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Today is M’s 19th birthday.  He celebrated it by not going to school today; I celebrated it by joining Fish World on facebook.  This could be adictamating.   Meanwhile, I left the birthday boy alone; he slept past noon. 


I asked him what he wants for his birthday, but he hasn’t decided anything.  Normally I would just slide him a C-note and be done with it.  Unfortunately, all my C-notes flew the coop and I have no excess funds.  I’m generous when I can be and not when I cannot.  And I’ve really tightened the frugality screws.  I said I would.

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Piano lesson today:  the new songs this week are Take Time to Be Holy ( Longstaff; Stebbins)  plus one I’ve never heard of that goes on for pages and pages.  It is to replace my lesson book.


Black and White Cat is back at the vet’s office.  I was checking him out the other day and noticed his bone was exposed.  He had pulled all the stitches out and reopened the wound.  R and I took him back to the vet today for another overnight visit.  I’m beginning to think the cat is getting me back for having him neutered. 

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The unexamined life is not worth living. (Socrates, The Apology)


The Republic is a difficult read.  Socrates and friends debate justice and injustice, as well as the “rights” of certain people to lead.  The best guys, naturally, are the philosophers.  His story of the people in the cave thinking what they see is real is pretty thought-provoking.  Each person thinks his experience is the experience, that everyone else is inside the cave watching shadows and believing them to be truth.  Instead of a “shadow of a doubt” we have a “shadow of the truth.”  The Truth, does it even exist? 

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I’ve already made it to level 10 in fish world.  I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun playing this silly game.  I go in every day and feed my fish, clean my tank, sell my fish, buy some more fish, and buy some new stuff for my tank.  I visit other friends’ tanks, too.   If theirs needs work done, I earn some more coins and experience points that way.  Some of these folks are really into this stuff.  AO is only 13 and has her tanks done up like a true professional.  She is not very far behind her mom. 

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We planned M’s birthday party for today and invited Mama and A to join us.  M had requested hot dogs, so R took it to the next level and made chili and slaw to go with.  Unfortunately, the kids were expecting an important package and were a no show, so no baby-baby tonight.  RR came, thank goodness.  When the kids called to officially say they were not coming, they invited the two brother-in-laws over.  “And bring food,” they requested.  M and R happily obliged; we sent tons of stuff with them.  Meanwhile, I got a good visit with my mama. 

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Today has been a quite, sleepy day.  R hates quiet, sleepy days.  Last night we were talking and I asked Mama and A what they had been up to lately.  Nothing.  She mentioned how she liked staying home and A likes to go places.  I told them about my “not go” tendencies and how R hates it.  I said, “I’m a third generation not-goer.  Grandma didn’t go anywhere, mama likes to stay home, and I do too.  After all, I pay the mortgage every month; I want to get my moneys worth.  And with gas prices, going anywhere costs money.

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The baby-baby came around 11 a.m. today.  The thing they were waiting for, a cover for T’s jeep, finally showed up around 8 p.m..  I told them to just go see their Grandma J and all would be fine.


At 3 p.m., my sons went to the church to discuss restitution for M’s shenanigans.  They said the men were surprised they actually showed up.  For now they just want $100 for fertilizer.  Before the meeting was over, the men started talking about stupid stuff they did when they were young.  I think my son is now part of some brotherhood.

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B&W cat did it again.  He pulled his latest stitches out and exposed even more bone this time.  I sent him back to the vet via M.  He went back later and returned with a very drunk cat.  This time the vet bandaged him up so that he cannot undo the stitches.  IDK, this cat is a strong-willed (hard headed) kitty.


There is another new baby.  AM gave birth to a health baby boy today.  They posted a picture of little KAM on FB within hours.  Now I need to go to Wal-Mart and pick up his baby shower gift. 

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Belinda came over today.  She has made her first ATC.  It is of a pig and she is so proud of it.  She let me look at it and asked me to make some suggestions.  I gave her some ideas and gifted her a pack of ATC cards that I got from OT a few months ago.  She is having the same problem I did with cutting exactly 2.5 x 3.5 rectangles.

Before she left, RL and KW came by with the new baby.  He is totally adorable.  His other grandma dotes on him every weekend.  I can see why.

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I was almost late for piano yesterday because of all my visitors.  I hugged and kissed the baby, then apologized for having to leave.  I still got to there a few minutes after three, my usual time.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t practiced much and it showed.  I’m still working on the eternal song, Spirit if ’76 Sonatina (Frank Lynes, Op. 39, No. 1 from American Sonatinas (Level 5), Schaum, © 1963.)  This thing is six pages long. 

