jerk had her phone. And if she rang he would get her number!
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Work was a welcome distraction from her woes until 3.30pm when Zoe, a curatorial assistant with whom she had formed a strong friendship, came to her desk looking agitated. “A man just rang me on my mobile and asked me what colour underwear I’m wearing! Its crap and how'd it happen?” “Zoe lets have coffee after work in the cafetaria. I think I know”. Once away from their desks Sara had a heart to heart with Zoe about her night. "He’s got your number off my contacts list". They had a bit of a laugh about some aspects of Sara’s adventure.
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Sara and Zoe leave work on foot and walk two blocks along a major road. (This is their habit if they finish together). They say their farewells and Zoe turns down a side street to walk one kilometre to her home in a neighbouring suburb. In a darker part of her walk she has the feeling that she is being followed, turns quickly but sees no-one. With a slight shiver she walks on. Once home and by the heater she pulls off her skirt and slips on her comfortable jeans. Something compels her to glance at her lounge room window and a man’s face is clearly visible for a second before he ducks away.
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“Clear out!” she yelled and threw a heavy ornament through the window. There was a yelp of pain from below and rapid scuttling noises in the bushes. She felt a rush of nausea. “Who would be a peeping Tom here?” Zoe had a flash of intuition: “Probably the man who rang and asked about my underwear. He has Sara’s mobile phone, waited outside her work and recognised Sara as we walked down the main road.” She felt very stressed and quite powerless. “I’ll ring Sara”. A man answerered. She threw her mobile to the carpet like it had suddenly become red hot iron.
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Next day Zoe sits at a restaurant lunch table with Sara, almost in tears. “I feel angry that a man can make me so scared! And I know it was an accident when you lost your phone. But he could ring me or follow me again and I feel like a chased mouse while he is the sleazy cat.” “Well he might play the trombone well when he’s not drugged out of his brain but he is no longer a cool cat in my eyes” replied Sara. “What! he’s a drug user too!” Zoe felt quite faint and irritation with Sara. “How can you mix with these ratty people and then one steals your mobile?”
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I was just having a fun night out, which is what I hardly ever hve. I stayed out too late with who are thought were good musos. And I wish I could go back and undo it all. What did this man peering through your window while you were undressing look like?” Like he liked what he saw” replied Zoe, trying to dissolve some of the tension. Look I reacted so fast I did not get a good look at his face but he looked quite young.” I wonder if I could get my husband to ring him on my mobile and abuse him” said Sara. “No!”
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“We can fix this ourselves. Lets start with some ideas. What do you know about this guy’s movements. Like where does he usually work?” He just appeared at the jam session which started late. He is not in Joe’s band at its normal gig.” “And who ist this Joe? Your voice was different when you spoke his name.” “He’s the hunky saxophone player who invited me to the session and maybe he can help.” Later that day, when darkness had fallen on the city like a low down chord from a double bass, the two women appeared at the bands normal bar dressed in their “fun night out gear.”
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Sara wore her saucy little black dress while Zoe made the most of her curvy body in tight fitting jeans and a low cut top. The band had been playing Sara’s favourite jazz tune as they approached the bar. “Two bourbon and cokes, please” she ordered while Zoe kept her eyes on the band. “Is Joe the tall one with the wavy black hair and nice big coat?” “Yes.” Zoe swung round on her bar stool and reached for her drink. “Crash!” Three glasses hit the floor and a muffled swear word floated over the bar. “Clumsy barman” thought Sara. “Great that its not our drinks on the floor mixed with plenty of glass”.
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The bracket seemed to last forever, to Sara, and although she could still feel some attraction for Joe she noticed he looked older in the face than she remembered from the other night. Finally he announced a break and walked to the bar, talking to several punters as he weaved his way between drinkers seated at high tables. When he noticed Sara’s expectant face and sexy little black number he hesitated slightly but then his face broke into a broad grin.
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“So nice to see you again” ..pause...Sara” (as his memory clanked into gear). The female object of his attention managed a brief smile and then “Why Joseph, your sax is as good as ever and now please meet Zoe.” “Charmed, I’m sure.” Sara noticed a hint of an American accent. “Are you from the US?” “No, but I spent time there and sponsored that mad trombonist, Jake, from Louisiana to our fair city for a working holiday. You know, the guy who misbehaved at the jam session?” Sara’s vivid recollection drained some colour from her face for a few seconds but she recovered quickly and was confident Joseph didn’t notice.
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We’d like to talk to that man. Is he jamming with you again tonight?” “Well no but he’s a guest player in my band right here, tonight. He should be here now but as usual, he’s late. He’s on New Orleans time.” The women continued to chat with Joseph until it was time for the band to start up again. Joe shrugged his shoulders as he walked away from the bar. “Still no Jake.” The band was in sensational within minutes and Sara was lapping up the the solo improvisations while Zoe felt a strange prickling at the back of her neck.
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“Is that jerk going to walk in the door soon” she thought as she turned her head. The barman, way along at the end of his workspace, was giving her a once over (again). “Maybe my top is too low or my tits are too gorgeous” she thought. Suddenly Sara grabbed her forearm. “Its Jake at the bar door with his big trombone!” Glancing into Zoe’ instantly troubled face “don’t worry, we’re tough: we’ll straighten him out. Look at his old jeans!” “And the shiny Dixie flag all over this top.. yuk!, said Zoe. “Why don’t you use my mobile to ring yours.. That’ll piss him off and ask him about his white Y front underpants.”
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Sara’s loud ringtone blasted through the bar but not from Jake’s direction. A man jumped over the bar and knocked a drinker onto the sparsely carpeted floor. “What the......” from the startled man, but the barman kept running for the outside door. Seconds later everyone heard a loud thud, a man’s angry voice and a police siren. Minutes later a dusty barman was frog-marched by a policeman up to Sara and Zoe. “S S Sorry lady, he stammered. I didn’t mean to scare you!” “We’ve been after this peeping Tom for weeks! But guilt and a collision with me on my beat, has turned him in!”