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Today I hurt. Not my knees, like I expected, but my butt. Which is actually good. I put on my knee support before I walked Friday and Saturday in Helen, so I’m glad to know it protected my left knee. I can walk up and down the mountain without doing damage.

T (and the baby) brought M home today. We got to talking about finances, so I told him what Mama asked me. They’d told her they didn’t drink milk because it was so expensive. She thought it meant that they were struggling. I guessed savings plan. I was right.
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Headache. Pain without end. Cancelled piano. Two Tylenol were no help. Blue Tylenol…that’s better. Sleep. Dark sleep. Dreamless sleep. Woke up groggy. Cannot think. Phone ringing. Ignore it. Not today. No more problems. Back to sleep. Dark sleep. Dreamless sleep.

I finally got up when R got home. A cup of his coffee helped me feel like doing something. I talked M into getting down the Christmas stuff. He set up the tree and helped R with the outside ornaments. They hung the star and set the timer. At 6:00 p.m. it all came on. My yard looks so cool!
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I walked a few minutes and felt like I had accomplished a lot. Even though I don’t walk marathons, I think I stay moving enough that I keep myself in reasonable health. The dizziness comes and goes, but I manage by being careful of my shoe choice.

Piano went well today even though my headache was not completely gone. She presented me with a duet of Silent Night. She has me play the teacher part and then the student part. And she took me off all other stuff so I could focus only on this. She wants this so badly.
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The puppies are here!

I woke up to let the dogs in and noticed that Mitzi was no where to be found. I kept hearing little squeaking noises while I was watching TV, but I thought it was Taco’s whining. Then while I was practicing piano did I finally look over to where the noise was coming from and saw her nursing three pups. I said, “Mitzi, what have you done?” I told her what beautiful puppies she had and what a good mother she was.

First W, then CiCi’s puppies, and now Mitzi;s. This is the year for babies.
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EAGLE PROJECT is finally coming along. I had to get out Bitchy Mom but once I got the two stubborn mules moving, things started getting done. We decided the building was enough of a building to count. M finally cleaned out the garage for his selfless act. He went to see BS and got some really good advice there. They did throw in a monkey wrench. Turns out he has not finished his Community Merit Badge. He has to work eight hours for a charitable organization. We could have knocked that out months ago had I known.

It’s always something.
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I had Friends of Library today. M also had a Scout thing at the Boat Club, so I took him there, stopped and got me a healthy breakfast—Dr. Pepper and a honey bun—and got there on time. It stayed busy until around 11:45. I stayed until 1:00 p.m. since that is how long the sign says it’s open. Of course I bought more books that I dropped off the other day. But I saw twice that much go out with some of the regulars. And since helping out, R doesn’t say anything to me about my humble collection.
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Today I rest. And read.

The dice selected for me to read Molloy’s Live for Success. It tells how to look and act "powerful". I had read it once before. I see so much of E in many parts of it. Especially the “don’t smile for the first ten minutes” thing. Although that may have just been him. Anyway, it worked.

The baby-baby didn’t come over this weekend. RAL did. Having her clean twice a month is helping me a lot. Even with Flylady, D(epression) don’t let me get some things done. Like paperwork. I can not do paperwork anymore.
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I’ve felt him coming for the last few days. And today…the doorbell rang.

The theme for today was: if I want to get rid of R, go for it. I said, “Oh, please, that boy’s not going anywhere. He’s too in love with me.” “I know, but I’m just saying….” He’s just saying that there is no shame in getting divorced and not to hang on to the guy just for that. He assured me that if I ever need a place to stay, he will always have a home for me.

I thought, fifteen years. Some things never change.
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I called C today to wish her happy birthday. Turns out, it was yesterday. I was so embarrassed. She just giggled and thought it was funny. I told her to decide where she wants to go for her birthday and we'll take them out on Friday.

A Law & Order about polygamy got me curious about the Mormon Church so I researched it some today. OMG. I told R that it made the Catholic Church look Southern Baptist. I said, I knew they didn’t drink alcohol, and I wasn’t surprised that they don't smoke, but THEY DON’T DRINK CAFFIENE! Unbelievable!
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I went to piano today. My Silent Night duet did rather well. Now I’m on the version in the hymn book. It put me in enough of a Christmas mood that I decorated the tree. I used an idea I saw at Unicoy and placed all the stuffed animals among the branches. I wrapped the 101 Dalmatians quilt around the bottom for a skirt. It looks adorable. I cannot wait for W to see it.

