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100 words. Here we go. What to write? Meh, I don't know. I could write about anything. Or nothing. Now that's an idea - I like that. But how can you write about nothing? By writing about nothing you are effectively writing about something; that something being nothing. Damned logic, there's always a flaw in things such as this. Note to self - do not ask such idiotic and unanswerable questions. So can we write about nothing? Sure; we can write about nothingness, or zero, but it's impossible to write about nothing itself! Strange how writing about nothing returns something!
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I hate hot nights. Those nights where you can't just sleep, and you get all frustrated because you're hot. And then you look at the clock - and 5 hours have went by! So you just roll around, getting more and more frustrated, and then all of a sudden - it's day. Hours counted down, precious sleep wasted, and it's morning. Time for work, time for uni, or school. Boring and sleepy. You don't get anything done at all, and it makes you all huffy and puffy, so if anyone talks to you then you just be all mean to them! Grr.
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I wonder what possessed Christian Bale to put on that idiotic death growl voice to play Batman in The Dark Knight? The Batman voice in Batman Begins was kind of acceptable, but he totally overstepped the mark with the sequel. Fair enough, his vocabulary has been extended from 'WHERE IS HE???' in this film, but he still sounds like the rejected vocalist from a crazy Swedish death/doom/satanist/grindcore/thrash metal band who like sacrificing helpless animals! Not that I'm complaining, The Dark Knight is awesome. I hear the after party at Christian Bale's house was a bash. Allegedly.
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Today I've spent all day sorting my life out. No, I'm no a manic depressive with a dark secret that's just been exposed in national newspapers. In fact, by 'my life' I mean my box. My box, which I call my life literally contains my life. But, as of lately it has became clogged with a load of unecessary stuff that I can do without having to sort through every time I need to look for what was a seemingly unimportant (t the time) letter sent to me two years ago that I luckily have kept. But, now it's sorted!
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Have you ever had one of those days where you decide that you can't be arsed with anybody, you can't be bothered to go out, or speak to anyone? One of those days where you want to have some 'me' time; like watch a DVD, or play on the internet, or even sleep?

I have those all the time and they seem to be totally random, as in not influenced by outside events. Does that seem strange? Does that seem natural? It's quite difficult to work this one out, but I hope someone does.

It's irritating!
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One thing I hate about music industry is the dominance of playlisting. ‘Pop’ tracks are recorded and engineered to sound the same, and then they are repeatedly played throughout the day on radio and TV music channels, and heavily discussed in magazines. Incidentally, all these are owned by the same companies. They can effectively control what we listen to – what the public will like, and what the public will buy.

The lives of these musicians are controlled by the small bunch of fat cats who control our taste in music. The problem is, we buy into their game so easily.
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Ikea is one of those crazy places. There's the one-way system of doom forcing you to look at every single piece of stock. You can see how a 35m-squared house is both possible to live in and decorate. Then you see all the crazy Sweedish designs; the flatpack instructions forming the basis of your future divorce. After stumbling around through parades of Billy Bookcases and Moses leather chairs you come to the warehouse, as endless as a TARDIS. I wonder how many people get lost in that place every year! At least the hot dogs are bloody nice.
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Being a grown-up isn't what it's cracked up to be. You're supposed to have independence, yet we have to subject ourselves to a life dependent upon a select number of money-grabbing utility companies. They claim to be your best friend, helping you to save money. Realistically they announce billion-pound profits and make you do all the chasing around *their* departments for the information you want! But what can you do about it? Bot all. And they know it, so they knock up the tariff charges. They know you'l die without water, gas, electricity and the internet - obviously.
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"Kebab wrap with chips and garlic sauce please."

This serves two functions. It adds to my calorie count, and it also increases my chances of catching food poisoning. Kebabs are disgusting, especially the way that chip shops deal with them. It makes me wonder how much preservatives are actually required to keep the meat 'healthy' (should I say usable?). And then you ingest that, and it mixes with your body to produce all sorts of nasties, including heart failure, kebab breath, and bad-tasting sperm (apparently).

But is that enough to stop this barmy country from buying such tripe? Of course not. Rule Britannia’s obesityness!
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Technology and me have never agreed. Whenever I buy something, you can guarantee that it's either shit, or will just not work. For example, take this monitor I purchased today. Technically sound, realistically worthless. It is hard to differentiate when one letter stops and another begins, because the display is so messed up. It also has no alignment options in the menu, and the PC screen options are no good too.

I've had PC's, MP3 players, DVD's, phones, and laptops mess up on me over the past year. It's been a total nightmare. I hope that, in time, this improves.
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I now have another reason to justify not living in America…

American TV Shows are notorious for commercial breaks. I can accept a commercial break 5 minutes into a program, I cannot accept a commercial break every other 10 minutes, between Superbowl plays or between WWE wrestling matches. Sure, the revenue raised must be astronomical, but they actually are ruining the quality of TV. But we can further elaborate this: do commercial breaks ever end on American shows? Product placement is spread all over the stages, logos and titles like Chlamydia.

