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I got my April fools day prank. Iíd been feeling a visitation coming on for a while. I took M to school and came home. One-thirty p.m., while Iím beating ice off the sides of the freezer, that car drives up. Ah, shit. I was hoping the rain would slow them down. She is off today, so they are on the prowl. For one hour he talked. He still gets annoyed if I show intelligence, like if I know something that contradicts him. Still pisses him off. He has to ďcheck outĒ to see if I am right. Really annoying.
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At the end I told him about Aunt Rís problem guy. He totally didnít care, even said she deserved it. He said she was the worst one of them. I wondered if I should have told him, then I realized I did right. It showed who he really is. I said, Well, I wanted to let you know. What you do with it is up to you.

Iíve been thinking about that part of the conversation ever since. He is unforgiving and has no charity. I forgave him; he will not forgive them. No priest there. He is no Christian.
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Tís birthday is today. Heís 24. R did the whole shebang this year. He fixed steak, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, salad, and bbq toast. He even said he was going to do steak and eggs tomorrow. C liked that idea, so we sent some of the leftovers home. She made spice cake cupcakes and brought tea. It was all good. Then R presented him with his real gift, an Omaha Steak Gift Set. They loved it!

Mama and A visited their house earlier this week. They gave him a ham for his birthday. And she brought milk.
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Me and the baby-baby had a blast yesterday! From the moment he saw me we started playing. Chase, swing-swing, peep-eye, play in the dog water, everything.

They had said they would take Scarlet home so I decided to send Mitzi with her so she wouldnít be alone. T was pleasantly surprised since he had also thought of her being scared. I will be back to two dogs again. And each mama dogs will be with her baby.

I finished the Butterfly ATC and got it ready to go. It has butterfly stamps, pink tissue paper, and a 3D butterfly. Cute.
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I finished the Easter Bunny ATC. I used a calendar picture for the background and an Easter Bunny gif which I color-penciled. I added butterfly embellishments. On one, I put lace down each side. It looked better than the other.

The Nerd ATC turned out much better than I expected. I used a dictionary page on back and ďnerds on stampsĒ along the sides. I let them dry between panes of glass overnight. They dried rigid. Iím proud of them.

Meanwhile, Iíve ordered goodies from I try to include little extras in each packet. Itís what good swap-botters do.
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Today is Rís birthday! Since we had steak on Friday, he chose a Mexican restaurant he had gone to with a guy during his jury duty. Better than Los Compadres but not as good as the Albany place.

TC meeting tonight: CC sent an email invite, so I went. I volunteered to be TC Chair since TS wasnít having meeting. They asked her if she still wanted it; she said it didnít matter. I guess she reconsidered, because now she is backóin full force. And she came with an agenda, literally as well as figuratively.

To vote CB out.
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CB has been right, of course. Her records mysteriously disappeared from the scout system. Then her new app got misplaced after being turned in to council. RA said he would track it down for me, but that never happened. TS must have been the hold-up, because her first item was convincing the rest that CB would be a detriment to the troop since she was banned from council and district level leadership. MC strongly seconded the opinion. They apparently talked it over with MW, because she was strongly on their side. It was over before we walked in the door.
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And him is pissed. When R mentioned the fundraiser for Mís Eagle project, he was told point blank that it could not be done after the fact. R reacted, but I quickly asked if the troop had to do a fundraiser for the project. ďOh, no!Ē they all chimed in. ďWell, I totally donít mind being Mattís sole sponsor.Ē R did mind. Itís the principle of the thing. Apparently he had discussed it with JB, and he dropped the ball. When R first mentioned it to me, I completely dismissed it. Hell, I know better.

I've been watching long time.
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Since we had the meeting on Mon, the kids came over on Tuesday to celebrate Rís bíday. They wanted to bring food, so R chose KFC chicken. They also brought Mitzi and Scarlet back. Mitzi was not happy living in the city. She is a country girl. And Scarlet and Taco were so glad to see each other. So I am back up to four dogs.

Just As I Am is my new hymn for this week. It is one of Rís favorite hymns. I am also practicing Love Story/Where Do I Begin from my old super easy hits book.
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Today, I rated someone as follows:

My first flaker! I got the "Two weeks past deadline" reminder, so I checked the "View Participants" & it still said "Not Sent." :(

She freaked. Seems I should have contacted her before giving her a 1. To her, that is proper Swapbot etiquette.

