BY Coco

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It is neat to be NEET, not really. It does give one a lot of time to think about life. Society is not employing me. I am not enrolled in a established school to further my education. I am not being trained to eventually fill any sort of position. My role right now is simply to exist. This is my time to find my way and accomplish what it is I would like to accomplish. Soon enough I will enter back into to society and pay my dues but right now I must find what it is I should do.
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I find it possible that there is paranormal, super natural, not of this realm activity. Certainly there is more than just the perspective gathered by what meets the human eye. Who knows what beings may be outside our jurisdiction? If these beings do exist could they be as oblivious as we are to them? Perhaps our two worlds live in a symbiotic relationship where the actions in one world, although seemingly unnoticed, have profound effects in the other. If that could be true maybe certain bits of strange phenomena can allow us to have the occasional meeting with one another.
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My appetite has recently called for me to crave foods containing coconut. The majority of my life I avoided it. Picking out an individual chocolate from a box was always dangerous because there may be a coconut one. Why did I dislike coconut? I think it was the influence of the preference television characters and a single bad experience with a certain candy bar. Now however, I feel like there is a bond between me and this fruit. Between my last name and geographic disposition on this globe fate has connected us. Loco coco coconuts increase in deliciousness always together.
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The sound of community, faithfulness, trust, and care is a wonderful tune but often goes flat. These ideals held by people for how we should co-exist peacefully seem impossible to obtain. People have a selfish concern for their own well being. That is not a large issue because one has to help themself before they can be expected to help others. However, sometimes this self concern never shuts down and continues until this person becomes a leach to everyone else. How can one take care of their own business while still being considered a great asset to their community?
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There are few things I can say I have solidly concluded on about what it is to exist. The only thing I have really settled on is one simple fact that has proven true since man came to be. To create is the best thing you can do for someone and for someone to create is the best thing that they can do for you. Of course if someone creates a doomsday device there can still be good that comes from it. Obviously the use of it would be the opposite of the greatest thing one can do for another.
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Ingestion and digestion is an important part of many types of life. Here are some of the experiments I hope to record.Eat a bowl of only the lucky charms marshmallow pieces. Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up just to see if it creates or cures belly aches. Eat all the fun types of food found at the fair only to go on a bunch of rides, vomit, and do it all again. Yes I am also over enthusiastic about candy. Also, would you like to see the beauty that is the tea drining experience?
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There is supposed to be all this nature out in the world. I hear there are places with no roads, buildings, or human inhabitants. It's easy to not believe these places exist. All the places people need to go to have more people and less nature. Where does my food come from? How processed are the things I obtain? What is all this made out of? Is it possible to not live with it? Why is it when I get to wander amongst the trees and grass that I feel extremely rejuvinated? What does this unnatural world do to us?
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It was your average sunny day. There was nothing but blue sky above and green grass to the right of me. I was leisurely walking just to get some fresh air thinking that I may go all the way to the park. However, in one brief moment I had gone from walking to *smack* something hit the back of my head. Laying face down with my faced thrown into the sidewalk it took me a while to gain my composure. When I finally came to nothing made sense. From what I can gather someone smacked me from a moving vehicle.
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"Hi welcome to the Dandy Candy shop. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know." I gave the first customers of the day my very customary greeting. It was only moments later that I was called upon to help the fruitiest of customers try and find someting not so fruity. "I was wondering if I can try this gum." This person always tested before diving in head first. "Why certainly sir." "Oh Mmmmmm... this taste marvelous. You know it has been absolutely forever since I've had a wad of gum in my mouth." "Oh really?"
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The Secret Organization of Pandas and The Secret Organization of Penguins. They both are literally black and white yet the choice they want me to make is not. The pandas seem so strong but their numbers are few. The penguins have the numbers and are slick in the water. Considering neither group can fly you can imagine my surprise to see the pandas in helicopters. How on earth did they ever make enemies of each other? Why do they have to use the same acronym? Even more puzzling is why are they involving themselves with a young high school boy?
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The dreams concern a cat that has seven legs of which 2 are deformed. My ambitions have become beastly, far too numerous and may be unprofitable. There are two options that may gain me success in my pursuits. One option is to cut off unaffordable projects and those requiring too much assistance leaving me with more time for things that are possible. The second option is to focus myself into planning my work and working my plan which will allow me to accomplish everything in time. I am indeed a NEET and need to milk each and every valuable moment.
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It is time to start putting my shoes in the freezer. This way my kicks will keep my feet nice and cool as they set a blaze to the ground underneath. I will traverse the world until it has all become ash. Each new destination will soak into my being so that the land will become dry. This earth will become a wasteland at my discretion. Nothing will be able to survive and all will be lost on the barren planet. However, my mind will act as an oasis saving all that wish to access it. Nothing ever really ends.
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AB positive, twin gemini, right hand left hand ambidextrous, morally ambiguous, dual natured, yin and yang, possibly two faced, decidely for both, the beginning and the end, the first and last to Jesus' alpha and omega, Cain and Able, the best and the worst, the bottom on top, freely trapped, every possibility available, every possibility chosen, I am everyone and everyone is me. Feel what I am as I know what all of you are. All at once and yet nothing at all. We are nothing, we are here, we are gone, we have come back, living as a contradiction.
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It is time for amends. The past is long dead but the ghost of it haunts the present. The howling sound it lets out makes you aware of the bleak future that is possible. What can one do but apologize and try to use the knowledge from the past in the present to save the future? The present is what the future becomes. If you handle time improperly it will transform into a past that haunts you making life a hell. If you take heed early enough maybe you can salvage important lessons and forge them into a better tomorrow.
