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Not doing much journaling this year. But lately Iíve been feeling like getting back to everything. Probably because Iíve spent so much time working on scout stuff. I focused on Baloo Family Weekend from February to April, then Day Camp, Staff Week, and a few more through most of June. After that I started sorting scout junk, and then it began to spread. The room is better than it was. I may be leaving this year. Finally. I no longer care if it goes without me or not. I think this is what is known as ďmy cheese has moved.Ē
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I decided to start the flylady thing all over again and went to the Beginner Baby Steps page. Day 1-Go shine your sink. That is all. Day 2,- Get dressed to lace up shoes and shine your sink. That is all. Day 3-Do what you have already done and read reminders for two minutes. Day 4-Write these (three) things down on sticky notes and post over bathroom and kitchen sinks. It took me over a week to get this far and each day I am seeing results. Day 5, Write down what you hear, is where Iím at right now.
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I am beginning to notice the negative voices but I havenít started writing them down yet. Too depressing. But this is getting me back into journaling. I read ahead to Day 6-Put out a Hot Spot for just two minutes and added it to my routine. I hadnít realized I had stopped doing that until I started back. The back counter was the biggest tragedy. So I made us each a side zone that we could junk up as desired and a center zone for the new stuff. He likes it and is diligently staying in his zone. Heís trainable.
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Day 7-Pick out your clothes the night before is the next tough-y. This is where I have gotten bogged down. Deciding what to wear has always been a problem for me. I remember when I was going to college; I realized I was wearing the same clothes over and over again. Either I was wearing it this week or I had worn it last week. I inventoried my closet and made a clothing schedule. I ended up with a five week plan so that I only wore an outfit twice during the quarter. This plan saved me lots of time.
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Day 8 starts us putting our Control Journal together. So I finally ordered the Control Journal from the website, plus the calendar and a few more goodies. Iíve been looking at some of these items for a long time and finally decided to just order them. Iíve had the calendar before and kind of liked it. But its replacements Iíve liked even less. So Iím getting another one. I made a calendar in excel to print up and put on my wall. And I love it--as long as it is on my computer. On the wall, not so much.
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Day 9óDeclutter a few minutes at a time is an oldie. This is probably the crux of the whole system. It actually grew out of another command which had to be changed because some members didnít like its evil connotation. It was called Dungeon Duty. It meant to go to the worst cluttered room in your house (the dungeon) and de-clutter just two things at a time. The story was that the dragon (clutter) lived in the dungeon. As you uncluttered his lair, he would scurry off to his new dungeon home, the next worst room in the house.
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Day 10óYou can do anything for 15 minutes. If the five minute declutter is the crux, then the 15 minute thing is the secret. It puts the ďI can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me,Ē into a new perspective. The doing of the thing is what strengthens us. And by doing the thing for just two minutes, we can do the thing for five minutes, then ten minutes, and then fifteen. It is the principle of increase. The old ďuse a muscle and it will growĒ concept. It is the doing of the thing that strengthens us.
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R & I went to Bay Springs on Sunday. Once a month church attendance. About right. They are getting more use to us coming. They are not as shocked to see us come in the door as they use to be. The preacher is a very kind older gentleman. Not brash and demanding. It actually feels peaceful there. And it is maybe two minutes from the house. And to think, this all started because I needed a place to do a baby shower. I was genuinely surprised at the extreme niceness Someone even gave us fresh squash from her garden.
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I receive my Flylady order: Office In A Bag, Control Journal, calendar, (2) Rubba Scrubbas, a free pen, some free clingies. I put the calendar to the side since it does not begin until August. I started on the OIB and the CJ, using the Beginning Baby Steps to guide me. I moved some stuff from my old Time-Keeper binder into this new one. I found a Robert Louis Stevenson prayer and a few of my other favorite printouts. But she specifically says not to put too much in this thing. Keep it light and concise so it isnít overwhelming.
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Yesterday I was crestingóall weekend for that matter. But today I am definitely troughing. A big yesterday generally means a little today. I remember when I said that to Dr. M. He looked rather concerned. But Iím not. Such is life with a depression. Iím going with Larryís ďeffective, not efficientĒ mantra for today. Coping skills are not supposed to be efficient. Attrition is the key. Just staying between the lines. Some days I feel like I have come far; other days Iím back at square one. Like I said to Uncle, ďWe have good days and bad days.Ē
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The 17 year old and I are at a standoff. I went into his room to tell him to get up. I turned on the light but he did not move. I resorted to sitting in his room threatening not to leave while he sat on his bed with his eyes closed trying to ignore and annoy me. This lasted two minutes. I finally left and promised to be back in fifteen minutes. After I left, he got up, got dressed, and vacated his room before the timer went off. Now he is in front of the tv. Round two.