My hymn for this week is All Hail the Power of Jesus Name. (Lyrics: Edward Perronet; Music: David Smithers).  And it is a doozy.

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Why do I try?  I got an email from our library that the book I asked for, Confucianism : the analects of Confucius, had come in.  I went by today.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  I told them about the email.  She checked.  “It is still on hold.” Okay.  “So when it does come in, will I get a phone call or something?”  “No.  You’ll get an email.”

So I renewed my Three Plays book and checked out another on my reading list, Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War.  That will keep me for now.

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Snow had been expected for the longest time.  It finally arrived around 4 p.m., shortly after R got home.  When it got going good, I put on my red gloves and rabbit jacket and trekked out in the centimeter of fluff.  We took plenty of pictures and got more as it began to stick.  It didn’t last long—the rain came and washed it all away—but we got our evidence.  It reminded me of the first time, when we lived in the trailer.  It was just the two of us then; it was just the two of us today.

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The snow is gone except for a few patches here and there.  I wasn’t surprised.  This is south Georgia, after all.  The pictures turned out really cute; the one of the snowflakes falling in front of the house is really beautiful.  Meanwhile, we are bundled up in our blankets and Snuggie watching TV.

My book right now is Three Greek Plays (Edith Hamilton).  I got it since it had Euripides’ The Trojan Women, which is on the reading list.  It is an antiwar play.  In 1937, the copyright of this book, it was quite timely.  It’s just as timely today.

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Today is Valentine’s Day.  My Girl World tank is filled with heart-shaped and lovey-dovey everything.  Meanwhile, R got me a double-stack box of chocolate from Wal-Mart. 

RL and JH came over, one for a tax return, the other to place an order.  J has learned his Uncle R can get him whatever he wants.  He’s due back next Sunday to pick up his stuff.

The baby-baby came over.  I was sitting in my chair and he didn’t see me.  I peeked around and grinned at him.  He ran to me and let me hug him.  I almost cried in happiness.

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I hit Level 20 in Fish World today.  Lots of new stuff opened up, including Security Creatures.  I promptly bought a lobster and put him in Girl World.

I read Ms. Hamilton’s translation of Prometheus Bound, the second of the three plays.  Some things were a little clearer, like the birds coming to feast on him over and over again, and his adamant refusal to acquiesce no matter what the pain he must go through.  Of course, he knows the future.  He knows for certain that his pain is necessary.  The rest of us just have to ride it out.

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No piano today; she has something else going on. 

I was in my gown—a flylady no-no—when the doorbell rang.  I’d been getting premonitions so I didn’t answer it.  Later that day, another knock.  “I have a delivery,” says my sister. Turns out it was FedX this morning.  “Do you want to come talk to your earthly father?  There might be a $20 in it for you.”  No, thank you.  “Now, we don’t want to see you in h-e-double l.”   No, thank you.  Something else, yada, yada, and they left.  Later Mama called me.  Mr. JC passed away Sunday....

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The Funeral was today.  I’d planned on going with Mama and A but he wanted to be there an hour early.  They went to the visitation last night and said there were cars everywhere.  So they figured the church would be packed.  (It wasn’t.)  I was running late so I decided to drive myself.  I asked for directions.  Big mistake.  He told me the wrong road and R told me the wrong church.  I drove around an extra 15 minutes, then happened upon a churchyard full of cars.  “Is this the JC funeral?”  Yep.  I was still 15 minutes early. 

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M decided to go to the sheriff’s office today and pay the restitution.  You want me to go, too?  Yep.  So we got there and went to see the officer who has been handling this.  Turns out, the retired police officer was wrong.  This is a civil matter so M is supposed to pay the money straight to the injured party.  The sheriff’s office cannot accept any monies.  This is between M and the church.  I’ve been telling M the whole time, welcome to bureaucracy.

I got tagged.  Some bitch got pissed because I sent her ATC a month late.

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Playing in the fish tank is seriously cutting into my morning TV time.  Though I don’t think I’ve been missing much, lately.  Ever since Dr. Phil brought back the “Dr. Phil Family” on Mondays, I’ve not been watching on Mondays.  But I watched some today.  It was about in-law issues.  As a mother-in-law, I’ve often thought how fortunate C is that I started watching Dr. Phil years before they started dating.  I was able to just let everything happen without getting freaked out.  When others said they were seeing each other too much, I didn’t listen.  And I was right.

