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They played that damned song again. I was driving home and before I realized, I was lost in the past again. I'll never forget that night with her. It was our only time to go so far, but it was wonderful. I found myself wondering if she ever gets lost in a memory like I do. It's been years, I'm married to someone else now. I love her, but in a different way. I guess it's true that you never get over your first love. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I'd have never got impatient about love.
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Courtney is the most beautiful thing in my life. I've only know her for two years, but in those two years, she has changed me in so many ways. Because of her, I've learned to lengthen my fuse, and not be so quick to judge. She's grown also. When we first met, she was tied to the NICU table, barely holding to life. Now she's an independent toddler, able to unwrap her own candy and dress herself. Who would have thought that such a tiny creature unable to suck a bottle, would become such an important fixture in my life.
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The flowers in my garden are an extension of me. Their multicolored blooms represent the multiple sides of my emotions. They must be tended to with just the right amount of care. Too much care and they smother, too little they wither. Too much fertilizer, they die, too little they become sick and unhealthy. Sometimes they bear fruit; sometimes they are a simple decoration. They bring joy and sympathy; they bring color and contrast. They are there for the happy times and there for the sad, always adding that just needed touch to the moment. My flowers are my soul.
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My wife is an interesting creature. When we met she pulled me from the pits of darkness and depression. Our relationship began unorthodox, but has grown into a powerful love. She gave me a daughter, and soon another child will be filling our home with the sounds of joy and colic. We've hurt each other sometimes with hard words, but the soft tenderness we share in private times reinforces our passionate bond. We may not always agree on life, but we do agree on love. Although we've both loved others in different ways, my heart and soul belong to Deb.
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Joshua Barnes stared out his window. It had been a long day and he was tired. He sipped his beverage and closed his eyes. He suddenly felt two hands grip his shoulders. He smiled, his love for Julia was strong and he enjoyed her company. She handled herself well in social situations, and his peers all were envious of his trophy. None of them suspected her past, not even his family. Julia sat down beside him and laid her head on his chest. She closed her eyes and whispered, "I love you." Josh stroked her hair. "I love you too."
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Julia Barnes had a dark secret. Only her husband, Josh, knew it, and he didn't know everything. She prayed every night that someone would not recognize her. It had all started in high school. Her father had deemed her worthless and kicked her out. She found room and board with a college acquaintance. Lying about her age she found work at a local strip bar. Josh met her one night during spring break. Years later he came back and rescued her into his world. No one suspected the CEO's wife of being a stripper in a small time Florida club.
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Peter James hated his boss. He'd worked for 6 years under Joshua Barnes, and prayed for the day when he could crush Josh. Peter hated the fact that Josh expected production from him. Peter was a vice-president of a major company, work was for pee-ons. Peter wanted to spend eight hours looking for internet smut and take in his six figure salary. Today was no other day. He had found a sight featuring some backwater strip club. He clicked on the link for former strippers. The woman who appeared on his screen made him smile. He'd found a beautiful skeleton.
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In a tiny little café, two lovers sipped coffee and gazed into each others eyes. He was mesmerized by her beauty; she was lost in his quiet demeanor. He took her arm and stroked the back of her hand. She cocked her head. It was a quiet moment. A moment that did not need words. A moment that the electricity of love filled the air. The couple finished their drinks, left a generous tip and took a walk toward Central Park. The day was made for lovers, so Josh and Julia were going to make the most of every minute.
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Josh woke from his dreamland and rolled toward his wife. His mind was still woozy from their night of passion. His skin tingled for her touch, but she was already up. Josh sat up and dressed himself in a robe, and walked toward the kitchen. Julia was on the balcony, so he fixed his coffee and joined her there. As he approached he realized she was crying. Josh put his arm around her and held her close. Words were never comfort when the demons of abuse were haunting again. Josh longed for the day when the past would stay buried.
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Julia hated this feeling. She hated even more her inability to express them. Here Josh was sitting beside her on the balcony, and she could not even acknowledge him. She'd had another nightmare, or flashback or some kind of devilish vision. When Julia's past comes haunting, it comes with a bloody vengeance. Josh had rescued her from a dark hell. Still there were mornings when she woke up feeling like a dirty whore. Josh was her savior, like the man she'd heard about in Sunday school, he had forgiven her sins and buried her past. Now if only she could....
