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08/01 Direct Link
I canít believe we are in August already. School is going to start soon. The traffic will start up again. Their will be kids all over the place running for buses. I donít miss school one little bit. I usually liked it, but I still donít miss the studying and the tests and the projects. I miss getting new supplies on the first day. My favorite part was writing in a new notebook, on the first page. I loved that. Getting to organize my things and putting my name on stuff. That was the best. I still love new supplies.
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Today, I am going shopping with my aunt and cousins. That is one of my favorite things to do. I even just like to window shop sometimes. I love looking at all the new things out there and smelling all the new smells on clothes and stuff. Tonight we are going to a great restaurant and then a dance club. It is my sister in lawís bachelorette party tonight. She is so excited about it. We are going to have a really good time. Her fiancť is going to a strip club. She is not happy about that at all.
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We had a blast last night. We danced and partied until 1am. My SIL wore her veil with condoms on it and she wore her ďweddingĒ g-string over her pants. She looked silly, but she had an awesome time. It was fun watching everyone get so drunk and stupid. They were hilarious. Today itís back to reality. We have to get some clothes done and clean house a little bit, but that wonít take a long time. I might get some artwork done later, too. Weíll see if my brain can come up with any new ideas today. Just play!
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I was tired today. My anti-depressant does that to me. Itís okay though, because I would rather be tired and happy than tired and unhappy. I am checking my blogs right now. I am so glad that my mom suggested I start one. It is really getting to be a way for me to get some emotions out of my head. I am learning that there are other people like me out there. That makes me feel better in life. I know that most people feel they are alone with there problems and I used to be one of them.
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I need to realize my potential. I need to make opportunities for myself. I need to move more. I need to eat less. I need to smile more. I need to not be scared to make new friends and talk to new people. I need to watch less TV. I need to love myself more. I need to have more patience. I need to squash my fears. I need to do more artwork. I need to play more. I need to not be nervous. I need more sleep at night. I need more time. I need not be so bored.
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I am watching Project Runway and Shear Genius. I love those shows. Sometimes the people get so crazy with their styles. It is hilarious. I almost forgot that I had to write today, but I remembered at the last minute. I was getting bored with just the TV. I have to have a lot of stimulation for my brain or I will get bored. I think I need to simplify my life a little bit. I donít know if I could simplify that much, but I can try. I should just learn to do one thing at the same time.
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I just got back from my watercolor painting class. It wasnít exactly what I expected, but it was okay. All we did the whole time (today) was sketch trees. Boring!! I hate drawing trees. That was always my worst thing to draw. Oh well, maybe next week we will be able to paint. My mom came with me and she wasnít happy with it either. She thought that we would just be painting the trees. My brotherís crazy. He works at a department store down here and he doesnít like it. He says itís crap. He secretly loves it, though!
08/08 Direct Link was an easy, yet aggravating day. I only had a few kids in my class today so that was the easy part. The aggravating part was after work. We went to a restaurant (with reservations at 9:00) and we didn't get seated until almost 10:45. We totally would have left, but it was for our friends birthday and that is where she wanted to eat, so we had to stay. We were supposed to go to a club afterwards, but it was too late for that, and on top of everything else, we were starving. Next time, no waiting!
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Today is not the best day. I took my medicine, but I am still feeling cranky. I donít know why though. I guess maybe itís because I went to bed late last night so I am tired. Also, I am pretty nervous about purchasing a new place for us. We went look at trailers and our monthly note is pretty decent, but I am worried about making the payments. I know that we will be able too, but I am a worry wart. I am trying to cheer up because tonight we are supposed to go ice skating with cousins.
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This weekend we were so busy. We went out a lot and had birthday parties and lots of things. I was feeling a little out of sorts and nervous about the whole ďbuying a new homeĒ thing, but I am okay for now. We will see how I feel next week when we actually have to go and sign the contracts. I will be in an irritated mood for a few weeks until everything is done. I am so glad that I have a husband that understands and cares for me no matter what. I am a very lucky woman.
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We are moving. First we have to sell our trailer now, that will be the hard part. Then, I have to worry about moving into our new place. That will be an even harder part because we have to pray that it fits on the lot and we donít have to get a new ďtreatment plantĒ on our property. I am so nervous about this. I started packing already though, instead of procrastinating about it. I have already packed like 12 boxes. That is good for me, normally I would have made my husband do it. I am kinda lazy.
