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Happy New Year!!

R and M went to town and got the supplies for the bookcase. They start tomorrow.

He also got greens to go with the beans he had already started. We added corn muffins and had a good traditional Happy New Year meal. The beans represent pennies; the greens represent green-backs, dollars. Eating it on the first day of the year is supposed to make you prosperous. I thought about the superstition and figured out how it came to be. After the excesses of the holidays, you are to start the new year being frugal. It’s that simple.
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The kids came over today. W is officially R’s baby. He said, “I spoil W, don’t I.” I said, “Or, he spoils you.”

R & M went to BS’s today to start the bookcase for his Eagle Project. He recruited three other Scouts to be his helpers, with Mr. B overseeing. But M is the boss, the leader. He tells them what to do. They say it will take about ten hours to complete the project. That is three good work sessions. Then it will be done.

I joined today. The purpose of PT is Random Acts of Mailing.
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Day 2 of the Eagle Project: They went to the library to talk to LH and get her official approval. They assured her they were going to do all seven bookcases, but only the first one is officially for the EP. (R is ordering seven plaques to go on the seven bookcases.) Then it was back to BS’s workshop. He has everything but a rotary saw, they say. He told R that he built his shop just for this purpose, to help Scouts with their Eagle Projects. When they asked him who the District Eagle person was, he said, “Me.”
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Day 3 of the Eagle Project: They came home from BS’s with lots of pictures. I promptly uploaded them from the camera to my computer and then to Picasa along with the before and after pictures of the carport and the progress of the building. Family Life is done; Eagle is as good as done.

I’m reading The Taming of the Shrew. When I got into it, I realized that the movie, 10 Things I Hate About You is a modernized remake. The sister’s names are the same as in the play. It’s also where I first saw Heath Ledger.
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One week ago today, I wrote, “God, I wish I had raised him.” Today he came over to clean in his mama’s place—and ask for advice. He wants to go back to trade school. He has used up his Hope; they make too much for Pell. I told him I would check on student loans for him. I also told him to go open a checking account. “You are a grown-up now. You’ve got to start leaving a paper trail.” He asked if we could keep this a secret from his mama. “Absolutely. This is between you and me.”
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Back to piano, and actually I’m glad. Now that I’m in the hymn book, it finally feels like I am a real pianist. I am a real slow pianist, but it is a start.

I got my first postcard today. It is from “Ima” in Germany. I tried to register it but the ID number didn’t take, so I registered it as “Unknown ID.”

R & M went back to BS’s for a few hours tonight to put a coat of varnish on the bookcase. Next, we contact LH to meet us at the library and officially accept the gift.
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R asked me to go to Council and get a copy of M’s records. He called this morning to say, don’t bother going today. I told him I had already decided I was going to email instead. I’m emailing the whole crew, K, A, R, & M, to request a copy. That way no one can say they didn’t know. (I don’t trust them.) Then he came home today needing me to locate M’s MB’s to sew on his sash. He was told that Council won’t sell replacements anymore. “Baby, I know where I can get them without a problem.”
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R & M went to BS’s again. They came back and announced, “He has his Eagle!” Technically it won’t be until LH accepts it on Tuesday. But that is as good as done. So I’m happy.

TP came over last night to do research for school on the internet . He got the checking account, got in school, and is on his way. R got back from BS’s in time to help him out with his work. So that is in the works. And I’m happy.

I started reading Taxes for Dummies (2004) yesterday. The season will be here soon.
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The baby-baby came over tonight. RR called while they were here, so he got an invite, too. W loves having all his family together. I love that I can do it for him.

My postcard from Ima in Germany is now registered. She got the last two numbers wrong on her ID, but they found it. So I got another address. This one goes to Munich, Germany. After thinking about it a few days, I sent her a picture I got from Helen of our Georgia German-town. It says, “Willkommen zu Helen.” That’s “Welcome to Helen”—in German, no less!
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The cold weather has me hibernating again.

I love having people over—well certain people, anyway, but it always tires me out. Which seems to piss R off for some reason. Like I’m faking the depression for sympathy. Which then pisses me off. And I really act passive-aggressive then. So I’m trying to off-set it, since I know it is Seasonal Affective, too. I go outside on my swing and look at the eyeball of the sun, or more precisely, let it look at me. Direct sunlight for at least fifteen minutes. That’s what white girls are suppose to get.
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The puppies have taken over the house. Rosie is the cuter of the two; Scarlet is the tiny baby. I told R if we had papers on them, we could easily get $400 each.