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The cue ball struck with a loud click. A rainbow of colors scattered across the green velvet. Peter smiled at the mayhem. He chalked his cue and lined up his shot. He was passing the time alone. It was 3 am and his uncle had cleared the last of the drunks out of the bar. Peter was using the quiet time to plan his move. He had Joshua Barnes secret, red ball in corner pocket, and he was going to use it. CLICK! Peter felt giddy as the ball well into his pocket. Life was going to become very interesting
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Julia sat down at her desk and began sorting the mail. Thanks to Josh's salary, bills were never a problem. She began sorting catalogues, bills, and junk. One envelope simple embossed envelope caught her eye. No return address. She opened it. Horror filled her blood as she looked at the contents. She turned the photograph around and read the back, "JEWELS, does your husband know about your dirty past??" Julia looked at the picture again. She felt vomit working it's way up to her mouth. Daily she feared this day would come, but she'd always hoped it would be tomorrow.
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Josh came home to an empty penthouse. Odd, Julia was usually waiting for him with a smile and dinner. He began searching for clues to her whereabouts. The tea kettle had boiled dry, she must've left in a hurry. He walked over to her desk, and noticed the mail was strewn about. Josh began fishing through the envelopes. There was a note written on the back of a photograph. Josh picked it up and turned it to view the picture. Josh's blood ran cold. He felt anger as he realized why his beloved had disappeared. Someone would have to pay.
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The office door flew open with such force that it took out an intern. Peter James acted surprised, "Can I help you, Joshua?" Josh placed his clenched fists on Peter's desk, and leaned on them. "You bastard!" Josh started, "You want my job so bad, you can have it. But so help me, if ANYTHING happens to Julia, I'll make you pay." Peter smiled, "You are gonna throw it all away for a dirty slut from the Florida Everglades. Hell, I knew you were stupid." Josh recovered his composure. "I'll see you in hell," Josh stormed out of the office.
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Julia walked into the old bar, and emotions filled her mind. Part nostalgia, part hatred, part self-affirmation, this was where her path had lead her. She'd come full circle, and felt nausea build as she looked at her future. "Jewels?" a familiar voice brought her from her dread. Julia nodded at Amanda, her old boss. "Girl, I knew you'd come back, that big city slick just wasn't for you. Are you ready to headline again??" Julia nodded, as she held back her tears. Amanda put her arms around Julia, "Good, to have you home again, honey." Julia whimpered, "I'm ready."
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The fasten seatbelt sign blinked off and Josh relaxed a bit. He hated flying, but matters dictated it. The man beside him was reading a paper. His resignation was front page news. Josh had a hat and dark shades on to cover identity. He didn't have time for reporters and such, things were too important. He'd always told Julia that his love was stronger and more important than his position, but she never fully believed him. Josh had set out to prove his love, but first he had to find Julia. There was only one logical place she could be.
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Julia was fighting back tears. Her nerves were a wreck. She had done this for five years, but that was three years ago. The curtain opened and the music started playing. She slinked her way to the edge of the stage. She was surrounded by animals. She felt like a wounded lamb in a pack of wolves. She pulled off her blouse and the wolves howled in delight. She continued her dance, allowing the scum to get their delight. Finally the music ended and there she stood in nothing but a thong. The men applauded her. Julia just felt dirty.
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Julia had returned to Amanda's double wide. Her show was a success, but she just couldn't feel good about it. She sat down with her supper and picked up the paper. She found the financial section. The headline was "Propionate CEO resigns amid rumors." Tears flowed, Julia loved Josh, she never wanted to hurt him. His job was his life, and now because of her, he'd lost everything. She wanted to call him, but she'd done enough damage. Instead she folded the paper and indulged in her fried chicken. She was trying very hard to move on with her life.
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Julia had returned to Amanda's double wide. Her show was a success, but she just couldn't feel good about it. She sat down with her supper and picked up the paper. She found the financial section. The headline was "Propionate CEO resigns amid rumors." Tears flowed, Julia loved Josh, she never wanted to hurt him. His job was his life, and now because of her, he'd lost everything. She wanted to call him, but she'd done enough damage. Instead she folded the paper and indulged in her fried chicken. She was trying very hard to move on with her life.
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A media circus had gathered outside the ‘Goodtime Grill and Strip Club.' Word had gotten out about the lying stripper who forced a CEO's to resign. Ashley Caracas was a member of that circus. This story was hard for her. On one hand, her liberal ways taught her to give the stripper the benefit of the doubt. But in a conservative world, this kind of secret was a disaster. Her cameraman was setting up his equipment, so Ashley decided to go inside and look around. She found a dirty dingy world, a world she was thankfully not a part of.