Aren’t there laws about break lengths? If not, there should be.
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Monopoly rocks. Get a corner, and put hotels on it. If you don’t, the game lasts for years. The challenge is not winning; the challenge is in the art of forming a usable tactic. I like the orange/red corner, and the pink/blue corners. That way, when people go to jail they have a hell of a hard time to avoid them. Someone might have a hotel on Mayfair, but if you dip your finger into other property colours, you can stop that. Make sure you get a yellow and a green too, they can be lethal. And prepare for arguments!
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I don’t like being an unemployed student. I quit my job to concentrate on my exams, anticipating getting a job over summer. It turns out that not many places are willing to help me out with this matter. Apart from the odd student job website, which advertises nothing apart from working at a dodgy American summer camp, there’s bot all. My uni’s student job-shop is a step in the right direction, yet the chance of finding one I can continue doing through term time is slim. The JobCentre doesn’t want to help because I’m not entitled to dole either. Sigh.
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Any company who says 'Beat the credit crunch' in their adverts will undoubtedly sell lots of their product. It's a shame that the public are silly enough to buy into anything as silly as this. But they are, and the companies keep the beanage rolling in during the difficult spending period.

Buzz words seem to always do the trick, and it is such an easy tactic too. Seems like the easiest tactics are the most effective in marketing. Of course, the average member of the public isn't going to get a obscure literary or film reference, four words are enough!
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Today I went for a walk. I don't care what anybody says; taking a walk is still one of the most successful ways of forming ideas in your head. Sometimes you can get good ideas when listening to an iPod; sometimes you can't. I suppose the emotion of music can help a bit.

Quite a lot of my film ideas have been formed in my head whilst on walks. I think its strange how sometimes a random thought will subconsciously develop into an idea which I don’t use until months down the line. But it happens, and it’s quite effective.
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The nights are starting to get longer as the dawn of my favorite season, Autumn, hastily approaches. I love the Autumn. Not too hot, not too cold. The colour of nature vastly changes over the series, but the wasting leaves can form a beautiful palette of greens, browns, purples, and golds.

Added to that you have Halloween – a holiday I love. Not for the trick or treating – more for it’s history. Shortly after Halloween comes Bonfire Night, where Guy Fawkes annually perishes on a raging inferno of dead leaves and wooden fences collected from the estate.

See – Autumn is brilliant!
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Tonight is the night of SummerSlam. Now, I do enjoy wrestling on occasion, but the fact that a 3-hour Pay Per View is only 7 matches big is a bit of a rip-off. Back in the good old days of ’99 you got 9 matches in that time! I wonder where the extra time goes. They’ll drag out the low-card matches, and add some good old product placement. It’s brilliant how the commercial breaks are doing a no-show. But it does entail sitting up till one in the morning, and overdosing on coke (of the cola kind) to keep awake!
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Hell in a cell! Undertaker Vs Edge. ‘Taker won, but how? Well, a chokeslam through two tables, followed by a headshot with an HD camera, a concerto, and then a tombstone piledriver. That is why the Undertaker is the best talent that the WWE has. Hell in a cell was awesome, and it completes the Undertaker as he completes it too.

After beating Edge and hopefully ending their tiring rivalry, ‘Taker heads back into the cell to chokeslam Edge through the ring. He then sets the ring on fire. Symbolic or what? Let’s hope Edge doesn’t rise, like a phoenix.
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Sleep makes you tired. By avoiding the irony of that statement I shall hopefully be able to explain why I feel that sleep does make you tired. But, if you want me to address the irony of that statement, I will. Lol – it’s ironic.

Moving on, I had 14 hours of sleep last night. My body was so tired after staying up to watch Summerslam and the Olympics that it just gave up all but the important bodily functions for 14 hours. Yet when I wake up, I’m still shattered, or as many call it – as tired as a dog.
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Having to cancel the production of a film is depressing. Especially when it’s a film that I have been developing for the last 2 years, on and off. Honing the script, reshoots, and re-casts did not save the project. It’s a shame too, because I know it would be a successful idea (not sounding too big for my boots). The problem is, I’m just not experience enough to film it to a level that would do it justice. But what have I learned from the experience? Well, lots. Would I do it again, only to scrap the project? Oh yes.
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My latest project, The Tour, revolves around the UK tour of a band called 'Michael and the Barrymores'. Michael Hunt is the vocalist and guitarist, with Flash and Simon Barrymore play bass and drums respectively. In true Spinal Tap style, everything goes wrong for them on the tour. I'm not sure how long I want to make this, as the advantage of this kind of film is that you can just add random scenes of insanity. But I'll try and confine it to what's necessary. Hopefully we can film this relatively quick and get it on the site before Christmas.
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I'm lucky. I have just purchased a new monitor, but was not supplied with the correct connection to use it with. I also needed to find a spare power cable for my computer, and a USB wireless adapter so that I can use the Internet. I knew I didn't own any of this stuff, so it was a case of trying to find the money to purchase all of these, and find a place to buy them on the cheap. In a moment of desperation I stumbled into the shed, and found a box with all of these in! Awesome!
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There's exactly 27 days until the first episode of the fourth season of Supernatural begins. In boredom, I have decided to embark upon the Supernaturalathon. I am going to watch all 60 episodes of the first three seasons (damned Writer's Strike) to make the wait less agonising. That averages roughly three episodes a day for the first two seasons, and then either one or two episodes a day for the third.

