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M went home w/ T for no telling how long. I’m encouraging his semi-moving out. We could both use the break. He gets pissed with me so easily that I know his 18 year old self is feeling the need to break away. I remember feeling that way at his age, like my family members were bars of a cage keeping me from being free.…

I ordered a set of Iron Man Trading Cards to help me with my RDj ATC, or at least that is the story I’m sticking with. I’ve been waiting to open them. I'm ready now.
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I asked R out on a date tonight.

I’ve been wanting to see The Soloist since I first heard of it. It opened last week, but Cordele still doesn’t have it, so I searched for it online. I found it in Albany.

Meanwhile, I researched RDj and found Downey Unlimited. The boy is not afraid of getting his picture taken. He can look ugly, plain, or gorgeous. Usually it is gorgeous. And his life has been anything but ordinary. E ticket, all the way.

The Soloist was beyond phenomenal. I bummed extra ticket stubs off the people next to me.
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I’m Jones-ing for the boy.

I haven’t waked up wanting to see, hear, think about a guy in a while. I feel pleasure when I think about him. Sound familiar? This one will be easy to stalk. No f’ing stigma. The pictures have already been taken, are being taken. There are thousands of people who share this obsession; there are articles, websites, facebook pages dedicated to all that is RDj.

But it is more. I want to talk like him, think like him, even dress like him. In that casual looks-like-he-didn’t-think-about-it way.

I’m just a fan. A fanatic. Not neurotic.
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Day Camp is in less than a month. I’m working on it a little at a time. I sent MC my plans for Os from last year. I plan to do them again this year as is as much as possible. Reinvent the wheel? Not so much.

MC called me. AB posted a curious FB message: “AB is in quite a quandry (sic) that cannot be explained at this point. Though extremely interesting information should come down the pipeline by the end of this week. You have been warned.”

We’re he going to leave them in a lurch, too?
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AB posted another ubiquitous FB entry: “AB will do something in the next few days that will piss off many and make others very happy. Others won't care one little bit. Ohhhhhhh, cryptic isn't it?”

Anyway…piano went pretty well, especially considering I missed last week. We spent an hour and a half. I was trying to get my next ATC in the mail b4 the PO closed @ 4:30, but no such luck.

B came by for a few minute. RM is in very bad shape. So is Aunt A. She has head tumors, the kind Uncle M died from.
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I got a call from a lady wanting to volunteer for DC, so I updated the old website and added the volunteer form. And since Geocities is shutting its doors later this year, I’m going to be setting up a new one somewhere else before Akela.

I talked to MC about the t-shirts and emailed Neva a preorder. They wanted me to do it since they think CB poisoned that relationship. I said that was bull. All she did was tell the woman to talk to RA instead of waiting on DS to pay her. They c/b so effin’ melodramatic.
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My Estrace finally ran out, so I reluctantly called Dr. M. Guess what. He left town and moved to Americus. Frick! Every time I find a good dr, she or he leaves. So I called and asked them to phone in a refill. I sent R by. Two scrips I didn't know about were ready when he got there, but that one wasn’t.

SIL came over unexpected. I need to borrow your computer. Ok. Turns out she did the wrong bankruptcy test last time. So I set her up a gmail account. Then I got her started on the site.
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Dr. M's office called. They called in the scrips but he wants to see me. No surprise. Yeah, I was due in March, I told her, but y'all were gone. So I've got two doctor’s appointments the week after DC, Dr M on Monday and Dr R on Friday. June is full.

CL called to say they were coming over tonight. I told her that we were going to the Rylander tomorrow night. She called back a few minutes later asking if we would go to them tomorrow to get M instead of them coming to us tonight. No problem.
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I’ve been working on ATCs all week. I got RDj ATC in the mail on Monday. Then I worked on Quik Turnaround ATC. Now I’m working on Farm Animal ATC. I’ve got Anything Barbie due on Monday. I see others pledged in a dozen swaps. I don’t know how they do it.

We brought shrimp, sausage, and a big pot to the kids’ house. They provided the potatoes, corn, and salad. Together we had low country boil. W loved it.

Then we went to the Rylander. Noise Off was hilarious. I used my hearing thingie and it worked pretty well.
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Happy Mother’s Day to Me!
The kids gave me a coffee cup with “Mom” on it and kitchen towels and pot holders to match. It had “From T, C, W, and M.” I said, “From M? But he never gets me anything!”

So my gift from him is his return home. The dogs went psycho when he walked in. He knelt down to the four furry maniacs, hugged and petted them, and said, “I know you missed me.” It was so sweet. We did.