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I went to council the other day. All but C & A were on vacation so I spent the day getting semi-trained. Iím thinking about offering my services for pay. C already knows it and I have her blessing. When she told A he was a little shocked. Like I told her, Iíve been volunteering for so long, I know they like me enough to work me. But the question is, do they respect me enough to pay me. Because with gas prices the way they are, I cannot give it away any longer. And M turns eighteen in February.
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The baby-baby came over with his folks on Friday. He turned four months old yesterday. He is watching everything. When he locks in on me and grins like he knows me it makes my day. They brought pizza. I loved it but it didnít love me. And I woke up to some news. The dog had two puppies. Three actually, but one was stillborn. M said she was preggers but I didnít believe it since she didnít show like she did last time. Then her nipples changed. When he pointed that out I began to think maybe he was right.
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Well, I did it. I submitted my resume today. I had gone in Monday and Friday of last week and helped out. Friday he was in, so I told him I would like to be interviewed for her soon-to-be-vacated position. He was surprised, naturally. We agreed to do it on Monday. So I came in and worked the morning, and after lunch he and K and I met in his office. I had a resume prepared and handed a copy to each of them. ďI want to do this proper.Ē He seemed to like my resume. Weíll see what happens.
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Day 11óAdd an inspirational page to your control journal. This stumped me for a while so I went back into my old Time-Minder notebook for ideas. I found stuff I had printed out as far back as the e-board days. I hadnít realized how long I had been struggling with this Flylady system. Looking back I now see some of the problems Iíve had with it. Even her old Before Bed Routine and Morning Routine are overwhelming. No wonder I could not keep up. Radiating has been the only thing that has made this do-able. More about that later.
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So today I am still working on my Inspiration page. I started with the main flylady quote: ďHousework done incorrectly still blesses the family.Ē I added a proverb I had found somewhere: ďA small mind and a big mouth are usually found in the same place." Of course I had to have the Robert Frost quote: ďEducation is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.Ē A Dr. Phil-ism came next: ďIf they will do it with you, they will do it to you.Ē And my favorite: ďFriends usually choose kindness; others find fault.Ē
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Iíve been reading old testimonials and stuff from my yahoo email all month. I tried using e-prompter to download them so I could continue to read them even if someone else was online. But e-prompter wonít work with yahoo. I tried it with No problem. So I switched my flylady emails back to there and Iím using it just for that. And it turns out TC and a few others are still sending stuff there. I havenít sent anything from there in years. Iím reading the old emails corresponding to that days date. Iíve knocked out a lot already.
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The full moon was last night. I saw it. I like that my bedroom windows still have no curtains after fifteen years. Its southern exposure lets me watch the moon and stars, as well as the occasional airplane in the midnight to predawn hours. I put a prism on my window sill a few years ago. Every year after the autumnal equinox the sun is low enough to hit it. I get to watch the resulting rainbow make its way across my room each day. I have learned to recognize the solar progression from this simple daily event. Infinity rocks.
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R ordered SMM for me back in May. In July it still had not shown up. Somehow the first issue had been sent out but had not made it to us. I do not know if it was them or our Hooterville Post Office. Anyway, it came yesterday. This issue is not as good as the old ones Grandmother gave me for T. But Iím glad R ordered it since I wanted to know how it was these days. If I do not like it I can try another kind of piano magazine and see if I like it better.
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Day 12óDelete all the emails from Flylady is the one I never do. She has the archives blocked so people cannot go there and spend endless hours reading old messages. So folks like me simply let them stack up in their inbox and spend endless hours reading old messages. When they seriously stack up, I will go in and delete a batch of them. I use to have to do this a lot before google came along. But now my accounts have increased their storage capacity so I can hoard at will. And spend endless hours reading old messages.
