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M IS 18 YEARS OLD TODAY. He is spending it at T & C’s. I’m eating his birthday cake.

M’s scouting life: 1999-2003=CS; 2003-09=BS. January 28, 2009=Eagle Scout.

I told R to ask him who he wants to take him to GED classes, him or me. R said, “It would be easier if you did it.” I said, “He is not my kid any more. He’s yours. He won’t do what I ask him to; haven’t you noticed?” He grinned. “When did it happen?” “When you got more involved in the Troop and started spending so much time with him.”
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My scouting life: 1999-2000=wolf; 2000-01=bear; 2001-02=T1; 2002-3=T2; 2003-08=treasurer.

Scouting has been more of a constant than just about anything else in my life. That’s why I was so afraid of losing it. It is a stabilizing factor. I was so afraid that I would be pushed out. I stayed so long at the pack because I needed it. I tried to bond with the troop, but felt rejected; now I feel that way with the pack. And Council. But Cub Camp is different. It is another story. I feel like I belong there. There I’m in control. I’m in charge.
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R & I took Rosie & Scarlet to the vet for first shots. They are three pounds and one and change respectively.

Then we went to BS’s to pick up the last bookcases and take them to the library. LH was there with another lady. The new bookshelves have really excited them. They’ve cleaned up the children’s section and moved other stuff around. They have opened the place up in a major way. It looks so much better already. The regulars will be so impressed when they come this Saturday.

And now we are officially done. Next, Court of Honor.
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They brought M home last night so I got to hold my baby-baby again. T barked at me for trying to give Scarlet away. “That’s W’s dog.” “When are you going to take him home?” “I can’t take him home. We have this conversation every week.” I was trying to get the point across that it was kinda ballsy to make me keep the dog when I have a taker. W is too little to attach to a particular puppy. I bit my tongue since I didn’t want him to take by g’baby hostage again. I cannot take that. Again.
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Since I have five postcards traveling on PostCrossings, I cannot get a new address right now. So I searched for another site and found Swap-bot. It has different types of mailing exchanges, not just postcards. I joined and signed onto an exchange that has us mailing three postcards at one time. The gimmick is that you write your favorite quote on the card.

Next, I plan to upload my received postcards to PostCrossings for my “wall.” Then I’ll put them in 4x6 pages.

This is incredibly addictive. Even R gets a kick out of seeing what postcards come and go.
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I’m still reading tax books. I got far enough through Taxes for Dummies for now. The rest is about financial planning and dealing with IRiS. Meanwhile, instead of going to Albany, I downloaded Pub 553 (Highlights of Tax Changes) and the three 1040 versions and instructions. I’ve read a good deal in them. I’m putting off The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2007 for now. I need to download Pub 17 next.

I got dsil’s return done today. LO’s and TP’s are waiting on info. BW’s is also in but she won’t have to file so I’m taking my time.
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The kids came over last night, including bro and sis. I was busy with taxes so R hosted without me. I made biscuit muffins. He did the rest. The “Guest’s” did nothing but wait for the food, eat the food, and leave the table. They left the total mess for us. It was still there when I got up this morning. Unbelievable. R was appalled at their behavior. Since I stayed in my room all night, he got the full brunt of it. And he didn’t like it. He decreed that Friday is sandwiches from now on. That’ll learn ’em.
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We went by the rental house yesterday and I was shocked! There is trash everywhere, inside and out. The yard is a mess, the ceiling tiles are falling, and the house reeks. Everything will have to be scrubbed. The kids came with us to revisit the old place. The look on their faces was priceless.

Afterwards, R & I went to Mama’s house. We told them about the condition of the house. R said, “It’s not that bad.” I said, “You’re looking at it like a landlord. I’m looking at it like the woman who has to clean it up.”
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I told R that we will definitely not have a profit this year. IRiS will be okay about it since we’ve made one every year so far. Since the roof needs to be redone, we debated regular tiles or tin roof. Tin costs three times as much but last “forever” according to Mama.

Mama went to her ear doctor last week. Her hearing is zero in one ear and 47% in the other. It has to go down to 40% before insurance will pay for an ocular implant. She was so disappointed. A said she cried. I hope he’s exaggerating.
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R spoke to Pokey about doing the work at the rental house. He is off on Sundays and Thursdays so they are meeting this Thursday to look it over. He is willing to do the roof, lay new linoleum in the kitchen, and paint the ceiling and walls in the bedrooms. I told R, “Good. I trust him.” R said that he and M would do the hardwood floors.