I spent today working on my calendar and my Barbie ATC. It is due out tomorrow.
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Tax guy came by today. We are all being resurveyed. He asked if we had two bathrooms. I said, “Yes, this is a two bath, four bedroom house.” He changed his “3” to a “4.” I invited him in but he declined.

R came a few hours later to finish her bankruptcy course. She brought K and her bf (a nice, intelligent-looking white guy, BTW). K was supposed to be her typist. Bf had a curfew, so they left and sent T to come back for her. She worked for hours. She finally finished and got through with the course.
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I was on FB when MC IM’d me. She is in a hard panic. Her DC is in a few weeks and nothing is set. AB is falling down on his job again. I kept asking her if such-n-such had been done and giving her some suggestions. She’d already done that. Okay, then do this. They did that back in March. I finally talked her down enough, resent my last year plans for her to modify as needed, and assured her that I would help. Meanwhile, she touched base with the college and discovered more that he had not done.
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Mama emailed me yesterday.
I opened it today:

“H wants to sell the land I gave her to P's sister.… (The sister) wants the access land on H road. Before I sell that to her, I wanted to check with you and see if you, at any time, would want this land. … Let me know your thoughts, C is pushing this for an answer. C called H and asked her if she would sell it. H said she could use the money now. So, do you or don't you want it at some future date. It's up to you.”
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My reply to her, D, M, R:

“I personally would like it to stay in the family. If no other FAMILY wants it, then yes, I am interested. M also talked like one of her girls might be interested AT SOME FUTURE DATE. I would rather it be held until H or one of them CAN do something.

“Did H pay you anything? If not, would she give it back? If anything, I would offer for P to RENT it. That would give H/you rental income. Never get rid of real estate if you don't have to. That's my opinion.”
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From Mama (in all caps, BTW)

“Ok. I am happy with that. I was hoping you would say that. Gets me off the hook with C. I didn't want to sell to her. I like it just like it is. I'll tell her you want it at some future date. We will just sell her H’s 3 acres, if she wants it, and let her find another access road.”

And later (in all caps)…. “Just talked with C. She will probably call you and try to talk you out of access road. So stand firm. Ok!!!!!”

This is getting ridiculous.
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“Hi H,…Just talked to Mama. We both agree that we’d rather you didn't sell the land since we’d prefer YOU and your family move out here at some future date. If you do need money, I will be glad to buy the land from you…willing to sell it back at some future date if another niece or nephew doesn't ask for it.”

H: “Good Morning! I talked to the bank…payoff is $X…. in case you were still interested. However if Gran doesn’t want to sell it then we will just keep the land…. I just wanted to let you know.
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M: “I would prefer you keep it if you can afford to. I’d love for you and your babies to come live out here some day. However, if you MUST sell it to keep from losing it, LMK.”

H: “I just don’t know how soon we would be able to do anything. I just was going to sell it if someone else could do something with it. It’d definitely help us to sell it but I understand that Gran doesn’t really want to, and that’s fine. That is why I asked her when Aunt C came and talked to me.”
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M: “There is no hurry. Take all the time you need. It took us 15 years to have enough equity and credit rating to be able to take the leap. There is no rush. And when the time comes, we will help you any way we can. All you have to do is ask.”
Just us:
J: “When I signed land over, they borrowed to clear land, dig well, etc. they paid for land survey and lawyer fee. Don't know what they spent the rest of money for, but it didn't go toward land.

M: “You could ask her.”
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Meanwhile, in other news…

“…I will soon be leaving the Chehaw Council. I have accepted a position serving as Senior District Executive, starting June 16 in Ocala, Florida….I have had a fantastic time working with all of you these past two and a half years…. I will remain on staff through the two weeks of Day Camp so you don’t have to worry about this causing any problems with showing the boys a fantastic time the first two weeks of June ...

This was actually no surprise.

My DC is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, MC’s is another story.
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Hers is in less than two weeks and things are no better. We met at Os on the 13th and AB gave us a few minutes of his time and claimed he’d done his stuff. We firmed up the t-shirt details and gave him two jobs: p/o# and 5 gal. buckets. We left feeling better but it was not to last…

CiCi had two puppies in the storage room last week. We didn’t even know she was preggers. Apparently, the red poodle next door struck again. One died two days later, so we moved her and the last one inside.
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J: "…P's sister wanted the land. I don't know anything about her so I didn’t want her to have it. I don’t feel I should have to buy back land that I gave away... I realize H needs money right now, but I feel that if D doesn't grow up some, they always will. They’ve been married 4 years, he’s worked at AH, quit to drive trucks, went to car lube shop, to GL, left there for National Guard, stayed 2 months and quit. Came home to go to college as a dental hygienist. Now he’s at a tire place."
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Back to the land....