I took down the 1, told her to relax, told her that she should have contacted me first. I told her ďIím blunt with my friends,Ē and apologized, not for offending her sensibilities, but if I hurt her feelings. I told her not to send me anything. ďYouíll go unrated.Ē
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R got up first thing this morning and took M to SGTC for his GED test. We wonít know how he did for a few weeks.

I finished Candy Wrapper and Cute Skulls ATCs this week. Today Iím working on Let Your Fingers Do the Walking. Iím using Pest Control as my theme. I made four and they turned out cute. Theyíre ready to mail already.

My yourATCstore order arrived today. I read the ATC book immediately. Iíve also been digging my old craft stuff out. Now I feel like Iíve got everything I need to seriously do this stuff.
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Last night I told R I wanted to go to church for Easter. Iíll even go to Eric Smithís church. No, weíll go to Bay Springs, he said. So we got up and got there right before 11:00 a.m. The parking lot was empty. Easter Sunrise Service. Okay. So we sped over to Ericís church. We walked in a moment after 11:00. I smiled at Aunt C. Then I saw it. They were having The Lords Supper. We partook with them and were back out in the car about twenty minutes later. I told R, Aunt C will tell everyone.
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The baby-baby came over Friday and Saturday nights. So I was surprised when C called and invited us over for Easter dinner yesterday. She learned that morning that her Aunt Bís dinner was cancelled due to the death of her paternal grandmother. So she called us and the R's, ran to Wal-Mart, and threw together a decent spread. She asked us to bring chairs, so we grabbed our camp foldie chairs, the camera, the wooden eggs, and extra ice. When we got there, W ďFredĒ R, Donna, Richard, and Lisa were already there. It ended up being a fun time.
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Since M wonít find out about his GED results for two weeks, I told him he had time off until the results came. So he stayed at T & Cís house Sun & Mon and came home today. His pre-results came in the mail. Since I thought he was staying longer, I went ahead and read the results. He was on at least the 50th percentile in all the subjects, He did awesome in science and reading, fair in the rest, and lowest in math. I said, ďWell, he is RLís youngíun.

I got Fingers done and in the mail.
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We got an extension, of course.

Monday was when TS was going to tell JC that his wife was not welcome as a troop leader. So when R came home, I asked immediately, ďHow did he take it.Ē Not lying down, apparently. He informed TS of some of the reasons for CBís angst with Council. And CC confessed that he had lost sleep over this wondering if they had done the right thing. They also told him that yours truly was ďa little upset because she thought she was going to have to tell her.Ē

TS is having second thoughts.
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Tuesday I felt bad and it threatened rain, so I moved piano to Wednesday. I didnít feel much better then, but I went anyway. I did pretty good on Finger Power and ďchord studyĒ but ended up having to do the other two songs again. She could tell I was out of it and was patient with my zombie slowness and confusion. She said we had worked hard and that I was just tired from that. She is too nice.

Iím actually glad Iíve got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The pollen has been pollinating me lately. I need some drugs.
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I got to the appointment on time and turned on the View. An hour later, I was finally called. Everything is okay and I lost 3 lbs--yay!

When he came in thirty minutes later, he was all excited. Seems the new (expensive) med is working great. Unfortunately (for me), there is no generic at this time. He doesn't understand my problem with the high price.

Groceries, Habitat, Walgreen's, Sonic, and then back home. Woke Matt to help, got a few minutes rest, and thenÖ. an hour long visitation. The partnership offer now includes a required investment of 5K. IDK...
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House inspector found a lot wrong with the house. Some didnít surprise me. R asked if I still wanted to do the HUD thing. If it is not too much extra. So he gave DA a call. His estimate on doing the floors: $2500. I was crushed. R was pissed that I was crushed. We strongly considered renting to someone not on HUD. Then I suggested those square sticky tiles. We could install them. I also suggested RG for the electric. He surprised me by calling him right away. RG met him at the house within hours. R liked him.
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Since the baby-baby wasnít feeling good, they didnít come over Fri, so we went to them yesterday. T wanted M to stay overnight. At first, M said no. Then he heard that C was off all week and that they have a new long couch that he needed to try out. He volunteered that he would try it out for a week. So that is where he and his computer are. Before we left, we ended up taking them all out to Ryanís. The baby-baby loved it.

R is still working on getting the house up to HUD standards ASAP.
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TP comes over unexpectedly needing a copy of his tax return. He has a black eye from being beat up Wed night. He missed last Thursday and wonít be here this Thursday either. He is having an operation on his eye. His mom w/b taking his place. Am I paying her or crediting you? Credit. Does she know? Not yet.

