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“What do you mean?” So I had a nice long chat with him and cleared up a few things. As far as he is concerned, as long as CB disses Council and its people, she's not welcome in a leadership position. He has no prob with her on my Troop Committee.

Later, TC called, so I had a nice long chat with her. She felt bad about everything. I told her that I didn’t like them making her the bearer of bad tidings. It should have come from Council. We agreed for her to call CB and clear the air.
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“Well, you just really went to bat for me, didn’t you?” CB called tonight. TC called her earlier and told her what I’d done. “Yeah, kind of. I have my Girl Team and I don’t want anyone screwing with it.” So she and TC are good friends again. I also told her that RA said the only way she could work on camp was to change her attitude. (Yeah, right.) And that the app had been sent back long ago and we are tracking it down. So all is well for now. I’m doing registration every weekend. I’m still in.
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Dr. R had me do a stress test yesterday. They definitely named it right. The guy almost killed me. Dr. R had said it would only take about 15 minutes. When we got started, the guy said it would take about an hour. I had to blow into this weird machine to test my oxygen uptake. Then I had to bike sixty miles an hour for as long as I could. I think I made it fifteen minutes. Then I felt the burn. I almost passed out. When I got home I hit the sack. I’m still not over it.
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I’ve been swap-botting a lot lately. I’ve got five PCs to mail by Friday. M came in my room and saw me on the site. I showed him some of the swaps. He was intrigued by Liar, Liar. One swap was for Movie Quotes on Artist Trading Cards. He didn’t know what ATCs were so I showed him some online. I told him I’m thinking of making some, but I’ve never made any before so I’m not ready to swap any yet. I can host a swap later if I want. He gave me lots of funny and intriguing quotes.
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According to BM, Aunt R’s boyfriend is becoming a problem. He’s becoming verbally abusive. He also tried to talk her into signing a contract guaranteeing that even if she died, he could live in her house for the rest of his life. Thankfully she didn’t fall for it. I tried to scare B by telling her he was going to squander her inheritance. And since she is getting nothing from her dh at his death, she could end up destitute.

My Artella order arrived. R asked, “What did you get?” “I think I got ‘taken.’” My ATC kit was wimpy.
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The baby-baby came over tonight. To my surprise, T wanted to go to the house and help his dad. I asked him to come get M first. So they did that and C and W stayed here. RR called her cell, bored and lonely, so she invited him over. I ended up doing pork chops, rice, and mixed veg for the tribe. When R walked in to a full house and supper on the way, he was pleased. He has been working all week on the house and is exhausted. Thank God for TP. He’s been working a whole lot.
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Today I clean house. The tribe left a mess. So I dug in fifteen minutes at a time.

I put the rental house on since a potential renter is on HUD. I think the house will pass now, even though R doesn’t think so, though we may have to provide a stove and refrigerator. I’ll see if it’s worth it in the long run since we’re sinking a lot of dough into the old place right now. I still get pissed that what R considered good enough for me and my babies, he considers not good enough for renters.
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R wanted to touch base last night, but I said no since M was still awake in the next room. He got pissed, rolled over, and was asleep in 30 seconds. So this morning I located him and told him, “Now I won’t have to worry about M hearing ~~,” and I moaned sensually. That was all it took.

I talked him into going with me to the BFW meeting at Os. He had fun. When we got back, the kids were there. And C had cleaned a little. The baby-baby began to get grumpy; I swing-swinged him to sleep.
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Today I feel old and young at the same time. I feel Old, as in no energy to start; and Young, as in unprepared. I have both Empty Nest Syndrome and Fear of Re-launching. R did say that he thinks my staying home has been a good thing for the boys. I tend to agree. I think it has been a good thing for him as well. Being the man of the house (guy’s point of view) has built up his self esteem. Being THE breadwinner makes him feel able to say that this house is his.

Where’re my pills?
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M did not want to go to class. I got him there with just a few minutes to spare, thanks to some heavy-footed driving. Then I came home and practiced for about an hour. I got to piano late, but she didn’t care. She gave me an extra long class anyway. Besides, last time I was so noticeably out of it, I think she’s just glad I’m okay.

Mama called right before I left. Her phone rang and “that” name and number showed up. She called to ask if anything was up. I told her, “Not that I know of.”
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Interesting day. First, I called and moved my Dr. R appointment. Then I mailed my “Liar, Liar” postcards. (I did the “maxxed out my credit cards by online gambling” story. Since M again didn’t want to go to class, I bargained with him to do chores instead. He actually fulfilled his end of the bargain. Meanwhile, I got SIL’s tax return done. Finally.

