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I went to FB yesterday and found out Buddy died.MJax and Farrah I donít care about.But Buddy, he is another story.

Iím pissed at myself b/c Iím still thinking about the visitation.He kissed me before he left, on the lips.I scrunched my face like, Oh, gross.And he all but admitted to their relationship.Basically, marriage licenses and stuff like that donít matter.This from the guy whose wife was going to die if she divorced him and who was committing adultery when she remarried.Interesting.One set of rules for him; another for everyone else.

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I got back to piano after over a month.I started w/the first books and proceeded along.While playing I thought about how grungy I was but put off my shower, thinking, you know...So he got home a little after 3:30 and started rubbing my back."You need a shower."Okay.

We get along much better when we're alone.No kids, no stress.No children.We work; we play; we flirt.

I am amazed at how rude my children can be sometimes, leaving messes and not helping out.Did I raise them t/b this way?Was I this way? ††

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R is off today for Independence Day.So we decided to go somewhere and knock out a few errands.No such luck.I need a new SS card; SS office was closed today.He planned to do the tags; tag place was closed.He wanted to go to Macon but I saw no reason.We need to take a paper to the auto creditors or get it notarized and put it in the mail.I opted for the latter.

The resume should be at ASU by now.Maybe I'll get an interview at least.Iíd really like to work there.

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Independence Day.History and PBS have run patriotic shows so I decided to do a US Flag for my Quick July ATC.I went online and got the proper proportions.Iím using leftover sequins and tons of tacky glue.It is turning out ďinteresting.Ē

The kids came by yesterday and again tonight.Last night they brought M home; tonight they brought RR and LR.My house is getting t/b the place.When W wanted to play on the piano, LR sat with him.She looked interested, so I ended up giving her a quickie piano lesson.It was really fun.

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R threatened to go to church this morning, but I knew he had changed his mind when he wasnít up by 8 a.m.I tend to agree with M:I like church; I just donít like the people.So as my piano practice I got out the old Easy Hymns book and played for a few hours.Later I turned it to Jesse Duplantis.R sat down and watched it with me.

I'm still thinking of the daddy "talk."He was so erratic.I donít know what he was talking about half the time, if I'm being praised or insulted.

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Iím getting back into my inspirational reading again.Iím reading those Proverbs Paces.Some are more thought-provoking than others.Most of them, like the Proverbs, stress the male perspectiveó†† i.e., the ďstrangeĒ woman taking his power. The one Iím reading now stresses the female perspective.It touched on P31.It spoke of discretion.As in, Discretion is the better part of valor.That doesnít mean knowing when to shut-up like I thought it did.††It means considering the consequences of possible actions. Acting, not reacting.Thinking ahead.All those Habits of Highly Effective People.Which is what Falstaff actually meant.

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Dear Mr. A:

After much consideration, I have come to two decisions.First, I will not be seeking reimbursement for my DC 2009 expenses.Second, I am withdrawing from my positions as DC Director, AC Director, and Cub Camp Chairperson.

On June 10, you sent MJ to inform me that you would not fund my FFD event, knowing I had RSVPs coming in and could not cancel at this point.Your excuse was it had not been budgeted for and I had not informed anyone of my intentions beforehand.

To say I was upset by your decision is an understatement.

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It is true that I didnít discuss my plans with AB.Most of the things I did ask of him, he didnít do and told me at the last minute his sources never got back to him.One time he told me that neither he nor the office staff had time (for me).Thatís when I decided to have no more dealings with him.

I didnít think of having it until I heard that one had planned one for TÖ I assumed what was okay for one camp would be okay for another.I asked the only professional at camp.

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And since AB never showed me a budget, I assumed I could spend up to a reasonable amount as long as my camp stayed in the black, and that my camp would not be punished for their campís overspending.Clearly, I was wrong.†††

I promised Iíd stay as long as I was having fun.On June 10, it stopped being fun.

That is the edited version of the letter.I let T and R read it.T made some suggestions on how to sound more professional.R just looked at me like MJ did on that fateful day.Oh, well.

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Mama went to the hospital yesterday to have her cochlear implant.A took her and tended to her.(Love that man!)I called yesterday and today.All is well.She thought she might be totally deaf, but they only did one ear so she still has 40%.Meanwhile, my ear doctor called today.My appointment is in August.

The kids are waiting until Sunday to come over.They want to go out w/o the baby.So we get to baby-sit.So Iíve decided to go see Mama then.We can visit and play with the baby at the same time.