It can be done. Well it obviously can, there's more than 60 hours in 27 days, but finding the time to sit down and watch may be difficult.
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CSS has issues with me. I'm going to just accept it, and learn to deal with it. I was never taught it properly at uni (the box model – a basic principle – was never mentioned or conceptualised once), and so I always encounter niggling little errors that it takes me ages to fix. Sure, most of the time they simple problems which you can indeed learn from, but the point is that it should be taught correctly in the first place! And while I'm at it – damn Internet Explorer! Damn you! Find a way to disable it, or use something else!
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Bank Holiday Monday. Everything is shut, and everyone's drunk. Which consequently means that for a person who doesn't necessarily drink much – there is not much to do. After beating my friends at scrabble multiple times – my arsenal of words including “Doggo”, “Quarry”, “Blackout”, “Larynx” and “zygote” through the game, I head home. To watch a program about the Government trying to create a British day. But nobody could accurately define what being British is. Wait a minute, the Government want us to define ourselves according to a strict set of rules No! We're unique, and don't let them forget it.
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Just got the heads-up that I can move into my new flat next Wednesday. I'm really excited, mostly because it means I have a legitimate reason to go out and spend money, but also I get a new house, a bigger room (I am sick of sleeping in a converted shed), a double bed, and also another trip to Ikea! This month's batch on 100 words will be completed by then, so this challenge shall not be hindered by the move. The new house will also give us a new place to film, so we can get more done!
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Inspecting, evaluating, reading, checking, double checking, signing, paying, triple checking, shopping, purchasing, packing, shuffling, unpacking, reshuffling, packing, arguing, unpacking, repacking. That was pretty much my day, for I cocked up the house moving in time, and it was today! So everything has been signed, nearly everything is packed, and I'm pretty much ready to go! No internet for a while, so I'll be writing from the library, Still got more stuff to buy, such as food and bedding etcetera, but I should have all of that sorted soonish. And before anyone wonders, my house party has been sorted too. Awesome.
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The time is nigh The time to move out is now! I've got everything nearly sorted. There's always the last minute stuff that seems to be forgotten about until the last minute – for example my bedding, vitamin tablets, smelly sprays and such. Widespread panic (“what's at the flat, what do you need to buy, get insurance”) sets in, and sends everyone bonkers. Well, causes them to switch into the bonkers mindset, because everyone in Britain is crazy, they just need a stimulant to unleash their craziness upon the world – for example moving house, holidays in Spain, or the X Factor.
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As there is little to do at my flat at the moment, I have delved back in to the wonderful and elusive world of web design. Which means cue my second "DAMN YOU INTERNET EXPLORER" rant of the month. Seriously - why is a seven year old browser still being used in the mainstream, and why has it not had any updates to fix its silly issues?

Right, in other news, my website is coming along snazzy. Most of the main content can be simply ported over, it’s the colour schemes I struggle with; I just can’t do it good.
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People who are drunk are crazy. They are mutually exclusive, they go hand in hand. Like Tango and Cash, Dean and Sam Winchester, Rocky and Adriaaannneee. Technically alcohol is a drug; a drug which would incidentally be a class A drug if it was discovered today, but it’s become so integrated into our society that it’s considered normal to drink, and abnormal to abstain. So society accepts drunken louts who fight, piss, shag and puke all over our town centres. I wonder what society would be like without such a thing as alchohol. Pretty different, and probably better for it.
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Journeys end. 31 days of writing 100 words a day means I’ve written 3100 words this month, just on this site. Three-thousand words is generally essay length, so that’s quite astounding considering. This month has been quite a catalogue too, from rants to tales of geekiness, boredom, musings and even moving house. Quite an impressive lineup methinks, considering most of these are from the top of my head. Normally texts this length will have a deep, interesting and satisfying conclusion, which ties up everything. So here it goes – out of nothing; I have produced something, specifically 3100 words of something!