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I ordered two of Mís school books yesterday from Amazon, one for $31 and the other for $53.I still need to order one more.He got a book voucher for $100, but the school took $50 of it for various lame reasons.Why they didnít just give him a $50 voucher and be done with it is beyond me.††

As of today, it is 85 days until Christmas.W will be about 21 months.Iím already looking forward to it.Because this year he will really notice things.It will be fun to watch Christmas through his beautiful eyes.

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Good friends are valuable; stupid friends are expendable.

So I wasted three hours today.TC asked me to be at Os since she had to work.I got there a little after 4 p.m. to people waiting already.I let them in and prepared to do registration.TC and MC arrived and ran me up.TC asked me to help MC, but MC didnít want my help.I did a little, then decided, screw this.I greeted a few people, like my cousin TH, waited for R to arrive, and announced that, unless I was needed Iíd mosey on home.

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R has been eagerly awaiting this day for months.Braves versus Washington in Atlanta.The game originally started at 7:00 p.m., but Fox thought they were going to still be in contention so they bought the rights and moved the game to 4:00 p.m.We left around 12:00 noon and got to the field in plenty of time.It was hot as blazes.†† By 7:00 p.m. there was a chill in the air.The game stayed interesting, but in the 11th inning they lost 6 to 4.Oh well. We still had fun and it brought back memories of 1982.

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I am so exhausted; I knew I would be.

The big news:no Olympics for Chicago.Good.They donít need it.It went to South America for the first time ever.And of all places, it went to Rio de Janeiro.Cool.That was the setting of my unpublished novel.I studied the country so thoroughly from the one book our library had.There was no internet in those days.And when that one book went on sale in the Used Book Store, I snatched it up.So Iím excited that my country was picked to host the next Olympics.

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I got online today to find a bitch in my inbox.

MC ďsaw you take [two books] yesterday....If those items or any of the other items that seem to be missingÖwere your personal items, then certainly you are entitled to them. But if they were removed for any other reason, it is certainly causing a hardship Ö. Any information you can give us about the wereabouts of these materials will certainly be appreciated."

She doesnít care about those books.Sheís accusing me of stealing ďthe other items.ĒHe has restricted their budget and she is taking it out on me.

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I calmly explained my reason for taking the books.

ďÖSo when I saw the books under some stuff, I was surprised.I figured if they were not going to being used, or worse, were going to be forgotten, Iíd Ö use them next year.If this was the wrong thing to do, I apologize.

As for "any of the other items that seem to be missing from Handicraft" I don't know.Since I didn't ask to be reimbursedÖ, I did take some of that stuff home with me back in June.The rest went in those orange Home Depot buckets."

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ďYes, this was the wrong thing to do. If you took those books during UOS Ö [they] should have actually been returned at the end of UOS. However, seeing as that didn't happen and they ended up with the Cub Events stuff ,as I previously stated Terri and myself have done an inventory and know exactly what is there. So it needs to be returned.

ďIf you needed a book for display this year, you should have called the council office ... Same will be true for future years, if you are the one that still does that training.Ē

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Iím pissed at myself for trying to placate her by saying ďIf this was the wrong thing to doĒ when it wasnít and at her for being a council whore.I held my ground:

ďI've tried all that.I've seen my requests lost, misplaced, forgotten, ignored, what-have-you.Promises made and broken.Rules changed on a whim.I've been held to standards others have not.Bit my tongue to the point that it bleeds.

ďIf it was really about the books, you should have said something Friday before I left, given me the benefit of the doubt.I deserved that much.Ē

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I knew it wasnít really about those books.She couldnít give a flying ratsí terd about them.I knew what this was about.

[Continued] ďAt University of Scouting, I asked Terry before I left if she still needed me at 4:00 on Friday and she said yes.When did that change?I would have stayed home if someone had called/emailed/texted me.I would have left when you two got there if either of you had said anything.

The wrong thing to do.Interesting concept.

Friends usually choose kindness; others find fault.Ē


The last sentence says it all.And more.

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Iíve been sick since Tuesday, sore throat, headaches, and lethargy.So I cancelled piano and took two blue Tylenols.I slept 18 hours.Iím better, but still tired.

I havenít had any more nasty emails.Iím surprised.Itís not like MC to let someone else have the last word.And I am disappointed in TC though; she never spoke up for me.I guess sheís changed her mind about needing me to sub for her when she has to work.So be it.Itís like at church:if you wonít do the hard jobs for nothing, you can just leave.