J: To get her road access, I had to give her more land with the understanding she would deed it back to me when they got settled….

D: He is my concern too. I’m all for helping her but not if it means that he can lie around all day while she works to support him and the kids.

M: I agree that you should not have to buy back land that you gave away. I just don’t want her to sell it to outside the family. So I guess it is worth it to me.
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After a lot of back and forth…

H: I have thought this over and I think it would be best for me to just keep the land. It was given to me as a gift and the only reason I entertained the idea of selling it was because family asked me about it. Once we get the loan paid off I will deed the 3.5 acres back to granny….

M: I like that idea. Except keep the check. Consider it a gift for all the b'days, Christmas', wedding & baby showers I missed. Love you so much! Aunt M.
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So that is settled. H was thankful for the gift and I was thankful it was over. And that nobody got hurt.

We met at Mama’s last night. M’s kids brought people. And we added RR to our bunch. W was the only baby; he loved the attention. No one spontaneously introduced themselves before supper, so when A asked if anyone wanted to say anything, I said, “Well, I’d just like to welcome all the new people….. We won’t embarrass you by making you introduce yourselves— .” M said, “No, let’s do that.” And we all did that circle thingie.
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I got tired of waiting on AB, so I requested the patch design from Premier and sent it to N. AB told me to hold off on the ordering anything until after the deadline. I ordered a few things anyway. I waited until the day after to ask AB for rank numbers. This arrived around 4:30:

“Apparently we didn’t put a line on the application asking for grade/Cub Level…S doesn’t have the time to go through them all and guestimate what level the kids are, and I have a meeting at 4 p.m.”

That was bad enough, but it continued.
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I was already pissed. Then he got condescending.

“so I think we’re going to have to estimate how many will be in each group and if a couple bears have to do a wolves project, or vice versa, they’ll just have to do it.”

At this point I was livid. I immediately called Council but he was gone. So I got MJ on the phone. At first she said there were no DOB’s anywhere. “No dates of birth on the medical forms?! Whose forms did y’all use??!!” She looked for herself. She apologized and read out the information I needed.
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MC had been complaining about AB’s attitude since March. Now he had stung me. I was done with him. I sent him a curt email.

“The DOB's were on back, on the med forms. So I called MJ just now and she read them all out to me.”

The next morning, SH sent the first list to MC w/all info claiming “she would have done it all along if she had known to.” I told MC that these were the things CB knew to do automatically.

MJ said she was going to chew AB a new one. It won’t help.
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We picked up the t-shirts today and they look great. MJ & N did a good job. J brought our apps to RT and I’m getting regular roster updates, so that is okay.

AB’s avoided me since the t-shirt thing, only sending me one or two emails, info he was suppose to get me weeks ago. He’s come through with the Wild Cats on Monday but wants me to let Y kids there, too. After last year w/the L4L kids, it’s anybody’s guess how that will work out. And of course he didn’t get me the buckets like he promised.
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MC is ticked at JP. Since MC wasn’t giving her anything to do, I suggested to JP that she could help by looking around town for supplies. She talked to MC and jumped in w/both feet. So much so that she offended her. MC responded by sending her a long pissy email and CC’ing to RA and MJ.

Meanwhile, AB sent a long email yesterday to MC and me…acting like everything is totally copasetic, like he hasn’t broken more promises than he has kept. And he wants me to get R to cut out his woodworking stuff, too. Effin’ unbelievable.
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Since AB never found me a life guard, I emailed RA on the 22nd , “Do we have a lifeguard for Camp Os yet?” He replied on the 26th: “Yes.” My reply back: “Name??” Finally, on the 28th, AB sent me the guy’s name. M knows him. He is an Eagle Scout. He is also underage, but IDK.

R and I took the t-shirts to camp. MC met us there and helped us sort them. AB never showed. I didn’t have as much woodworking as I thought, so Misty got most of it. R is cutting out my stuff today.
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The kids came over Friday. They were suppose to go to her aunt’s for a pool party on Saturday, but when they got to her dad’s, “he was too tired from partying all night,” so they and RR came over here. R was cutting out my woodworking stuff when they got here, so I talked the guys into helping. They worked, I swung, and C & W played in the back yard.

So I’ve now got enough toolboxes for my camp. I called AB and told him how easy it w/b for him to cut out. I’m sure he will.