M is taking a few days off from the building project, much to R’s chagrin. He wants all seven bookshelves over and done with. I agree in principle, but I also recognize that M is 17 years old. He has put a lot of time into this lately and needs a break. Meanwhile, I set up a delivery date with LH for Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.
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Flickr was about to expire, so I reluctantly renewed for another year. I was going to let it go to freebie, but I have about a thousand scout pix on it and .I still need access to Matt’s old Scout photos for his Eagle ceremony. I want to make a collage of his scouting life. Later, I plan to move my favorite ones to Picassa. I like it better.

I lost three pounds this week. That puts me at 145.5. I’d like to lose twenty in all so my knees won’t hurt anymore. I plan to be an active grandma.
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I met R & M at the library after piano. LH and her husband arrived shortly after. They and DB were flabbergasted when they saw the bookcase. It turned out great. (They diitched the old one immediately.) JH works at the TV station, so he filmed R & M installing the bookcase and shelving the books. Then he got LH and M shaking hands in front of it while R & I looked on proudly. Meanwhile, I took pictures with my camera and JH took one of all of us. I will email it to the paper with an article.
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OMG! My Discover Card has been compromised. They called me today. Someone tried to buy a thousand dollar computer on my card.

I told R today about the loan to TP so he maybe wouldn’t work him to death right now. I told TP, since he now has a checking account, we would deposit his refund directly into it. His mama snagged his refund last year. I told R that she may not like my helping her kid become independent. And then R surprised me. He, too, has considered inviting the young’un to move in here in the front bedroom.
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I waited a day to work on the article to let it “marinate” a bit. Here it is in three parts.

The article—part 1:

“After 11 years as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout, 17-year-old ML will soon reach the organization's highest honor - Eagle Scout.

“M has been working many years to become an Eagle Scout, acquiring different merit badges along the way such as First Aid and Swimming. His final requirement, which he recently completed, was his community service project. To complete this, he reached out to a local organization, the Friends of the Cordele Carnegie Library.
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The article—part2:

“The FoL accepts donations of used books, which it then resells at its monthly UsedBookSale. These monies are then used to purchase new books for library patrons to enjoy and to fund various projects. To facilitate the sale, the UsedBookSection, located on the lower level of the library, needed sturdier bookshelves to hold and display the donated books. As M’s project, he decided to construct and donate bookcases for this area, the first to complete his Eagle project, the others as a “thank you from the BoyScouts” to this important organization dedicated to literacy in the community.
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The article—part 3:

In completing this project, M enlisted the help of friends, family and fellow members of Tr270. They spent a total of 94 hours on the project, dedicating many nights and weekends to its completion. On January 13, the first bookcase was delivered to the library. Ms. LH, president of the Friends of CordeleCarnegieLibrary, accepted the bookshelf on behalf of the organization.

M is the son of R and ML of A He is also a home-school student. In the future, he plans to attend SGT and to help out at Troop 270 as an adult leader.
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The kids came over Friday and again Sunday. They are tired of living in the apartment and are looking for a house out in the country. Now that W is walking everywhere, T wants to get out of the cubicle. I told him he is having stay-at-home-mom-itus He has been home for nine months now, the last five alone with the baby all day. They found a nice property outside of Leslie. It comes with five acres of land. Unfortunately, the house has suffered water damage so it is not worth what they are asking. So they continue to look.
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I sent the article to the CD on Friday after letting R, TC, and MJ look at it. Mama emailed me today that it is in the Sunday paper. I called R to pick up a copy on the way home. He got three.

They put the photo front and center on the first page—you cannot miss it. The article made page three. They printed it almost verbatim. (Enough so that I deserve a by-line.) It is also on the website where anyone can access it. R and I are blown away. M is taking it in stride. Naturally.
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I skipped piano due to creepy cold symptoms. But I didn’t skip the Inauguration. I tuned in around 11:30 a.m. It was massive. Like Charles and Diana massive. Like the Messiah has come massive.

I also sent the article to the new DE to put in the Square Knot. Everybody will know about this!

Since R worked late tonight I took M to BS’s to continue to work on the bookshelves. I popped in to check out the progress. Cool little shop. Like something out of New Yankee Workshop. They are all having a blast. The bookcases are coming along.
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I’m still feeling sluggish.

I took M to BS’s but just did a drop-and-run since R’s truck was already there. Don’t want to interfere with all that “guy time.” When R told me to make M do something, I told him M has stopped doing what I ask. He only takes orders from his Dad. R smiled.

When they got back, R had me an assignment. I was to write my personal reference for my son’s Eagle packet so we could turn it in tomorrow night. I told him TC & DB are supposed to have theirs’ there as well.
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Last Thursday was RT. I tried to give M’s Eagle papers to MJ but she wouldn’t take them; she said she was afraid she would lose them. R told BS it was because she didn’t want a 5’2” woman jumping on her.