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Okay, I did freak out about one thing—the elopement.  I didn’t mind them getting married; I expected them to get married.  But I thought I would be there to witness it.  I thought I would get to wear a horrid dress and uncomfortable shoes and get to be the Mother of the Groom.  I thought I’d get to hold R’s hand and cry during the vows.  I thought there would be people and pictures, and an event. But there wasn’t. 

But I did get a Bridal shower done.  I practically had to force it on them, but that’s okay.

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Getting behind in my journal caused a slight glitch.  What I recorded as happening on the 16th and 17th actually happened a week later on the 23rd and 24th. 

I got the following email from D on Wednesday:

“I talked to J and M tonight. JC is at Emory and is on life support. They are giving him an antibiotic treatment for two days. If that doesn't work, then they will suggest removing him from life support. M said that they would do that on Saturday if it came to that.”

Mr. C passed away today.  The funeral is Wednesday.

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MF came by on Saturday, KH came today, and RL’s return is still giving me grief.  I expected it to get rejected, so I wasn’t surprised when it did.  But I was surprised by why it got rejected.  Because it got rejected for the wrong person.  With the daddy claiming the baby when he hadn’t supported him, I figured that would trigger the rejection.  But it wasn’t for the baby; it was for the little mama.  Who claimed her?  This is crazy.  So now we get to paper file after all.  I’m definitely going in the whole on this one. 

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Notice from the Rainey Family Funeral Service website  (edited):

Funeral services for JC will be held at Bethlehem Freewill Baptist Church. Burial will follow at Cedar Creek Cemetery.  Mr. C, 74, passed away Sunday at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta after a lengthy illness.  He served in the Georgia National Guard and was an active member of Bethlehem Freewill Baptist Church and the Clements Communtiy Club.  He was a journeyman electrician and a member of the IBEW.  He is survived by his wife, four children and their spouses, twelve grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  The family may be contacted at the residence.

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I recorded the first part on the 17th; here is the rest:


The Funeral:  When I got there the girls were sitting on the pew behind Mama and A.  I thought to myself, Why are they not with the family?  I especially thought it when the family filed by and all the other grandkids were in line.  Mar motioned to her girls to come on and get in line. 


The funeral didn’t last long.  At the end we sung Amazing Grace.  Mama and A decided to walk to the graveside service.  So me and my stick tottered on after them.

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Mama asked if I’d heard from them lately.  Um, yeah.  Yesterday.  Turns out they called her house.  She, too, checks before answering.  She didn’t and was worried that something might be wrong with them.  I told her I no longer go out there.  He did an “over the line”; if I go he’ll just do it again.  But they looked fine to me. 

Which makes me wonder:  If they heard about JC’s death then they probably have a message for someone.  I was probably their first choice of messenger.  When I wouldn’t play, I wonder if they tried Mama next.

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Tonight the guys came over without C.  T says she has pink eye (yuck!).  I didn’t know people still got stuff like that.  So instead of a proper meal, the guys popped pizzas in the oven.  I had a few slices.  I found out later…I should’ve had a salad instead. 

I tried renewing Three Greek Plays online yesterday but the PINES website wouldn’t let me.  So tomorrow I’ll take it and the Thucydides book back. I tried reading the latter, but it is a little OMG.  It is dense and so am I.  I think I’ll wait on that book.

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We went to the library today.  My Confucius book was in.  R came with me and managed to get a wireless link, so he was happy to stay as long as I wanted.  As a matter of fact, he wanted to stay longer than I did.  At the Library.  So I passed the time reading a few newspapers, then I got up to peruse the magazines.  And there he was on the cover of one of them.  RDj.  I grabbed it up and plopped down.

“If I feel rested, it's great to carpe the hell out of the diem.” (RDj-1995)

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C’s eye looks horrid.  Pink eye, a.k.a. conjunctivitis, is the diagnosis.  When I saw her, I felt like stuffing her full of Tylenol and putting her to bed.  She did sort of lay low, which was good.  I was glad we could watch the baby and give her some rest.  Though he missed her terribly.  He kept going to the couch where she was and checking on her, sometimes climbing on top of her.  Even T lay down with her at one point.  The two of them on the relatively narrow couch, she looked content.  They are a happy family.