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LH called yesterday.  Did you remember you're on for the Used Book Sale tomorrow?  No.  Can you still do it?  Yeah, no prob.  I texted R to let him know. 


We arrived right at 10:00.  I told R there was no reason to be early since we cannot enter before the rest of the patrons.  But they have changed the starting time to 10:15 to give us time to get downstairs without getting stoned for opening the door a few minutes late.


It was constant.  R straightened while I worked.  M's bookcases have made a world of difference in there.

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We went to church today.  I've been feeling the need lately. I almost went back last Sunday.  But I decided to wait one more week until it was officially August and summer was officially over.  They weren't as shocked to see us this time.  We still got a good greeting but it was more Welcome Back than OMG!  And Preacher RF was there.  We shocked each other, neither expecting to see the other.  It was so sweet.  I told R, This feels right.


And Mrs. T came straight to the point.  You ready to get back to piano?  Yes, Ma’am.

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M's Eagle thing is planned for September 5.  It now is a three boy thing, BC, RT, and ML.  And it sounds like it will be really cool.  I told M that I was going in with TC because I knew I couldn’t do a good ceremony by myself, and with the Troop the way it is, that’s exactly what I would have to do.  Plus, mine would be dull and boring.  He said he does not want a big thing.  But I want a something that will be fun and memorable.  Now I'm confident that's what we will have.

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I drove Mama to her ear doctor today.  She got her cochlear kit.  We did okay talking on the way up, but on the way back she was as good as deaf.  She plans to drive herself to her next appointment.  I’m kind of worried.  She could not hear an ambulance coming up behind us today, and she crossed the streets without looking.  She couldn’t even hear me yelling at her to stop.


We went to Goodwill before her appointment. I’ve decided to stop waiting for my clothes to wear out.  I got eight including a Hilfiger t-shirt.  I scored.

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I am so exhausted today.  I knew I would be.  Big yesterday means little today.  I tried to catch up on some of the housework, but I barely made a dent.   So I decided to finish Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon.  He died before completing it but left plenty of notes of how he was considering doing it.  I like his grid synopsis.  I may copy it on my computer to use for reference.  He thinks of his stories in term of Acts, like in a play.  I never really thought of a novel like that before.  I could do that.

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TCM is having a Judy Garland day.  I watched her in a movie with Mickey Rooney this afternoon and in one of her later films tonight.   The difference was remarkable.  It was like it wasn’t even the same woman.  You could see the pain on her face in the last one so clearly, her struggles to be thin in the first.  She didn’t have a classic Type A girly figure, but they tried to press her into one.  According to her biographies, her mother cared only about the money, not what Judy had to go through to be “Judy Garland.”

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Midsouth screwed up.  They were suppose to draft our first payment but sent a late notice instead.  I got on the phone to Felicia, who said, “Oh, don’t worry about that.  It is just a friendly reminder.”  I don’t think so.  I called back later to talk to the head guy.  Thankfully, I got the head woman instead.  When we got it straightened out, she asked if there was anything else she could do for me.  “No—um, well.  You might want to have a talk with Felicia.”  I told her what Felicia said about the notice.  She wasn’t pleased. 

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The baby-baby came over last night.  My house is one big jungle gym to him.  Which is exactly what I want it to be.  The only “No, Baby” he hears comes when he bothers the plant or climbs on the piano.  Anything else has already been locked away.  When I knew he was getting a little cabin fever, I retrieved his shoes and opened the door.  He looked at me like, “I go!”  Yes, you can go outside.  We never got his shoes on him, which he loved.  The grass, sand, even the rocks, felt good to his little feet.
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We went to BS again.  Two teenage brothers came in.  Other than a three year old on the back pew, they were the only kids.  After the service, I told them how nice it was to have some young faces here and asked them where they went normally.  They said they didn’t.  “Wow, I’m surprised.  You two look like church boys.”  They were dressed nicer than some of the men.  They blushed and grinned.  Turns out they use to go when their grandparents were able to take them, but not any longer.  I’ll have to keep an eye on them.
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I was on FB today when MC tagged me.  We chatted for a while, then she got down to business.  She wanted to know if, when I retired, I took R with me.  I told her, “No, and I’m not totally out.”  I guessed where this was going and added, “As for the troop, R is just giving CC time to establish his leadership.”  Seems everyone has been giving CC time to establish his leadership.  His official assistants have not been assisting.  (R had been demoted to Committee Member.)  I told her I’d let R know what was going on.

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I returned to piano today.  I’ve been practicing for an hour a day, so I was better than I normally would have been after such a long break.  I did so-so on some; not so good on others.  She says we’ve done all the easiest songs in the hymn book.  I don’t really believe that.  But if she wants to change course, I’m okay with that.  If she is willing to do pop tunes, maybe 1950’s thru 80’s rock, so much the better.  I wonder what she would say if I brought in a Fake Book.  Would she shoot me?