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Iím still upset about the way T spoke to me Friday.I was playing w/ W on the treadmill while I straddled it.When he tumbled I turned it off and said, "You okay?"He was.Then T came in upset and jumped on me.He took W and went outside.I unplugged the treadmill and went to my room.After a few hours, he came in and we talked.He says he had announced the rule; I never knew of it.

We parted amicably but Iím still hurt. Iíve never spoken to my mama the way he did me.

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We went to BSC yesterday.Rev. RF spoke on ďThe Doctrine of Irresistible Grace.ĒIt basically says that only those God has preselected will be going to heaven.It sort of takes the pressure off preachers.If one converts few while others convert many, itís not his fault.

At some point during the sermon, my mind started wandering.I concluded that sermons are like horoscopes.We bring much of the message with us.The same words or concepts hit each people in a unique ways.And the same verse takes on a different meaning at different times in our lives. †

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K's baby was born Friday. It's a boy, 9 lbs 3 oz.He was breach so they had to do a C-section.But since sheís fifteen, she should be okay.And the dad is still in the picture.As a matter of fact, heís in the Military.

I waited until Monday to visit since I didnít feel good and wanted to wait until he got home.He is a little cutie, but right now he is jaundiced. Both mine were, too, so I recommended they set up his seat in front of the window so he could get some sun.

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At Piano yesterday, I worked on Silent Night.Itís one she presented a few years ago for a teacher and student to do together.That time I could not do it.We will see about this year.

I went with R & M to look at a 1991 GMC Sonoma truck, dark blue with automatic shift.R actually saved up for it in M's credit union account so we could pay cash and would not have yet another expense.Good.They're coming too fast lately.And with his time cut down, we are not getting rid of them as quickly.

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On Monday, Dr. Phil had a show on cheating spouses.He asked his audience how many of them would leave after finding out their husband had cheated.Most raised their hands.I donít know that I believe them.A lot of women tolerate cheating before they get married, thinking marriage will change him.When that doesnít work, they think a baby will change him.After that, they cannot leave because of the children, because of a desire to keep the family together.I donít know if he cheated before they married, but the rest is my mama to a tee.

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I am slowly catching up on my ATCís.I got Bee ATC out Monday.Halloween Black Cat ATC is due next.I havenít decided how Iím going to do it, though.††

R asked me to baby-sit today while she left to do one of her odd jobs.K is still nervous about being alone with the baby.I didnít mind, but I was surprised when I realized that TP was there, too.He was asleep in the other room.So she wouldnít have been alone after all.But the baby wasnít hard to keep at all. I actually had fun.

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RAL called this morning, needing me to watch K & T again.I got over there around 10:30.They were asleep so I cleaned for a while and watched the History channel.A show came on called Cults:Dangerous Devotion.Naturally, I was intrigued.They covered the usual guys, Manson, Jones, Koresh, and added Warren Jeffs. It made me think about my dad, of course.He wanted to be a cult leader.He, in all this time, has managed one disciple, who even he admits is not the brightest bulb on the string.He blames the goatís milk.And mama.

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This was another Akela weekend.It feels weird not to go at all.Especially since I think this was the weekend that TC had to work and had asked me to help out.But I also know that even if MC had not shown her ass, I still would not have enjoyed it.It would have broken my heart so see my golden goose being strangled.And now Iím available for other things.And the absence of all that junk in my front bedroom is wonderful.But I still worry.Iíve seen that look of disappointment in a boyís eyes.

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I babysat again and met the babyís other grandma, GP.I was surprised when she showed up and then hung around.So around 1:30 pm I asked her how long she was staying.Oh, you can leave if you want to.I did. So I did. ††

We talked a good bit. I learned a lot about her son, T.Turns out, he is in the National Guards at Basic Training.Good.If he were full time he would probably be stationed far away.They are still very much in love so I would hate that for all three of them.

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Silent Night, two handed version, was approved as played.As a matter of fact, she was impressed that I could do the student part and the teacher part equally well.So she asked, ďYou want to do it out of the hymn book now?ĒSure.

I finally ordered the FlyLady calendar.Iím trying to get R into the habit of putting stuff on the calendar, especially since I am no longer involved in Scouts.Meanwhile, Iím wondering, what am I supposed to be involved in?Am I to be a stay-at-home grandma or a working girl? Iím not really sure.

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The Holiday Cruising Missions started on Monday.Iíve already downloaded the Holiday Control Journal.I dug out my old one last week and cleaned it out a bit, moving it to a bright red folder.I also started a gift idea bank based on my record of gifts I had given in previous years.Now Iíve got to ponder ďsome of the basics that are necessary for the way that you celebrate the holidays.Ē†† My basics are:My Family Christmas Day Dinner, Christmas cards, Christmas tree and decorations, the yard decorations, Aunt Rís house, Mamaís house, Aunt Cís houseÖand presents.