AL called me yesterday. She still wants TP’s cleaning job. I asked her about helping me clean the rental house and she agreed. We’ll meet Friday and work on the inside.
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M & I met R & A at the rental house around 3:30. Mama drove up shortly thereafter to help. I was surprised. I didn’t expect my seventy-something Mama to come work. But I accepted her help gladly. I raked the yard while she swept the porch and cleared all the trash from in the bushes. In less than three hours we put the front of the house back right while the men finished emptying the storage house. TP even showed up to help.

So hopefully it will be rentable by March 1. We’ve got people asking about it already.
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I had M do his own tax return since his is EZ. He has one w-2 and one interest statement and is way under the limit. So his is totally free to efile this year. I had him to select “send a check” since he is not getting much back. Getting his first refund check should be fun for him.

I’m hurting from all the raking I did yesterday. I told R that I would go over tomorrow and do more cleaning. The more I think about it, the more I cringe. AL is supposed to call me sometime today.
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AL called me this morning. I was already feeling so bad I told her to wait until tomorrow. She was glad since her SIL had surgery today. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

I joined Swapbot last Thursday. I got tired of waiting for my “partners” to be assigned on the first swaps, so I joined a quick swap on Wednesday. I got notice yesterday that I’m banned since I don’t have my profile filled out enough. How rude! It took a few tries to figure it all out, but I think I’ve got it now. It’s like a boring confession.
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I blew off the house cleaning, telling R, “I have tax returns to do.” It is the truth. I got LO’s done last week. Now I have TP’s to do. Besides, with all the back and forth, I don’t know what R is planning to do. He’s having trouble settling on who and what he wants. He and TP are doing a lot of the work, though. When things get settled, I’ll go back.

Since my swaps start tomorrow, I am going to email the “angels” of my upcoming swaps to get input so I won’t be banned from them.
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R stayed gone so late last night, we skipped our Valentine going out stuff. He bought me a heart shaped box of Dove chocolate and a big red heart shaped pillow. I’m sharing both.

I worked on my Swapbot profile and sent this message to my angels, spinjenny and kawaii: I'm a very new newbie. Please check out my profile. I was rejected from my very first swap--a quick postcard exchange--for not having it filled out enough. LMK what else I need to do to qualify.

The tax biz is going slowly. MF brought his info last week
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The goal for this week is getting M into GED class. So we showed up at 12:30 p.m. figuring since she warned us not to be late, we would be allowed in class early to fill out forms. Wrong. The door didn’t open until 1:00 p.m. And even though he is 18 and home-schooled, she announced that he still has to have a release from the Board of Ed. She gave me the forms to take over while he took his placement exam. I got there and discovered the office was closed for Prez Day. So I’ll try again tomorrow.
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I went back to the BOE around 11:30 a.m. but LS was out of the office already. Great. I left the form and we went on to SGTC. We got there just in time for class, but the instructor said he couldn’t even attend class w/o the forms. It’s against the law. M had a smirk on his face of “I told you so.” I was pissed. I told him, “So today was a total waste.” He shut up. Later, he asked if I was mad at him. “Let’s just say I’m not happy.” This crap could have been prevented.
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I finally got the form to the lady and M officially in GED class. Then I went home and collapsed. I’ve run completely out of Wellbutrin and I can feel it. I didn’t know I needed it this much. Three days of running and a weekend of entertaining have me drained. Not even piano helped. And since Harris has changed insurance companies again, I’ve got to get totally new scripts. I haven’t been to Dr. R in a while, so he is not going to want to w/o seeing me first. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another these days.
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I fell asleep around 6:00 p.m. and didn’t wake up until this morning. I’ve been dragging all day. Aunt C came over with one of our cousins bringing tax info. The house looked like a tornado struck it. Naturally. Then I had a visitation. Too many words; I couldn’t concentrate.

So I surrendered. I called Dr. R. I have an appointment for tomorrow. There goes another not-go day. Thankfully, TP came over later and cleaned up some.