The pictures from the Helen trip turned out great. I had special borders put around some of them so I could make them into postcards.
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I requested another address from Postcrossing. It’s going to Great Britain. I used the Helen Christmas Tree photo with the “gifts” border. I also sent one to Ann of me and R in front of the Helen Christmas Gazebo with a snowflake border. On both I used a postcard backing. It is basically a postcard with a very sticky back. So much so that if I don’t line it up right the first time, too bad. It can’t be redone. So I trim it off and send it on its way. I’ll find out from PC how it goes over.
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R & I went to the District Christmas Party last night. We met the new DE. Nice lady. The Award of Merit went to MM and MC. MM didn’t really surprise me; MC surprised everybody, including MC. I asked MJ afterwards to check the records and see if TC had it. (She said that MM and MC were the only ones nominated this year.) TC came up and asked suspiciously, “What are you up to?” “None of your business.” . I also told TC that since AB is no longer over BFW, I would do anything she needed me to.
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The kids came over yesterday. W is walking all over the place. I announced out of the blue, “It’s the 12th. We need to measure W.” T asked, “What’s so special about the 12th?” “Your son was born on the 12th. He is exactly nine months old today.” R hopped up with the baby and headed down the hall to the measuring place. I said, “T, go with them.” After a while I hollered, “Does it really take that long?” C said, “T is probably being difficult.”

I got the call today from Unicoi. R won the “Underwear Tree.” Hilarious.
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A told R about a tin building that he could have if he was willing to tear it down. So he told M and T. T decided to come back over yesterday and help them. C & W came later. She was in a bread making mood so I let her at it. She was so proud of her bread; I asked if she wanted to take the machine home. Yes! She was so excited to get it. I was so excited to get rid of it. I located a few recipe books and sent it all out the door.
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We went to Unicoi and back yesterday. Four hours each way. When we got there the tree was ready and waiting. I dared R to bid $50 on it two weeks ago. He was the only bidder. We’re still laughing. And it is now sitting in the bay window.

Troop Court of Honor/Christmas Party was tonight. M had spent the weekend with T & C so they brought him back and stayed for it. M got his Communications Merit Badge. He is two away, Family Life and Citizenship in the Community, plus a bookshelf.

Then he will be an Eagle.
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B woke me up today. I knew it was her. She is the only one who comes before ten without calling. The pretense was a tax question, but she really wanted to tell me what happened to her last week. MW drove into their ditch trying to get out of the yard. His defrost didn’t work. She panicked and called 911. When she saw that he was not hurt, she called back to cancel the ($500) ambulance. They told her it would be 30 minutes. Now she is mad because no neighbor with a police scanner came to her aid.
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My first not-go day in a week. My brain is tired. And Christmas is a week away. I’ve got four more gifts to get. Since they are for guys, I’m making R & M get them.

Ann called. She wants to come clean for me. When it rains it pours. I told her about DSIL and that I would have to ask R.

I’m off from piano until January 6, 2009. So I’m playing other stuff, fun stuff. How to Play from a Fake Book helps me understand some of songs I’m trying to play. I am “faking” the rest.
12/18 Direct Link
I finished Molloy’s Live for Success. It was pretty good. I saw EH in a lot of it. Mimic the upper-middle class is the gist of it.

I started reading Postcards From the Edge ( Carrie Fisher) on the way to Unicoi. The “Alex” sections were hilarious. The rest, which was most of the book, was so-so.

Now I’m on String Figures (Jayne). I saw it years ago in the library and thought it would be a cool read. So when I saw it in the Used Bookstore, I snatched it up. It’s softbound, so it was only a quarter.
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I woke up at 8:00 a.m. today, piddled around doing stuff, then around 9:00 a.m. I thought of texting R. That was when it hit me. M had to be at Pilot by 10:00 a.m. and he was still in bed. I woke him up; he was grouchy, of course. "When do we have to be there?” “10:00 a.m., but I figured you would want to get there early enough to get breakfast and have time to finish it. Was my assumption correct?” No response, but he got up and got dressed.

He has decided he is done with CCA.
12/20 Direct Link
I woke up at 8:00 a.m. today, piddled around doing stuff, then around 9:00 a.m. I thought of texting R. That was when it hit me. M had to be at Pilot by 10:00 a.m. and he was still in bed. I woke him up; he was grouchy, of course. When do we have to be there?” “10:00 a.m., but I figured you would want to get there early enough to get breakfast and have time to finish it. Was my assumption correct?” No response, but he got up and got dressed.

He has decided he is done with CCA.
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M & R went to do Angel Foods yesterday. Turns out, it had been moved to last Saturday, just like I told them last Saturday. So R & JB decided to let his FUMC Pantry work count instead, since I know he put in more than eight hours on that. Which was what I had told them to do in the first place. Geez. After they got home, T called. He wanted to come back over and take M home for a few days since C is off this week. So I’ll see them all on Christmas Eve at Mama’s.
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Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the first official day of Winter. It was also cold as a witch’s britches. And cloudy, too. So R and I made out.