R comes home announcing that TS wants another meeting to vote on CB. I called and asked if I could vote in absentia. She says she cannot authorize that. So I shower, get dressed and get to meeting on time.
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This time was completely different. TJG and GN were there, as well as JB. And he was pissed. He said he felt that this was an attack on his family. Do you want my wife in or not? He kept his temper but MC did not. She ended up having a cussing fit and wouldnít settle down even when asked. GN proved to be the voice of reason. He pointed out that no one could do the scout law perfectly and that CB had never done anything to hurt the boys.

So they did a vote. CB is back in.
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MC called. We talked for about an hour about BFW. Somewhere in there she slipped in a sorta apology about Mon night. I didnít push for a full one. I told her we were all Christians and did the confrontation thing like the Bible says. So it is over and done with. Then we went back into BFW. The bigger picture. Always the bigger picture.

Iíve been pushing against the depression the last few days. So sleepy. It is quiet w/o M, maybe too quiet, but it stays cleaner. And I can hear myself think. Is that good or bad?
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Program Planning Conference is tonight. TC says I have to go even though I didnít get a formal email invite. (R did but I didnít.) She forwarded hers to me like I did her last time. Then BFW is tomorrow. Iím doing registration and planning the art time. Meanwhile, R and T270 are going on the App Trail. Since he is also trying to get the house ready, he is going to take a few days off next week. I guess he deserves it.

For the Kiss ATC, I practiced drawing couples hugging and kissing. I called it ďDrawn Together.Ē
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PPC was interesting. We were exactly on time. All seats were taken, so to my surprise the lady next to RA moved over and I sat beside him the whole time. So I could hear just fine.

RT will now be a quarterly meeting instead of monthly. I said, ďThat means all the information will have to be out ninety days before the event.Ē ďYes, thank you. That is my segue. I want all events ready six months out.Ē Wow. So after the meeting I said, ďAkela is six months out. We need to do a meeting.Ē And we did.
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Got to Os around 5 p.m. last night. TC did not want to give up the registration job so I had less to do than I had expected. So I pawned off my Art Class job to MW and S(?). I left shortly after 9 p.m. and made it home in time for Numb3rs.

Returned around noon. RA was holding Court with TC and MC. After he left, they told me the morning had been insane. The ladies werenít at Art at 9 a.m. No surprise. Thatís why I didnít arrive early. Iím not the last minute substitute any more.
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Baloo (cont): TC and MC spent the day chasing cars out of the campsites, dealing w/the so-called medical staff, and defending their actions to RA. One pack arrived pissed off at Council (no surprise) and nitpicked the camps shortcomings to him. So he jumped on TC right before firebowl; I saw them talking but didnít butt in. The CM must have picked up the gist, because he immediately spoke to TC to assure her she was not at fault.

After everyone else had exited firebowl, I started telling her I was heading home. Thatís when she broke down. And cried.
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I told MW to go back w/o me and stayed to talk to her.

Donít let this stuff get to you or youíll burn out. Iíve seen it happen plenty of times.
It is not your responsibility to chase cars out of campsites. It is the rangers.
Donít let him do this to you. Youíre the volunteer.

We ended up having a staff meeting in Admin. I was there until past midnight.

Things went better the next day. She felt better. Everything went smoothly. Most of the people, including RA, left early. I stayed and helped them close down camp.
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R is taking this week off to finish the house. Inspection is this Thursday and her major appliances must be in place. So he had the whole team there yesterday. Today, T came to help so I babysat W. We visited the two houses to the north and chatted with the neighbors. They showed him their chickens. Then I took him to Mamaís house. She was thrilled.

At first he wouldnít go to her, but she eventually won him over. We ate, we walked, we swung , we napped. The tired daddy came over and took home a tired baby.
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Today I feel it. I am achy all over. My brain is in Safe Mode. The past few days have finally caught up with me. Iím glad I didnít move piano to today; I need a not-go day. Yesterday was draining but I loved every minute of it. Having my mama and my grandchild together, just the three of us most of the time meant more to me than I can say. It fixed some of my broken parts.

Iíve been working on my next two ATCs. Income Tax, the one Iím hosting, and RDj, are both due out tomorrow.
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The house inspection was today. R and the new renter met with the HUD guy this morning. The house passed, of course. And he gave her a good talking to about taking care of the place. It is now a lease, not a month-to-month. We are grown-ups now.

I finally got my Income Tax ATC in the mail. It was tougher than I thought to come up with a creative idea. I wasnít satisfied with the results.

So now I start on RDj. Iíve been looking forward to this since I signed up. This one will be so much fun.