Later, I called MC. We were on the phone for over an hour. She’s still freaked by CB’s gossip. I told her most people know not to take anything she says at face value. It didn’t help.
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W is one year old today! Wow. I’ve been a grandma for one year today. It seems like just the other day that we went to Americus and I held him for the first time. I still remember peeling open the covers and finding a body inside the bundle that before was just a misshapen head. I still remember looking into his eyes the first time as he looked at me and thinking, I know you. I’ve known you for a long time. I’ve still got those first hour pictures on my computer. I’ve taken so many more since then.
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I went to Dr. R’s today. When I got there Mrs. T was there with her BIL. Kelly S. was also there and so was another Arabi lady. People slowly went in and out. At an hour I was annoyed. At two hours, I was livid. I know two later people went in before me. When he came in singing, I looked at him like, “Don’t even try to pretend.” I could tell he was surprised since I’m usually so upbeat. He ended up giving me a new drug that he said would give me so much energy. We’ll see.
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The baby-baby came over yesterday. Since he did not know it was his birthday, we didn’t do much different. When they came back over today, we invited them out to the steak house. W loved it. He sat between T & R at the end of the table. We all shared food off our plates. He was going to eat off the table, but R slid a small dish under his food which he took to immediately. When he got full, he started turning around and talking to anyone in the vicinity. They were enthralled. He is no longer shy.
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I’ve been swapbotting again. I had a postcard to send out in honor of Friday the 13th. So I looked up info about it, including what the phobia is called. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Cool word. I got the postcard out on time.

Now I’m signed up for Postcard-ATC Quick Swap. I’m going to use two postcards from the Sunday school days that I’ve had for so long, the rose and the hummingbird. I’m not going to do it exactly as ordered, but it will still be pretty. Then I’ll start on the Butterfly ATC.
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I emailed MC, et al. of the following: I went by the bank on Friday to have my name removed from the pack account. They said that those of us who are wanting OFF the account do not have to come in and sign anything acknowledging our decision. They are making a note in the file that I came in, though, but it is no longer required. They also need a letter from the Pack stating who will be on the account. They need to do a new card with only the current people on it.

I’m off the account.
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It has been raining so much lately. And BFW is this weekend. TC emailed me recently. Folks are signing up late and Council is charging late fees per app instead of per person like she wants. I advised her to talk to RA since he may have overrode her. I also asked how many were coming.

“As of last night 122 (50 Cubbies) but Eric said there are more at the Office …”

”I told Eric to talk to Ray about the late fees. He said the office staff didn't know what they were doing.”

Truer words were never spoken.
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I’m on Revive Us Again. This song is tough. All those black keys. And she has added a wide exercise that has me covering three octaves. It is helping me figure out the fingering of this song, though. But don’t tell her that. She will make me do double.

Jade found out about M’s Eagle for me. The paperwork has been processed into National. The hold up is the cards. National does not have any more cards and is in the process of printing cards. New cards should be ready this May or summer. He was processed on February 13th
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TP came over today. He is slowly working off his debt to me while R also works him at the rental house. He will work willingly; the boys, not so much. For someone else, maybe; for their dad, nope. But he is okay with it and it helps TP so who am I to complain.

BFW starts tomorrow. I told her I’d get there between four and five. I’m going to wait for R to get off so we can go together. I’ll let T know his bro will be alone in case he wants to come over. And babysit.
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When I called this morning, T said they were not coming over this weekend since it was their last one before the move. When we got home tonight, the babysitters had been there; there was a mess to show for it. R even commented on it. “Haven’t you noticed that I always spend the next day cleaning up from their visit?”