08/12 Direct Link
I am tired. I worked all day with lots of screaming babies. It was the first day of our fall session and we had new kids start in new classes. It wasnít bad like some first days. I didnít have to stay in the same class. I was able to more around and help all of the classes out. Hopefully I can get to bed early. I have a tendency to watch TV until late. I donít know how to push the off button. I just really like to watch TV. I need to get out of that habit though.
08/13 Direct Link
I am so very, very nervous about buying our new place. I am always worried about things, but I really worry about finances (when I have to). My hubby doesnít help too much because all he says is ďIt will all be fine.Ē I know that it will, but I just want it all to be over with. I just want to leave until it is all over. I just want to put my tail between my legs and run. I want to stick my head in the sand, like an ostrich. (Maybe all three). Being an adult scares me.
08/14 Direct Link
I am excited and stressed at the same time. We sold our trailer today and now I am nervous about packing everything on time. I spent a while tonight packing up some boxes and I am not even half way done. My mom and dad are also going on a road trip while we are trying to move so I am extra nervous. We will be going sometime this week to sign the papers. I am so stressed. I want to make the right decision about the insurance and all the other crap we have to do. I am scared.
08/15 Direct Link
I am watching a movie on TV. I got off of work early today. I am not packing tonight though. I am taking the day off from it. I have several boxes in my living room and we have 3 weeks to pack so we donít have to rush. I am also a procrastinator so of course I will do this as much as possible. I am tired. Work wasnít so bad today though. The kids didnít cry as much as we thought they would. They have been crying all week long. SighÖI canít wait until my hubby gets home.
08/16 Direct Link
It feels weird to see your life in boxes. Itís amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years. I didnít think that we had that much stuff to pack until I started putting it into boxes. You can only fit so much into a small box. Right now, I would say that we have a little over 20 boxes packed with tons more to go. We havenít even started on the bathroom or the kitchen. Thank goodness we are getting a storage room to put everything in. We have to have a place for our furniture anyway. Canít wait!!
08/17 Direct Link
I am feeling dizzy today. I think that my sinuses are acting up, but I donít know. David is fixing some of the boxes up so we can pack some more. I really donít feel like it, but I know that we have too. I want to try to move out as soon as possible because that is faster they can move our new trailer in place. I am feeling crazy right now because I am not used to having this much stuff to think about. I would just like to leave and come back when it is all finished.
08/18 Direct Link
I find it hard to write these words everyday. I feel like my writing is boring. I guess it doesnít matter though, because if no one wants to read it then they donít have to. Thatís my problem. Iím scared to do things if it involves me failing. I guess that is what I need to work on. I would probably happier if I wouldnít be fearful of so many things. I need to be a more social person. I sometimes hide from people when I see them in stores, so I wonít have to talk to them. Lame huh?
08/19 Direct Link
My legs hurt because I have been sitting too long. I am trying to finish reading my blogs tonight. It usually takes me awhile because I have so many of them. I am also engrossed in the TV because my new favorite sitcom is on right now. I got a haircut today. I am excited because it isnít bothering me anymore. I was trying to grow it out, but that never works. I always get tired of it after a few months. It is short again and easier to fix. I donít have a lot of time in the morning.
08/20 Direct Link
I am watching a show with drag queens. It is hilarious. I absolutely love their outfits. They are so big and colorful. The only thing is, they still look like men. I like the drag queens that really look like women. I like when they fool people. It is funny. I am tired today. The kids cried all morning long. We even had one who kept throwing up because he was upset. I really donít like kids who do that. It was gross. Then we had to keep the rest of the kids away from the vomit. Nasty, I know!!!
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Journal Prompts: Joy, Journey, Task, Blue, Challenge, Home, Why, Yet, Praise, Accomplishment, Runway, Fashion, Drag, Glitter, Queen, Smile, Happy, Sad, Love, Letter, Benefit, Theatrical, Scores, Show, Big, Bold, Classic, Drab, Sailor, Goodbye, Sunshine, Pop, Impression, Ugly, Famous, Treat, Fabulous, Hair, Deep, Ocean, Fringe, Space, Outside, Step, Suede, Projects, Qualify, Night, Stars, Day, Moon, Light, Out, Models, Thirst, Dry, Acid, Heaven, Dramatic, Exciting, Look, Blind, Messy, Rock, Random, Roll, Precise, Sad, Chicken, Issue, Sharp, Together, Puzzle, Ouch, Summer, Flip, Spring, Flop, Pink, Amazing, Lovely, Glamour, Normal, Sweetie, Waist, Show, Legs, Fire, Moving, Sleep, Awake, Lick, Dry, Makeup, News, Candy, Sickness, Forgiving
08/22 Direct Link
Oh my gosh, we have been packing like crazy for days. I am so tired and hot. I feel like I am going crazy here. I am kinda starting to get a little bit sad because our house is getting emptier by the day. We are sitting here on the floor because all of our furniture is in storage. I am not comfortable on the floor, but I guess I will have to get used to it. We wonít have furniture in our ďin between placeĒ either. I have been on the floor watching TV for a while, just resting.
