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The baby-baby came by to see us yesterday. He is now four and a half months old. He is at that age that you still speak in weeks and months. So I guess from date of birth to now is twenty weeks and three days. I’m fascinated by everything he does. Whether he is smiling his toothless grin or scooting across the floor, whether he is nursing from his mom or drinking water through a straw. And yes, he can drink water through a straw at twenty weeks. And it looks like he is going to be a blue-eyed youngun.
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M went home with T & C so I’m alone today. I joined I thought I could only enter an essay for the current day. As it turned out, I could enter for the current month and the previous month. I got really into it and decided as a writing exercise to pretend I was writing each essay on its day. I got out my journals, calendars, and other notebooks, and used them to make my mock daily journal. In addition to August 1, I wrote an essay for each day from July 1 – 18. I just couldn’t stop.
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I finished my mock daily journal today. I worked on it a little along all day. M called and wanted to be picked up from T & C’s house. I moved a couple of essays into my pocket pc and planned to work on more in the car. R saw me still typing when he was ready to go and asked offhand, Are you going to take that (meaning my laptop) with you? I hadn’t thought about that. I typed the whole way there and back until my laptop was literally honking at me to stop and plug it in.
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C called today. She starts her new job at the hospital tomorrow. She also says my job is probably a no-go. K said they are probably not going to hire a Scouter. But it has gotten me out of putting those stupid school forms together. K told C that she feels bad about calling me to volunteer since she knows I want that job so much. She doesn’t want me to think they just want to use me but are not willing to pay me. I was surprised that she felt that way. Since that is exactly how I feel.
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I watched the moon instead of the television tonight. I went out on the back swing to read but couldn’t get into the topic. So I put down the book and watched the puppies frolic and the cat sneak around in the yard. CiCi couldn’t decide whether to stay inside or come outside with me and her offspring, so she pestered R to let her in and out all night. He did. Mitzi is a mama’s girl; she stayed in the chair next to the swing. We watched day darken into night and the crescent slide down the western sky.
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The Serenity Prayer
--Author: Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next.
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A visitation: Wednesday, April 9, 2008 from ~1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Mostly genealogy--that's why I listen. He started on the wearing the cross thing as comparable to someone killing your child with a gun and then hanging a little gun around their neck. I said, "But what if the child survived?" "I said they killed him." I said, “Whoa. Wait a minute. Then you don't believe in…the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ." "No, I don't believe any of that bullshit." I was blown away. He has renounced Christianity. And that means…he has no control over me.
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Council wants to see our calendars this year, so I volunteered. I told R that I was going to do a mock calendar He yelled, “No, we (meaning the real leaders) will do it. I sent samples with him; he “forgot” to pass them out. I sent new copies Monday. He handed them out but got no further. At the meeting I showed everyone what I had and explained the mock calendar idea. TS said, “Let’s let Michele go on and do a mock calendar just to have something for Council.” Everyone agreed; R avoided my accusing stare. Insecure bastard.
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The baby-baby came over last night. His crawling is coming along and he and R are best buds. He was wearing a cute one-sie with a puppy on the bum and its little brown nose landing over his. Too, too cute. And he loves the dogs, naturally. CiCi cleaned his face for him; he took it like a trooper. I only regret that I didn’t get a picture.

As of Monday C’s school in back in session, so she is seeing much less of him. I can tell she has been missing him. She holds him differently.

Don’t let go.
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We went to Longhorns last night. Aunt R’s boyfriend MD invited us—his treat. We all rode to Tifton in his car. The conversation was nice; the food was great. I ate too much. When we added a fiver to his ten dollar tip, he tossed it back. He & R tossed it back and forth for a while. I finally explained, “My best friend is a waitress and she lives on crumbs, so I tend to over-tip. He countered with a story of a waitress who tried to steal his change, over ten bucks. But he left the five.
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Albany: Eye Dr was main reason for going. R & I got our peepers checked. His vision is okay for distance—gets that from his Ma—and he just needs cheap drugstore glasses for reading. Which we have all over the house. His George Jetson machine has a green on black monitor which is very “fatiguing” according to el doctor. So his safety glasses will now have +2 reading lenses. My vision is same as last time—wear prescription glasses for distance and driving; wear cheap drugstore 1.75’s for reading. R said I would need bifocals. Nope. Still not old.
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Exhaustion from yesterday. But I got a lot done. Not by me, mind you. I don’t have to do the job myself in order to get it done. E taught me that. I delegated.