And finally LO came over to get copies of her returns. Her child support is being contested. Kinda put my problems into perspective.
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I’ve been playing hurry-up-and-wait all week, and today way no different. First at Dr. R’s office. But I spent some of my waiting time doing postcards and stashing Chicks. I got new scripts plus a few more since I complained of vertigo and head congestion. Then Walgreen’s was so busy. I went to Sonic, ate, and came back and still had to wait.

But the Wellbutrin is in my system and doing its job. I can tolerate my life again. I actually had the thought, fleeting though it was, yesterday. “Check out now. Death equals peace.” It freaked me out.
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The baby-baby came last night. Thank God for his tiny little self. I gave him raisons. It was the first time he had ever had them. He loved them. First, I gave him one at a time. Then I let him get them out of the container himself. He ended up running off with the container.

M, R, & RR went to blacksmith class today at Jeff Davis. They came back happy. (RR lucked out; someone cancelled so he got to participate.) They got dirty, they got burned, and they got to hammer hot iron. What more could you want.
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T & C came back yesterday so I got to play with my baby-baby again. I needed it. It’s taking longer than I expected to level out chemically. I had a twelve hour headache which may be from the new meds or it may be from the pollen. Spring is trying to spring already, with the pros and cons that go with it.

R is still working on the rental house. He has a guy that is willing to do the work, and I’m willing to let him. The dust and chemicals are more than I can take right now.
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I’m getting so into Swapbot! I’ve done a Scenic Postcard Swap and a Quotecard Swap. Now I’m doing a Newbie Friendly-Quick Random Envie Swap. I went around the house finding “goodies” to enclose—ribbon, blank postcards, a bookmark, a pamphlet. I used my label maker to make her some name labels. I stayed under an ounce (one stamp). It was fun.

I have jury duty this week. I called as directed last night and was told not to show up, call again tomorrow. I called again tonight and got another stay. Good. I didn’t want to have to cancel piano.
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I knew not to answer that phone, but when she called back the second time, I went ahead. “Can you take me to the clinic?” Frick! I made her call and make sure the nurse was there and waiting before I ever left the house. When I got back, I told M to call TP to make sure he hadn’t forgotten him. He refused, so I did it. No answer. Sure enough, 12:30 pm and no show. On the way to school, M asked me, “What do you think is wrong with TP?” “He’s related to his mother.” He laughed.
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Jury Duty was this morning, 8:30 a.m. I got there just in time and sat toward the back. Many trailed in after; a few never showed up. My name was called fifth, putting me on the front row. “If anyone cannot hear me,” says the judge, so I raised my hand. He checked the mike and spoke louder.

The first row was called up. Everything was going fine until the DA asked, “Does anyone think marijuana should be legalized?” I blushed and halfway raised my hand in a see-saw motion and said, “Kinda.” She was flabbergasted—but not speechless. (Continued)
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“You really think marijuana should be legalized?” she announced loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. I said, “Strictly,” stressing the word, “you know, like medicinal.” “Oh, you agree with California. Are you aware of the dangers of drugs on society?” “Yes,” now I’m getting agitated. She’s badgering the juror. “I’m not saying it should be a free-for-all.” “But you agree that it is illegal right now.” “Of course,” condescendingly, “anyone who has it now should be put in jail.” She challenged the other eleven. “Does anyone other than Mrs.L believe that marijuana should be legalized?” Silence. (Continued)
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The rest of the inquisition went better. We returned to our bench while two other dozen were interviewed. No one else said they believed MJ should be legal. We took a break and came back for final selection. When my name was called, I stood up and gave her my best EH look. Our eyes met briefly; she looked surprised at my arrogance. “Excuse this juror from this case.” I nodded to her and sat down. We were out by 11:30 a.m.. Fin.

CB call last night. She’s no longer on BFW. She is livid. I’m looking into it.
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She got to camp for a BFW meeting only to find out she is not a member of the council and couldn’t be there. So she called me. I settled her down some and wondered if I should get involved. Yesterday MC called about something else, so I brought it up. I decided after that to call RA. “Do you have time to talk to me?” “M, for you, if I don’t have the time, I’ll make the time.” “Okay, I’m still the Cub Camp Chairperson, right?” “Yes.” “Then I need to know what is going on with Baloo.” (Cont.)