08/23 Direct Link
My hubby is the best. He has been doing most of the moving because, of course, the boxes are too heavy for me to carry. We need to get some more boxes so that we can pack everything else. I donít know where else we can go to get some more. I guess we will have to go around to different stores and find some more. Hopefully someone is restocking something soon. I am kinda glad because it gives us a chance to rest and relax. Although, that makes me tired, too. We donít have anymore food in the house.
08/24 Direct Link
I am excited. I bought a new camera today. I finally found one that I absolutely love. I have gone through 2 so far. One of them broke and the other one took bad pictures, but this one is perfect. I canít wait to start taking pictures. I am waiting for my battery to finish charging. It has a wide zoom range, which I totally love, and it has good mega-pixels. The pictures are so bright and the screen is big. I just need to find a camera bag for it. I need to find a really cute one. Yay!!!
08/25 Direct Link
We are moving, packing, having a few cows, more packing, eating, sleeping, more packing, a little bit of fun, more packing, eating, resting, more packing. I knowÖwe are really busy. I donít know if I have ever been busier. I am okay though. My brain hasnít exploded yet!! Now, we just have to sit and wait for our new place to come in. I donít know when that is going to be, but I think that it will be soon. We have to get our new septic tank installed as well. All within just a few weeks. Needs to finish.
08/26 Direct Link
I need to rest. We need to move into our temporary place today. We heaved and hoed until all the boxes were inside the car and the truck and moved into our place. I am very tired as of now. It is time for bed, but I feel like reading my book a little while. It is very interesting and I canít put it down. It is an art book (of course) and I like to read those. I havenít been able to read for a while because of the packing. I think I will be back to normal soon.
08/27 Direct Link
Today I was tired because I stayed up and read my book until 11:00. I know I shouldnít do that, but I wanted to. We are completely moved out as of last night and just waiting for the guy to move our trailer off of the property. Then we need to go and get permits and things. Itís not easy stuff to do though. Lots of thinking and spending and stuff. I have no idea when it will all settle down, but I canít wait until it does. My head canít take this thinking and change. I need a break.
08/28 Direct Link
Hurricanes suck!! I canít stand this time of year because of that. I am glad that it is over on November 1st, because if we had to deal with that through the holidays that would be a bummer. We are so nervous at this point. All the stores are packed with people buying supplies like water, batteries and so on. It was hard for us just to get a little bit of water today. A few of the neighbors also bought generators for our freezers and such. We will need to have electricity when itís all said and done. Pray!!
08/29 Direct Link
We are just sitting and waiting to see where the hurricane is going to go. We don't know yet if we will leave or if we will stay. We probably won't know until Sunday anyway and then the traffic will be bumper to bumper to go anywhere. I don't know. We are scared to stay here, but we are also scared just to drive and get stuck on the road. I am not really nervous or anything, but my family makes me nervous sometimes because we don't have a plan. Although, it is hard to plan for something like that.
08/30 Direct Link
We are pretty much finished preparing for the hurricane (well, as much as we can prepare). We will be sticking it out over here. We will be listening to lots of wind and rain and it will probably be a little bit scary, but we will be okay. We will have to keep busy reading and doing crafts and talking and stuff (maybe even sleeping through a lot of it). I don't know. I just hope that the electricity doesn't stay off for a really long time. We have a generator though, so it won't be so bad. Just pray!!
08/31 Direct Link
I honestly donít know what to write today, but that happens sometimes. I canít believe I actually finished a whole batch of writing. Thatís cool! I am not exactly a ďwriterĒ and if you read my stuff I didnít talk about much, but itís better to write something than to not write at all. I am trying to convince myself that if I like it (even with my artwork) than that is all that matters. I am trying to build my self-esteem in all areas of my life and this helped me a little. I actually finished something I started.