Christmas is Thursday. We are going today to pick up the last few gifts at Walmart. I gave R the task of buying for A, his mama, and the nephews.

These have been downer days. Or the-calm-between-the-storms days. I’m getting just enough done to not feel totally worthless. Reading, writing, post carding, even origami are my desperate attempts at keeping myself busy. TV is dreadful lately. Dee is taking lots of naps.
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The day before the day before Christmas, I cannot believe it. We are expected at Aunt R’s tomorrow for supper and at Mama’s after that. I’m still not sure about some of our choices in gifts, though. Some folks are so hard to buy for. But I’m probably considered hard to buy for also. Even I don’t know what I want sometimes.

I’ve figured out that the solstice is probably responsible for my down days. With such short days I’m getting too little sun exposure. Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD. Wonder if I should up my dosages. Or go outside more.
12/24 Direct Link
Christmas Eve at Aunt R’s was busy. Forty-something people were there. Aunt I’s new dh and some of his fam came. Aunt R’s new guy was there, also, sitting in her deceased husband’s wheelchair.

When it came time to eat, Aunt R tried sweetly, and unsuccessfully, to get everyone’s attention. I stood and clapped twice loudly. “Y’all ready to eat?” My youngest uncles gave me that “who do you think you are” look. I laughed. Later, when B was just as successfully trying to get the game started, I did it again. Clap-clap! “Y’all ready to get ready?” Everybody laughed.
12/25 Direct Link
We went to Mama’s house after Aunt R’s last night. Gifting went about as expected with the exception of 10yo niece. I had wrapped a digital bank in a box with styro peanuts and assorted change thrown in, plus a sign that said, “Dig for the treasure.” She loved it!

D came yesterday to see the infamous underwear tree. He came again today with bored young’uns in tow. I brought out the puppies. They fell in love! 21yo niece asked for one. I said, “Clear it with M and your dad.” M said, “Okay.” Dad didn’t exactly love the idea.
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The kids came over yesterday for clam chowder. W liked the three gifts I got for him. I had promised I would restrain myself and I did. C liked the Tightwad Gazette I got her. R laughed at the Raquel Welch movie I gave him.

Eventually we made it to Aunt C’s. The kids followed later. W was the star attraction. Walking at 9 months and eating green beans by the plateful. After they left, R asked if I was ready to go home. “Yeah, the baby’s not here anymore, so it’s just not worth being here.” Everyone fell out.
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The kids came back over today. R and the boys worked on the building some more. My job is to take pictures. I’ve taken pictures of each step, from when it was just poles sticking up out of the ground to now. Today they got the tin on the top. So it finally looks like a structure. It is a real thing now. My three guys worked together and made a building! They still want to put sides on it, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s done. And Matt’s Family Life Merit Badge is completed. It’s on to Eagle.
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So today I’m tired. And cold. It’s rainy outside and I feel it inside. I started to get Matt to do some chore but R said no. [emo=> (8-0) ] “He worked hard yesterday, so he gets today off.” Holy frick. I backed off.

I don’t know how I feel about his GED plans. On the one hand, graduating from a non-accredited private or satellite school is equal to home-schooling as far as the colleges are concerned. But on the other hand, it’s a high-school diploma. Is it still as important as it use to be? Not to him, apparently.
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The kids came over yesterday, which surprised me even though they called first. Since I was feeling dreary, I stayed in my gown and housecoat all day. (I had a bra on, so back off.) I acted like nothing was strange about it even though I got odd looks from everyone—except W.

MTP came over today. He is applying for financial aid to go back to trade school and needs a copy of his tax return. And he has lost his job. So he is not transferring to FL as originally planned.

God, I wish I had raised him.
12/30 Direct Link
The tree is down—or rather up, meaning back in the attic. R asked “What about the Underwear Tree.” “It stays right where it is.” He seemed surprised. And pleased. But how could I hide it away? It is a genuine conversation piece. And it is infamous. I sent pictures of it to Mama and L to send to Uncle C. He said that if I sent him a picture, he would submit it to his local paper. So I did. We’ll see if he does.

Which means Christmas is did for another year. This one was interesting. And fun.
12/31 Direct Link
The kids came back over today to spend New Years Eve with us. They went to her dad’s house and came back with her bro and sis. So we had everyone around our table. Pork chops, stuffing, peas, green beans. R did good.

Later, we did a movie, burn after reading. It should have been called burn before watching. Or what the f***, since that was what they said all through the movie. The kids got up before it was over and went to do illegal fireworks. I don’t blame them. I do blame R, though, since he rented it.