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Looking down from the top of the spiral staircase makes everything look farther than they actually are, as if it were like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. At the other end is the old battered rocking chair, the frayed end of the red throw rug, and a pair of gray argyle socks covering two wrinkled, cold feet.

Soon the sound of sirens will float over the hills and into the quiet house shortly after the red and blue lights fill the second story hall. And no one will know how quiet it really was before the fall.
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Pitter-patter comes the water. The sound echoes, ricochets off the paper thin walls of the two-hundred square foot flat. The realtor promised real value for the cost, but her smile tipped her off. The sound pounds my head with such weight my eyes pulse in tempo. I canít sleep, but dreamscapes are far from my mind. I know whatís to come, but everythingís shrouded in hazy uncertainty, like a heavy fog in the early morn. And itís this haze that keeps me from ripping the faucet out of the wall, keeps me in rigid repose for the morning to come.
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The dichotomy of feeling leaves me in a synesthesiac trance, the left side of my body immersed in soothing red from the space heater, the right side bathed in chilling blue, as the wind howls outside my frosted pane windows. The apartment probably looks as I feel in this drab part of town, the sheer luminescence leaking into the dark, dark street below, highlighting the impecuniosity outside. And it is this juxtapositionónot only in this manifestation of feeling or statusóthat has been the running theme in my life, but instead of harsh extremes, of mingling mediocrity in consequence.
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One day during the spring a man found himself in an argument with his neighbor. Whatever it was originally about had blown out of proportion. Both were yelling and cursing until their wives came out. Then the two women started yelling. This went on into the early evening and, as the sun set far off in the horizon, a bright light truncated the scene, immediately followed by a sound that can only be described as a gunshot. When the police asked what initiated the argument, the man said, ďI donít know, but I mustíve been rightÖIím the last man standing.Ē
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The argument had been a dreadful one, none lasted as long: she thought him an indolent bastard, he felt otherwise. While pacing the streets and racing his mind, he got lost in the city, though thatís impossible to do. He saw a shadow dart into the alley and followed. He readied himself for the unknown, but the unknown turned out to be a woman struggling with a large duffel bag. When she finally noticed him, she stood frozen. He smiled and offered help by reaching for the bag. Lazy my ass, he thought before the bullet rattled through his brain.
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The deafening twang of her voice drowned everything out in my head. Nothing survived against the rise and drop of her pitch. Itís as if the deterioration of her elocution made my own thoughts wane and decay.

I donít have any information for you.

A mantra for the misinformed and the apathetic, with a hint of annoyance.

I donít have any information for you.

Lack of information doesnít indicate the absence of information, but this woman doesnít seem to think so: anything worth knowing is known; anything worth telling has already been said. And with this she hangs-up the phone.
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She just canít seem to get up: her eyelids feel heavy, her breath shallow. She can feel herself slipping back into dreamscapes, but she fights this like someone fighting for his or her last breath. Images flash while her eyes are both open and closed.

Then, in an instant, sheís wide awake. Consciousness grips her firmly in place in reality. Time reverts back to normal, to a speed the living are used to, and her breath catches up. She closes her eyes, but the light tries to break through. And she wonders, silently, what separates the dead from the dreamers.
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No one could have seen this coming: the atypicality of the typical. I know this, yet it seems strange that what is about to come doesnít strike me as all that surprising. What with all the strife and troubles of the world, who could blame them? I just wish that, after all is said and done, at the end of the day, they could have at least let me know what was coming. This is just a plea of a cornered man. I know. Nothing could have prepared me for this. But at least I get to know whatís next.
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Expectation exceeds boundaries of normal, of the everyday; but when those expectations come to realization, no one knows what to do. The board members huddle together in secret, confidentially conferring the direction of their next step: blindly support their initial advocacy or shut them the shit down. Admittedly, they didnít truly believe that the teamís plans would come to fruition. Nor did the science team. Their dumb luck puts the board in a bind, but their PR rep advises them to uphold a faÁade of discretion while maintaining bureaucratic distance to avoid liability. Nothing more comes of the project, thankfully.
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I was told never to waste time, but if time cannot be independent from space, and space is constantly contracting and expanding, wouldnít I always be conserving time indefinitely? Or is it the time relative to others meant to be conserved, to be utilized in a meaningful way? And how does one define time? Does it include shifts in the continuum during periods of unconsciousness, like sleep? Or does only one consciousness need to exist in order for the relativity of space and time to sustain? Conversely, does space and time need to maintain its continuum for anyone to exist?
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Today your health will bloom. But steer clear of the unavoidable despair that will undoubtedly spiral you into illness.

You can expect the unexpected to happen today, as long as you prepare in advance for them.

Love is a fickle area for you today, but know that from the ashes comes everlasting love, even if for only a short period of time.

Your luck will win you the lottery today (see numbers below). If you donít win, however, feel lucky you have not changed tax brackets right before Tax Day.