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I am practicing piano more. Redid Pre-A books and then A book. Iíve been taking for what seems like a long time. I also ordered a few Theory books from Amazon. Now that we are into chords, I feel like this is coming together. And I learned from college days that no teacher can possible tell a student everything she needs to know since each studentís needs are unique. I told this to R and to B when they complained about a teacher not teaching them something. I said, That is what the book is for. They both looked stunned.
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Court of Honor was last night. M didnít get anything this time but I still had fun. It was in the Rose Room. The crowd was light but that was expected since school is still out. I went to the TC meeting at the beginning of the month and agreed to do a calendar. Each unit is supposed to develop one for the fiscal year if it wants a discount on its popcorn order. They are also supposed to present a budget for the upcoming year as well. If they have been keeping good records then it is a no-brainer.
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Radiating is my twist on Flying. After doing a few dailies, I literally start at the door I use most to come inside, the garage door. This is where I start. First comes the door itself, then the coat rack beside the door. I proceed one foot forward in each direction like a candle radiates its light. I do about 15 minutes at a time and then go off and do something else. The door has now become my ďhome base,Ē the place I go to when I find myself wandering around and I donít know what to do next.
07/24 Direct Link
Day 13-Kellyís Missions. Iíve been working on the master bedroom this week. My version of missions/zone work is, again, radiating. I start at the place I enter my room the most, namely my pillow. Then I proceed from there. Usually that means that I make the bed first. Then I work on the nightstand, then the desk. She says to get the desk out of the bedroom. Iíll have to think about that one. For me, my desk is my territory, something I can control. I lose control when I leave my territory. Thatís why I tend to stay home.
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According to the old SHE system, the 25th is the day we start preparing for next month. I was also born on the 25th. And as everybody knows, Christmas is on the 25th. So I try to start thinking about that, also. Iím always amused by people who are not ready for Christmas. Itís like it sneaks up on them every year. They miss all the clues. The stores decorations in September, the Santaís on every corner, even Itís a Wonderful Life playing hourly doesnít make them suspect. As surely as Christmas itself, there they are on the 24th, surprised.
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The kids came over yesterday. We had stuffed peppers and rice. Naturally, I held W as much as possible without being too obsessive. I handed him off from time to time. When I took him outside to the back swing, R said, Well, goodnight W, since he always goes to sleep. He took a catnap, but when I took him inside the change in temperature woke him up immediately. He used to cry when he first woke up. I thought, I completely understand, Kiddo. But now it doesnít bother him as much. As for me, that is another story entirely.
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We went to Bay Springs for our once-a-month religion. Their revival started today so they had a different speaker. He had a bumpy startóarrived late and everythingóbut when he got going he really did a good job. Of course we wonít be going to any of the other services. Once burned and all that stuff. It was never enough. We were expected to be there any time the doors open. And not for fellowship. We were suppose to work. I proved that myself when I tried to quit one of my jobs. Another lesson learnedóthe hard way.
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I went to Council today to take the OT order to A. C had called earlier. She did not work today. Her job hunt is coming along nicely. I told her Iíd better go on even though she was not there to get my check request in before the end of the month. I could wait until Thursday and give it to A at RT, but that might miss the deadline and I would not get reimbursed until after the 15th. Now there is nothing for me to do for AC08 until about 30 days out. Iím so freakiní organized.
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Today I rest. After going to church and out to eat on Sunday and going to Council on Monday, Iím tired. Big yesterday means little today. Iíll be suckling the internet all day. Iím still reading the old fly-mail that corresponds to the date, so today it will be the ones that came in June 29, May 29, etc. And Iím still letting the new fly-mail pile up on For August I plan to start reading them as they come in now that Iíve developed the habit of reading three or four batches a day from the previous months.
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The puppies have eyes! The big one opened his eyes yesterday and the little one opened his today. Now I can start putting them outside so they can get use to it before the weather turns cold. I also donít want them getting out of the box and pooping all over my living room rug. Their dad still comes around here every once in a while but runs away when I go outside. I didnít know who the guilty party was until the little one got older and started showing traits. I thought, Wait a minute. Iíve seen you before.
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I went to Lís today and got my hair cut. It had grown longer than Iíd ever had it before. I thought about letting it grow really long, but then I started looking around at women my age who had long hair. The polygamist cult women all had long hair worn in long French braids. Did it make their lives better? Then I saw Crystal Gayle on Crook and Chase. Her hair was down to the floor. And she had it dyed jet black. Sheís in her 50ís; I checked. I told L to take two or three inches off.