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Home alone w/R all day today.He didnít even go anywhere.Seriously.Just slept, played on the computer, and watched TV.And he joined FB. Meanwhile, I cleaned and read and cleaned and read some more.But it was actually nice.Peaceful.I researched books again, indecisive about what to read next.The dice want me to draw more, btw.I asked what the oldest book is and found that many people had asked that question.The consensus seems t/b Gilgamesh.So I d/l it to read on my pda and started rereading Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, Firestone (2004).

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W came today.His parents had asked us to baby-sit, so after they left we strapped him in his car-seat and headed to Mamaís.He didnít care.He was with Grandma and Grandpa so he was copasetic.

Mama was happy to see us all.With her hearing aid she still does okay so we talked like we usually do.Her job is willing to work with her, so her only true concern is with how the gash on her head looks and how long it will take her hair to look right again.Which tells me she is just fine.

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ďNo, you canít call my mother a bitch.Thatís going too far.ĒI turned around and walked toward the door.He had only been talking for an hour.
ďOkay, well you can just go to hell with her, then.ĒďOkay, thank you.Ē
ďYouíre a little bitch, too, you know.All women are.Ē ďThank you.Ē

This visitation came too soon after the last one.Itís only been thirteen days.He was proving that R could not make him stay away.An hour later I heard something about ďtell your bitch motherĒ and I looked at him likeóI donít think so.

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I went to Albany today to the GACE class.Itís for testing computer skills.More specifically, itís for testing the ability of educators to incorporate computer skills in the classroom.Which for me is a ďduh.ĒIn home-schooling, most of us do that all the time.But we can have a much better child to computer ratio.

I learned a lot and helped a lot.The guy behind me, a public school teacher, knew nothing about computers. ††I invited him to come up and sit next to me.Another woman had taken the test three times.She was freaking out.

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I was assured by some of the old-timers that I would have no problem on the test.† It depends.Iím fine with Word and Excel, but PowerPoint is not my strong-suit.And as for how to incorporate this into a hypothetical class or use other technologies, Iíll have to make my best guess.I went in thinking this would be about computer skills only.When I discovered I was the only one not in the school system, I realized what this class was really for.But for $35, why not.It is something else that can go on my rťsumť.

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I passed!First time taking the test and I passed!There was one question that I totally didnít know the answer, so I skipped it.I donít know what my score was, though.If you fail, they tell you.If you pass, I guess it doesnít matter.Plus they donít want you maybe telling others the correct answers after class.So if you pass, you know you got at least 60%, but you donít know beyond that.Iím cool with that.

So what does this mean?I can maybe work in the school system as a substitute or a parapro.

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The baby-baby came over.He was just what I needed.It was raining and he wanted so much to go out.R withstood for as long as he could.Finally when it slacked off a bit, he toted him around out there.That didnít satisfy him, though.He wanted to play in the back yard.I talked R into putting the kidís shoes on him and trying again.That did the trick.I sat on my swing and watched them play.

And the baby came back.After being gone for a week, he is back.Iím glad.I missed him.

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Iím a Square Foot Gardener!I ordered the official frames. They arrived last week.I got R to help me put them together.Right now we only had enough Melís Mix to fill one, though.I gathered up all my seed packets and we started planting.I took plenty of pictures so we would remember what we put in each section.I told R it had been a few years since I tried so it was time to go again. The dog took over my first attempt; I forget what happened to the second.Maybe third time is a charm.

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Iíve still got sore throat and lethargy.I felt it coming last Monday morning.It may have been why I was not thrilled at having visitors that day.Since then I guess Iíve been going and doing too much to take the time to get over it.So Iíve decided to cancel my dental appointment this week.Iíve got Dr. Ring appointment Friday, anyway.Iíll see what he says.

I talked to TC about Mís Eagle.Right now it w/b at Osborn at the Firebowl.It will involve our two Eagles and one other guy. Iíll find out more later.

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I fired TP today.He only owed $10 on his loan after today, so I just said, donít worry about it.He had long since gotten tired of his duties.He maybe gave me an hour of work.He usually came to me after working all day, so I got the leftovers.When it was every other week he didnít mind so much.When it became weekly, it got to be a bother for him.

Loaning money is always a risk, especially with friends and family.Whether they repay you in time or money, they always resent paying you back.

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For my next book, I decided to read the oldest book I could find.Epic of Gilgamesh, according to everyone who knows about stuff like that, is it.I downloaded it from Project Gutenberg and got started.The preamble is long.It cycles from dreadfully boring to slightly interesting.But my curiosity is piqued.