Life unfulfilling? Donít worry, youíll be dead soon enough.
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He didnít realize that as old age crept up on him he would be repeating the same old things, sometimes multiple times in the same conversation. But it wasnít just at dinner parties or soirťes where he experienced this redundancy. His whole life was a tautology. It was vaguely expected that life would bring John vast experiences and variety. The surprise pregnancy and the shotgun wedding changed all that. He couldnít complain really: the bills were paid on time, the kids were healthy enough, and his job was stable though it rarely pleased him. It just seemed all too monotonousÖ
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The dirt felt heavy as it weighed down the shovel. Goddamn rain doesnít help any. Canít think about it, itíll make it harder. Not that this wasnít hard enough. Shut up. It wasnít your fault. Of course not, it was her fault. It wasnít her fault either. Things just happened, got out of hand. She was the damn fool to start playing that game. She didnít get angry, you did. She brought out the gun. It was your gun. To protect HER with. Real good that did her. Weíre in this together now. You, me, we, all the same, always.
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My dear Screwtape,

I am sorry to say that the patient has taken company with the Enemy. I do not know how. I tempted him with all the usual tricks: gluttony, greed, sloth, rage, pride, envy, lust. Nothing worked. Even with lust the woman turned out to be a ďcloset-freak.Ē She submitted to his every whim, even to his suggestion to an orgy. After that, I though we all but secured his soul. But once satiated of his sexuality, the woman turned one-eighty. She countered all our parries and immersed him in spirituality. All is lost, Your baffled nephew WORMWORD
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She smacks her dry, brittle lips as the doctor checks her vitals for the tenth time. The doctor leaves.

The geriatric reminisces. The height of her career long passed, but she can still remember how easily it had all been. The sacrifices were minimalóno one was spared, no vice avoidedóand well worth the payout in the end. But now, looking back, it all seems pointless, the future bleak.

She turns her head and notices a dark figure reaching for her. She recoils, then stares defiantly at her intruder, but his eyes burn so darkly that she understands all.
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The campus is quiet and the ground glows softly as the sky sifts snow onto the ground, already heavy with powder. Nothing stirs the scene, not even a wind to shift the flakes. This will all change when, in a short few hours, crowds will pound this idyllic canvas, hemorrhaging the back-, fore-, and middle-ground.

Then, everything vibrates into a saccadic mess. Then, all is still. Then, pulsates. The fleeting moment tries to escape. But for now, itís a white expanse of landscape, interrupted only by the pallid hue of puke that lies before me. Winter term has officially begun.
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Anxiety presses in, mind numbingly fast, nothing feels safe, nothing feels right, canít breathe. My eyes roll back into the furthest reaches of my skull and something registers in the peripherals, an image, ephemeral, then disappears. Twitches, tics, sounds come from nowhere and everywhere. Nothing processes. Too fast. Too short. Skin crawls, it feels like itís on fire. Burns to the depths of all feeling and nostalgia hits the cerebellum like an epiphany of fate and disaster. The soul fasts and grows weak with hunger. All is too quiet. All is still minus the uncontrollable movements of the nightingale. Fly.
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A slow and steady tempo begins to develop deep within my mind. The notes flash and disappear like a steady strobe light. Itís hard just to keep up with the generation, as if itís on auto pilot and only for a short period of time. Iím afraid to think since I donít want miss a beat. The progression keeps rolling out and my hand keeps frantically scribbling away, my body swaying in rhythm. Things speed up, things get crazy. My body jerks, the pen running across the pageóitís just too fast, I canít keep up. I fluster and hesitate.
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Her eyes stay fixed on the ground as if looking at me would be too painful, or, perhaps, waver her conviction towards what she wants from what she needs to do.

She turns away and walks off into the distance, her back casting a long shadow across the pavement. And as she shrinks into the distance, her shadow draws itself towards me until it too shrinks and disappears.

A profound emptiness takes hold and I just numbly stare at nothing. I slowly lift out what Iíve been gripping with all my might, safety off, and drift off into the horizon.
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I slide into the driverís seat and slip in the key but donít start the ignition. I sit there staring at the brick wall that glares back at me.

I grip the steering wheel until my knuckles turn red then white and I shake it, myself, and the seat, then go limp, still. I turn on the engine, back out, and drive out of the parking lot. As Iím driving home, away from school, I adjust my rearview mirror and watch the town disappear into the horizon and I get this feeling that a part of me disappears as well.
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The alcohol starts to hit me hard. The tequila was one too many, but the last four shots donít help. The lights blur and smear across my eyes and the bass screams in my head. Why the fuck is the music so loud?

Donít want to be here. The smokeís too thick, canít breathe. Fucking hippies and their fake ass shit. Balconyís too far, though, all the way on the other side of the place. The bedroomís closer.