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Society is dominated by the right hand. "The man" has forced the people of the world to become lop sided. Everything tilts to one side waiting to be toppled over. It must be noted the equality has to be present in all parts of life. Without equality everything is doomed to be thrown off balance. Many will be tossed to the right, a few stragglers to the left until the straightened path has been cleared and what lies down this path will be taken from us all. We must equally balance ourselves in all aspects and not be cast aside.
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The spite I have is increasing at each moment. It seems that you never learn a lesson. Maybe I am not the one who is supposed to teach it to you but I certainly will try. Positive reinforcement never has worked with you unfortunately. You yourself are too self absorbed to consider what it is to be nice. However, when one wrongs you or causes you an unpleasantry your reaction goes far beyond the intial problem. I will try not to spend to much time causing you harm because your worthless presence will be forgotten as you begin wrecking yourself.
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A man only gets a limited number of good oppurtunities in his life. Redemption is always an option but it is impossible to grasp the moment that was left to slip away. Knowing that there is only one life to be lived it is important to grasp several important oppurtunities but all means possible. It is also important to be smart and not involve ones self in obviously questionable chances. To be a man is difficult but if one walks a steady path it is such a man that will create and live a life according to their own romance.
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There was this man and he was dressed in the height of clockwork fashion. He was hiding from a group of rioting men that were firing off guns. He made it inside a parking lot and as he was moving from one cars cover to the next, he was shot many times over. Two official looking men that were armed exchanged the general idea that, " this man is the only hope we all have. do not let him die." The officials fired upon the rioters and a strange rolling robot dragged the bleeding target of a man into an elevator.
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The officials looked in the direction of where the bloodied man was laying on the floor of the elevator. They held a concerned and hopeful expression for his life. The elevator took the man up several floors and when the doors opened the whole level resembled a factory. The rolling robot pushed the body onto a conveyor belt and as it was taken down the line parts of it were removed. A monitor gridded over the body and its parts and began replacing them with robotic prosthetics. Not much longer after the process had begun the body was completely robotic.
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The man was now in a new shell resembling a blond little girl in a red dress. This could not be what the officials wanted or could it? The once man moved a few steps in the new body and did not seem at all concerned with the process that took place. He must have been expecting such a thing to happen. Without moving to far a shiny, fully black metal coated robot with large goggled eyes and a vented mouth approached him. He stated, " The process has been completed perfectly. Quickly, we must get started on completing our purpose."
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The man understood exactly what the black coated robot meant for them to do. They then exited the building through an air locked door. Looking out to the terrain in front of them it was nothing but grey rocks and craters surrounded by darkness. This was the moon. The two climbed to the tallest rocky structure and began to throw a white powder from bags that were already placed up there. The once man now little girl bot asked aloud, " Do you think they will ever know the control we hold over all of them? " Another female robot appeared laughting.
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The love I had for this woman was like none that I have experienced. There was not even the smallest moment that we wished to be parted from one anothers presence. Like all couples in love we claimed ourselves to be above all the other failed attempts, I truly think we were. She supported every idea that caught my interest. I wanted to give her only the best things in life because she was the kind of person that deserved that. I wished that I could be one with her. I wanted to be a part of all her glory.
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If you say you are going to do it then it should be done! Sticking to my goals is hard and it seems like I drop more projects than I complete. My favorite motto seems to be better late than never. While it may good in the fact that the task gets completed it is terrible in that it takes me so long. I want to be a responsible person. I want my words to be truth not just a guideline. Becoming a man of greatness depends on how I get things done. There is no more time for fiddling.
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All apologies about the use of fiddling. It may not be violin quality but playing the fiddle is quite respectable. Sitting down with an instrument of any sort and working on it diligently alone shows focus. Those who efficiently focus on their projects are diligent individuals. I want to be a diligent person. I want to gain the full trust of those around me. I never want to break the trust I am given either. Fiddling with my projects until they are made into something or at least properly attempted is what I should do. The world will be better.
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It was late into the night. Everyone in town had gone to sleep and the man was finally alone. He sat in his apartment letting the darkness and silence sink in. For the first time all week there was not a party being thrown, car driving by, light on, animal scurrying, or even a rustle from the wind. His eyes saw nothing and so he shut them. His ears heard nothing and so he let out a sigh while closing his mouth that had nothing to say. His mind was stilled finally. That moment of tranquillity is invaluable, certainly exquisite.
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Oh noes! The glass filter of my tea cup has broken. This makes me sad and now I have to shell out money to get a new one. I do not have money to spare! However, tea is one of my daily activities and as such it is a necessary expense. I refuse to drink that crappy bagged tea everyday. The tea in those bags is usually crap quality and certainly never tastes as good as whole leaf. Why not get a metal filter or plastic one? Those hold the flavor of the last tea and are hard to clean.
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Time had finally stopped existing. It was not at the moment of death where time was lost but rather while I was dead. For me to say how long I was trapped in that limbo, purgatory, hell, whatever would be an impossibility. After time had stop existing it proved itself wrong when I caught a glimpse of fiery light. The moment came and went quickly bringing me onto a whole new measurement of time, smidgens of light. It was literally a forever until the next light flashed by. I was quite close to it and felt a draft with it.
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Eternity was palpable. It feels thick and puts a slight pressure over all of your being. It is hard to move but then again there really is no where to go. Whatever I was be it a body or soul, I was not sure. I moved through dark and cramped feeling space for a whole forever without getting anywhere. I knew I moved forever because I caught another sight of that light. Space and time only existed when that light came. There was nothing else aside from my own thoughts. Those are bad time markers because I was currently insane.