Tonight was Planning Meeting. RA gave us a tour of the new office. I kept feeling more pissed off by the minute thinking “it shoulda been me.”

They had my name down for everything Cub. I told them about TC (who was there) doing Baloo. When DC came up, I quizzed AB. He’s done nothing since October’s meeting.
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The Guys left for Providence Canyon today. So I watched whatever I wanted. Which was Ghost Whisperer. CB called before it was over. She missed the meeting so I gave her the jist. After an hour the conversation was drifting aimlessly. So I told her I was going to watch my show (Numb3rs) and let her play with her monkey.

She exacerbated my pissy feeling by reminding me how office bitch had screwed me out of the job and then hired another office bitch. So I’m done with the office. I have no reason to return. AT, CB, and now…me.
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I was having a depressy-non-dressy Saturday when TP came over. He brightened my mood immediately. Realizing that I had skipped my pills helped me see where some of my junk was coming from.

I sincerely believed that God had told me that the job was mine. Since it is apparently not, I've decided to become atheist. I thought about how Dad also sincerely believes his stuff is from God, heard the voices even, and how that's turned out for him. So what is true? And does God actually speak to people? If not, how do we know what to do?
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And if there is no God, then why even go on? Why not let the voices win and just do the deed? Why even be decent to people? Why not say, “Deaf kid, blind kid, downs kid—bang, bang, bang!” Besides, the Nazi’s can’t be wrong if there is no God. Which may be the reason why they did not believe in God.

If there is no God, there is no karma, no right and wrong. The laws are determined by the biggest and baddest. No divine right, no “endowed by the creator.”

Okay, this is giving me a headache.
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The baby-baby came over yesterday. He has his first cold ever, with a runny nose and everything. It didn’t slow him down though. The socks came off almost immediately. They left early anyway.

CB mentioned the pharmacy where she works and the deep employee discounts they get. I asked her if they sell diapers and if it would be okay to get them for a non-family member. She checked. Yes, it’s cool. Size 3 [28/pk] = $4.44 each. So I sent $$ tonight.

I found out that TP told his mother about the loan. She wasn’t angry; she was grateful.
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I did pretty good at piano considering I missed last week. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 is my nemesis right now. The hymn book is my friend. Now that Christmas is over, she is digging out the easiest songs in the book to teach me. Hey, there’s a thought.

I’m still wading through Taxes for Dummies—2004. I got it for $.50 from the Used Book Store. I’m learning a lot. When I’m finished I’m going to read The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2007 (same price). Then I’ll read the 2008 Pub 17. What fun!

I’m expecting people with W-2s any day now.
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I downloaded Tch’s 1812 to get a listen. It helps if I actually know what I’m trying to play. I got I-tunes in the bargain.

M’s Eagle Board of Review was tonight at CH’s office. It was CH, BS, and TG, who brought his 15 m/o. R called around 7:00 p.m. to announce “Your Eagle & I….” So it is done.

The next step starts next week—GED at SGTC. Mss. Hadley & Harpe are the teachers for this area.

Then we will deal with the Court of Honor. I will call on my Girl Tribe to help with that.
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M received a thank you card from the FOL today. “Just wait until the see the little ones,” R beamed. “They have rounded corners!” Now JB wants LH’s phone number. He wants to offer to paint the old shelves as his Eagle Project. When Mrs. T said at the first meeting that we needed men in the group for the heavy lifting, I said, “Well, I don’t have men, but I do have Boy Scouts.”

I added to my gmail sig: I’M PROUD OF MY EAGLE SCOUT. That’s my subtle way of announcing it to anyone who missed the article.
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A Visitation. Last one was 12/8/08. Walmart & churches are still bad—no surprise there. 80% of the Bible is bad; approx 20% is okay. (Dream a little dream with me…) He believes worshipping Jesus is paganism. But we must have “Christian” values. They now say, “God protect me (or whomever) and bless my ass.” I laughed. “Do you have to say ‘ass’?” “Oh, yeah, it’s just a loving word for our self. And guess what else is a loving word?” I guessed, “The F-word.” “Yeah, how do you think children are born?” I didn’t let on that I knew.
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He even told me about his “abandoning the truck” experience in 1996. God had told him which way to turn and he ended up “in a swamp.” He ran out of gas and got the truck lodged between two logs. He spent the night in the truck with the window down a little but no mosquitoes came in. The next day he walked to the road and was picked up by a sheriff. The guy bought him an RC Cola. Meanwhile, V was freaking not knowing where he was. They called her at work and she came and got him.