During the eye exam I kept not understanding what the doctor said, so towards the end I asked if there were any ear doctors in the building. He said, no, but he knew where there were some good ones. Turns out he goes to one of them and told me his name. So we skedaddled over to the guy’s office and made an appointment for Thursday.
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It has been raining for two days. The yard guy even cut the grass while it was coming down. Impressive. M would not even cut it for pay under the best conditions. And R would only do it after complaining before, during, and after.

I joined wikipedia on Monday. Wiki recommends that you not make a username that people can connect to you. Apparently, they have had probs in the past. So I chose Calliope 1125. She was the main muse and Homer’s helper. I added the lifespan of Nora Smith, the daughter of the creator of the Wiregrass Farmer.
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I went to Dr. Grant to have my hearing checked. Left ear has slight loss; right ear has more. I told him about Mama’s and Grandma’s hearing loss and that I knew I was destined. He complimented me for coming in now for a “baseline” checkup before things got worse. He says I can continue like I am or go on and do the hearing aid. I’m to call the audiologist and discuss it with her. Bad news is there is no operation or procedure to help it; good news, I will never be completely deaf. Thank God for that.
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C invited me to go to Council with her. She needed to file a tour permit for our troop’s upcoming campout. When we got there, R was gone but K & A & M were there. K spoke to C and kind of ignored me. M spoke to me and kind of ignored C. A just did a “Hi” and “Bye” and headed out the door. D was also there but pretty much avoided me. He owes me a check. I put in my request on the 30th but apparently it was too late to get paid on the first.
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The baby-baby came last night and again tonight. He is five months old.

Becoming a parent changed me and becoming a grandparent has changed me as well. I want to make positive memories for William and any other grandchildren in my future. I want the house to be clean, the piano to be playing, and the atmosphere to be serene. That is how I remember it at Grandma’s house. My parents did not argue there. The children ate first and the men played cards. Getting stickers in our bare feet was the biggest worry we had.

I’m watching for stickers.
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Day 14—Read a Kelly Essay (the One About Using the Calendar) is a good one. I would move it to later since the calendar is a biggie for SHE’s. At work I did great since I had a desk and a desk blotter calendar. At home, the ever-present refrigerator calendar has been an on-again-off-again success. I’ve used day-timers in the past but their bulkiness was always an issue. The PDA (or Pocket PC) does much better for me—as long as it is charged up. And, with my flylady calendar and its replica on my computer—it’s working. Interesting.
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Day 15—Make your bed should be moved to Day 8, IMO. In Sidetracked Home Executives, it was one of the first things we did. It was core to the program. It is so important to me to this day that if I do nothing else, I make my bed. Making my bed, getting dressed to shoes, and shining my sink are the trifecta for my organization. Doing these three things is the difference between me running the day and the day running me. So, you know, I change my mind. Make you bed should be moved to Day 3.
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On yesterday’s entry I got carried away with all the BOLD and italics that I forgot to turn off the italics after trifecta. I hit “Submit” instead of “Edit” so now it lives in perpetuity. It changed the meaning of the piece a little, sort of like WRITING IN ALL CAPS does.

Meanwhile, Day 16—Read an email from Flylady is something I’ve been doing for years. When I first enrolled, she was still on eBoards. There was no flyteam. Only her. Kelly hadn’t come yet. And no body knew her name except maybe a thousand women. Things have changed.
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I’m reading Street Sense for Women (c. 1993 by Louis R. Mizell, Jr.). It is really creeping me out. It talks about ways strangers use to harm women. It was written before cell phones were everywhere, so always having a charged cell phone with you can lessen the danger a few degrees. Or make you more of a target. The main things have not changed in 15 years, though. You’ve still got to be super cautious and alert. And use common sense. Always lock your doors and always take your keys. And pray. (No, seriously!) Love everyone…but trust no one.
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Roundtable is tonight. I’ve already emailed the calendar and budget to Council and gotten confirmation that no hardcopy is necessary. It took some doing, but R ended up “seeing the light.” When we finished working on it, he said he was going to get his zip drive and put it on his computer. But I told him I was planning to email it to him instead. “Hey,” he has an insight, “go ahead and mail it to the other leaders as well.” I smiled at him and whispered, “That’s why I made it perty.” “Ah, Bebe,” was all he said.
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The troop had a campout planned for tonight. So I had a quiet weekend planned for myself. And then a him-acane changed our plans.