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I took ET to the hospital today.Turns out, she is in really bad shape.Her doctor put in a bypass in 2002 because all her arteries were blocked.Now her bypass is blocked, too.And he refuses to do anything else since she is still smoking and eating poorly.I told her, ďHeís ready to just dig a hole and throw you in.ĒShe is extremely depressed.It upset her that none of her immediate family was willing to take her.I told her kids donít like seeing Mama when she is not all right.It freaks them out.

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After I got back, I went to our library to check out the Confucius Analects. ††They didnít have it.Albany does, of course, plenty of copies.But ours, nope.So I checked out the Greek plays instead, since they are listed next.

The kids came over but Matt didnít go home with them tonight. Heís planning to get his license tomorrow.I told T that Iím afraid he will fail.He told M, who asked me why.I said, I havenít seen you study or practice.I told him his Aunt DS and his Uncle GB both failed the test.

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The Driverís License place is closed on Saturday.They wouldnít call or check last week like I told them to.I wouldnít either since M insists on his dad being the one to do it with him.If you want to do it yourselves, then you get to do it all.Even the parts you donít like.

T has decided to sell his old truck so he came over today to get the title.He grabbed M also and headed for the Rís house.He says theyíre trying to let Ms. D know they like her by visiting them more.

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We went to BSC today and then to the S Family Reunion.There was a good crowd this year.My baby-baby had a lot of fun letting everyone know he was present.And he, once again, was the youngest one there.Next year it should be N & Mís new baby.

They did a trivia game this time.The subjects were DWS & CPS.Uncle C brought his huge book of genealogy information and pictures.It reminded me that I want to get back into our genealogy research. Now the W is here, thereís good reason to do it right.

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Today is the day Yahooís Geocities shuts down.Meaning, it is the day my cpack270 website finally and officially ends.I think I had it up for seven years. In the beginning I updated it many times a week; in the end I updated it less than once a month.Dr. CL started one a few years ago, but I donít know if it is as active.Since yesterday at the Family Reunion, TFH said that P270 is really unorganized right now.(As was Akela 1, btw; more on that later.)But, if they donít care, then why should I?

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That woman loves Christmas music.And duets.She gave me another Christmas duet to work on this week as well as an extra Christmas piece.She hasnít given me this much homework in years.

Iím still debating the job search thing.Iíve told R that he is not going to be happy if I get a job.You wonít either, will you?I said, Well, Iíd be okay, but not if this house ends up going to pot.Yíall would have to do a lot more.He looked unconvinced.He still doesnít see what all I do.I know that.

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This is beyond hilarious.We took the black and white cat to the vet yesterday to be spayed.We went back today and the doctor told us, ďThis cat is a boy.ĒR and I thought he was joking with us.ďNo, itís not.ĒTurns out, M sexed the cat wrong.I never checked for myself; I just took his word for it.Anyway, the vet went ahead and neutered him.Iíve never had a cat neutered before.I guess weíll see if it really does make any difference in his behavior.Meanwhile, Iíve changed his name to ďBoy Kat.Ē

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You never know who is going to spot you on FB.I got an email from a woman named LMB who wanted to add me as a friend.It took me a while to recognize who she was.I totally didnít know her from her picture.Then it hit meóOMG.I havenít thought of her in years.I clicked to approve.When I researched her friends list I saw others from our class, some that I donít remember.Like, today, a DP wanted to add me.Iíll have to pull out my annual, since I donít recognize her yet.

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I picked up M from school today around ten. We had some time to kill, before our appointment, so I headed to RALís.Kís tutor was there, so R handed me the baby and started cleaning and cooking. I didnít mind.T is coming along fine; K is another story.She is still very immature, putting her wants before the babyís needs

Later, we went to the DMV.† Although we had an appointment, of course we had to wait.When he finally took the driversí test, he made a seventy-something.Enough to pass.So now he is an official driver.

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Tonight is Halloween, but you wouldnít know it around our house.I have candy that we won at the family reunion to hand out just in case, but it has been years since weíve had a trick-or-treater.Tonight was no exception.It is also the night that Akela was going to have a hay ride, jugglers, and other fun.(Or as much fun as the budget will allow, anyway.) But no one has contacted me since the incident, so we didnít go.Itís my first total no-show in possibly ten years.It feels really strange.

I guess Iím finally out.