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For those about to read, i salute you.
This is Major In Eros signing on. One dinosaur tee clad vinyl preservationist with a penchant for poetry, puddle jumping, and ponies. If i only accomplish one thing this lifetime around, i want it to be that i inspire at least one other person to think for his or her self and develop his or her own opinion. Regarding anything. In a day and age where instant gratification increases and imagination decreases, leaving little room for poetry and the arts, it's easy to find the people who have been spoon fed views.
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alive. independent. accessible. explosive. expressive. unpredictable. revolutionary. emotive. exasperating. peaceful. opinionated. competitive. inscrutable. destructive. reconstructive. aware. spirited. controversial. inspired. resilient. craving. confident. supportive. blue. clever. accepting. original. open-minded. sincere. energetic. film kiss. intelligent. selfless. indulgent. defiant. mannered. humanistic. pragmatic. buoyant. innate. abstract. outspoken. upbeat. droll. positive. aged. young. yellow. seventeen. seventy-one. chagrined. tangible. subterranean. loving. conscientious. viable. yearning. farsighted. unruffled. ruffian. bend but never bow. observant. concerned. empathetic. conceptual. concrete. hopeful. french. patent. lucid. forgiving. gregarious. torn. social. hermetic. artistic. secretive. inquisitive. awake. in tune. english. heart. overexposed.
This is me.
If you’re up for talking:
Aim: broknxxxsound
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A wish for the world Peace. A smile when you need one. Unity. Shelter. Love. Health. Safety. Compassion. Friendship. Family. A kind gesture or word to someone in need. Opportunity. Creativity. Understanding. Inspiration. Hope. 1 great epiphany. Clarity. Empathy. Sympathy. Support. Rest after a taxing journey or draining battle. Someone to hug. A hand to hold. At least one person to help you make it through. The chance to excel at something your heart’s in. A song that speaks to you. Thought before action.
I wish for you all to look for the beauty in all things & all people.
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For an instant bad mood just add:

a lollipop all out of licks
three to twenty feet of mud
rude drivers
relentless cursers
the malgre leve
a hard boiled egg that just won't peel
people who don't reciprocate kindness
the uninspired
the Devils losing a hockey game
lost keys
the unappreciative
cat calls
wolf whistles
out of line gestures
the perpetually lazy
false accusations
the cheap & stingy
the complainers & bellyachers
the one line, one whine, “I can’t change the world! I’m just one person!”
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Possible side Effects:
Positive. Negative. Black. White. Grey. Affirmative. Repellant. Tangible. Elusive. Sincere. Clear. Cunning. Obsolete. Sadness. Rain. Excess grain. Icy. Sweet. Extra neat. Losing count. Obscure impressions. Soporific riffs. Stiletto slipping sidewalk. Bones. Ghosts. Paraphernalia. Your bits plus my pieces. Misfits. Captains. Long johns and platinum. Existential corpses. Bucking elbows. Macaroni. Noodles. Elongated moons rising. Hirsute chests. Potato chips. Fish, not crisps. Padding. Pronto. Crunchy leaves and petal pushing dreams. Riding high-ers. Go getters. Take-what you can-ers. Sale hearters. Joke junkies. Crusaders. Waders. Wellie rompers. Dusters. Deviations. Surfeit quotations. Helping hands. Gangly blows. Buckets. Pails. Sandcastles.
Results not typical.
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A few quotes to really get you thinking:

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”
“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”
“Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to.”
“My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all.”
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I admit my proclivity for quotes.
”Reality leaves a lot to imagination.”
“Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover it up.”
“If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.”
“in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”
“I’d rather starve as an artist with the riddle to the world, than be a rich man without the imagination to solve it.”
"everything will be okay in the end. if it's not okay, it's not the end."
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I am seventeen years old, and some of the biggest disappointments of my lives have been people. Perchance, this is the right time to allude to my age. I know, I’m merely a child, yet I find I’m drawn to the wiser. People my age sadden me. Concerned with naught, save partying. Drugs. Sex and drinking works its way into the equation somewhere too. They idolize these figureheads (I shan’t name names) and I can’t figure out why! I find I am too forward thinking for my generation. One such as myself can only hope perhaps, they’ll all wake up.
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I assure you, I’m in no hurry to grow up. However, I am impatiently waiting for it to dawn on my generation that there’s so much more to life. Melodramatic as these past few posts sound, it’s frustrating. And just when you think that maybe someone is really coming from exactly where you are? Ah, no. Not quite. Some ulterior motive in the wings. Alas. Find the ones who want make a difference. Not for the fame. And not for the money. Cause you know you don’t need to be rich, you just need one person to believe in you.
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Someone called me visionary. Granted, he did have an ulterior motive. But he said it aside from that and the comment really astounded me. I don’t consider myself visionary. I think it is, definitely, a term you may adopt only after one wakes up to realize it hiself. I hate being viewed as “deep”. “Man, she’s so deep.” No, no. Deep is reserved for the pot smoking teeny bopper, infatuated with Cobain and Hendrix. Deep, to them, is a term used to denote the cool. The ones to aspire to be because of profoundly insignificant reasons. Not for good ones.
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You're my hero. You're only 14. You don't know it. Or do you? We seem to finish each other’s thoughts a lot these days... I'm so glad i found you. You're my other half. My best half by far. Amazing, isn’t it, that age has no relevance. I, 3 years your senior, yet it never even feels like it. I’m rambling, I know. But it’s just one of those days where you need to Write about a person who isn’t with you at the current day, as if to make them seem more tangible. Oh, and I have your photos.
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Ah, but you. Dear K I don’t think we’ll ever get back together. I don’t think we’ll ever get back what we once had. Get Back! Get back. If only we could transcend time. Or stop it completely. Maybe then you would’ve chose differently. Chose a track differing from that of jealousy. It broke my heart. Funny, eh? I, the notorious black hole in place of a heart, Yet you managed to break it. You’re not the only one at fault though. It takes two. Doesn’t it always? You weren’t all that healthy for me, you know. Finish us later.
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Insecurities. Regrets. Though everyone is allowed their faults and boy, did I love you for your faults. And not because it was a competition. And not because mine at that place and time were seemingly less profound. Oh, now. Now? Mine seem just as worse as yours were. Perhaps are? Assuming you are holding on to them ever tighter this time around…..Mm and were you ever some disappointment. Aren’t I the walking contradiction? Cause it seems to me that I’ve adopted some of those issues you used to have (still have?). They’ve just jumped ship. I couldn’t fight it. Hm?
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And on the third day?….Yes, this will be the third day of me mourning you. I apologize to the readers. This is something I haven’t discussed with anyone. And it has been years. And it still hurts just as much as it did the day I got over my cool, calm exterior. Now, of course, it has sunk in that yes, I have lost quite possibly the best thing I have ever had. Story of my life. Maybe I’m just uncannily good at pushing people away? Well, hey, that sure would explain a lot? Maybe I should stick to that.
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Why do I value you? The best sense of humor. The best taste in…well, ….anything. Anything at all. You were the first true best friend I ever had. You were there for absolutely everything. From the third grade up well into middle school. And then you moved. And it was private school for you and high school for me. And maybe I’m the flake for not doggedly keeping up with you? After all, you only lived a few blocks up. Would it have been too much To just call you once a week? Take those walks we loved so much?
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The music was loud. The lighting was dim. You were the first up. First up to bat at the plate. First act up on the stage for the night. The nerves must have been coursing through you! I admire your ability to shut them down. So you got up. Guitar in hand, you proceeded to serenade us with your first set. “I’m the type of guy. Who lets fear drive.” The emotion pulling at the corners of your face and the squint to your eyes as you poured out everything you had to us. I’ve never heard anyone like you.
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Lately, I am loving the people I am meeting. I love the new faces. Fresh personalities. People who don’t feign interest in important issues, just to seem cool. People I haven’t known for all the years of my life. New adventures. New beginnings. People who take genuine interest in what really counts. People who, surprisingly, seem to share my beliefs and interests. Wow. Few do. This feeling……of liberation? Maybe. Or, perhaps it’s wonderment. I can’t believe you people exist! There’s a whole ocean outside my fishbowl. My fishbowl where all the fish are the same. All the fish are lame.
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Sometimes I think I should really start seeing a therapist. Sometimes I wonder, “Why the hell do I think these things? Feel this way? Act in such a fashion?” I am afraid I take everything to heart. It is all too personal. Last time around my incredible loss of faith in humanity was what did me in. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. And it has been so hard to keep the faith. Yeah, not everyone these people. Not everyone is bad. No one is inherently evil. C’mon Miss Eros, take a chance on us. Alright. Alright. Am I?
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It is truly and utterly ridiculous how progressively insecure I have become. In my mind? Oh, perhaps I am equivalent to a deity. Sometimes. On my best days. People get me down. Disappoint me. Convey to me I’m not a priority. Unfortunately, I really need one person who is a constant in my life to give me a hug. Tell me I am alright. Cause I have to wonder if I am at night. When I’m alone. Cold. Staring up at the ceiling, which doesn’t hold the answers to things anyhow. I need a hug. I hate to be needy.
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I guess the whole point of me not believing the “someone out there for everyone” adage, is so that I’m effectively protected from yet, another letdown. Another disappointment. I expect things from people that never get reciprocated. Such as culture. Manners. A love for art and music. At least one thing to be passionate about in life, thatyou get up for in the mornings. I expect a little class. It’s horribly hard to find these days, at least with my generation. Or maybe it’s the area. It is an affluent place, but the people aren’t classy. Class is free! C’mon!
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Is there word or right to say
Even in this old-fashioned way?
Go make your move.
I'm not coming home.
Would things have changed if I could've stayed?
Would you have loved me either way?
Dressed to the blues
Day to day with my collar up.
Decision sits so make it quick
A breath inhaled from an air so sick
I cursed the day that I'd learned
Of the web you've spun
You had your hold till bleeding
If it was up to me
I would've figured you out
Way before the year clocked out
Oh, I hope you're waiting.
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Hey! Hey!
If it was up to me
I would have never walked out
So until the sun burns out
Oh, I hope you're waiting