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I’ve been walking on my treadmill a little.  On Monday I walked during a commercial break, 2-3 minutes.  The next morning I could feel it in my butt.  I though, OMG, I am out of shape.  So Tuesday I walked 5 minutes.  This morning I felt it in my legs as well.  So today I walked 10 whole minutes.  I was bored the whole time. 


I finally got Christian Verse ATC out.  The recipient is a Gnostic Christian.  I researched it and a verse Wisdom. I put it with a “Mother of God” portrait and trimmed it with thin raffia.

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I finally got some Eagle invites in the mail.  BS, TJG, and CH are in the mail; GJ is on the “to mail” thingy.   We asked M whom he wanted to give his Eagle Charge.  He said BS.  So R asked him Monday night if he would.  Of course he said yes. 


So far they are doing it all.  They are kindly keeping me informed and getting my opinion on things.  I’ve been the deciding vote on a few things.  And I’ve spent nothing so far.  My decision to get with TC on this was brilliant.    In my humble opinion.

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Yesterday I woke up to knees aching so I decided to lay off the treadmill.  Apparently ten minutes is too much right now.  So I did a little yoga instead.  I bought a book at the Used Book Sale that I remembered checking out long ago.  It is Richard Hittleman’s yoga 28 day exercise plan (c. 1969).  The first day is really simple, consisting of just three exercises:   chest expansion, back stretch, and cobra, each done very gently.  Day 2, done today, had each done a little more intensely plus three more done gently:  triangle, knee stretch, and simple twist.  

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The baby-baby came over last night for a few hours and today for a few minutes.  Yesterday his aunt LR came with them.  Since RR has moved out, and since she cannot drive yet, she’s stuck at home.  The sisters got to talking about how their dad acts when he has been drinking too much.  He and his live-in, an otherwise nice lady, have begun having drunk arguments.  T & C decided to go visit tonight.  They hadn’t been in over a month.  My house is cluttered and we do not always have lots to eat.  But we are sober. 

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We went to BSBC again—third time in a row.  I started to skip but thought of the two boys from last week; turns out they didn’t come today.  But I learned a few more names.  One guy did a special, “Just Over In The Glory Land.”  I recognized it so I sang with him, not really thinking about it.  Afterwards, he said, “You looked like you knew that song I was singing.”  “Absolutely.”  I told them about Richwood.  “We sang it at the old folks’ home.”  Turns out, it was from the old blue Baptist hymnal.  I remember those.

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I had an appointment today with Dr. G. in Albany.  I arrived about five minutes early and settled in.  I’m used to Dr. R’s hour long wait, so I was surprised when they called me almost immediately.  I went through a pre-interview, visit with the doctor, hearing test, and post-visit with the doctor.  I never waited anywhere more than five minutes.  I was in and out in under an hour.  My hearing is same as it was last year.  And he says I have a “crooked septem.”  That explains the unevenness I feel in my breathing when I lie down. 

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I went to the DCPL afterwards.  They’ve changed things around a lot.  I checked out three books, one on Gilgamesh, one a suggested reading list, the third a book titled Love Letters of Great Men (Doyle, c. 2008).  It was featured in the movie Sex and the City, only at the time it didn’t really exist.  It was a fake.  But there was so much call for it after the movie that someone commissioned it.  Knowing that, I couldn’t resist.


Meanwhile, I’m reading Frankenstein (M. Shelley).  The night I started the weather was perfectly frightful; it set a wonderful mood. 

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I’m almost a pianist!  I understand more of the music scores I see. 


Mrs. T asked if I wanted her to order me some Christmas music.  I said I’d rather do the ones in the hymn book and reminded her that she’d said we had already covered all the easiest songs in it.  She said we could continue as long as I wanted, until I felt it was too hard for me.  I told her about going to the bookstore in Albany. “There was nothing at my level.”  “Most students don’t get to this level.”  That made me feel good.

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I finished reading Frankenstein (M. Shelley) last night and started researching it today.  The novel is nothing like the movies.  There is no Igor, no lightening bolts; no “It’s alive!”  Although Victor never named the creature, popular culture has given it the eponym of its creator.


Meanwhile, another Frankenstein came to my door.  It had been over a month since I said, “You cannot call my mother a bitch.”  The creator stayed in the car; the creature came to the door.  


Unlike the guy in the novel, this one was short and stupid.  I was not afraid.  I was ready.

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The baby-baby didn’t come today.  We had cooked ribs with peas and carrots.  It was seriously good.  If they come tomorrow, they can have it then.  I’m not too surprised that they didn’t make it.  Since school started, C has looked more tired.  Plus, she needs a good twenty-four hours with W before she’s ready to share.  I totally get that.


I’ve started reading Gilgamesh (Stephen Mitchell).  This story is wild.  It’s arrogant, erotic, insulting, and irresistible.   And that is just the first episode!  Shamhat is my kind of girl.  I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story.