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Ashley had explored the bar and had found her way backstage. She found a dressing area full of women adding final touches to their makeup. "'Scuse me honey, you don't have much time to get ready." Ashley was stunned, "I'm not a stripper," she stated. She realized her curtness, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound so harsh." The dancer smiled, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. It's in the bible you know." Ashley nodded, "I should get to know you before I judge you, huh?" The stripper nodded. "That would be a very good start."
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Josh had taken a taxi from the airport to the club. It was going to cost him a bundle, but he didn't give a damn. He felt ill when he saw the mob of reporters waiting outside. This was going to be horrible. The taxi pulled up and he handed the driver two hundred dollar bills. "Keep the change." He made it halfway to the door when he was spotted. Cameras flashed and reporters crammed microphones in his face. He said nothing, and elbowed his way in. He ordered a soda and sat down, thanking God cameras were not allowed.
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Ashley sat down at the bar. Her goal had been to meet Julia, but she didn't get that far. So she decided to take in the show. She ordered a daiquiri and scanned the room. She would never understand why men could get so excited over something they could never have. She thought about her boyfriend and wondered if he would get so goofy over seeing this show. As she observed the losers her gaze froze on someone familiar looking. She waited for him to turn, it was Josh. Ashley dropped her drink. What kind of sick bastard was he?
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Julia was waiting for her turn. Some young thing calling herself "Slut Show Barbie" was doing her thing now. Julia looked at herself in the mirror. God had given Julia a wonderful body, everything was natural and in the right place even after 30. "Almost time to make them shake," Amanda smiled. "John wanted me to tell you. He wants you to go all the way." Julia felt numb. She nodded and walked closed her eyes. "Jules, this isn't worth it." Julia shook her head, "This is the only thing I'm good at." Barbie's show finished, Julia took the stage.
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She started her dance. The music played as she moved to the rhythm. She began by undoing her blouse and revealing her red lacy bra. The crowd whooped and hollered. She dropped the blouse to the floor and began to undo her skirt when she noticed him. She froze. Josh sat there at a table stone faced. A tear was running down his cheek. Julia felt shameful. The crowd began chanting "Dance!" Julia tuned them out. It was just her and Josh. He stood up and walked to the stage. He held is arms out and she melted into him.
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The image in front of her was curious. Ashley was confused. Here was the woman who had ended a very powerful man's career. Now that very CEO had made his way to this Florida strip club and put his arms around his lover as if she'd done nothing wrong. Ashley shook her head in disbelief. She felt her cell phone vibrate. "What's going on in there?" the voice on the other end asked. "When I know, I'll tell you," Ashley quipped, "but I think it's called true love." Ashley hung up her phone and watched as the two lovers embraced.
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"Why did you come for me? My past ended your career." Julia spoke through tears. Josh wiped them away and brushed her hair out of her face. "I love you, Jules. You are my everything. I'd give up everything just to be with you. Julia smiled, "I'll never understand you." Josh laughed, "Glad I can keep the mystery in our marriage." Josh picked up her blouse off the floor. "You're getting goose bumps." Julia kissed her man. They had tuned out the crowd of spectators. It was just Josh and Julia, two lovers who were working through the hard times.
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Josh and Julia had moved backstage for a more private conversation. "What will we do?" Julia asked. Josh smiled. "My folks have a farm in Oklahoma. They've always wanted me to come back and work there. It's perfect, no one will judge your past, it will just be us and the dirt. What do you say?" Julia smiled. "Do you think this city girl can adjust to some country living?" Josh nodded, "Let's get out of here." The snuck out the back door and drove off in a borrowed car. They got to the airport and waited for their plane.
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"This is Ashley Caracas with a live news update. Joshua Barnes, former CEO of InCorp, was spotted earlier today at this local strip club. It had been rumored that Julia a.k.a. "Jewels" Veil, Barnes wife for three years, was performing here. Earlier today, I eye witnessed a reunion between Barnes and Veil. This story had been previously reported as a gold-digging stripper trying to get her claws in a millionaire's fortune. I am here today to refute those claims. Joshua and Julia Barnes are truly in love. Something rarely seen in today's world. Ashley Caracas, Live on the Spot News."
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Sitting on a patio in the Oklahoma sun, Julia Barnes smiled at the smell of grilling steaks. Josh stood over a smoking grill, turning steaks. He closed the lid and sat at the foot of the lounge chair. He placed his hand on her bulging belly. It had been eight months since they had arrived on the farm, and more than the land had proven fertile. Josh smiled at his wife. She smiled back and offered a sip of her tea. He took it and gulped it down. Josh then kissed her and whispered, "I love you so very much."