We have lived as a child would care
With this vial to drink I dare
(Oh where have you been, oh where have you been)
Only to cry all alone with your taste on tongue
(Oh where have you been if it hurts to be forgiving, Bye)
Bye Bye..
Should we try this again with hope
Or is it lost, give up the ghost
And should I die all alone as I knew I would
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If it was up to me
I would've figured you out
Way before the year clocked out
Oh, I hope you're waiting
Oh, I hope you're waiting
Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
You may be invited, girl, but you're not coming in
Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
I may be invited, girl, but I'm not coming in
If it was up to me...(Hey!)
If it was up to me
I would've figured you out
Way before the year clocked out
Oh, I hope you're waiting
Oh, I hope you're waiting
Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
You may be invited, girl, but you're not coming in
Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
I may be invited, girl, but I'm not coming in

If it was up to me....
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I would've figured you out
Way before the year clocked out
Oh, I hope you're waiting...
If it was up to me
I would have never walked out
So until the sun burns out
Oh, I hope you're waiting
Listen well, will you marry me
And are you well in the Suffering
The most gracious of hosts
You may be invited, girl, but you're not coming in
Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
I may be invited, girl, but I'm not coming in
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Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
You may be invited, girl, but you're not coming in
Listen well, will you marry me (Not now, Boy)
And are you well in the Suffering (You've been)
The most gracious of hosts
I may be invited, girl, but I'm not coming in
And you're not coming in.

I don’t know what it is exactly about this song, But it forces me to reflect on absolutely everything that’s been tumbling around inside me. Good. Bad. Ugly. Indifferent.
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that song has been roiling about inside me for the past few days. So I found it fitting to share the lyrics alongside everyday I woke up With Claudio’s voice pounding inside my head. Volume control? Unfortunately, no. I’m notorious for having no volume control myself…. Speech and thought forever interconnected. Makes me think of Freud and the study he did in which he concluded slips of the tongue are by no means accidents. Did you ever find your inner self telling you something innately insignificant? But, your inner self persistently and doggedly tries to sell you on the idea?
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Today, I have a mission. An adventure. A breath of fresh air. Get outside and walk for perhaps two hours. Do not teleport, drive, fly, or jump a train. No methods that get you from here to there quickly. Be sure to take haphazard turns. Stroll arbitrarily. Go wherever you want, be it North, South, East or West. Just….get away. If you end up somewhere that looks like a place you’ve never been before, that’s a good thing. Mission accomplished. Not only will the exercise be beneficial, but chances are you’ll encounter a new favorite place. Or food. Or person.
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I don’t know about you, but I find that I have brief phases where I lose faith in humanity. Nearly everyone around me seems to weigh in on me heavily. To keep me going, I have devised an upbeat method which pretty much kicks the phases when they feel like they should come around. I write down the names of people I know. Sometimes people I’m feeling disappointed in. Sometimes people I feel are a source of conflict. I write down their names and then take the time (however long!) to write down something genuinely, sincerely good about each person.
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Alright, here’s another venture I find highly entertaining. Maybe it’s because I have an infatuation with Post-It notes. So here we go! Whip out those original, old school yellow Post-It notes and find a home for them on your kitchen table. Now, anytime you find yourself entertaining people, whether it be your boyfriend, guests, or room mate even, have everyone draw something-anything!-on a Post-It. The drawing can reference something occurring in the kitchen at that moment. When he or she is done, stick note to wall. Repeat as often as desired. Encourage everyone to add to the Post-It note collection!
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The other day while in a bookstore, I happened across a little volume dedicated to presenting to the passersby and lingering shoppers the best personal ads allegedly the world has ever seen. Of course, I felt compelled to thumb through it, with a title along the lines of, “Man With Farm Seeks Woman With Tractor”. Amusing. I have always wondered if personal ads actually work. Does anybody know? Or how about the seemingly endearing poster couples for My mother always comments, upon viewing the commercial, “Wouldn’t that be fun to try?” Or are they paid to get up there?
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Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise
Ill never look into your eyes...again

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need...of some...strangers hand
In a...desperate land

Lost in a roman...wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

Theres danger on the edge of town
Ride the kings highway
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west

Cmon, take a chance with us

And meet me at the back of the blue bus