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I finally got Hand Drawn ATC in the mail.  The only problem I had was deciding what to draw.  I finally jumped back into my drawing book for inspiration.  After doing a few lessons, I found a sketch of mailbox that I liked.  It was above my talents, but I tried it anyway.  I drew two, and then colored the scene with my Sharpies.  I snapped a picture and sent it on its way. 


The baby-baby came over today.  The ribs disappeared, as did two bananas.  The young’un’s first confirmed word was “nana”—for the fruit, not the old lady. 

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When they started to leave, I said, “M, are you going with them?”  “I dunno.”  “T, that means he wants an invitation.  When he says ‘I dunno,’ he wants to be invited.”  He got his invite, grabbed his computer (which means he will be gone about a week), and skipped out of the house.  I was glad.  At 18 he is craving a bigger world.  School starts for him September 1.  Thank goodness.


I’ve been craving a bigger world, too.  I’ve got to do something besides clean house and play on the internet.  There is more to me than that.

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The silence is what gets to me.  I love it and I hate it. 


The leading contenders for “what to do next” are:   part-time minimum wage job, babysitting in my home, school parapro, and hospital office worker. 


R asked if he should get a second job.  I said before he got a second job, I would get a first job.  And before I get a first job, the 18 year old will get a first job.  Besides, September 1, M starts school.  And I’m his ride until he gets his full license.  Maybe I should take a class there myself.  

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Just Over In The Glory Land” is my new hymn this week.  I liked it so much when the guy sang it and then noticed me singing it with him, so I asked her to get me a copy.  She suggested we do it as a piano piece.  She got me a copy that is written in shape notes.  And very small print.  I may need my glasses.  But the shape notes do make it easier to read.  I’ve always been fascinated by them.  Ever since we went to that Sacred Harp church, I’ve want to learn how they work.

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I finished reading Gilgamesh.  It is cult-worthy.  I’m even more convinced than before that Barbie is a modern Ishtar, which makes Ken our modern Gilgamesh.  And Enkidu is G.I Joe, btw. 


I’ve got a few more invites to do for M’s ceremony.  I recently thought about adding Dr. F to the list.   I’ve got to print up pictures for PS so he will know who this kid is inviting him.  And Mrs. T.  I keep forgetting to bring one with me so I’m just going to mail it.  I’ve emailed the rest.  Now R just needs to call his sisters.

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The New Lifetime Reading Plan (c. 1997) lists its recommendations by circa, which is really cool since I’ve long considered reading the classics in approximate chronological order.  I had checked out Mr. Fadiman’s earlier version and photocopied his list; I found it stuck in my copy of How to Read and Why (Bloom).  The older version limited itself to Western literature.  This one is more diverse.  The first two books listed are Gilgamesh and The Iliad, both of which I’ve already read.  The next book is The Odyssey.  I’ve already read a condensed version.  Now I’ll read the big one. 

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R has to work tomorrow.  Just when I’m debating whether I’m to go into the job market, he gets put back on overtime.  Which means, no, I’m not.  I’d considered making tarot cards and finding out what to do that way.  I guess this saves me the trouble. 


I called and confirmed that they were coming tomorrow instead of today.  Then I suggested another video night.  I’m working through our old ones and some we got at the library for free.  I’m finding some stinkers (39 Steps), some weirdoes (Nightwatch) and some good ones (The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Lady Vanishes). 

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We went to Os today to preplan the Eagle Court of Honor.  It was suppose to be at 5:00 p.m. but TC texted that she’d be 45 minutes late, so we delayed, arriving around 5:45.  We were the first ones there. Eventually JT drove up.  She decided to inspect the firebowl.  T & MC arrived and we drove to the dining room.  After debate, we set up chairs along the perimeter of the room  We are putting the display tables at the north end near the (empty) fireplace, the food in the middle, and the meanderers at the south end.

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I’ve got a busy week ahead of me for a change.  Tuesday, I’ve got to take M to SGTC to enroll for classes and then try to make it to piano on time; Friday, I’m meeting the girls in Albany to finish preparations for the reception.  Meanwhile, I’ve still got to make M’s Eagle display and get Tiki torches.  On the ATC front, I’ve almost got Posiedon ready to go tomorrow.  The next two swaps are due tomorrow, too.  Oh, well.


Regarding yesterday’s meeting, I told R that I’m mainly there to break ties.  For when they disagree—not if. 

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The baby-baby came over yesterday afternoon.  He is nuts about those animals, as are they about him.  I love it when he talks baby talk to them.  And he found the tambourine I laid on his desk; I try to put something new (meaning different) on it each week. But the Elmo sounds book is still his favorite. 


I finished reading Love Letters (Doyle).  Some were sweet, some were funny—like Napoleon’s jealousy, and for good reason, concerning Josephine.  So far none are as heartrending as I had expected.  None have touched me like they touched Kerry in the movie.