Too dark to see, but I can sense someone else is in the room. Lock the door. Donít worry baby, Casperís here.
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The girl was annoying. And not the kind that could be shrugged off and smiled at in vain. Her voice made your spine curl and the cackle of her laugh shattered all remnants of sensibility. You know the kind: plastic face, perfume that makes you retch, and a fashion sense that pushed everything beyond the edge of reason. But it seemed other girls thought her an absolute goddess. If you donít believe me, you should see her Facebook profile. It just seemed all too unfair that I would invariably have to go through her to get to these hot girls.
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Strike213: whatís goin on man?
Detail69: what do you mean whatís going on?
Detail69: donít you remember what happened last night?
Strike213: ??
Detail69: you fuckheadÖyou absolutely trashed my backseat
Detail69: not to mention puked all over the side of my car
Strike213: lol man i donít remember a thing
Strike213: i was so loaded last night
Detail69: and to make things worse you tried to steal a bottle from the bar
Strike213: lol sweet
Detail69: not sweet you almost got us arrested last night
Strike213: well weíre not in jail
Strike213: its all good
Detail69: youíre such a liability
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// program with use of stringstream

using namespace std;

int main ()
string mystring;
float price = 0;
int quantity = 0;

cout << "Enter Price: "; // prints Enter Price:
getline (cin, mystring);
stringstream (mystring) >> price; // stores input into price
cout << "Enter Quantity: ";
getline (cin, mystring);
stringstream (mystring) >> quantity; //stores input into quantity
cout << "Total Price: " << price * quantity << endl; /*prints Total Price:, computes total price, and starts new line */

cin.get(); // leaves window open until enter is pressed
return 0;
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Simple thrills in affectation take hold in tense dark throes of desolation. Woe is thou who thinks but sorrow and abandons hope in the sweet noise of tyranny. War cries out over fragmented thoughts and shifts fragmented hearts, all but wonder through the darkness. Shadows cast but light battles above and the dark neither advances nor is beaten back. Time stands still but expands the compounded space and decays infinitely with grace. ďTo be or not to beĒ is nothing more than a fallacy, for one cannot be or not be without first being. The drab court contests, with finality.
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A sickness fills my lungs, suffocating life and tearing away at the thin lining between me and death. How unbecoming in such respect a gentleman identifies himself with his condition. Away with you, away, for I have very little time to entertain the preternatural effects of resonating between here and the hereafter. Enough troubles me to last a dozen lifetimes. Insipid banalities fill the time between. Inconsequential, of course. But consequence seems all but important these days. Oh, the shame! Shame! Bedridden on ridiculous pretenses of illness. Only I know different. I know the truth! So, away with you, away!
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No matter how many times she plays it out in her mind, the same results appear. If this, else that. If this, else if this, else that. Nothing works. Itís as if the supercomputer of life has already declared her situation unconditional and riddled it with endless loops. Thereís no chance for a break.

She only wanted a small departure from her control structured life. At only twenty-five, she already fulfilled her short list of needs, and accomplishes her endless list of wants. But there was something missing. Somewhere along the way, she forgot what it means to truly live.
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I glide forward transition back stop dash forward Iím open fuck Iím open deke left circle right duck under an elbow lose the puck stop crossover and dash back stick check shoulder pin kick out the puck skate towards the net passed the puck blindsided canít see goalie clears whistle blows. Face-off in their zone tangle up winger shift change call ignore it intercept pass fly through the blue line deke right shoot goes wide circle back defenseman shoots it back in change direction get nailed but swing puck back around the boards circle back transition backwards passed puck score.
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To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you in regards to the ridiculous amount of noise that emanates from your apartment. Granted that I am one floor down, your bedroom is directly above mine, and at times all is well, the last week has been hell for me. Your girlfriend has an unhealthy sexual appetite and quells it by belting out the most obscene things, like pig-fucker. Though Iím sure youíre doing your best to quiet her during your sexual encounters together, she is insatiable. Either break up with her, or smother the bitch.

Yours truly, Apt. 302
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Iím walking across the cul-de-sac of my old neighborhood, which is surrounded by a number of non-descript red-brick apartment buildings. Anxiety creeps up on me and Iím afraid to look back. I run and get inside an apartment where Iím met by a girl my age, who looks very excited to see me, but I canít make out her words. She takes off her clothes and leads me to the shower, where weíre joined by BigBird and Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street. I scream, ďThatís the guyĒ and she just replies, ďOf course he isĒ and starts blowing him.
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7:00 am Alarm sounds. Hit snooze.
7:05 am Hit snooze again.
7:10 am Shut off alarm.
8:23 am Get out of bed, anxious.
8:43 am Out the door.
9:13 am Get to work late.
9:15 am Get bitched at by supervisor.
9:30 am Read email about the importance of punctuality.
9:31 am Same old bullshit.
12:01 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Pretend to work.
5:00 pm Leave work.
5:30 pm Initiate road rage.
6:20 pm Eat leftovers.
8:25 pm Go to girlfriendís apartment.
9:25 pm Try to fuck.
10:25 pm Quit trying, die a little inside, go home.
11:00 pm Sleep.