We got to camp after five but no one commented. (That’s the advantage of not being the Mama on this). Registration and class sign-ups were in full swing. We stayed busy the whole time. I’m doing art class tomorrow.
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RA was there this morning when I drove up. He had volunteered to do rowboats. When I went in Admin, he was in a monologue for the ladies in attendance. Buddy meanwhile was walking around slowly, bumming foods and pats. He heard RA and started sniffing around him. “He is crazy about me for some reason.” Then, in the middle of a sentence, in front of all us women, Buddy nosed his crotch and—lifted him. “Hey!” He blushed scarlet and threw Buddy out while we smothered giggles. He tried to get back on subject, but it was too late.
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Since AH was there yesterday morning, I didn’t have to do art class until the afternoon. When I got there, it was a mess. I mainly cleaned up for two days (I agreed to do it today also) and tried to keep the people from going crazy with the materials—adults as well as kids. AH made the mistake of leaving all the craft supplies out where they could see everything, and they were determined to go through three sessions worth in two days. The wastefulness was my main objection. I spoke to him about it afterwards. He looked confused.
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MC did his first solo Fire-bowl Saturday night. CC was supposed to be his side-kick, but he backed out. I could tell R wanted to be up there so badly but he held back. The kids started yelling, “Duck joke, duck joke,…” until MC finally gave up and called him on stage. Later, DB said it was the best Fire-bowl he had ever seen. I told MC what he said. “Bull! He doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

When we got home Sunday, we had guests within a few hours. I let them wait on me. I was exhausted.
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I’ve been hurting for two days now. I overdid it cleaning up handicraft on Sunday. I called Mrs. T this morning to tell her that I’d pulled a muscle in my neck. Ouch! When M didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t give him an argument. I took a Motrin and went back to bed.

I’m still working on a few ATC’s. Potty Mouth needs to go out this Friday. For it, I located George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” monologue and a picture of him. I printed them both up twice, small enough to fit on the ATC card.
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I made a mess doing the Easy Inkblot ATC. It was fun. I’m letting it dry so I can send it in time. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of making another Potty-mouth ATC to go with Carlin—Old Man in an Outhouse.

Day Camp is slowly starting. MC told me she and AB have already started on Thronateeska’s. I emailed a few of Achewon’s but to no avail. I told Council I would only do one week this year. They are trying to get me to change my mind. Not happening. Last year I knew they were making promises they couldn’t keep.
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Email to AB: “…I already know I'm going to be the one for Tifton. As far as I know, No one has worked on an alternate location--or at least MW hasn't--so I guess it is back to Agrirama. Do you call the guy to set it up or do I?”

“You will need to contact the Agrirama and make arrangements.

Who do we have running the Osborn camp? …I know you wanted to back off doing two camps in a row because it’s so draining, so who are we sending there to cover that camp?”

You’re asking me?
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Email from AB (cont.): We also need another staff meeting to discuss activities we can tie to the theme, and possibly set up our orders now so we can … distribute the materials to the respective camp directors well in advance. Please set one up and let me know when it will be so I can be there.”

Email to DC People: “Let's plan our next meeting at Camp Os during Baloo Fam Weekend 2…. Remenber, the theme is ~Hawiian~.

“MJ, who are the current pack 62 & 321 people I need to contact? My latest emails have gone unanswered.”
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We are under a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning. It’s freaking R out, but as long as I am in this house, I feel perfectly safe. I never feel it jar or tremble. The bad weather may as well be on TV for all I care. I was good enough to let all the dogs in, though. So it smells like wet dog around here.

I got my two ATCs sent off. “Ink Blot” was on time but “Potty-mouth” was a day late. It is because I sent each person two different kinds, “Carlin” and “Old Man in Outhouse.”
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T & C were supposed to move yesterday but it was raining too hard. Today, it is gorgeous. They came over last night and got M. We said to call us and we would come today. We had just finished reconnecting when the phone rang.

We got there around one-thirty. They had just put W down for a reluctant nap. So the guys left and we got to work.

The house is beautiful, well loved and cared for. There are flowers all around. And they have a decent back yard which W totally loves. It is a great first house.
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I’ve been on Face-book again. I’ve added more friends than I thought I would. I didn’t want to be one of those people with thousands of friends, many of whom they’ve never met. All of mine I’ve have met face to face, most I see regularly.

I checked out MC’s page and saw the photos SO took of Camp Os. OMG! The rainstorm did lots of damage to ME Road and left major areas under water. So MC told R that BFW will be cancelled. I’m glad. I wanted this weekend off so we could celebrate T and R’s b’days.
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And still it rains….

I went to piano today and did yucky on Revive Us Again. I did so-so on the rest, but that’s how it usually goes after I miss a week. I’m now on God Is So Good. It’s much shorter and easier, having lots of repetition.

I’m working on three ATCs this week: Butterfly, Easter Bunny, and Nerdy Guy. For NG, I immediately thought of DC. I have a photo from the 70’s that is perfect. I scanned it and printed it out. My ink is low so it came out blue-greenish. Awesome. This will be fun!