Iíve learned that it is a compilation of several tales, and the result of several generations of retellings.And it doesnít refute the Biblical flood like so called scholars say it does.It refers to the annual flooding of the area. It isnít sacrilegious after all.

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I finally got House MD ATC out today.It was fun but challenging.I cut out the characters and put them in back with a larger Dr. H in front.I cut out an article title referring to the dangers of drugs and alcohol and glued it between them.I then cut out a couple of vicadin pills.I decided to put them over his eyes like they were blinding him.They ended up looking like hip sunglasses from a distance.It was just the effect I was looking for.A little Mod Podge and he was good to go.

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R told me he is taking off tomorrow.His George Jetson machine had been acting up so they moved him to a 30 years old machine.Today it died while he was using it.So he is using another day of vacation.What with folks getting laid off all around him, I wasnít pleased.We may need those days.But it will be kind of nice to have him take me to the doctorís office tomorrow.

Weíve been getting along more lately.IDK what it is?The fact that he is not working so much.†† Or maybe the frequent sex.
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10:00óMy appointment isnít until 10:20.R theorized that by arriving early, I'd be seen quicker.I lol'd. I know I'll be here an hour.Before I'm called into the room.

11:25óFinally! ††The natives are restless in the waiting area.One woman arrived late and was treated like a walk-in.When she heard that there were still six ahead of her after waiting 1.5 hours, she left.

11:40óHe comes in.I told him about my sore throat and about my last dental appointment.Dr. M said I d/n have to pre-medicate any more.Is the sore throat connected?††

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M has decided to study welding.His great-granddaddy was a blacksmith, so it is in his blood, I guess.Classes start September 1.Between now and then Iíve got to fill out a few hundred forms for him.

I called CCA to let them know about M's GED and to request a transcript for SGTC."They want a transcript even though he has a GED?""This place is nuts.We had to get permission from the Board of Education even though he's 18."††

I also ordered the Japanese course I promised him as his grad present.It starts mid August.

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We are both exhausted.We babysat W last night for about six hours.They left him with us so they could go out on a last date of the summer.She starts back to work on Monday.Her students come back next Monday.I think our guys start back this Friday.

The kid never stopped.Which meant we didnít either.He loves his new play area.R is really impressed with it, as well.He cannot believe how W took right to it.Itís like he just knew what it was all about.Itís perfect for him. I done good.

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It feels weird not having anything scout-wise coming up.Other than Eagle I mean.But that will be simple by comparison.I keep thinking of how TC said I had burned my bridges.Have I?And if I have, is that so bad?

I am glad about how I did it.By waiting a month they knew I wasn't being rash.(TC thought I would ďcool off.Ē)By putting it in writing I got to say my piece without hearing ďyeah, butÖ.ĒAnd this way they knew I was serious .Dead serious .

"I'll grab my balls and leave."

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My summer issue of†Sheet Music Magazine came.Theyíve combined it with Piano Today Magazine.It had a few new features, but the songs in it are still pretty old.But it did get me practicing again.At first I thought I had lost it, but after a couple of days my fingers loosened back up and things started returning.I can tell how far I've come now.I was getting frustrated with how long itís taking to become proficient, but now I'm thinking, so be it.Iím still learning a lot; I'm still having fun. And so is she.

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The renter has been texting R.She wants permission to pay her rent late.We already agreed to the fifth.Now she wants five more days.I told R this was a bad precedent.I asked him when rent was due at her previous place.On the first.But she says that her utility bills are due on the first.I told him mine are, too, plus mortgage and car payments.I told him to tell her that it would be okay, but there would be a late fee.Itís in the contract she signed.He hadnít thought about that.

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R is on a frugality kick.Sort of.We are only buying groceries on the weeks he gets paid.But that is the only real change.Things are still coming through the mail.He is still getting his eBay fix.He uses the excuse of wanting to show me he loves me when he wants to go eat out.But then he gets mad at me for making him stick to his frugality kick.Meanwhile, Iím holding off purchasing stuff.Iím also toying with the idea of going back to work.†† But they are really not going to like it.

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The kids came over today.C had her first week back at school.The kids start back Monday.The teachers were told there will be severe budget cuts on their supplies and stuff.They will not be given consumable workbooks this term; they'll have to make their own.And there will be limits on how much paper they can use.So I gifted most of my old pencils, crayons, and markers to her instead of gifting them to the Scouts.I figure I just donated $300 in day camp supplies.I'll do whatever I want to with my leftover stuff.