I called T & told him not to come over tonight since there were weather advisories all over the state. So while I was on the phone, he went to the site and checked it out for himself. He thought it was cute that I was worried, but agreed anyway. Meanwhile, R cancelled his campout and sent me a text message that it looked like we would get to go to the movies after all.
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R & I decided to go see Mamma Mia tonight. Meryl Streep had been on Oprah and it piqued my interest. I knew the movie had Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth so I figured it would be worth a shot. And we needed a date night. Since the reviews were all over the board, I went in not expecting to see Titanic, but the movie held its own. It is definitely a chick-flick. How could it not be? It was silly and ridiculous and had a few surprises. Overall, it’s a fun diversion and about as big-screen-worthy as I expected.
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Since Tropical Storm Fay had set the tone, I took the Hazardous Weather Training on the BSA MyScouting site. Because of the hazardous weather, it took me two days of painfully slow dial-up to do it all. But now I have it and youth protection out of the way. I also signed up for weather advisories to be emailed and sent to my cell phone. Some came in during the movie. We had tornado watches and warnings all around us. We got three or four inches of rain in R’s rain gauge. He was so excited.

It is still raining.
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I signed R & me up for the Wood Badge Reunion today. It is on Saturday, September 6 at Camp Os—I mean, Gilwell. I’m looking forward to seeing the tribe. JB and I (Sneaky Fox and Lady Fox) will probably be the only Foxes from WB-SE-742 in attendance. R and his fellow Beavers, including TC, will be in the house. And A is also planning to be there. He now lives in Alabama. He got out of the professional side of Scouting but plans to remain a volunteer. He is so much happier since he left the council office.
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I started back in piano today. We were both glad to finally get started. I hadn’t lost as much as I expected. Reading those theory and other music books helped a lot. I now “get” a lot of what she had been trying to explain to me. I now know the difference between a major third and a minor third. My new nursery rhyme is “The Three Little Kittens.” It is so cute with the chords added to the tune. I cannot wait to play it and the other songs for William when he gets old enough to enjoy them.
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Memorable historic event for today: the volcanic island of Krakatoa blew up on this day in 1883 “and altered the configuration of the strait…so great was the outpouring of ashes and lava that new islands were formed.” So much for millions and millions of years.

The other landscape-changing explosion was the nomination of Barack Obama for president today. The first time I saw him I thought, that guy could be president. When Ted Kennedy threw his support behind him instead of Hillary, I thought, Wow! Mr. Kennedy had a heart attack later that year, I immediately thought of her. Scary!
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On Aug. 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. On August 28, 2008, Barack Obama officially accepted the nomination for president by the Democratics. Oprah cried her eyelashes off.

He was born August 4, 1961. He is a Leo. Officially he is half black, half white. He grew up in Indonesia until about ten years old. Then his mom sent him to Hawaii to be raised by his white grandparents. He didn’t grow up in the South so he did not feel his “blackness” until much later.
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School sign-up for the Pack was last night. I did not go. I did not call anyone about it. I checked my email to see if anyone else would holler but no one did. Mixed feeling, of course, but I’m glad I stayed out of it this year. My cheese has moved. But it is like a dead relationship. I am mourning the great memories and wishing I could get some of that back. I am addicted to the adrenaline of Scouting. Standing in front of a crowd, feeling important, hearing the thanks for my unselfishness. But it is over.
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The kids came over today. The baby-baby is doing a full fledge crawl. He is also starting to pull up. I’m letting Grandpa R hold him more since he is that same-sex grandparent. I am still about making memories. R never knew his grandparents. For that matter, R barely knew his aunts and uncles. Thankfully he spent time with some his cousins. He has good memories of that.

Me, I knew my family. It was Grandma’s house Sunday afternoon after church and Grandmother’s house Sunday evening. There was the Christmas shuffle and the family reunions. I definitely knew my family.
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R and I finally reconnected this morning. It had been a while, what with his working and everything. I noticed that he had been grouchy all weekend so I hope that is what he needed. When CB told me her dh J was griping about her incessant talking about Scouts and the office, I told her, “Go home and take care of your husband. Then he won’t care what you talk about.” MC was listening and almost fell out. “I can’t believe you said that.” I told her, “I’ve been married 28 years. Sex does not impress me any more.”